Strange Stargates Everywhere~

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Okay, two “strange” references in one week brings me charging back to the blog where I can pose the question…”Are Stargates Real?”

Considering the thoughtful and sometimes down right revealing comments I have received to past postings on this subject, I have yet to be convinced that this is not a valid question…especially when they keep shoving it in my face via fantasy and horror show story lines! Something is hiding just behind the curtain and the “spoilers” are trying to move any such consideration into the realm of the impossible.

First incident was in the new Dr. Strange trailer, a blatant scene of a “portal newbie” getting to pop from one place to another in a heartbeat through a loop of fire…the look of astonishment on his face says it all…

In this sneak preview we are also presented with the concept of a fluid “Inception” type reality in which even the most solid-looking edifices are subject to mental and therefore space/time manipulation.

Shortly after contemplating the mind-bending concepts explored in glimpses of Dr. Strange, I settle in to watch the new Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Why am I surprised to realize this show is also using portals to support their story line? Given the “Stephen King-ness” of this script, this portal is not a neat transportation loop of fire but a gross organic membrane that  doesn’t lead to another physical location on earth but rather to a reflective dimension of our reality…a very dark one, of course…

So here we see two different “strange” tags in stories concerning portal use for both physical and dimensional travel. Makes me wonder how many times we will have to watch this concept portrayed as pure fantasy before we question the truth behind the fiction…???

The Revelations of the Pyramids – Full documentary

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Important Note for Viewers: This is an excellent documentary! highly recommend you to watch quickly before it’s gone (This file will delete within few hours).

For centuries the Great Pyramids have fascinated mankind and each year brings a batch of new theories from the plausible to the absolutely bizarre. Now in THE REVELATION OF THE PYRAMIDS, out on 22nd August, courtesy of Optimum Home Entertainment, the truth is uncovered. After nearly forty years of study and research, the producers of this documentary have at last managed first to understand and then to prove what lies behind one of the greatest archaeological mysteries. Patrice Pooyard, the director of the film guides you through the world’s oldest and most beautiful sites after six years of investigation, aided by his anonymous informants and technical specialists. The result will shake the world history to its very core, and revolutionise Egyptology entirely.

The Mythological Journey: LSD, Psychosis and Mysticism

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Joseph Campbell explores the relationship between the mysticism, the psychedelic experience and schizophrenia in his lecture Inward Journey delivered in 1970 and published in his book Myths to Live By.


Terence McKenna – The Psychedelic Jumpstart into the Singularity

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The role of psychedelics in the approaching Singularity as described by Terence McKenna in his interview included in the documentary TechnoCalyps: Preparing for the Singularity by Frank Theys.
Additional quotes from the audio reading of Rudolf Steiner’s book “Knowledge of Higher Worlds” read by Dale Brunsvold.
Music by Bodh Gaya: The Spirit Arrives from The Trip to the Fountain of Culture
Fibonacci spirals by Apophysis

Jed McKenna – The Taming of the Ego

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It’s been a long road from here to there…wouldn’t trade it for the world, though, because the process reveals the world is always ours for the asking!

Rudolf Steiner – Cosmic Spiralling

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(reposting this video from last year, it’s taken on a new life since released on my original YouTube channel)

From the readings from Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the Gospels of John and Luke showing how our spiritual development proceeds in a spiral motion through the zodiac so that each soul can experience the collective. The influence of the cosmos on our planet’s destiny is mirrored in the individual’s relationship to the cosmos.

Eternal gratitude to Dale Brunsvold for so beautifully reading the collection of books and lectures by Rudolf Steiner. This extensive library of audio and printed material is available free for download at:

Special thanks to Chris Chadwick for the digital collage art as featured on his YouTube Channel:
and Teka Lutrell for contributing his graphic art creations as seen on his website:

Music “Grand Central Station” from the KPAX soundtrack.

Lela’s Excellent Cathouse Adventure

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From a KGMB news story filmed in 2002 at my residence and headquarters of 9th Life – Hawaii, a non-profit spay/neuter organization and rescue center. I served as President from 2000 – 2005 and with the help of my wonderful group of volunteers managed to provide free spay/neuter services for over 450 feral and adopted cats. It was a great experience I will always treasure, all the more so because I never saw it coming but had just enough sense of adventure to take the chance and give it a whirl.

Yep, that's me (in my brown hair stage) on the porch of the cathouse with my furry buddies!