The Hidden History in Old World Maps

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It started innocently enough, an urge to check out an interesting sounding chap, Egerton Sykes (1894-1983), mentioned on a Dark Journalist‘s webcast as a respected British officer who published information about the lost continent of Atlantis.

While perusing the index for his publications, The Atlantis (AT) Journal, I came across a Mercator Map of 1569.

My world will never be the same!


1569 map by Mercator showing the North Pole continents

Not to point out the obvious, but there is this land mass around the North Pole that I’m pretty sure no one referenced in my history books!

Also note that clear ocean passage right around Alaska into the Pacific! That certainly must be a mistake, right? We all know the Arctic is covered with miles of ice, right?


Andy Goldsworth 1989 North Pole Sculpture of Stargates

I was so disturbed by this contradiction to accepted geography that I started looking into some other maps of the same time period, beginning with more made by Mercator. Didn’t take long to find a full world map from 1597 by him with both hemispheres — including those mysterious the Arctic continents. Hard to fathom the very different configurations of North and South America!

mercator 1597 full earth

Both Hemispheres by Mercator 1597

I mean,  just look at North America — no Great Lakes, no Mississippi, mountains in the prairies and a greatly extended west coast!

Check out that huge Antarctica with Australia still attached … and South America is missing it’s tail!

Now to me, that indicates some catastrophic changes must have happened to these land masses before our conventional map was created. I’m getting that unsettled feeling that something very important was being hidden from us…AGAIN!

1797 na-map

A NEW Map of North America showing all the New discoveries 1797

So while checking out hundreds of old maps by various mapmakers I must admit I found some pretty wild things!

Seems Mercator was not just being fanciful, all pre-1900 maps show significant shifts in land masses between 1400 to the late 1700’s, then things start to assume their recognizable shape.


World Map 1782

This old map investigation makes me wonder — if our geography was that different just 500 years ago, what else might be obscured about our relatively recent past?

Could there be whole civilizations hidden as well? I was willing to consider it thousands of years ago, but just hundreds?



While contemplating this high strangeness, I noticed a new upload from one of my favorite internet commentators, Max Igan of the Crow House.

I realized that the thumbnail for the new podcast entitled “What Happened to History and Where are We Going?” was the very Mercator Map that had started my quest!

Intrigued, I eagerly listened while he told me about the new theories about The Tartary Empire. He explained how this fascinating culture — originating in the area we now call Russia and much of China — may have had a huge role in shaping America’s precolonial world.

The Tartarian Empire with Cities

The Tartarian Empire with Cities

Notice on these maps there is a clear Northwest Passage ocean route right to both American coasts? If there were an easy marine route just 500 years ago, doesn’t that make the premise that the Bering Strait land-bridge as the ONLY way to the Americas sound less plausible?

Especially when you find out the Tartars were outgoing travelers by nature and possibly inherited some Old Empire technology that employed Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE) that would enable them to set up house wherever they landed!

Priest holding crucifix standing beside boat, map of tartaria, cina, india, 1653

Tartarians Meet the Jesuits?

The clencher for me was this insanely detailed map from 1680 (not available for download but in great resolution online).

This mind-bender shows cities existing in the “New World” in areas where Europeans had yet to even explore, much less establish a populated metropolis. Beyond all belief, this map shows an ice-free Antarctica (which still contains most of Australia) and depicts various creatures that inhabit certain regions.

While you’ll see recognizable elephants, wolves and lions and such, you’ll also encounter those pesky mythological critters that just keep flitting around our psyche: dragons, griffins, unicorns, mermaids and giants!

I kid you not!

tartary flag1

Tartary Flag

Needless to say, that funny feeling that we’ve been lied to yet AGAIN is driving me into a research frenzy…and the more I find the more I suspect that it’s even worse than I dreamed.

1590 Jester Map

1590 Jester Map “Oh the infinite number of Fools.”

Undoubtedly, it’s going to take some serious effort to tease the truth out of this mess, but I’m gonna give it a try. With the help of those brave souls already forging ahead in this inquest, I’ve compiled some compelling research materials that I am going to start releasing on this blog on a regular basis.

If you feel the urge to join in the treasure hunt for the lost Empire of Tartary and it’s role in the New World, please leave me a comment and share what you learn.

Let’s face it, if we are all being played for fools, it’s high time we wise up!

Been Played For A Fool Quotes. QuotesGram

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Remember the Alamo? Which One?

Where Be Dragons?

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Puff the Magic Dragon

Since realizing how our historical narrative is twisted to make us overlook obvious clues about our recent past like the remnants of giants, advanced civilizations, antiqui-tech and sophisticated air travel, I’ve begun questioning a lot of subjects scoffed at by quakademia.

So let’s see what happens if we poke the proverbial dragon!

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures

Let’s start with the phrase “here be dragons.”

Did you also think it was used on lots of old maps to indicate dangerous unknown territory?

Well, it appears we’ve been mislead.

Yes, again.

The “Here Be Dragons” Game

The narrative smugly explains that the only actual written reference to dragons by a cartographer was on the 16th century Hunt-Lenox Globe.

Hic Sunt Dracones

This 5 inch terrestrial globe of etched copper has the Latin phrase hic sunt dracones (which Google translates as here are the dragons) near the equator in Indonesia — not in distant lands or uncharted seas.

Hunt-Lenox Globe demonstration

Since this is roughly the region where the Komoto Dragons live, the phrase is easily dismissed as a reference to their presence.

Here be Komoto Dragons ?

But to imply that all dragon lore emerged from encounters with Komoto dragons is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

The Komoto Dragon

Sure, they share some physical characteristics, but no one would imagine Komoto Dragons launching aerial attacks or coveting human treasures!

Tolkien’s Smaug

Imagine my surprise while studying this area to discover it was also where 5 airplanes have recently disappeared!

Thar be dragons?

IMHO, this “catastrophic equatorial icing event” explanation is even less believable than dragon attacks — what a knee slapper!

It certainly doesn’t explain why all these other planes have gone missing. Look how many have vanished without a trace since 1948!

85 planes each with over 14 people aboard

It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near one.

J.R.R. Tolkien


Speculation aside, one fact remains.

You can’t find a single culture that doesn’t have a mythology involving some version of a dragon.


Dragons of the World

Nowadays, modern storytellers develop complex alternate worlds where humans and dragons interact frequently, sometimes combining forces for their mutual benefit.

The Valyria Dragons

But there must be an underlying reason that every single culture on earth (or Heaven, for that matter) has stories about humans (or angels) dealing with vicious flying serpentine creatures with very nasty tempers.

Archangel Michael the Dragonslayer

FYI, according to the many ancient depictions of heroes besting dragons, to defeat them you’ve got to get them on the ground and shove a long metal rod down their throats.


St. George slays the dragon

Of course, dragons are not the same everywhere, there are many variations on the theme.

Some are considered wise and are revered like the Naga of the Orient and the Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerica.


Others, like the smaller Wyvern of Europe or the gigantic Thunderbird of the desert southwest are feared by the local inhabitants but can potentially be tamed.

Newt and Frank the Thunderbird

What really fascinates me is how dragons are equated with natural disasters. They can cause earthquakes, storms, floods and belch fire like a volcano.

Are we missing something…again?

Well, let’s consider the possibilities:

1. Dragons are actual biological creatures with various sub-species that live on land or in bodies of water. They once interacted with both humans and gods, but now they are extinct or difficult to detect.

Actual Dragon Footage?

2. Dragons are a fantasy fabricated to deflect awareness of covert advanced weaponry that has been used against the unsuspecting public for centuries. Hiding this technology could be a function of mystery schools and secret societies.

14th Century Dragon Weapon

3. Dragons are a representation of earth’s telluric currents that create natural catastrophes like earthquakes, typhoons and firestorms when unbalanced. The function of those Old Empire obelisks, pyramids and towers may have been to gain control over these draconic ley lines.

Elemental dragons

4. Dragons are cosmic forces that bring chaos or protection, depending on how they are summoned and managed. This power can then be cultivated by humans for good or evil.

The Constellation Draco

5. Dragons are descriptions of electrical plasma discharges on the earth. Evidence of past plasma events can be found in architecture and geology as well as the stories and artwork of “primitive” people who survived plasma apocalypses.

Thunderbolts Project

Regardless of which answer is correct, our fascination with dragons may not be mere whimsy but a deliberate effort to suppress hidden knowledge of the Controller’s true capabilities.

Directed Energy Weapons

In this recent interview with the Dark Journalist, Catherine Austin Fitz explains how even though we KNOW about orbiting satellites and military space organizations, the public is programmed to scoff at any suggestion that space-based weaponry has ever be deployed.

Because, ya know, THEY wouldn’t do THAT!

Catherine Austin Fitts on the beauty of the plan


Were you aware that universities have classes on how to simulate dragon attacks?

I kid you not!

Students Simulate Dragon Attacks in Historical Battles

Recently, alternative history researchers have been discovering melted ruins all over the world, even in the Americas!

Jon Levi’s Investigations

Some are labeled as ancient deteriorated castles while others are passed off as geological formations.

Wooden Nickels Presentation

In this video, Howdie Mickoski provides some excellent insights and photos of suspicious historical fires in the US.

Howdie Michoski Talks

He explains how he has shown these old city fire photos to building professionals who said they looked like they were bombed from above, not consumed by typical structural fires.

San Francisco Aftermath

As Howdie points out, the narratives about such massive fires insist that no one had enough sense to build fireproof buildings.

Yet the photos of the aftermath show many massive solid stone and brick structures, some reduced to rubble while others are barely affected.

The San Francisco Mint

Admittedly, I only started investigating dragons after some extensive research into the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 which left me wondering if we’re seeing evidence of a recent reset.

Then I started wondering how it could have been pulled off.

After examining old photos, videos and accounts of San Francisco’s brief but colorful history, I am stumped. The personal stories don’t match the pictures which don’t match the history which doesn’t really explain how this city grew and fell (and grew again) so fast.

Before and after video of San Francisco Earthquake

But I have found a zillion juicy clues and will follow up with an examination of the destruction of this American city…think I’ll call it There be Dragons!

The Earth Dragon Awakes

Oh, and one last thing, you know the song Puff the Magic Dragon?

Do you remember these lyrics about “noble kings and princes” — I don’t.

Puff the Magic Dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mists
In a land called Honah Lee

Little Jackie Paper
Loved that rascal Puff
And brought him string
And sealing wax
And other fancy stuff

Together they would travel
On a boat with billowed sail
Jackie kept a lookout perched
On Puff’s gigantic tail

Nobel kings and princes
Would bow whenever they came
Pirate ships would lower their flag
When Puff roared out his name.

Oh, Puff the Magic Dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mists
In a land called Honah Lee

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Up, Up and Away!

The Stolen History Mystery

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Have we just experienced a first hand example of how easy it is to steal history?

Screenshot of on 8/21/20
Screenshot of on 8/22/20

The unexplained (and haphazard) archiving of to the Wayback Machine on August 21, 2020 appears to be a modern-day version of a good old fashioned book burning!

What remains of the site is in tatters with bits and pieces of information remaining, but many posts are apparently gone forever.

Gotta wonder if the serious investigations into fringe topics like Tartaria, Hyperborea, Phantom Time, Mudfloods and Earth Grids got a little too close to the truth?

Mystery Of The Controversial Phantom Time Hypothesis ...

Admittedly, I am particularly peeved because I had only recently begun posting my research on Stolen History after years of lurking.

I was getting great feedback on topics like those suspicious Old Empire buildings such as the Patent Office in DC and the San Francisco Mint that survived devastating fires that torched their respective neighborhoods.

As usual, the official narratives were ridiculous.

SH members found many photoshopped elements
in this picture of the “new” Patent Office

Luckily, I saved the photos I posted on Stolen History so I can recreate the thread narrative to a degree.

Unfortunately I’ll never be able to retrieve all those excellent contributions from other members with supporting photos and links.

Which leads to another mysterious aspect of this unfolding episode.

The administrator of the forum — who calls himself Korben Dallas — imposed a gentle, but firm, control over the discussions and deflected any attempts to derail threads, antagonize members or bicker over belief systems.

He clearly outlined his theories and provided supporting links, books and pictures.

First thing to understand is that History is completely mixed up. Chronology is wrong, very very very wrong. Events, even famous, proud events, turn out to be phantom duplicates that happened much later on. The Roman Empire never existed in Italy, and it never happened 2000+ years ago.


Very much like the movie character from the Fifth Element, he came across as the King of Cool who has the skills to handle the job without making a big deal out of it.


But his participation in the site definitely changed in the past few months and members even speculated that he had been replaced by an impostor!

Although the thread titled The Stolen History of Korben Dallas was locked and is not in the archive, I did find a snippet on the search engine blurb:

The Korben Dallas we have now is not the original creator of this forum. There are also other members who have been replaced. This could be Korben Dallas’ last post: … This is stolen history! Korben allowing posts on the coronavirus – a developing situation was strange.

Another snippet recorded his response to the accusation where he stated “A few things happened simultaneously in my life. I currently do not spend nearly as much time reading history and researching.”

Okay, so maybe he was busy or disenchanted, we all know the feeling…

#bruce willis from joy as an act of resistance

But KD never really participated in many discussions after that, he just faded away.

So, we are left to wonder what happened… did something distract him, did he lose interest in the forum or did he get hijacked?

Now that the site has been compromised, KD’s absence is conspicuous and it’s hard for the members to decide whether to be outraged with him or concerned for his safety.

All we know at this point is that SH is now archived with the most recent posts being from June 29, 2020 and any topics responded to after that point in time are also wiped out.

Members (and long-time lurkers) flocked to forums like Reddit when they discovered the site was archived, hoping for some explanation as to why this respectable forum with zero tolerance for unsubstantiated speculation or hate speech was quasi-scrubbed.

One member set up a Discord server page to collect up some of the missing information and provide PDFs of the ones still available. They’re doing a great job and have launched a new site at!

But the question remains, is there a simple explanation for this forum shutting down or was this a deliberate act of suppression because we poked the bear?

If so, which topic blew the hole in their phony baloney history narrative?


Also worth noting that the SH Patron page is inactive and contributions were refunded.


So I guess that means he wasn’t in it for the money, eh?

Also the Korben Dallas Twitter account is gone and his Facebook page is inactive. He is persona icognito on line as of 2 days ago.

One last interesting bit — my research turned up a blog page started on PublishOX by Korben Dallas on Stolen History Topics in January 2020.

It has a few posts from January –just about the time he pulled back from the forum — then no more.

There aren’t any comments and the people who signed up to follow the blog are not members of Stolen History and don’t fit the profile one bit — most of them are into bitcoin.


Naturally I’m concerned for Alternative History researchers such as myself who have also published information challenging the official story. Could we face the same kind of censorship if things go pear shaped?

I admit my first reaction was to make PDFs of my blogs and move them onto a separate hard drive.

Might print them out for posterity, but then you gotta wonder just how much info would make it through a reset — is it time to get out the chisel?

Anyway, I plan to join in the effort to collect up the remaining bits of Stolen History scattered around the internet and recreate some of the threads I made that were not archived — about 20 — all on juicy topics.

I encourage any SH members (or lurkers) to use my blog to continue discussions.

Maybe we can put this “Humpty Dumpty” back together again!

Love this top comment on Reddit, it says it all!

–]CrackleDMan 37 points 2 days ago 

This is horrible. They’ve stolen our stolen history.

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Up, Up and Away!

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Up, Up, And Away!

Would you like to ride in
my beautiful balloon?
Way up in the sky in
my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together
you and I
For we can fly, we can fly!

Since discovering the Hidden History of Old World Maps, I’ve been wondering if lighter-than-air travel played a larger part in our heritage than we’ve been taught.

Hot Air Balloons Dirigible Balloons teal Print in by PrintLand on Etsy
Lighter-Than-Air Timeline

We are assured the first successful hot air balloon was made by the Montgolfier brothers in France in 1783.

First Balloon Flight Rendition

They say the first aeronauts were a sheep, a duck and a rooster — although the reason why they were chosen is kinda weird:

The sheep was believed to have a reasonable approximation of human physiology. The duck was expected to be unharmed by being lifted aloft. It was included as a control for effects created by the aircraft rather than the altitude. The rooster was included as a further control as it was a bird that did not fly at high altitudes.

Anyway, the era of Balloonomania had begun and within a year professional and amateur balloonists were lifting off over major cities and landing wherever the winds carried them.

Over the Rainbow?

In fact, the public was so enchanted with the spectacles that there were balloon riots when aeronauts failed to launch!

Leicester Balloon Riot 1864

Did you know Edgar Alan Poe was responsible for the Balloon Hoax of 1884 which was published in the New York Sun, the very same paper who pulled off the great Moon Hoax of 1835?

He claims he made it all up because, ya know, he just wanted to sell papers. Although wildly popular, the story was quickly retracted.

The Atlantic has been actually crossed in a Balloon; and this too without difficulty — without any great apparent danger — with thorough control of the machine — and in the inconceivably brief period of seventy-five hours from shore to shore! 

Mister Monck Mason’s Flying Machine

Woodcut of The Victoria Steering Balloon
Model of the Victoria

Poe used a plan of having real people do the things that they would like to do. The balloon hoax, however, lasted for only a day.

The Sun itself said on April 15, 1844: “Balloon — the mails from the south … not having brought confirmation of the balloon from England … we are inclined to believe that the intelligence is erroneous.”

The Great Balloon Hoax

I won’t bore you with the textbook history of ballooning that I’ve endured in my research except to say it gets pretty fishy and involves a lot of tragedy.

Arctic Balloon Expeditions

Balloons weren’t the only man-made objects floating around in the Gilded Age skies, soon dirigibles were the rage and made the first trans-Atlantic flight by 1902.

Plain Jane Zeppelins

Of course, we all know the Age of the Passenger Blimp ended abruptly in 1937 with the well-publicized crash of the Hindenburg, another dodgy story.

Fake Movie Poster?


I wonder if these clumsy balloons and ugly airships are just pale imitations of elegant floating craft employed by those lost (but not entirely erased) world-wide empires like Hyperborea and Tartaria?

Beautiful Blimps

Let’s consider the theory that many of those turn-of-the-century Expositions and Electric Parks were held to confuse the public by presenting actual remnants of these forgotten cultures amid cheap plaster imitations.

Full sized model of Stonehenge???

Do any of the buildings at these events suggest our ancestors had aerial docking towers and airship hangers?


New York City Crystal Palace 1853

Yep, we find most of the Expos were chock full of buildings big enough to manufacture and house all kinds of airships!

Mail balloon workshop, Paris 1870
The Flying Fish Steam Powered Zeppelin 1859

Could those Crystal Palace designs actually be re-purposed blimp-ports of yesteryear?

Toronto Arcade

Would that explain why certain cities in the New World were laid out with broad avenues, massive towers and fancy rooftop fiddly bits which no one on the ground can possibly see?

Williamsburg 1919

If such city centers were originally designed to accommodate floating airships, it might explain why you don’t see street traffic controls in the early city photos — just pedestrian malls and trolleys.

Blimp friendly city?

I even speculate about why we find those huge reflecting pools in most Old Empire complexes… they are certainly easy to spot from the air and could indicate blimp landing facilities!

Blimp Parking?

It would also help explain weird artifacts like this “street furniture” traffic light.

NYC 34th & 5th Avenue

Another thing to consider is why so many Old Empire buildings had elaborate weather vanes on top.

Aerial Traffic Control?

Have you ever needed to check the weather vane?

Yeah, me neither.

Intricate weather vane

As this (no longer available) discussion at Stolen History explained, weather vanes (or flags) would make perfect sense if they were used by aeronauts to calculate wind speed and direction.

Who knows, maybe they even emitted homing signals?

Antiqui-Tech Antenna?

Next, there are all those documented eyewitness accounts of the Mystery Airships in the late 1900’s reported by reputable sources.

Mystery Airship Sightings

Starting in 1886 in California, American newspapers ran first hand accounts of encounters with spectacular aerial craft (some with nude passengers) either flying low or landing in their midst of towns.

The reports tracked their progress all the way to the East Coast.

The San Francisco Call , 29 Nov. 1896, clearly engaging in Yellow Journalism, via Chronicling America

This is one of my favorites…

 An article in the Albion Weekly News reported that two witnesses saw an airship crash just inches from where they were standing. The airship suddenly disappeared, with a man standing where the vessel had been. The airship pilot showed the men a small device that supposedly enabled him to shrink the airship small enough to store the vessel in his pocket.

Man, could we use those shrinking devices! No more parking woes!

Anyway, what is really interesting is how quickly the public forgot about this aerial sensation and passed it off as whimsy.

“One curious feature of the post-1887 airship waves was the failure of each to stick in historical memory. Although 1909, for example, brought a flood of sightings worldwide and attendant discussion and speculation, contemporary accounts do not allude to the hugely publicized events of little more than a decade earlier.”

Then we have this strange story of the Sonora Aero Club as discovered from the almost lost volumes of Charles Dellschau, originally from Prussia, who wound up in Texas in the late 1900’s.

Charles A.A. Dellschau
Dellschau’s Notebooks

In the fall of 1899, Charles A.A. Dellschau (1830-1923), a retired butcher from Houston, embarked on a project that would occupy him for more than 20 years. What began as an illustrated manuscript recounting his experiences in the California Gold Rush became an obsessive project resulting in 12 large, hand-bound books with more than 2,500 drawings related to airships and the development of flight. Dellschau’s designs resemble traditional hot air balloons augmented with fantastic visual details, collage and text.

Charles Dellscahau Illustration

His work was not found until 1960 when it was retrieved from a trash heap, so we’ll never know his true motivation since most of it is written in code.

Dellschau never seems to explain why the club worked so hard to protect its secrecy, but he shows the members going to great lengths to do so. By day, the Aero Goeit was disguised as a gypsy wagon, so it could travel open roads undetected.

Dellschau writes that a club member was banned from developing a machine because he’d talked to outsiders. And of course, even years after the club disbanded, many of Dellschau’s own comments are rendered in code. Apparently, whatever it was that he had to say was too private even for his own notebooks.

Seeking Sonoro

His notebooks contained actual newspaper clippings about UFO activity, but strangely no stories about the Airship flap that happened during the same period.

Page from Dellschau’s notebook


The notebooks do name some of the Sonaro Aero Club’s members and evidence has turned up of their subsequent activities.

Their connections have lead to speculation that Charles may have cataloged the work of a secret society of mainly German engineers (maybe part of NYMZA?) who lived in Northern California during the Gold Rush Era.


According to the notebooks, the club designed aeronautical vehicles using a special anti-gravity fluid they referred to as NB Gas (weight nullifying gas) also known as Lifting Fuel and Suppa.

Fizzing lifting gas?

Instead of crafting traditional lighter-than-air ships, the Sonoro Aero Club designers were dealing with floating machines that had to be maneuvered with conventional motors, paddles and wheels.

Here is how it is described in Dellschau’s notebooks:
1. A secret powder was added to water
2. The resulting solution was dripped onto a ‘special drum’
3. The liquid was converted to “NB Gas”
4. A chemical reaction causes the drum to spin
5. This then powers an ‘air compressor’, and apparatus for lift and propulsion (Crenshaw, 2009).

Unfortunately, the formula for NB Gas was known only by one of their members, Peter Minnis, who died shortly after refusing to cooperate with the military.

The secret “floating gas” was believed lost with his passing and the club disbanded.

“She can fly and she can swim like a duck”

But contemporary researchers speculate that the Sonoro Aero Club may have been co-opted by a Black Ops project that involves players like Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, Butch Cassidy and the Trump Family!

I kid you not!

The Trump Airship

Then there are the Dark Journalist’s investigations which continue to expose seriously nefarious programs emanating from the Aerospace industry.

Interesting update, in a recent broadcast, DJ speculated (based on some pretty solid evidence) that the renowned explorer of the US Southwest, John Wesley Powell, actually used an aircraft to create those great maps of the region. He even considers that he also saw the remnants of Egyptian civilizations in the Grand Canyon! Considering Powell formed the nefarious Cosmo Club, I think he might be onto something!

1:20 mark for Powell info

I also wonder if these stories of airships may be fleeting glimpses of the breakaway civilizations I speculate about in my Lost Civilizations of America blog.

Breakaway Civilizations

After considering what a nightmare air travel has become (all in the name of our safety — and the almighty buck) I can’t help but wonder why we abandoned the gentle thrill of blimp travel.

The Golden Compass Zepplin

Maybe it was that step onto the loading ramp, eh?

Empire State Building Blimp Dock

Of course, Hollywood has concocted a typically glamorized action-packed version of the life of balloonist Sophie Blanchard (at least they don’t use her real name) to make bank off our lingering desire for unfettered flight.

But never fear, a new private aerospace business, Space Perspective, has announced plans to launch a balloon to provide sightseeing jaunts to the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere in a pressurized capsule that will also feature a refreshments bar and lavatory. 


Neptune Balloon

FYI, the original Neptune Balloon was used by the French Military to spread propaganda behind enemy lines.

Interesting that the balloon in The Aeronauts was also the Neptune.

Durouf sprinkled “visiting cards” over the enemy

Plus the Neptune was also the name of a tethered balloon used by photography pioneer Felix Nadar that was shredded in a windstorm in 1878!

Neptune Balloon 1878

Kinda interesting to note when artists in 1900 drew their vision of the year 2000, they figured we’d all have our own flying machines by then.


I think we got duped.

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Sand Castle Realities?

•February 21, 2020 • 7 Comments

Since realizing how cleverly we’ve been hoodwinked into believing a false American history narrative, I started probing some places that  puzzled me during my travels (like the Alamo, the Watergate and the Smithsonian) and saw the official story crumble like a sand castle in the surf.

Then I began studying unexplained sky phenomenon for my Chicken Little Conundrum blog and consequently discovered the layers of hidden activity right under our unsuspecting feet that resulted in my World(s) Under Our World research.

I’ve also been following the Dark Journalist’s  unfolding revelations that the consciousness-altering X-Technology of the Ancients is the BIG SECRET that has been kept from the public by everyone from the Mystery Schools to the Freemasons to the current administration.

Armed with this new information, I’ve decided to tackle a bizarre experience I had while living in the last place I ever expected to love, the San Luis Valley (SLV) in Southeastern Colorado.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs - Salida | Colorado Hot Springs

View from Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Ironically, I had driven down the ridiculously straight Highway 17 through the Valley a few years before when I was still in “corporate mode.”

I found it dismal beyond belief and wondered what horrid twist of fate would send someone to live in that wasteland.

Highway 17…desolation deluxe

Well, shortly after that trip I made one of those life-changing decisions to reject the 8-5 grind and see what happened next.

Consequently, I joined a spiritual community which eventually moved to Crestone, Colorado — which is about 15 miles east of Highway 17.

Imagine my surprise when I realized this was the same area I had been repulsed by just a few years before!

Isn’t life funny that way?

Since Crestone is not on the way to anywhere, you gotta drive all the way to the end of Country Road T to find this humble but lively high-desert community tucked into the skirts of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Instead of the down-on-their-luck castoffs I had presumed lived in those windblown trailers and makeshift houses I glimpsed from Highway 17, I encountered some pretty enlightened folk with inventive homes who felt lucky to live in this sacred place.05

Although the official population of Crestone is only around 100 people, there are many outlying residents in the Baca who frequent the town since it’s over an hour’s drive to another shopping area.

Along with all the visitors attending workshops and such, it’s a surprisingly busy place with a couple of top-notch art galleries, health food stores and restaurants.

Plus the locals never miss a chance to have a parade, street fair, community picnic or music festival!

Crestone Music Festival

Certainly the only town I’ve lived in with a “Free Box” (now a covered shelter) created by residents who believe one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

By far the most fascinating aspect of Crestone, however, is that it is home to a couple of dozen individual spiritual communities, thanks to a prophecy that inspired Hanne Strong — wife of Maurice Strong (the Canadian oil baron/environmentalist) — to provide free land to any worthwhile “Utopian” enterprises.

Manitou foundation_history_side_1

Hanne Strong at the local Ziggarut with Crestone Inhabitants

Tibetans especially love this region because the Sangre de Cristo mountain range reminds them of the Himalayas, complete with a miniature Mount Everest!

In fact, Crestone Peak is often used as a training ground for prospective Everest climbers.

Crestone Peak

In 1996, the Tibetans consecrated this magnificent stupa, the Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang (Many Auspicious Gateways), above Crestone  positioned to catch the last rays of the sunset — sometimes flooding the valley in a momentary golden glow.

I soon learned that the San Luis Valley has long been considered sacred ground to all the local tribes.

They would put away their weapons before descending from the mountains and abstain from quarrelsome behaviors while there. No permanent settlements were allowed, the land was reserved for ceremony.

Native folklore explains that the SLV holds the hidden entrance to their sipapu,  an underground complex where their ancestors escaped from previous earth cataclysms and were cared for by the Ant People until they could return to the surface generations later.

Hopi prophecy tells that when the Blue Star Kachina appears in the sky, the “good people” will once again be invited to enter this sanctuary to escape the next Purification.

Dinosaur National Monument Petroglyphs | William Horton ...

Ants played a crucial role in the survival of the ancient Hopi. The Ant People’s great kiva provided sanctuary during both the destruction of the First World, or First Era, by fire (volcanism or asteroids) and the Second World by ice (glaciers).

Although the Ant People may be legendary, the case of bi-location that occurred in the SLV during the 17th century is rigorously documented.

It concerns the Blue Nun, María Jesus de Ágreda, a Spanish lady of a noble house who became enraptured with religious experiences.

Her devout practices culminated in her laying prostrate (sometimes levitating!) for days on the chapel floor at the Poor Clares’ Convent of the Immaculate Conception in Ágreda, Spain.

Turns out that during these episodes the Sister would physically appear to the native tribes in the San Luis Valley and preach the gospel, even teaching them how to make and use rosary beads!

These beads were later presented to the Spanish clergy as proof of her ministry and consequently saved her from the Inquisition which doubted her claims.

An interesting side note, in the late 1800’s there was a rogue Catholic mission on the west side of the Valley called the Hermanos Penitentes who practiced public self-flagellation to atone for their sins.

One of their bizarre projects was to hang from ropes over a cliff so they could paint the likeness of the Blue Nun on this rock face.


 Guess it’s no surprise that the SLV is a hot spot for paranormal activity?

From UFOs to Black Triangles, Bigfoot sightings to secret portals, lost time episodes to animal mutilations (including Snippy the Horse) — it’s got them all!

Paranormal researcher Christopher O’Brien has documented many instances of the supernatural activity in his series of books on the SLV.

[The] San Luis Valley (“SLV”)—is one of North America’s premier hot spot locations. Hot spot regions are veritable magnets for reports of paranormal events, but unfortunately, any attempt to define what constitutes a truly “paranormal” event is wrought with perilous philosophic and scientific challenges, and a lack of hard, scientific data.

Stories of witches, skinwalkers, devils, thunderbirds, ghosts, elementals and spooklights have been told here for generations, and prior to my arrival, knowledge of past reports of unexplained activity had not traveled out into the mainstream beyond the valley. When I moved here in 1989 little did I realize that I would spend the better part of the next fifteen years investigating, researching and documenting around a thousand unusual events—all occurring within the well-defined confines of this specific regional Petri dish.

Granted, the combination of  the 7,000+ ft altitude, sparse population and lack of light pollution makes for some spectacular night time skies in the Valley.

So I guess it’s also no surprise that a top tourist attraction in the SLV is the UFO Watchtower, Giftshop and Campground.

I kid you not!

I mean, it is on the 37th Parallel, rumored to be America’s Paranormal Highway!

But to me, the weirdest feature of the SLV is the Great Sand Dunes National Monument — a 30 square mile “sandbox” piled up to 750 feet high against the feet of the Sangre de Cristos.

The quackademics claim it was all formed by some quirky wind currents.

Sure. Whatever.

The dunes were named  Saa waap maa nache (sand that moves) by the Utes and the Jicarilla Apaches called the dunes Sei-anyedi (it goes up and down).

The dune field lies beside Blanca Peak, the easternmost of the four sacred mountains of the Navajo, who call her “Sisnaajini,

The Holy People dressed Sisnaajiní with a perfect white shell for positive thoughts and thinking.

Then the Holy People ran a bolt of lighting through a sacred mountain to fasten the East mountain to our Mother Earth.

Blanca Peak without snow

Since I found the SLV so fascinating, I sought out jobs that allowed me to drive around the region. Must admit I never saw a single UFO, Bigfoot or Skinwalker (but plenty of military aircraft).

I did, however, have a decidedly paranormal experience in the Valley which I have pondered ever since.

It happened on a lonely little side road skirting the Great Sand Dunes that passes the sad little remnant of a once mighty lake. It runs straight as an arrow and rarely has any traffic, so it was a nice easy drive after dealing with trucks and tourists on the highway all day.

So I was cruising along near the lake in fine weather, sober as a judge, when I felt a funny sensation and then everything around me suddenly changed.

Hard to describe, but it seemed the entire landscape “came alive” and the road was the only remotely solid thing I could see. Everything else was fluctuating — like the land had become fluid and the sky was an ocean full of tiny single-cell looking creatures visible only as rainbow flashes but thick as minnows in a pond.

The sensation was definitely hallucinatory in nature, but I was perfectly lucid and able to rationally assess what was happening.

The car continued driving just fine, so I was pretty sure this wasn’t an “alien abduction” scenario. I was not frightened, but did feel a bit enchanted and excited to be witnessing such a marvel.

The event lasted a few minutes and I only traveled a couple of miles along the road during the episode.

Suddenly, it was over and I was back in our solid world.


At the time I could only imagine that I had driven through some kind of “portal” but that didn’t really hold up since I drove that road many times and only had the one experience.

Besides, I wasn’t transported anywhere and didn’t enter another dimension, I just witnessed a momentary distortion in our reality field.

The experience did arouse my interest in Star Gates and I began investigating suspicious ancient sites and speculating where there might be modern portals — which prompted me to start this blog in the first place to share all the wild evidence I was finding!

Then I came across Daniel Liszt (the Dark Journalist) and his hard evidence about the covert use of X-Tech which creates what he calls the “Apotheum Effect” that distorts reality.

According to his theory, the whole UFO cover-up nonsense is about hiding this X-Tech from the public while they try to control these inevitable mind-bending side effects so they can dazzle us with their “new” technology.

His descriptions of the Apotheum effect (common in the Bermuda Triangle cases) reminded me of my SLV experience and started me wondering what might be underneath all that sand, especially since I now suspect the area was subjected to the relatively recent North American Mudflood.

When I looked into the D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) in my World(s) Under Our World research, I came across this strange hand-drawn map showing some of these facilities.

Sure enough, roughly under Mt. Blanca is a underground base designated as a COG (Continuation of Government?) with shuttle tunnels leading south, one ending in Taos.


Ever hear of the Taos Hum?

The Taos Hum is perhaps the most famous of the “Hum Phenomenon” that is experienced in various locations around the world. In brief, a “hum” appears to be a low frequency sound with a rhythmic pulse to it. Many of the people that have claimed to hear or suffer from this humming have apparently claimed that it sounds like a “far away diesel engine”. It’s named after the town of Taos in New Mexico where it is claimed that it is quite common to hear it.

In fact, it was so common that the good citizens and sufferers banded together in 1993 and petitioned the American Congress to investigate the source of this annoyance. In 1997 Congress did direct a dozen or more scientists and researchers from some of the most recognized institutions in the country to investigate. One reason for this was the allegation that the Taos Hum was possibly the result of military activity – covert or otherwise. A side effect of this allegation was that the inquiry was conducted openly and involved a large number of people.

Pretty sure all the underground complexes getting tunneled out could well account for the mysterious hum residents have documented!

I mean, right in the neighborhood is Cheyenne Mountain, the one they love to brag about and work into their Star Gate shows!

Not to mention the ones they don’t like to talk about, like Dulce Base, the underground facility where grey aliens (ant people?) and military personnel co-exist (not always peacefully).

So adding DJ’s information about the Apotheum effect to the data about huge underground complexes around the SLV makes me wonder…

Did I drive over a subterranean facility while the Black Ops Bunch was down there playing with their reverse engineered X-Tech?

The “I Wanna Be A Wizard” Syndrome

If so, this means the modern UFO sightings, animal mutilations and missing time episodes reported in the Valley could be explained as the result of some government (or private) secret testing and/or psy-op programs.

The fact that the SLV is still so sparsely populated (and so near other military bases) makes it an ideal place to hold covert operations.

Ada Florescu visited the SLV and talked with UFO Watchtower owner Judy Messoline (who wrote That Crazy Lady Down The Road) about her experiences with suspicious black helicopters she observes going into Blanca Peak.

But what if all this secret military activity is BECAUSE there IS a dimensional “doorway” near the Sand Dunes?

Has the sacred nature of the San Luis Valley been preserved from ancient times to modern day precisely to attract the kind of people who can access the portal during earth-changing catastrophes?

These words were spoken by Sotuknang at the beginning of the Fourth World:

“See,” said Sotuknang, “I have washed away even the footprints of your Emergence; the stepping-stones which I left for you. Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas [shields], and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil, and those people who found no time to sing the praises to the Creator from the tops of their hills. But the day will come, if you preserve the memory and the meaning of your Emergence, when these stepping-stones will emerge again to prove the truth you speak.”

If that’s the case, the San Luis Valley could well be the most important place on earth!

More research into the secrets lying hidden under the sand at:

The Mudflood, Queen Califia and the Gold Rush 

The Lost Civilizations of North America

Who Knows if the Moon’s a Balloon?

•September 20, 2019 • 29 Comments

Who Knows if the Moon's a Balloon by MerelyStarstuff on DeviantArt

This investigation of our nearest celestial neighbor is unashamedly influenced by a book title in my library during my formative years — David Niven’s autobiography The Moon’s a Balloon.

The phrase actually comes from an e.e. cummings poem:

who knows if the moon’s
a balloon, coming out of a keen city
in the sky–filled with pretty people?
(and if you and I should

get into it, if they
should take me and take you into their balloon
why then
we’d go up higher with all the pretty people

than houses and steeples and clouds:
go sailing
away and away sailing into a keen
city which nobody’s ever visited, where

                  Spring) and everyone’s
in love and flowers pick themselves.

One of my earliest memories, I think I was about 4, was when the editor of our hometown newspaper was visiting and asked me if I could see the Man in the Moon to which I quite haughtily replied that there was no such thing, it was just the shadows cast by the rocks and craters.

The next day he published a humorous editorial about our conversation noting that “kids these days” don’t fall for silly stories about the Man in the Moon.


So just what did our forefathers believe about the Moon?

That question lead me to the Great Moon Hoax of 1835.

Considered the original “fake news” story, it started with a series of six articles printed in the fledgling New York Sun about the discoveries made by the famed astronomer Sir John Herschel with a monstrous telescope set up at the Cape of Good Hope.

The stories created a public sensation with their descriptions of a habitable white sand Moon populated by furry winged humanoid creatures who mated in the open, made grand structures and had domesticated bison-like creatures and uni-horn goats.

It created such a buzz that papers around the world picked up the series and hired illustrators to interpret the descriptions of our Lunar neighbors for their readers.

I kid you not!

Turns out that Sir Herschel’s assistant did not write the articles as claimed, but it is a firm fact that Herschel had a telescope at the Cape of Good Hope where he searched for evidence of Lunar life.

He even called the anticipated Lunar inhabitants Selenites, a term later coined by H.G. Wells in his popular series The First Men in the Moon originally published in The Strand magazine in 1900.

Seems Sir John’s father, William Herschel — a famous astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus (originally named after him) — shared his son’s speculations that intelligent life existed on the Moon and discussed the issue with contemporaries like Franz von Paul Gruithuisen .

Consequently, when the readers of a new 19th century penny daily discovered this “supplement” about Herschel’s report from the official sounding Edinburgh Journal of Science, it was a while before the findings were even questioned!

Eventually the story was debunked by a rival newspaper and the author identified as Richard Adams Locke, the co-publisher of The Sun, although he denied it for years. In his obituary they called the Moon Hoax “the most successful scientific joke ever published.”

The story was told with a minuteness of detail and dexterous use of technical phrases that not only imposed upon the ordinary reader but deceived and puzzled men of science to an astonishing degree.

Interesting to note that Edgar Alan Poe claimed the story was plagiarized from his 1850 short story The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall about a man who inadvertently flew to the Moon and sent a letter back to Earth describing Lunar life.

Since Locke was Poe’s publisher at the time, the claim doubtless had some merit.

Despite the debunking, the public remained fascinated by the subject and snapped up 60,000 pamphlets that elaborated on the hoax!

By 1865, Jules Verne had written From the Earth to the Moon which  referenced the Moon Hoax and fed the public’s continuing fascination with Moon Men.

Then things took a really weird turn.

In 1894, respected engineer and amateur astronomer Hanns Hörbiger had a vision of the Doctrine of  Eternal Ice that showed him how the entire cosmos is composed of ice in various states of disintegration.

According to his vision, the icy Moon(s) were regularly captured by the Earth’s gravity until they began to shed off frozen shells, laying waste to huge sections of Earth with ice showers followed by meteors of iron.

The Moon before ours, the “Tertiary Moon,” caused most of the dramatic events recorded in mythology ~ this includes the sinking of Atlantis. The Moon for the most part is comprised of ice and rock and our Moon Luna is only the latest of a series of Moons that have been captured by Earth’s gravity over the course of the ages.

Each successive Moon orbits a spiral path drawing gradually closer to the Earth, until it eventually breaks apart and showers the Earth with huge masses of ice and rock, causing great upheaval upon the Earth.

The catastrophic earth quakes, floods and glacial conditions following the downfall of the Tertiary Moon forced the Aryan-Atlanteans to migrate eastward over the ice bridge.


After WWI, the Cosmic Ice concept was heavily promoted by the National Socialist Party as the German antithesis to the Jewish theory of relativity.

The W.E.L. supporters believed that “Our Nordic ancestors grew strong in ice and snow; belief in the Cosmic Ice is consequently the natural heritage of Nordic Man.”

No effort was spared in popularising the theory: “cosmotechnical” societies were founded, which offered public lectures that attracted large audiences, there were cosmic ice movies and radio programs, and even cosmic ice journals and novels.

Curiously, when examining the evidence of periodic Mudflood catastrophes, it often appears as though entire regions, especially the Hyperborean Polar Continents, have experienced a major ice event.

thames Cie Event Moon blog_16x9

I remember being taught there was no water on the moon, but now they speculate there are up to 100 million metric tons of ice lurking in the craters of the Moon’s poles — and they are planning expeditions to harvest the ice!


So, back when I was in college taking astronomy courses I saw a book titled “Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon.”

I remember laughing out loud and buying the cheap little paperback while telling myself this was one theory that was going to be impossible to believe.

Instead, I found myself rather impressed by the logic behind the artificial hollow Moon concept, especially the findings about the Moon’s structure which didn’t match up with our current explanations of Lunar geology.

For instance, the instruments left on the Moon indicate that it rings like a bell when struck by space debris (or man-made satellites).

Also, despite the size of the impact craters, none of them go deeper than 3-4 miles — indicating a uniform protective coating inside the sphere.

“Even CONSERVATIVE estimates by scientists indicate that meteors 10 miles or more in diameter should have penetrated the Moon’s surface to a depth of 4 or 5 TIMES that diameter; yet the deepest Moon crater we know about (the Gagarin Crater) is 186 miles across but less than 4 miles deep.”

So naturally, I asked my astronomy professor if he could explain these  curious findings. He responded that there were no easy answers to my questions and I didn’t need to worry about them since they weren’t covered in his curriculum.

Well, that didn’t satisfy my curiosity one bit and made me wonder just what else might be glossed over in my formal studies.

Actually, there was another book in my library called You Will Go To The Moon that I contemplated a lot as a kid.

It came with a collection of Dr. Seuss books — which even at a tender age I found strange.

I mean, what was this science book doing packaged in a fantasy series?

I think I get the joke now, though.

Admittedly, my hopes were reinforced when 10 years later in 1968 Stanley Kubrick released 2001: A Space Odyssey so the public (and the Apollo astronauts) watched it right before the “real” moon shot!

I saw that movie 11 times before it left the theater on the first run and read every scrap of material published about it since.

I even had this poster on my wall…

2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY Movie Poster Sci Fi Kubrick | eBay

No doubt the movie left me with the impression that Earth/Lunar travel was just around the corner.

I watched the Space Race build as I grew up, ready to cheer on the human conquest of the Moon and line up for my ticket!

Although the concept was exciting, I admit I found the actual Apollo missions and astronauts pretty damned dull.

I barely noticed in 1972 when they stopped the Moon shots. I don’t think anyone realized at the time that it was really our last Lunar excursion.

Then I started noticing how instead of advancing us into space, NASA seemed pretty content to piddle around in near-Earth orbit and fantasize about how cool it would be to go to other planets.

Hey, we already did that, right? What’s the big deal?


So I broke down and considered the evidence that there had been a fake American Moon program. They say it was pulled off by Mr. Kubrick — the very man who convinced my generation that a civilian shuttle to the Moon was totally plausible!

The clencher for me on the whole fake Moon landing question was the exhaustive research by Dave McGowan, a talented challenger of quackadamia who also possessed a wonderful sense of humor.

His series Wagging the Moondoggie not only tackles the hard questions but pokes great fun at the space program in the process.

Highly recommended if you need a good laugh at the absurdity of it all while learning how the illusion was managed.

Here’s a sample:

Had the Apollo program been a real space exploration endeavor, the first manned flight of the Saturn V would obviously have gone no further than low-Earth orbit, as had been planned. This would likely have been followed by an unmanned flight to the Moon, and then possibly a flight ‘piloted’ by a dog or some other such mammalian life form. But taking logical, methodical steps toward achieving goals in space was for those pussies over in Russia. America was going to take the John Wayne approach.

Then there is another theory I also ponder proposed by the Dark Journalist.

He thinks that we DID go to the Moon, but we used X-Tech to get there and faked the public landings for political reasons.

That would explain how some of the human artifacts (like those reflectors) got on the Moon if the Apollo missions were a bunch of bunk.

D.J.’s theory goes that NASA is just a puppet show to distract the public from the Nazi scientists and technologies brought into the US through Operation Paperclip and Operation Lusty which have subsequently been co-opted by government (and private) black budget programs.

The testing of this technology led to the rash of UFO sightings since the 1940’s, most notably the Roswell incident (apparently the REAL focus of Joseph McCarthy’s Senate Hearings).

Home []

Now David Icke has stepped into the debate with his theory that the Moon is a Matrix.

Icke moon

Icke believes that the Moon is an interdimensional, interdensity portal for entities and energies from other dimensions. He believes that aliens use the Moon as a home base for hijacking signals from the universe so that our bodily forms that are experiencing this virtual reality on Earth, can’t fully experience what our creator meant for it to be.

If you’ve ever read Doris Lessing’s Shikasta series, the idea that the Earth is being blocked from the SOWF (Substance of WE feeling) isn’t a new concept.

Shikasta, French edition

And what about the persistent witticism that the Moon is made of green cheese?

Well, no one knows where it started, but the joke has been around thousands of years and has consistently been used to indicate how gullible people (and animals) can be about the Moon.


Obviously a ridiculous concept, but still so firmly fixed in our vernacular that the Business Insider thinks its worthy of a little “what if” clip!

Of course, NASA can’t resist the urge to poke fun with this fake picture from the Hubble telescope proving the Moon was made of cheese because they found the expiration date!

It was released on April 1, 2002. Very funny.

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.

And last but not least, I still don’t get the weird math coincidence that somehow magically aligns the Earth, Moon and Sun to create perfect, predictable eclipses.

I know the quackademic explanation, but it doesn’t compute in my cosmos.

I suspect the dance between these three celestial bodies is governed by forces we have yet to comprehend.

So whenever I see the Moon hanging out in the sky, the only thing I’m relatively certain of is that it’s not just a inert hunk of rock put into a tidal lock around Earth by random gravitational forces.

I’m also having a tough time with the story about how we got to the Moon and why we can’t go back…it all seems quite dodgy!

Will future generations consider us as gullible as we (now) consider our forefathers who fell for the (first) Great Moon Hoax?

All I can say is after all that research, I still can’t laugh off the question:

What if the Moon’s a Balloon?

More speculations on sky phenomenon:
The Sky is Falling — The Chicken Little Conundrum

More hollow planet theories at
The World(s) Within Our World.

The World(s) Under Our World

•August 24, 2019 • 18 Comments

After researching the high strangeness in the skies above our heads, I began looking into what’s going on under the surface of our world.

It didn’t take much digging around (excuse the pun) to discover some pretty weird shit going on down there, too!

Let’s start with the natural formations scattered all across the USA.

I was raised in a part of Texas riddled with cave complexes where you could hear a hollow sound when walking across the bare rock that formed the roofs of these subterranean chambers.

It was an eerie sensation to realize there was a whole Chthonic world just a few feet under my feet!

I remember the discovery of the huge Inner Space Caverns in 1963 when they were building a new overpass for Interstate 35. Their drills kept disappearing into a void! It was a big deal when they finally cut a hole large enough to send in a team to investigate.

Turns out caves just keep popping up all over (or should I say under?) Texas — they recently stumbled onto another sizable one beneath a Round Rock subdivision!

Many spelunkers speculate that eventually they will open up passages that will link many of the now separate cave systems into massive complexes.

After all, they had no idea there was a HUGE cave sitting right next to Carlsbad Caverns until 1986!

Only professionals are allowed in the Lechuguilla Cave at present — besides the entrance being tricky enough to be labeled the ‘Misery Hole’  — it’s no small matter to rescue an injured caver. Since many of the formations are so delicate the public may never be invited inside, we’ll have to be content with the hard-won BBC footage for now.

Lechuguilla Cave map

Turns out there are some pretty fascinating things going on in caves… here are a few of my favorites:

1. The Luray Caverns in Virginia are technically the world’s biggest instrument! The Stalacpipe Organ was developed in the 1950’s by Leland W. Sprinkle to strike selected stalactites that make perfect tones.  You can hear the music throughout the entire 64 acre cave network!

Working as both a player piano and a live concert instrument, the Stalacpipe Organ has attracted the interest of music lovers from Mr. Rogers to Pepe Deluxé, a Finnish electronic band.

2. The Grand Canyon Cave Hotel Room is nestled 21 stories underground in a sprawling cave complex. They advertise it as the quietest (and darkest) hotel room ever – but be prepared to shell out $800 per night for the experience!

3. The Giant Crystal Cave in the Naica Mine in Mexico was created by a unique combination of temperature and humidity that allowed the crystals to grow to enormous size before the water was pumped out to extract the minerals.

Unlike most caves that maintain a steady cool temperature, the extreme heat and humidity in here can be fatal to humans unless they are properly equipped.

Spelunkers admit that after 10 minutes inside they begin to experience an overwhelming desire to lay down and die. Many skeletons were discovered in this cave.

4. Wyandotte Cave in Illinois boast Monument Mountain, the highest underground mount in the world!

I stumbled on this structure when I was comparing worldwide seismograph readings and noticed this one registering independent rhythms.


Does that flat round wall behind the mount look suspicious to anyone else?

It rekindled my theories that natural portals were used by Old Empire cultures — which I suspect is why we don’t find more physical evidence of early travel.

 (Further speculations on portals at my Star Gates in Caves blog.)

So, besides uncountable natural caverns under the surface — what else is lurking under our supposedly solid ground?

How about all those man-made subterranean structures being unearthed all over the world?

In fact, I dare you to name a major metropolitan city that does NOT have a labyrinth of man-made structures underneath it…

Modern historians typically credit these underground complexes with  transportation networks, smuggling operations or Prohibition Era hideaways and concoct scary stories to embellish their conclusions.

14 American Cities With Crazy Underground Tunnel Systems ...

I suspect many cities under cities were actually completely forgotten (reset scenario?) and re-purposed at a later date, some are too well made just to be a place to stash booty.

Undoubtedly many underground complexes are perfect for nefarious deeds, but is that the only reason we are finding (or creating) huge buried communities?

Some cultures have used subterranean housing much like Tolkien’s Hobbits, crafting cozy homes that include space for storage and livestock with intricate ventilation and water distribution networks.

So, guess what American city this recently (re)-discovered structure was found lurking beneath?

Did you guess Houston, Texas?

Yep, me neither, but that is their original water cistern. According to the narrative it was (supposedly) built in the 1920’s…when the area was a fetid floodplain. Okay. Sure. Whatever.

Anyway, it was abandoned in the 60’s when they broke it and had to build a newfangled reservoir. Then they somehow managed to totally forget about this architectural marvel   — which by the way is very similar to the ones built in Turkey during the 6th century.

Naturally the Controller Crowd wanted to demolish the Buffalo Bayou Cistern, but a savvy developer snatched it up and made it into a art venue.

I kid you not.

Don’t even get me started on the tunnels under Washington, DC.

Let’s just mention my favorite bullshit story about their origin involving Harrison G. Dyer, a Smithsonian entomologist (bug collector… mosquitoes were his specialty) who supposedly — just for fun — constructed a network of tunnels under his home in the prestigious Dupont Circle neighborhood.

When found in the 1920’s, they were lined with high-end bricks on which were pasted old German newspapers. That started a lot of rumors until Dyer fessed up to his “hobby.” Now many of Dyer’s tunnels are being integrated into the new Dupont Underground Art Space.

Oh, some of these tunnels have been implicated in the Pizza-Gate controversy because the Alefanis family owns many properties directly above them.

Pizzagate Properties Align with Forgotten D.C. Catacombs – The Phaser

Anyway, it turns out many of the underground cities and tunnels were re-purposed for troop quarters or military training grounds.

us mailbox carved underground france

Which leads to the next layer of mystery going on way underneath our feet, the D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Now this is some scary shit…

Yep, there seem to be a lot of them and I’m sure they’re building a lot more every day, some as deep as 2,000 feet. The amount of workers necessary to build and maintain these facilities indicates that a lot of people spend a lot of time underneath North America. And they don’t talk about it a lot.

Did you know they have a machine that can melt through rock at the rate of 7 MPH?!?

Called the Subterrene, the Los Almos machine looks like a vicious giant mole.

The beauty of the Subterrene is that, as it burrows through the rock hundreds of feet below the surface, it heats whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, or magma, which cools after the Subterrene has moved on.  The result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazed lining.  For power, the Subterrene can use a built-in minature nuclear engine or even a conventional power plant.

Regarding D.U.M.B.s, I had a bizarre experience once while driving around outside Taos, New Mexico.

I was in the middle of nowhere on a rather bumpy road and suddenly noticed a beautifully smooth paved single lane road branching off and leading around a low mountain. I turned off and followed it, but just around the bend it went right up to the mountainside. No signs, no guardrail, nothing…just a perfect road ending at a cliff face. When I went back the next week to get pictures, it was gone. Totally gone.

Anyway, turns out it’s not all nasty stuff down there. The world has recently been enlightened about an elaborate underground temple complex in the Italian Alps, Damanhur.

We now know that an alternative community had been building this subterranean 8 room complex since 1978 without anyone noticing until 1992 when someone realized that all the materials being delivered to the building site never resulted in any new construction! When the police finally investigated, they found a trap door leading to these stunning  chambers:

But all that is, as they say, just scratching the surface…

Because now we come to the Hollow Earth theory.

I declare that the earth is hollow and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles twelve or sixteen degrees. I pledge my life in support of this truth, and am ready to explore the hollow, if the world will support and aid me in the undertaking.

This remarkable statement was issued in 1818 by Captain John Cleves Symmes, Jr., an officer in the War of 1812 from a respectable family. He dedicated the remainder of his life to proving the existence of a Hollow Earth.

Known as the man with the hole at the pole, he was subjected to much public ridicule but nonetheless managed to convince then president John Quincy Adams (who botched the formation of Smithsonian Institution) to spend federal resources to launch expeditions to contact the Inner Earth Mole People. Obviously this project did not result in any concrete evidence and was quickly dismissed by the next president, Andrew Jackson.

Many turn-of-the-century novels fueled the public imagination about the existence of worlds within our world. A fascinating tale called Symzonia, Voyage of Discovery, thought to be written by Symmes under a pen name, described a journey through the Antarctic opening where the author meets an advanced race of humans living in harmony because their main law was to exile any wrongdoers to the surface world.

Other books like Dweller on Two Planets inspired spiritual organizations like the “I Am” movement in the 1930’s that attracted over 1 million subscribers. They believed Mt. Shasta in California was home to Inner Earth dwellers who were once inhabitants of Lemuria.

Books such as Etidorpha that described the benefits of inner earth conditions (no weariness, hunger or thirst) certainly piqued curiosity.

Then there is the strange tale by Admiral Richard Byrd about his bizarre 1947 Antarctic expedition, Operation Highjump. The official story admits that he did report a  “land of blue and green lakes and brown hills in an otherwise limitless expanse of ice.”

However, there is much more to the story according to his secret diary released after his death. In it he claims he was taken to an advanced world beneath the ice:

The radioman and I are taken from the aircraft and we are received in a most cordial manner. We were then boarded on a small platform-like conveyance with no wheels! It moves us toward a glowing city with great swiftness. As we approach, the city seems to be made of a crystal material.

And last, but certainly not least, was the Cellular Cosmology theory that our world is actually inside a nest of spheres.

Proposed by Dr. Cyrus Teed, he collected a bunch of followers and founded the Koreshan Unity community on 370 acres in Florida in the 1890’s. His Utopian ideals attracted the admiration of prominent men like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Image result for Dr. Cyrus Teed,

Makes you wonder if the stories of places like Mel’s Hole in Washington (and the highly protected Devil’s Hole in Nevada) might lead to the world(s) within our world?

After delving for so many clues in both the earth and sky, I certainly have a new respect for the truism: As Above, So Below!

Epic Instrumental Music - As above So below (faster version) timelapse - YouTube

Further investigations!

The Sky is Falling – The Chicken Little Syndrome

Those Damned Dams

The Sky is Falling – The Chicken Little Conundrum

•June 14, 2019 • 10 Comments

I know you know the story of Chicken Little (maybe as Henny Penny or Chicken Licken) and the reason I know you know is because it is one of the world’s oldest fables and is found in almost every culture!

The first recorded example is found in an ancient Buddhist manuscript (with a hare instead of a chicken) that dates back 25 centuries. The fable apparently hasn’t lost its appeal through the ages!

Although there are variations of the story, we all know the main theme: one silly creature is hit by a falling object (usually an acorn) and creates panic in the neighborhood by convincing everyone that the sky is falling.

The ensuing chaos often ends with the gullible characters (always with rhyming names) becoming victims of the sly fox who takes advantage of the situation and lures them into his cave.

A quick search reveals that Chicken Little’s tale of shame has been portrayed in every artistic medium we’ve concocted.

Apparently it’s long been a priority to educate the public about the dangers of unsubstantiated rumors or what we now call “fake news.”

Then you come across this insidious version…

In 1943, Disney made a wartime propaganda cartoon adaptation of Chicken Little that proved so disturbing that it now comes with a disclaimer warning parents that it may not be suitable for children!

After watching that obvious hit piece, I have to wonder about Disney’s motivation for releasing a Chicken Little movie in 2005.

First off, the story line lays on the humiliation aspect pretty thick!

In typical Disney fashion, they twisted the plot so that in this case the sky is falling but it’s because of the extraterrestrials. So Chicken Little gets to save the earth from an alien invasion and be the hero after all.


Pretty insidious in light of the Dark Journalist’s investigations into how X-Technology has been developed secretly by black-ops programs and their frantic attempts to whip up fear of an alien invasion (or meteors) so they can come to the rescue with their fancy weapons.

So this all starts me wondering — is there a reason the Chicken Little fable is known throughout the world?

Could it be a control mechanism to make sure that anyone who even thinks that the sky is falling can expect to be instantly persecuted?

When the apple fell on Newton’s head, he discovered gravity, but when an acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head, he became delusional?

Are we missing something here?


Okay, let’s consider that most ancient religious texts explain quite matter-of-factly that there is a physical barrier between Heaven and Earth. 

The Bible refers to it as a Raqia, (translated as the firmament),  the Taoist call it the Dao, the Egyptians refer to it as a woman named Nut … in fact, there are thousands of mythological references to the firmament.

Cultural legends describing the dome are abundant enough to include arrows being shot into the firmament and lodging there (Japan, Native America, Chuckchee), adventurers climbing up to the sky (India), people climbing up through a hole in the firmament (Navaho) or tumbling down through one (Seneca), and heroes sailing a ship to the place where the sky meets the earth (Buriat), and where the firmament is so low that ship masts can end up scraping it.[1]

Sure, the firmament concept is easily explained away as silly superstitious conjecture based on the visual appearance of the sky as a dome when viewed from the Earth.

The science guys assure us that the sky contains no solid matter, just water vapor molecules that eventually fade into space at the Karmen Line … but they’re not quite sure where that is…

But we’re getting wise to the bullshit we’ve been fed about space and our place in it.

"NASA LIES LOGO" Stickers by ODDTV | Redbubble

Let’s start by investigating the sky phenomenon with the stories of Magonia, a realm in the clouds whose inhabitants have great air ships that navigate the sky seas.

Please note that there are documented accounts of encounters with Magonians who fell to earth and began to drown in our dense atmosphere. One town reported that a Magonian ship caught its anchor on a church steeple and a crew man had to climb down and free it.

An Archbishop of Lyon recorded that the townspeople believed the Magonians employed Frankish weather magicians, or tempestarii, to whip up wicked storms over earthly farms so they could steal massive amounts of produce and livestock to maintain their hidden civilization in the clouds.

I promise you, if you read the fantasy series Magonia by Maria Dehvana Headely you will never be able to look at a stormy sky again without scanning for squall whales. 

Or maybe you’ve heard of Jacques Valle’s controversial book Passport to Magoria based on his interviews with eye witnesses to UFO phenomenon?

Interesting choice of title…

But don’t get the idea that only unverifiable fantasy stuff goes on in the sky.

It gets serious fast when you find out about the US Cold War’s Operation Fishbowl in 1958 and 1962 that launched multiple thermonuclear warheads from Johnston Island near the equator into the upper atmosphere.

Conspirazzi | Pop Culture Conspiracy Theory

The resulting EMP created an instant aurora that was mirrored in the opposite hemisphere. It also knocked out a bunch of satellites and communications networks — but that didn’t stop the testing, this was just too important!

If you take the Project Fishbowl name literally (especially when you learn the warheads were named Starfish and Bluegill launched by a rocket named Thor) it makes you wonder just what they were hoping to accomplish…

Did you know they actually lost a nuclear warhead during a failed Operation Fishbowl launch in the Pacific that was never recovered?

I kid you not!!!

Sure looks to me like those blasts were disturbing more than a little water vapor at that altitude!

Then we’ve got all those quirky high altitude electrical phenomenon they’ve been studying since the 80’s that have cutsie names like Sprites and Elves that come with equally ridiculous quackademic explanations.

Frankly these structures look more like sky-based deep sea creatures than random electrical phenomenon.

Here a Elf (upper part) and a Red Sprite (low part). I really like this combo 'Elf+Sprite' because it looks like a Jellyfish... a giant plasma jellyfish in the sky... :D Scientists say that we can't see them but i believe that sometimes nature's timing is not perfect... And we only know a few of this plasma events. How many are they?...

Also consider that footage that Martyn Stubbs recorded in the 90’s directly from the NASA live feeds at his public broadcast station in Canada. Imagine his surprise when he discovered undeniable evidence of independently moving objects in space that seriously resemble terrestrial undersea life forms.

Makes me wonder about those reports through the centuries, right up to the present, of all kinds of sea life falling from the sky including frogs, fish, shrimp, starfish or octopus — even a turtle encased in ice!

sea creatures fall from sky china, Octopus falls from the sky during a furious storm, sea animals fall from sky china

All that evidence of stuff coming out of the sky begs the question: Is there an ocean over our heads instead of a big black vacuum?

INCREDIBLE Waves in the Clouds | Ocean Sky - YouTube

And seriously, what about all those reports of planes sitting stock still in thin air?

That scenario defies all laws of physics we’ve been taught about gravity and air density and makes you rethink everything you’ve learned about the sky.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the recent discussions about a recurring Plasma Apocalypse that creates a hole in the sky that sucks up everything and everybody on the surface.

The Plasma Apocalypse: Don't get SUCKED UP into the sky! - YouTube

The reason we suspect they are recurring are the mysterious “discharge” scenarios recorded in prehistoric rock art around the world. Lots of floating people and animals in those petroglyphs, too!

According to the plasma researchers, the most secure place to be during a plasma discharge event is in a natural cave…does that remind you a little of the Chicken Little story again?

Hopefully, this new look at the old Chicken Little fable will give you food for thought about the sky and all the strange things going on up there that we are not supposed to notice.

More musings on mass manipulation:

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Those Damned Dams

•May 21, 2019 • 18 Comments

My recent investigations into the idea that Ancient American Empires in the West were deliberately destroyed by Exotic Technology that created Mudfloods and prompted the California Gold Rush to plunder these lightly buried riches led me to the most insidious Controller scheme of them all — those Damned Dams!

Counting every dam over 3 feet, there has been on average a dam per day erected since Thomas Jefferson was president!

Busy little beavers, aren’t they? Guess they figured it all out in their (Masonic) lodges.

As of 2009 there are 84,100 of these Damned Dams listed in the National Inventory of Dams and of those 1,595 are Significant Hazard Dams within one mile of a downstream city.

Dam failures have occurred in every state in the US and there have been 35 official lethal Dam failures in America since 1874.

Initially, the reasons for a community approving a Dam are valid enough;

– fresh water supply
– flood control
– navigable waterways
– power stations
– recreational areas
– scenic waterfront property.

It’s not until you step back and see it from a Controller’s  perspective that you realize the insidious part about what else can be done with these Damned Dams;

– submerge evidence of the previous civilizations
– replace free Antiqui-Tech with centralized metered power grids
– inundate or dehydrate targeted areas
– limit info about impending land changes to robber barons
– capitalize on rebuilding after dam failures wipe out entire regions.

Probably the two most preventable, and deadly, American dam failures were the direct result of greedy management and disregard for the consequences.

The Jonestown Pennsylvania flood of 1889 was caused by the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club who bought the dam, sold the discharge pipe for scrap and put a net across the top to keep their imported sport fish from going downstream.

The fact that a barbed wire fence factory was the first structure encountered by the 20 millions tons of water that hit Jonestown contributed greatly to the death toll of over 2,000 in the town, many of whom could not be identified.

The other preventable incident occurred in March of 1928 when the St. Francis Dam collapsed just hours after the designer and darling of Los Angeles, William Mulholland, had inspected a leak and declared it inconsequential.

Since the dam broke after midnight, there was no warning and 600 people downstream died when the water slammed into their homes.

No charges were filed — although Mullholland did assume full responsibility during the inquiry.

In fact, there have never been any arrests (and very few successful lawsuits) related to poor engineering or maintenance resulting in dam failures.

St. Francis Dam “Tombstone”

Fun fact…in 2005 the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers were touring the fully automated Taum Sauk Pump Storage Plant  to present an award for innovation when their representatives noticed a breach that was leaking like “Niagara Falls” that had gone unnoticed.

I kid you not!

Attempts to repair the weak point failed and it collapsed 9 weeks later, destroying 300 acres of State Park lands which cost over $1 Billion to restore. Thankfully no (human) lives were lost.

The situation at the Orville Dam in California has set off my alarms, especially when I realized how the Feather River branches off from where I suspect Queen Califia’s Gold Kingdom was destroyed.

No big leap to conjecture some treasure debris could well be piled up behind that Damned Dam — and they know it.

Turns out people are finding plenty just digging in the cracks from the recent disruptions around the damaged spillway — and the media is promoting it like a lottery.

I’m sad to say after the research I have done into the Controller mentality and their lust for gold, I’m worried about the nearby residents and hope they trust their instincts instead of the quackademics.

Many concerned citizens have tried (in vain) to stop these Damned Dams from destroying some of the most beautiful canyon lands in the US.

Perhaps the most infamous is Katie Lee, a popular folk singer who not only wrote great protest songs but stripped bare in 1962 for a photo shoot amid the soon to be flooded Glen Canyon scenery.

“When they drowned that place, they drowned my whole guts,” she said in an interview in 2010. “And I will never forgive the bastards. May they rot in hell.”

I’m pretty impressed by the efforts of marine biologist Matt Stoecker and his family who have already successfully removed some of these Damned Dangerous Dams to restore wild fish habitats.

“Nothing in my professional career has been more rewarding than witnessing these barriers come down and watching a river, its wildlife and its communities reconnect with each other,” he adds. “[It’s] like going back in time and also seeing a better future.”

Imagine what North America would look like if we hadn’t hat-hunted all the beavers. It’s stunning to consider what the landscape might have been; layered with cascading habitat worked and maintained for centuries – always water where you wanted it and very rarely where you didn’t.  Once upon a time there was an entire continent built to lovingly cradle and release water like some kind of giant and wildly maintained beaver-Tivoli.

Leave it to Beavers!!!

Who knows, maybe when those Damned Dams are gone we can finally discover what has been hidden regarding our past!

More hidden clues:

The World(s) Within Our World

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Washington’s Watergate Weirdness

•May 2, 2019 • 7 Comments

As I mentioned in my blog about my experiences at the Smithsonian Institute, I spent a couple of summers hanging around DC as a teenager in the late 60’s while my folks negotiated contracts to make documentaries for the Feds.

Since we were from Texas, we had to enlist the aid of our state representative Barbara Jordan. Turns out she had an auxiliary office in a place that would make her famous in just a few years-

The Watergate.

So, one day I was kicking my heels in the lobby of the Watergate waiting for a meeting to wrap up when I noticed a crew with a bunch of film equipment going down the hall.

Since we were in the biz too, I couldn’t help but be curious — so I followed along to see what was up.

Watergate Hotel Entrance Stock Photos & Watergate Hotel Entrance Stock Images - Alamy

I was told they were shooting some second unit stuff for the TV show “It Takes a Thief” starring Robert Wagner and Fred Astaire. The series, which only ran from 1968-1970, was about a cat burglar who gets busted and agrees to steal for the government.

So in the story, the Feds provide him with a swanky bachelor pad at the Watergate and send him on secret missions to places like Davos where he gets drugged with hallucinogens.


Robert Wagner It Takes A Thief 1970s tv by AnemoneReadsVintage

Needless to say, the irony didn’t escape me a few years later as I watched the Watergate scandal unfold.

You mean to tell me they had filmed a TV show about a busted thief working for the government in the same place thieves got busted working for the government?

DNC arrest report


Well, after being exposed to the evidence the Dark Journalist has uncovered about Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon’s role in the decades-old highly classified X-technology, I decided to investigate the iconic Watergate office/hotel/apartment/shopping complex and see if I could find any high weirdness.

I don’t even know where to start.

watergate pan freeze

Okay, why not with the creepy architect Luigi Moretti, a prestigious Italian son-of-an-architect who worked for the Società Generale Immobiliare (SGI).

His firm purchased 10 acres along the Potomac river in the Foggy Bottom district for $3.75 million from the Washington Gas Light Company.

Yep, a utility with the same name as the techniques used in the movie Gaslight — the subtle psychological manipulation designed to make the subject think they are insane.

The bond even shows the “original” design for the Washington Monument which was apparently scrapped (or reconfigured) to its present obelisk form.

I kid you not.

But no worries, the WGLC landed an exclusive contract to supply all the power for the proposed Watergate complex! What a deal!

Anyway, guess who owned the controlling shares of Società Generale Immobiliare?

The Vatican.

Now certain factions of the country were already freaking out about having a young Catholic president, now the Pope’s crew were going to control a huge chunk of prime Washington real estate?

On top of that, Luigi — who was once known as the Frank Lloyd Wright of Italy — had begun leaning towards the Brutalist school of architecture that was in stark contrast to the “classical” buildings that epitomized the nation’s capital.

Luigi’s proposed design also ignored the building code limit of 90 feet that has kept Washington as the only city without skyscrapers. Known for his fiery temperament, he hassled city officials to give him an exemption (which they had done for a few buildings) and even got his buddies at the Vatican to use their influence.

That prompted a letter writing campaign from the Protestants and Other Americans for Separation of Church and State. By the winter of 1962, Congress had received more than 2,000 letters of protest about the Watergate proposal with the White House receiving 1,500 as well.

Their concerns, though ignored on an official level, were noted and Kennedy’s office looked into the matter.

There is currently a surge in anti

Although they had no official leverage in the situation, the Kennedy Administration strongly implied that they, too, were concerned about the proposed height of the building.

Well, that pissed off all the right people, but in the end the building height was reduced from 16 to 13 stories (still not kidding) and after re-configuring the design with an extra building to complete their “city within a city” concept, the approval process continued.

It was not, however, the end of the controversy.

Washington Post critic Wolf Von Eckardt stated that the Watergate was as tasteless as “a strip dancer performing at your grandmother’s funeral” and they dubbed it “the glittering Potomac Titanic.”

The zoning commission was also insisting that his design had to be compatible with the proposed National Cultural Center that was to be built next door. To be fair, the Center initially had curvy space-ship-ish motif, which Luigi obviously mimicked.

But when they opened the National Airport across the river in 1963, the designers realized they would have acoustic issues so they had to come up with a “box within a box” design instead. Then they changed the name to the Kennedy Center.

Go figure.

Luigi was unruffled by the design change and declared that the rectangular shape of  Edward Durell Stone’s Kennedy Center provided a “welcome contrast” to the “delicately flowing” design of the Watergate.


So, construction finally began in August of 1963 and the first rentals were available by October 25, 1965.

Each building premiered with swanky Gala Events for DC’s elite.

The tenants came in stages too and it wasn’t completely finished until 1971. Despite the criticisms, it was an immediate success and the Washington Post concluded that the Watergate “was ahead of its time, filled with boldface names—and ultimately doomed.”

It quickly became THE place to be for the Nixon GOP crowd.

Which makes it beyond ironic that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided to set up shop in a Watergate Penthouse Suite!

In fact, the story gets downright dogdy when you hear the lengths the realtors went through to make the DNC an offer they couldn’t refuse . . .

Cecchi sent over a proposal. He offered the DNC the entire sixth floor of the Watergate Office Building, with the potential to expand into another floor during presidential campaigns, plus another suite on the ground floor for the new DNC computers. Next door, in the Watergate Hotel, Cecchi included a three-bedroom hospitality suite upstairs, overlooking the Potomac, for only $300 a month. (Separately, he leased a dining room, kitchen and office on the B-2 level for the National Democratic Club.)

“We’ll never raise the rent,” Cecchi promised.

Bailey took the deal.

As the DNC made themselves at home in their new penthouse, the Watergate apartments were stormed by a 1,000 angry demonstrators because Attorney General John Mitchell — who was also the director of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP) — was a resident.

The uprising ensued from Mitchell’s part in the sentencing of The Chicago 7 (or 8?) for crossing state lines to instigate a riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

Arrests at Watergate march: 1970 | Washington, D.C. Civil Di… | Flickr

The story goes that the residents of the Watergate were quick to bolster the police force guarding their citadel with drinks and sandwiches while they toasted them with champagne as they watched the protesters being arrested from their balconies.

Of course, within 7 years Mitchell was in jail as a result of his collusion in the whole Watergate affair…wonder if the folks arrested in the protest were toasting his incarceration?

Anyway, by 1972 the place was jumping but it’s future was not bright.

Despite the great deal the DNC were getting, they were way behind on the rent and under normal circumstances they would have been evicted. But instead the strangely compassionate landlords agreed they could pay up their arrears after the election debts were settled.

Then the break-in happened and it was a whole new ballgame.

Meanwhile, back at the Vatican, the Italian Parliament had come up with a loophole that would allow them to collect taxes from Church properties. This sent shock waves through the Vatican who strongly feared it might encourage other countries to do the same.

The guy they called to the rescue was Michele Sindona, a lawyer specializing in tax issues. He suggested that it was time to play hardball and dump — I mean sell — their shares of the companies that were the most at risk, especially SGI.

The Vatican agreed and Sindona found a buyer — himself.  So that made him the proud owner of the Watergate just as the shit hit the fan.

As if caught up in the same curse as Nixon and Elvis, in 1972 Sindona’s luck changed when he invested unwisely in the Franklin Bank and was bankrupt by 1974. It did not end well for Michele.

Naturally, he had to liquidate his shares of SGI, which wound up under the control of the Opus Dei by 1990. It just gets weirder from there, trust me.

Needless to say, the complex has changed hands many times through the years, with individual buildings being sold off to maintain their operations. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but many want to bulldoze it to the ground.

The current owners of the Watergate Hotel are not afraid to play up to association to the scandal. For instance, the hotel’s key cards all say “no need to break in” and the stationary in the room has the heading “stolen from the Watergate.”

Watergate Hotel, Washington DC - Ron Arad (photo courtesy Ron Arad associates)

Must admit one of my favorite silly movies of all time is “Dick” where one of the main characters (a teenage girl) lives in the Watergate apartments.

Dick - Rotten Tomatoes

These giggling girl pals inadvertently expose the break-in, stop the Vietnam war and bring down the Nixon administration — with the help of cannabis cookies!

Last but not least, there is the actual name WATER + GATE.

For one thing, the name has taken a firm root in our vernacular with the suffix GATE getting automatically tacked onto scandals, often in an effort to make them seem like frivolous accusations.

eViL pOp TaRt: Close the -Gate, Already!

Then there is my developing theory about the ancient portal network utilizing natural features like caves and appropriately shaped structures (like fountains and the old octagonal bandstands) to travel between continents. These locations typically maintain their historical names which reference an established portal point.

So as I suspected, this area has always been home to a building using the name Water Gate. Worth noting that other investigations have turned up evidence of Mayan Water Doors.

I mean it’s not a big stretch, just look at the easily accessible fountain system they put in front of the complex~

Further speculations on portal travel suspects:

Stargates and Portals in Train Stations

Grand Central Portal

Seeing the Occult in Public Art

When Giants Roamed the Americas

•April 19, 2019 • 9 Comments

Let’s start this investigation with the very interesting song “Holocaust of Giants” by Rasputina:

When I was nine years old
Way back in Ohio
The hired man was digging up a well
On my father’s land
He found a fossil there

It was a massive bone
And since then I’ve known
That a race of giants lived in the northern hemisphere
Ten thousand years ago they lived right here

It seems incredible
But yet it’s the truth
That a fossilized and petrified
Calcified primeval brute

Was turned to stone
But he was not alone
There were hundreds of them walking on the sand toward river
Even giants think they’ll always live forever

Where a stream once flowed
Into the Ohio
Everything was turned to stone
The bible speaks of this
There were giants in our midst
But they slaughtered one another in a meaningless war
Thank your lucky stars that we don’t do that anymore

That gravel-encrusted skull
That was found on a river shoal
Double rows of very sharp teeth
The massive jaw measured twenty-five feet

Well it’s turned to stone
There were hundreds of them walking on the sand toward river
Even giants think they’ll always live forever

Locations of Giant Remains Reported in America

Must admit, when I started looking into tales of American giants I was quite astonished how often they pop up in our folklore. In fact, there is a fable about a giant man (or woman) associated with most every major industry in America!

Of course we all know the tall tales about Paul Bunyon and his blue ox Babe, (thanks to Disney)  who not only logged the Northwest but were responsible for such landmarks as the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, the Mississippi River and the Black Hills.

A more obscure folk hero is Captain Alfred Bulltop Stormalong, the giant baby raised in Cape Cod who became a 30 foot tall seaman and built a ship so big his sailors needed Arabian horses to travel from one end to another!

His most impressive feat was to wrestle the troublesome Kraken into whirlpool from which it could not escape, thus allowing the Atlantic shipping industry to finally flourish.

But I was surprised to learn about so many other “friendly giants” in regional folklore like:

Joe Magarac, an enormous man made of steel who worked 24/7 in Pittsburgh steel mills;

Kemp  Morgan, a Texas roughneck who built rigs so high they had hinges so he could lower them to let the moon and sun pass;

Johnny Kaw, who was 6 feet tall just 5 minutes after his birth and grew so big his family had to move west… he piled up the Rocky Mountains while clearing the land for their Kansas farm; and

Febold Feboldson, a Swedish giant called the “fix-it” farmer from Nebraska who brought rain to the drought-stricken prairies.

Febold Feboldson

Mose Humphrey was a new one to me, too! He was rescued from a burning building in NYC in 1839, so the firemen dubbed him Fireboy. He grew to be over 8 feet tall with hands like ham hocks and flaming ginger hair!mose

When Mose reached adulthood he joined Fire Station 40, who welcomed his strength and enthusiasm, but had to make accommodations for his size — thus creating the first fire pole!

Throughout the 19th century, Mose assumed legendary status for fighting New York’s fires and breaking up vicious brawls. Tall tales told how he could swim across the Hudson in two strokes, how he pulled up pavement slabs to hurl between warring gangs and how he saved the babies from a burning orphanage by scooping them up in his stovepipe hat.

Many plays and penny novels were written about Mose’s exploits and his attempts to woo the girl of his dreams, Lizi. It was rarely mentioned that Mose was based on an actual man who was on the roll of parishioners at St. Andrew’s Church and documented leader of the Bowery Boys.

Also rarely mentioned is Annie Christmas, the black-skinned giantess of New Orleans who stood 7 feet tall and broke all the race and gender biases by running a fleet of keel boats along the Mississippi around the turn of the 19th century crewed by her 12 illegitimate sons.

She commanded respect by drinking hardened sailors under the table and wore a necklace strung with pearls representing every man she had defeated. She was buried with her necklace of 32 pearls.

Annie was famous for calling out bullies for their callous actions.

One day, a man named Mike Fink came to town. When he saw Annie Christmas, she was picking up a bale of hay to load onto the boat. Now Mike was a big strong man, but he was not very smart. He looked at Annie and laughed. “Why, Miss,” he said, “you should be home making socks and not trying to do a man’s work.” Well, the whole city went quiet, waiting to see what Annie would do.

Annie stood up slowly and looked at Mike Fink. “Mister,” she said quietly, “you seem to have a lot to say about who should do what and where.” Then she lifted that bale of hay over her head. Everyone thought she would throw it at Mike Fink, but she didn’t. She threw it into the river so hard that it caused a tidal wave ten feet high. That tidal wave picked up Mike Fink and carried him all the way to Natchez, more than 150 miles away. Annie went back to her work, and Mike Fink was never seen in New Orleans again.

Although these giant tales have been presented to us as fanciful amusement, there are quite a few cold hard facts to back up the stories that giants have roamed the Americas for eons.

Let’s start with a relatively recent example because there is photographic evidence.

Martin Van Buren Bates and Anna Hannon Swann

The gentleman in the above photo is Martin van Buren Bates, the “Kentucky River Giant,” born in 1837, measuring 7 feet 11 and a 1/2 inches tall and weighing 478 pounds. He served in the Civil War as Captain of the 4th Kentucky Infantry and later toured the US and Canada.

Anna Swan, the Giantess of Nova Scotia born in 1826, had toured with P.T. Barnum’s European carnival acts. When she came to America she met Martin and they were instant friends who were eventually betrothed.

Their wedding was the event of 1871 — Queen Victoria herself gifted a diamond ring and Anna’s wedding gown. They toured for a time as the World’s Tallest Married Couple but eventually settled in Seville, Ohio where they built a colossal home and became the toast of the town.

Stepping a bit further back in history we find a different type of giant characterized as having double rows of teeth. These types of giants remains were typically found on or near the ancient mounds complexes.

Some mound sites, like McKees Rock in Pittsburgh, were excavated by civilians so there are records of these giant skeletons,  but they lack the “official documentation” necessary to give them credibility.

Newspapers in the 1800’s were full of accounts like the following of workers unearthing giant skeletons:

Judging by how often they come up, giants were of great interest to the general public in the 1800’s.

I found dozens of references to them in old newspapers, with stories ranging from actual listings of known giants to fanciful tales and horror stories along with LOTS of  long detailed articles about the Cardiff Giant hoax. . . that story was picked up for years in newspapers all over the country.

I think it is no coincidence that one of the first acts of the newly formed Smithsonian Institution was to send out expeditions to locate, excavate and catalog these mounds. Even in their own reports were detailed descriptions of giant burials and skulls containing multiple rows of teeth.

The teeth of many crania of this mound were, without exceptions, in a perfect state of preservation, the vitrified enamel of these organs being capable of resisting exposure for centuries… Not one carious tooth was found among the hundreds in the mound. Many were entire in the lower jaw, the whole compactly and firmly set. In some the second set was observed, while one jaw had evident signs of a third set, a nucleus of a tooth being seen beneath the neck of a tooth of a very old jaw…
Pursuing my investigations, and excavating farther toward the southeast face of the mound, I came upon the largest sized stone ax I have ever seen or that had ever been found in that section of the country. Close to it was the largest and most perfect cranium of the mound, not crushed by pressure of the earth, complete in its form, quite dry, and no sand in its cavity… contiguous to this was nearly a quart of red ochre, and quite the same quantity of what seemed to be pulverized charcoal, as materials of war paint. Anticipating a perfect specimen in this skull, I was doomed to disappointment, for, after taking it out of the earth and setting it up so that I could view the fleshless face of this gigantic savage, in the space of two hours it crumbled to pieces, except small portions. According to the measurements of the bones of this skeleton its height must have been quite seven feet.

Despite numerous reports in scholarly journals that such impressive structures were not made by the tribes currently residing in the Americas, the Smithsonian “expert”  Cyrus Thompson (he was a physician and politician who served as the Secretary of State for North Carolina ) declared after a few years of research that all of the mounds were made by the current native tribes. He flat ignored the indigenous folklore and popular public opinion that they were originally made by the giants and modified over the ages by later civilizations.

The giant skeletons were not limited to the Mound Culture, however. In the islands off California, especially Catalina, numerous amateur archaeologists discovered hundreds of giant remains of a tribe whose members ranged from 7 to 9 feet in height.

Although the researchers were dismissed as frauds, the rumors of Queen Califia and her Amazonian Warriors still persist in the region. My investigations into the Polar Continent of Hyperborea have led to my theory that this race of “sophisticated giants” migrated into the Americas from the North Pole when their homeland was destroyed.

When you step even further back into history you find evidence of giants of much greater size who were feared by America’s inhabitants because they had ferocious appetites and preyed on humans.

Map with Indiens errans et Antropophages

They roamed the continent from Peru to Canada and were noted on many pre-1800 maps, sometimes referred to as Antropophage, a European term that William Shakespeare used in Othello, describing them as men whose heads do grow beneath their shoulders.

Another topic to consider from that Rasputina song is the reference to petrified giant remains. Turns out a lot of settlers in that region were digging up not skeletons but actual stone giants.

In fact, the 1800’s papers are full of evidence of “instant petrification,” especially when they would exhume recently buried citizens of their town only to find the corpse had turned into stone! Some entrepreneurs even re-purposed the petrified remains they found as Cigar Store Indians and hitching posts.

FYI, instant petrification is not a fanciful idea, modern scientists have been able to turn wood into stone in just a few days using chemicals and heat to create silification, the same process the Smithsonian claimed was responsible for the Petrified Forest in Arizona.

Do you have any idea how many rock formations in the Americas have names that directly relate to giants?

For further contemplation of giants hidden in plain sight, I found the breakdown of the movie BFG by Jay Dreamerz to be full of juicy ideas!

Jay ponders the evidence that many giants were petrified by divine intervention and that all those weird gargoyles on top of churches and monuments were made to remind them that we have the power to turn them into stone.

I was also impressed with Max Igan’s theory that with each reset, creatures get smaller!

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