Those Damned Dams

My recent investigations into the idea that Ancient American Empires in the West were deliberately destroyed by Exotic Technology that created Mudfloods and prompted the California Gold Rush to plunder these lightly buried riches led me to the most insidious Controller scheme of them all — those Damned Dams!

Counting every dam over 3 feet, there has been on average a dam per day erected since Thomas Jefferson was president!

Busy little beavers, aren’t they? Guess they figured it all out in their (Masonic) lodges.

As of 2009 there are 84,100 of these Damned Dams listed in the National Inventory of Dams and of those 1,595 are Significant Hazard Dams within one mile of a downstream city.

Dam failures have occurred in every state in the US and there have been 35 official lethal Dam failures in America since 1874.

Initially, the reasons for a community approving a Dam are valid enough;

– fresh water supply
– flood control
– navigable waterways
– power stations
– recreational areas
– scenic waterfront property.

It’s not until you step back and see it from a Controller’s  perspective that you realize the insidious part about what else can be done with these Damned Dams;

– submerge evidence of the previous civilizations
– replace free Antiqui-Tech with centralized metered power grids
– inundate or dehydrate targeted areas
– limit info about impending land changes to robber barons
– capitalize on rebuilding after dam failures wipe out entire regions.

Probably the two most preventable, and deadly, American dam failures were the direct result of greedy management and disregard for the consequences.

The Jonestown Pennsylvania flood of 1889 was caused by the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club who bought the dam, sold the discharge pipe for scrap and put a net across the top to keep their imported sport fish from going downstream.

The fact that a barbed wire fence factory was the first structure encountered by the 20 millions tons of water that hit Jonestown contributed greatly to the death toll of over 2,000 in the town, many of whom could not be identified.

The other preventable incident occurred in March of 1928 when the St. Francis Dam collapsed just hours after the designer and darling of Los Angeles, William Mulholland, had inspected a leak and declared it inconsequential.

Since the dam broke after midnight, there was no warning and 600 people downstream died when the water slammed into their homes.

No charges were filed — although Mullholland did assume full responsibility during the inquiry.

In fact, there have never been any arrests (and very few successful lawsuits) related to poor engineering or maintenance resulting in dam failures.

St. Francis Dam “Tombstone”

Fun fact…in 2005 the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers were touring the fully automated Taum Sauk Pump Storage Plant  to present an award for innovation when their representatives noticed a breach that was leaking like “Niagara Falls” that had gone unnoticed.

I kid you not!

Attempts to repair the weak point failed and it collapsed 9 weeks later, destroying 300 acres of State Park lands which cost over $1 Billion to restore. Thankfully no (human) lives were lost.

The situation at the Orville Dam in California has set off my alarms, especially when I realized how the Feather River branches off from where I suspect Queen Califia’s Gold Kingdom was destroyed.

No big leap to conjecture some treasure debris could well be piled up behind that Damned Dam — and they know it.

Turns out people are finding plenty just digging in the cracks from the recent disruptions around the damaged spillway — and the media is promoting it like a lottery.

I’m sad to say after the research I have done into the Controller mentality and their lust for gold, I’m worried about the nearby residents and hope they trust their instincts instead of the quackademics.

Many concerned citizens have tried (in vain) to stop these Damned Dams from destroying some of the most beautiful canyon lands in the US.

Perhaps the most infamous is Katie Lee, a popular folk singer who not only wrote great protest songs but stripped bare in 1962 for a photo shoot amid the soon to be flooded Glen Canyon scenery.

“When they drowned that place, they drowned my whole guts,” she said in an interview in 2010. “And I will never forgive the bastards. May they rot in hell.”

I’m pretty impressed by the efforts of marine biologist Matt Stoecker and his family who have already successfully removed some of these Damned Dangerous Dams to restore wild fish habitats.

“Nothing in my professional career has been more rewarding than witnessing these barriers come down and watching a river, its wildlife and its communities reconnect with each other,” he adds. “[It’s] like going back in time and also seeing a better future.”

Imagine what North America would look like if we hadn’t hat-hunted all the beavers. It’s stunning to consider what the landscape might have been; layered with cascading habitat worked and maintained for centuries – always water where you wanted it and very rarely where you didn’t.  Once upon a time there was an entire continent built to lovingly cradle and release water like some kind of giant and wildly maintained beaver-Tivoli.

Leave it to Beavers!!!

Who knows, maybe when those Damned Dams are gone we can finally discover what has been hidden regarding our past!

More hidden clues:

The World(s) Within Our World

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~ by weewarrior on May 21, 2019.

18 Responses to “Those Damned Dams”

  1. Great research. The arrogance, greed and care-less attitude of these people is relentless. There must have been a massive injection of fiat money to fund these projects – in exchange for what…? Control and water charges? Gold and other mineral extraction? These people have no understanding of the gift of Creation in Nature and the balance and harmony we must protect to preserve all life on Earth. Heartless ignorance will have to be paid for in the Law of Karmic re-balance, but that doesn’t help the immediate problem we face with the evil element at work here right now. I truly believe that a turn-around is happening with the incarnation of good and wise souls that arrive to help address this problem. Quietly, behind the media mirror, is a grass-roots action that is healing and re-organising through love and intelligent wisdom. Roll on!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Wendy. No doubt the tides are turning and our ability to see through the deceit is increasing daily, which is obvious with the new “fake news censorship” they are desperately trying to enforce. Watching the citizen journalists tracking the Oroville Dam fiasco has been encouraging, they have become highly suspicious of official sources and are taking it upon themselves to monitor the situation. The tipping point is near and once our collective “dam of ignorance” has broken we will reject those greedy enterprises and start healing our planet. Keep up the good work, Wendy, we get closer to the breakthrough every day!

  3. Wow… This is excellent! You knocked it out of the park again! A++

    But really, did that guy say that BEAVERS HAVE IRON TEETH?!?!

  4. Ya know, you’re right, he did say that beavers teeth are made of iron!

    So I have investigated and found out It’s true!

    “This is because, whereas other rodents have magnesium in their tooth enamel, beavers have iron. So beavers have orange teeth for the same reason we have red blood.”

    Sad to say most articles are about the dental profession studying this chemistry and making quotes like:

    “Biology has shown us a way to improve on our enamel.” Joester and his team are hopeful the research will help in enhanced fluoride treatments or other ways to increase the strength of human enamel.”

    Yikes! A new excuse for fluoride in the water? Jerks!

  5. Thanks again, lovely post. those beavers have gone through quite the upgrade lately with their orange teeth!

    Highly enlightening article!

  6. There’s certainly a big truth in your writings! Here’s an unexpected confirmation from the other side of globe – ” imgur [dot] com/a/xrgXEzI ” , or ” i [dot] imgur [dot] com/l9lvlD2 [dot] jpg ” or ” ibb [dot] co/qCQ5PWc” mirror (replace [dot] with .). It’s a scan of document where a prominent russian doctor of science who’s also a president of scientific academy, is requesting to suspend the dam streams for a while in order for the divers to retrieve the antigravity technologies which are underwater in the dam’s security area. If you’re interested, you can OCR it (convert a picture to text with some software or online) and then copy-paste this text to some translator.

    • As you see from an example in my post above, this coverup activity is worldwide – not just USA. The remains of Great Tartarian Empire cities could be under the dams waters.

      • Also, an article: theguardian [dot] com/cities/2019/sep/12/they-are-barbaric-turkey-prepares-to-flood-12000-year-old-city-to-build-dam (usually I hate guardian as its’ pretty biased, but this one is good). Looks like the coverup continues…

      • Interesting article, thanks! Of course, it doesn’t touch on the fact that MANY ancient ruins have been submerged by dams, but they do elaborate on the hardships these projects create for those displaced by new dams. Of course, they’re pushing the UNESCO “land grabbers” as the solution to the problem. I’ve noticed that once they take over a site they impose all kinds of restrictions to limit access and insure the public cannot conduct any private investigations.

      • Russia has 2650 dams: ” There are 72 reservoirs in the Northern economic region, 32 ones in the Northwest, 206 in the Central region, 74 in the Volga-Vyatka region, 575 in the Central Black Earth region, 612 in the Volga region, 408 in the North-Caucasian region, 394 in the Ural region, 121 in the West-Siberian region, 68 in the East-Siberian, 79 in the Far Eastern region, and 9 in the Kaliningrad region. “. Here’s where the Great Tartarian evidence and wonder tech could be hiding…

      • Wow, that’s staggering! Would be fascinating to see them located on a map to determine if their is a method to their placement.

      • Yep, it’s pretty obvious that this tactic has been adopted world wide by the Controllers not only to submerge Tartarian evidence but to further their monopoly on natural resources.

    • Sweet, thanks for the leads confirming my suspicions about all these Damned Dams hiding some important info about our past! The Russian doc sounds great, I’ll see if I can get it translated.

  7. […] is even worth considering that the Controllers built many of those Damned Dams just to flood any remaining vestige of these secret American […]

  8. many of the old cut stone block dams are artifacts from before. The Army Corp of Engineers claims responsiblity for much of the stolen relics. They didnt build the canals or starforts either

  9. Well I hadn’t thought of that, I guess some of them probably are relics! I totally agree they found the canals and star forts. They were buried and needed repair, but the infrastructure they claim they built was already here.

  10. The destruction of Jonestown had a miniature scale model featured at the Buffalo Expo. It was that a lack of precaution or negligence caused it as much as steps were taken to ensure it happened. Knowing they werre going to flood the town at the most opportune moment means they put the barb wire factory in front on purpose. I bet it was loaded up too, either just missed a big shipment or was getting ready to ship a big order. Sounds rough but Im surprized they didnt go set the rubble pile on fire while search and rescue was ongoing.
    I think the flooding doesnt cover up evidences of ancient civilizations as much as covers up the lack of evidence. Fake sites are made all the time to prop up fake history but then highway construction or housing development will come through and all that remains is some fake-ass notes taken by a hoaxer.
    There is a place called the Great Stone Dam in Massachusetts that is an artifact. Claimed by the Army corp of engineers but they couldnt build it if they wanted to.
    Ive always wanted to do a Jonestown article, thanks, it was good

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