Rudolf Steiner – Cosmic Spiralling

•June 23, 2011 • 2 Comments

(reposting this video from last year, it’s taken on a new life since released on my original YouTube channel)

From the readings from Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the Gospels of John and Luke showing how our spiritual development proceeds in a spiral motion through the zodiac so that each soul can experience the collective. The influence of the cosmos on our planet’s destiny is mirrored in the individual’s relationship to the cosmos.

Eternal gratitude to Dale Brunsvold for so beautifully reading the collection of books and lectures by Rudolf Steiner. This extensive library of audio and printed material is available free for download at:

Special thanks to Chris Chadwick for the digital collage art as featured on his YouTube Channel:
and Teka Lutrell for contributing his graphic art creations as seen on his website:

Music “Grand Central Station” from the KPAX soundtrack.


Lela’s Excellent Cathouse Adventure

•June 11, 2011 • 1 Comment

From a KGMB news story filmed in 2002 at my residence and headquarters of 9th Life – Hawaii, a non-profit spay/neuter organization and rescue center. I served as President from 2000 – 2005 and with the help of my wonderful group of volunteers managed to provide free spay/neuter services for over 450 feral and adopted cats. It was a great experience I will always treasure, all the more so because I never saw it coming but had just enough sense of adventure to take the chance and give it a whirl.

Yep, that's me (in my brown hair stage) on the porch of the cathouse with my furry buddies!


Terence McKenna’s Story Time

•June 9, 2011 • 2 Comments

Terence relates an “alternative history” as revealed by the mushroom.

This story was so outlandish to Terence he was convinced he was being fed a script for a sci-fi story!

A tale of split time lines, parallel civilizationons, subconcious contact and reunion with our advanced versions of ourselves!

Terence McKenna – Approaching the Eschaton

•June 8, 2011 • 2 Comments

A New Improved version that actually has all the words spelled right and loaded up on my correct YouTube page, which I am delighted to have access to once again!

Hope you enjoy watching it at least half as much as I did creating it for you.

Approaching the Eschaton is based on selected remarks by Terence McKenna in a recently released interview conducted in 1998 in Hawaii by John Buzard. The full one hour + interview, is available on Vimeo at

Recorded shortly before he was diagnosed with brain cancer from which he died in April of 2000, Terence describes his vision of how time is creating greater complexity as it moves towards the end point, or Eschaton. Using the Time Wave Zero calculations based on the I Ching which correspond with the Mayan calendar (and the human DNA structure), Terence explains how the process of concrescence is causing matter and consciousness to connect in amazing ways, as demonstrated by the rise of the internet and personal computers.

Sacred Geometry graphics series by ieoie available for viewing on YouTube:

Time-Lapse of Butterfly Lifecycle by Tess

Music clips from~

Elbow – Starling

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Meet Joe Black – Yes

Wake Up Laughing!

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The Fun Side…

The Serious Work…

Terence McKenna’s Final Earthbound Interview

•April 26, 2011 • 4 Comments

Terence McKenna’s Final Earthbound Interview by John Hazard posted recently on the Reality Sandwich Website.

Terence talks at length about the coming climax of the time and the process of novelty in human physical, historical and social evolution.

We hear ya, buddy, thanks for the heads up — you’re still an active force in the shift of the ages even though you moved on to another level!

Terence McKenna

John Hazard’s website:

The 9th Wave and The Coming of Arthur

•April 20, 2011 • 1 Comment

The 9th wave is upon us — asking us to grow, thrive and rise above the mundane to see our role in the cosmic play.

The following video encapsulates the concept that the interpretation of the Mayan Calendar by Carl Calleman has the same pattern that was experienced in the Arthurian epoch — yet since this is the end of the Great Cycle, the outcome will be quite unique.

 Convergence of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar graphic from 4-AHAU.COM and analysis by Carl Calleman with Alfred Lord Tennnyson’s “The Coming of Arthur” adapted and narrated by Fintan Dunne (
Music from “Meet Joe Black.” Video clips from “The Ninth Gate” and “Rough Magic.”

On-going discussion and analysis on Break for News  forum:
View the Ninth Wave Hi Res Graphic Here:

For those who want to study the dates and images without the narration: