Stargates in our Neighborhoods?

Consider this astonishing theory for just a moment, even though I know it sounds like bad science fiction.

But maybe that’s by design…?

Anyway, I am wondering if our planet is covered with natural portals hidden mainly by our ignorance of their function?

What if some people purposefully, or just intuitively, figure out how to construct a device to access these natural time/space super-slabs?


As researchers of Antiqui-Tech have probed the mechanisms of the world’s colossal  structures, they have considered many fascinating options, but I am wondering of some of that ancient tech was for a portal transportation network.

Though interesting to consider as a former technology, the idea that this Portal practice has continued to this day is quite a startling concept. I decided to crawl around on the world wide web and see if  I could find  any evidence of modern day Star Gates.

Well, it certainly didn’t take much digging! The following collection took less than an hour of research to find jaw dropping structures like this:

Biblioteca Alexandria

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The New Library of Alexandria, the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is much more than a library …

Yeah, that is much more than a library all right!

Take a moment to think of all those movies that use libraries as “entry points” for characters having inter-dimensional experiences– i.e., Ghostbusters, Jumpers, Dr. Who, etc.

The name of this installation is “Good as Gold” by the artist Donald Lipski and is found at the new Country Club Plaza branch of the Kansas City Public Library.

And there is this interesting exhibit at Purdue’s library…

Doesn’t it remind you a lot of this outdoor installation in Colorado Springs in their America the Beautiful Park?

Surprised that it is framed by a couple of ornate obelisks?

America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs | CitySeeker

Yeah, me neither.

Check out this suspicious character in Detroit’s Hart Plaza next to the Stargate Amphitheater.

Detroit Stargate

For some fascinating detail on this plaza, check out the Freeman TV Interview with Chad Stuemke who has discovered this area was once a sacred ceremonial ground!

So, on with the tour …

Here’s a Low-Rent Stargate candidate from London…

And the granddaddy of them all, the London Eye . . .

The London Eye Transmitts by MclatchyT on DeviantArt

Notice how those suspicious “tuners” are popping up in cities everywhere!

I have.

Cool Ferris wheels around the world - Houston Chronicle

Don’t forget the first Ferris Wheel was made for the disastrous 1893 Chicago World’s Fair that ended in murder and mayhem.

The World's First Ferris Wheel ~ vintage everyday
Speaking of Chicago, although this structure is not a typical Star Gate formation, the Bean (I mean Cloud Gate) has got inter-dimensional written all over it…especially considering it sits smack in Millennium Park.

The Chicago Mirror Gate?

So I searched around for other work by the Bean artist (Sir Anish Kapoor) to see if it is a huge stretch of the imagination to think he might know a little portal technology.


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Remind you of Capitol Building Domes?

They make me feel like I’m being transported just looking up at them!

And, of course, NASA has one on the lawn!

I kid you not.

NASA Portal – Really?

During demolition of the Ames 14′ Wind Tunnel, a Stargate was discovered. The dialing device for the Stargate has not been found and may have been destroyed during the first phase of demolition. However, one rumor circulating at Ames refers to a large object being shipped to Google Headquarters late last night that matches the description of the dialer. Perhaps this is why Google was so interested in Ames (Google Stargate?) The discovery of this device also confirms long held suspicions as to why former Reagan era Star Wars participant, Brig. General Pete Worden was so interested in coming to Ames (see Worden’s official portrait from a secret DoD website)

 Check my further investigation into Star Gate clues in Celtic New England Ruins, Iowa Caves and even in Grand Central Station!

~ by weewarrior on March 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “ Stargates in our Neighborhoods?”

  1. Your post made me recall an old dream: I was going to Europe, and I simply headed to the train station, which quickly and cheaply took me there. Now I recall how Grand Central Station is a representation of a stargate.


  2. I wrote a book on Stargate Detroit! If interested in checking out an article on it or the book(The Mystical”Mitten)check out

  3. […] One alert came in the form of a response to my previous post, […]

  4. Check out my blog if you like, which I coincidentally called “Modern Stargates”:
    And William Henry’s site which I reference…
    @Michael: the Train is one of the symbols for stargates, but I’m not sure where this originated. Perhaps with the Freedom Train (Rock Island Line) in America, transporting slaves to freedom?

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