Atlantis Rising?

Since stumbling onto The Hidden History in Old Maps I’ve been questioning if land formations change much more rapidly than we have been lead to believe!

1671 Americas

Examination of the Atlantic Ocean in the 350 year old map above reveals significant changes:

-the Azores Island chain is much closer to the Americas,

-sandbars are hugging the Northeast coast and

-lots of land in the Gulf of Mexico which has vanished.

So, once again I’m setting aside quackademia’s explanations, especially the Pangaea “super-continent” theory.

It never quite worked for me since they skip over any evidence of missing land masses like Atlantis, Mu and Hyperborea.

1000+ images about Science: Pangea on Pinterest | Posts ...

Gotta admit, I found plenty of bizarre earth changes going on from the late 1600’s to early 1800’s when I investigated my Mudflood Reset blog.

The Sabrina eruption creates islands off the Azores in 1811

Then there is the research of the Dark Journalist.

He is introducing the possibility that Atlantis rising in the “Hot Zone”  — an area between Cuba, the Bahamas and the Bimini Islands — might be tied to Exotic Technology (X-Tech), the biggest super secret of the deep state that could tie together nefarious plots ranging from the JFK’s assassination to the Lindbergh kidnapping!


The Impious Digest – Operation Northwoods and the Plot to Blame the JFK Assassination on Castro

So, I have revisited and revised this old 2007 post about the Atlantis Rising Grand Opening Ceremony of the Palm Island Atlantis complex in Dubai with a whole new attitude!

So what if this Atlantis Rising ritual isn’t really as symbolic as it appears?

Is this another “secret” hidden in plain sight?

Atlantis Show at Dubai | Ivo3d's official website

Admittedly, when I first encountered this extravaganza I was focused in on the juicy Staged Political Power clues and this one had them all — they even claimed to use so much firepower it could be seen from space!

Superb Aerial Shot of Atlantis Dubai Fireworks | Places I’d Like to Go | Pinterest | Palm ...

Then I fold in DJ’s research that uncovers some heavy-hitters messing about the Hot Zone, including the Hemingways, JFK, Castro and even John Lennon — all involved in some high weirdness off the East Coast of the US!

Filming Help! (1965) in the Bahamas. The film’s working title was ‘Eight Arms to Hold You’

For example, Ernest Hemingway’s brother Leicester spearheaded the formation of a micro-nation called New Atlantis on a barge off the coast of Jamaica!

Fascinating stuff, especially since both men died by suicide. Really makes me wonder if the stories of Ernest hunting for German subs in that area might have had an entirely different motivation.

My Brother, Ernest Hemingway by Leicester Hemingway | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Then there is all the high weirdness around Manly P. Hall’s search for Sir Francis Bacon’s copy of the New Atlantis rumored to be buried under the Bruton Church in Virginia. Seems there is some deep esoteric agenda lurking behind the “New Atlantis” scenario that is interwoven with the development of the Americas.

DJ’s narrative frequently references Edgar Cayce’s 1938 reading  indicating Atlantis would begin to rise off Bimini in 1968. (Wish he wouldn’t ignore all the dates Cayce gave in readings that were dead wrong, but that’s just my pet peeve.)

Can’t argue that Cayce was right about that Bimini Road, though, it popped up precisely when and where he said it would!

Obviously, the “road” is right in the famed Bermuda Triangle where anomalies run rampant and lots of folks besides DJ suspect some rogue X-Technology may be at work.

I also discovered on the story of Dr. Ray Brown and his claim to have removed a crystal from an underwater pyramid off the coast of the Bahamas.

 I turned to look toward the sun through the murky water and saw a pyramid shape shinning like a mirror. Thirty-five to forty feet from the top was an opening. I was reluctant to go inside… but I swam anyway. The opening was like a shaft debouching into an inner room. I saw something shinning. It was a crystal, held by two metallic hands. I had on my gloves and I tried to loosen it. It became loose. As soon as I grabbed it I felt this was the time to get out and not come back. I’m not the only person who has seen the ruins — others have seen them from the air and say they are five miles wide and more than that in length.”

But DJ’s investigations have led him expand the “hot zone” to the Gulf coast side of Cuba because of the 2001 discovery of a pyramidal complex off the coast of Cuba. 

This well documented find was under 2000 feet of ocean when photographed by a Russian (now Canadian) scientist, Paula Zelitsky.

Unfortunately, her research was shut down and she actually spent some time in a Mexican jail for undefined reasons.


Consequently Dr. Zelitski has published no further information about this discovery and no other public expeditions have been launched.

Guess we are just supposed to forget about this fascinating discovery?

Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle | Bermuda triangle, Bermudas and ...

DJ has also played a recent recording of a pilot in the Bermuda Triangle area who claims he saw a land mass rise off the eastern coast! Apparently he was told to forget the incident, but the pilot was so concerned he left an anonymous tip.


Ya know, this isn’t the first time I had encountered stories of lands off the Eastern Seaboard appearing unexpectedly.

For instance, I came upon this passage in the book Residence at the Court of London written in 1833 by Richard Rush (of the Smithsonian legacy)  about his journeys to England:

An incident occurred that may be worth mentioning from its possible bearing upon the theory of the currents along our coast. We left the cape of Chesapeake on a Sunday, steering for England. On the following Friday, to the surprise of all on board, we saw land. It proved to be the Island of Bermuda. But how came we there? Our Captain had no intention of running down to that latitude.

The account goes on to mention that the ship never made landfall on the island, so I’m not sure why they were convinced it was Bermuda. Guess they are lucky they didn’t disappear or go into an electric fog!

Anyway, Rush conjectured their ship had been a victim of the Gulf Stream current. He never mentions how far off course they were and what it took to correct their navigation. Makes one wonder if they might have encountered some of this “rising land” off the East Coast?

I’ve also been fascinated by Mount Pelée, the huge monolith that formed after the volcanic eruption in 1902 on the island of Martinique.

It rose at a rate of up to 50 feet per day topping off at 4,531 feet before collapsing 5 months later into the sea.

Turns out a new sand island was just documented off the North Carolina coast in 2017.

New Island Appears Off Coast of North Carolina in Outer Banks


The new sandbar island seemingly sprang from the ocean in just a few weeks, the Virginian Pilot reported. The island, which is about 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) long and about 480 feet (146 meters) wide, lies off the coast of Buxton, North Carolina, which is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

The new island grew from a mere nubbin in the ocean in April to its current size over Memorial Day weekend. One of the early explorers of the island, Janet Regan, took her 11-year-old son there to collect seashells. Because of its treasure trove of shells, the boy named it Shelly Island.

So,  the truism of land being a great investment because “they’re not making any more of it” might not necessarily be true any more!

Imagine what would happen in the world of high finance if large tracts of unclaimed real estate were suddenly available!

For example

4/25/2015 — North Japan Land RISES 50 feet (1000 feet long) OVERNIGHT


If you were an in-the-know Fat Cat with dreams of running your own kingdom (like the star nation Asgardia?) you might want to keep that kind of information very quiet while using the Reparian Water Rights System to covertly gain control of sea floor property with the Submerged Lands Act.

New coastal land is already becoming an issue in Arctic regions!

They are blaming it on post-glacial rebound.


Morgan DeBoer opened a nine-hole golf course at the mouth of Glacier Bay in 1998 on land that did not exist when his family settled in the area 50 years ago. Credit Michael Penn New York Times

Land is emerging from the water to replace the lost wetlands, shifting property boundaries and causing people to argue about who owns the acreage and how it should be used.

As you can imagine, new ice-free land is quite a sensation in places like Juneau, Alaska!

But wait, there’s more!

The Black Islands in Finland are rising from the sea!

The Kvarken World Heritage Site in Finland

“It can be treacherous,” he said. “One year there is a route between two islands and the next year they are connected. Our maps change every year.”

Very recently one of my favorite YouTube correspondents, MrMBB33 posted information about strange structures or land masses appearing on the ocean floor, both off of Madagascar and the East Coast of the US.

Of course, James Cameron has to get in on the program with a Nat Geo special about his missions to discover evidence of Atlantis. They insist on calling it the City of Atlantis, guess they can’t help spinning the narrative to reduce this lost civilization to a municipality.

And you know how it works, if James Cameron can’t find definite proof of Atlantis Rising then any serious research will be stifled and they can say it was just a silly myth after all and reduce the idea to pure amusement.

A Day at Atlantis Aquaventure - Paradise Island, Bahamas

Turns out China has also opened Atlantis Rising luxury theme resort in Sanya, the Hawaii of the East.

Since it was built on an existing island in the South China Sea, they didn’t make an artificial resort island like in Dubai for their guests.

Although… they did use those land-building skills to create military bases in surrounding international waters that are really pissing off some folks.

I kid you not.

beehive-shaped structure | Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

Fiery Cross Reef, China appears to have built a 10,000 ft long airstrip. Satellite images also show that as well as enormous runways and military equipment, China has even constructed basketball and tennis courts on their man-made islands.

Ever read the novel Distress by Greg Egan? It’s a brain bender, but full of fascinating concepts, one of which is a rogue artificial island nation called Stateless.

Distress describes the political intrigue surrounding a mid-twenty-first century physics conference, at which is to be presented a unified Theory of Everything. The action takes place on an artificial island called “Stateless”, which has earned the wrath of the world’s large biotech companies for its pilfering of their intellectual property.

Another novel about “extra” land gone rogue is Islandia by Austin Tappen Wright published posthumously in 1942.

The setting is Islandia, an imaginary country set in the real world of that time. The citizens have imposed “the Hundred Law, limiting access to Islandia to a bare one hundred visitors at a time.”

So I’m definitely going to question the “global warming” narrative about the dangers of glacier melt and keep my ears peeled for info about lands rising — that could really change the shorelines overnight!

36 Global Warming Awareness Posters [PICS] - Hongkiat

Did get me wonder if land rising and disappearing in the oceans might hold clues to other mysteries on those old maps?

Willem Janszoon Blaeu map of America in 1645 

In the magnification block near the center of this map is a close-up of Greenland with a large landmass named Islandia to the east of it, right next to Frislandia — another “mythical” land mass.

As I noted in my Hyperborea blog, seems something drastic happened to the polar region a couple of hundred years ago that caused lands to rise and sink rapidly, possibly flash-freezing both poles.

Bizarre form of hot ice seen on Earth

My investigations into mudfloodsinduced earthquakes and plasma events have certainly uncovered enough evidence to convince me there is a strong argument for rapid earth changes in recent (not ancient) times.

I’ll leave this investigation with a quote from Our Story of Atlantis which was passed around Masonic lodges back in the 1900’s.

Cataclysmic results; the sinking of land in some places; and the rising in others, is imminent. When cities peculiarly situated are crowded with inhabitants, who have lost all conception of everything but their own desires centering in selfish purpose, their thought vibrations become inharmonious with the universal thought vibrations.

If this un-harmony continues strong enough to communicate itself to the ground upon which the city stands, this foundation being subject also to a set of vibrations upon the natural plane of Liquidity, serious consequences may occur.

Just what the outcome of the present period will be none but the Council of the Seven Great Builders know. But this we have gathered : That within a hundred years, and possibly a much shorter time, Atlantis will be above the waves.

Further paradigm challenging investigations at:

Who Knows if the Moon’s a Balloon?

The World(s) Under our World

The Sky is Falling — The Chicken Little Syndrome

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