Dark Journalist – Digging up the proof!

DJ and Olivia

Daniel Listz and his faithful sidekick Olivia

Delighted to present Daniel Liszt, the self-styled Dark Journalist who has been busy digging up the real world clues that point to exotic technology being used right under our noses!

I’m surprised it took me so long to encounter his YouTube series on X- Tech considering it is chock full of subjects I have been trying to connect!

He’s especially keen on the concept that the Mystery Schools’ secrets (like portal travel?) have been discovered and implemented by nefarious black ops programs including those elusive “Secret Space Forces.”

Thule Air Base Airport

Thule Air Force Base Insignia

I will refrain from offering my critique of Daniel’s live presentations (and his 2003 album Midnight Broadcast) because despite his uneven approach, he does deliver some juicy evidence!

Amazon.com: Daniel Liszt: Midnight Broadcast: Music


So I’ll focus on the connections he has made that validated many theories I have been pondering.

First off, he takes the work of both Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce seriously, a refreshing starting point!

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy

Daniel points to the evidence that the Mystery Schools came into conflict during the late 1800’s – early 1900’s about the release of certain occult information.

Rudolf Steiner believed it was crucial to “leak” hidden knowledge of mankind’s spiritual history into the public psyche in the 1900’s because the rise of materialism was creating world wars and scientific dogmatism.

The other mystery schools argued that such information could lead to the (re-) development of consciousness-based X-Tech that when misused not only destroys civilizations — it warps reality, creating the apotheum effect.

But DJ points out that most important thing all these Mystery Schools revealed was that Atlantis fell because the bad guys got control of X-Tech, which Cayce refers to as the Tuaoi Stone.


Interesting to note that Cayce Reading #144 he refers to this as a firestone that could be used to overcome gravity and power flying craft.

Unfortunately, most of this knowledge has remained hidden from the masses who believe the turn-of-the-century occultists were all frauds who conducted seances and past-life regressions which attracted supporters like Arthur Conan Doyle and debunkers like Harry Houdini.

It was all the rage and easily scoffed at, but it had some very serious students. For example, any idea how many fantasy writers from this time frame had blatant spiritualist associations?


Yep, DJ’s investigations tie together beloved children’s authors like Lewis Carroll to actual turn-of-the-century occult practices.

The most prominent was the Orphic Circle (yes, Lewis Carroll was a member) where young women like Emma Britten were groomed to serve as trance mediums to access hidden dimensions for high-powered businessmen and political leaders to help them gain obvious advantages.

In other investigations, DJ has come up with documentation about the Hemingway brothers and their interest in Atlantis rising off the coast of Bimini and the hornet’s nest that stirred up in the Halls of Power.

I am also impressed with Daniel’s research into former US presidents and their role in keeping this X-Tech under wraps.

He follows a coding system that includes an X on documents, monuments and technologies to signify that they hold clues to this Exotic Tech.

He calls it X Steganography and has used it to connect the Kennedy assassination to Nixon’s time capsule to a letter at the LBJ library that will not be opened until 50 years after his death.

Wonder what they knew?

Daniel’s study of recent history verifies a centuries-old cover up operation that has plagued contemporary US presidents –including Trump, whose uncle collected the Tesla papers on Exotic Tech.

If true, our leaders have faced the decision whether or not to disclose this X-Tech information and be the hero of the age.

But alas, no one in a position of power has been able to step forward and offer this great secret to the public. Private researchers try to break the barrier, but their work is quickly bought out and shelved or sabotaged.

Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies Closest to Market By Sterling D. Allan: CEO, PES Network ...

According to Daniel’s research, the modern-day players in this X-Tech game include rescued Nazi scientists and engineers who were brought to the US via Operation Paperclip to keep them from the Russians.

They were given high-level positions in the early 50’s in American aerospace and weapon companies (you know the ones) and proceeded to develop their own “black budget” operations that produced and tested exotic craft for warfare without letting the public know …thus all the UFO sightings.

We might well be wise to give Daniel’s investigations some serious consideration since it does appear from following the X Steganography that the cat is out of the proverbial bag and this dangerous tech had been co-opted by government black ops.

Consequently, such Exotic Technology concepts are being frantically fictionalized in modern movies and television shows to keep us thinking its all an outlandish daydream or the product of off-world entities.

Cybernetic Seance Tarot Card from CERN deck

DJ also probes the CERN project and its bizarre relationship to ritual magic (they have their own Tarot Deck?).

The scientists at CERN certainly have the propensity to associate their mechanistic approach with fantasy themes. Maybe that is to hide their visions of world domination…

They even have programs that recruit resident artists to help them “keep it real.”

I kid you not.

ALICE is the acronym for A Large Ion Collider Experiment, a CERN experiment devoted to infinitely small scale physics.

Perhaps DJ’s most interesting theory is that we are now entering the time when Rudolf Steiner predicted in 1918 that in 100 years, the wisdom of the Mystery Schools would be revived and many lost secrets would be revealed.

That’s a comforting thought, no?

For the most part Daniel has well informed, interesting guests on his show, although I admit some just seem to be guessing. Nevertheless, he presents his audience with evidence for the claims he makes, so I give him bonus points for that!

All in all his research is compelling and the live shows much less irritating now that I’ve learned to tune in about 15 minutes late, the guy never seems to make his own party on time!

Dark Journalist: Interviews with Dark Journalist - Dark Journalist in the Media

More investigations on Atlantis Rising

~ by weewarrior on September 30, 2018.

16 Responses to “Dark Journalist – Digging up the proof!”

  1. DJ has indeed done a good job joining the dots, and is not alone. I and many other individual private people have been following the breadcrumbs left by private investigations that have graciously broadcast their findings, theories and revelations across the internet, which bring the early writers and explorers of the ‘secret mysteries’ right up to the present. The plot is thinning with exposure. We must stay vigilant and be willing to share (freely) with each other to expose the true plan at the rotten core of this. My peek behind the curtain started in 1998 and like millions of other people that led me down a path to the true history of Atlantis, I came to a halt when I could not find the next geographical clue – which I think is now being exposed in Antarctica. Tread cautiously my friends, because this may not have a happy ending. Since the beginning, I have felt trepidation in my slowly emerging memories of Atlantis. My most recent thoughts will be coming out in print soon. (Wendy Salter, author)

  2. Thanks for keeping the fires burning under these important issues, we have managed to learn so much despite the obstacles our society creates for truth seekers. I look forward to your new publication, please keep me posted!

  3. Nice synopsis.

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  5. Raccoon City…
    Intriguing stuff, I’ll check out more cause I’m getting tired of the handful of YT peeps I watch… Nothing new…
    I also dig Steiner and Cayce. And Atlantis legends and myth. Although i think the name is a deliberate blind.
    Things are getting interesting! Hope y’all are having a good time out there, wherever you are. I won’t be joining any other “SH” type platforms, but I like your cozy little blog here, so I’ll check it.

    • Sweet, you just hang out here as long as you like, I do try to keep it cozy!

      So, I would be interested to hear your take on DJ. The way he folds in industry and metaphysical power players is pretty intriguing.

      I must admit I find his format annoying but put up with it for the hard cold facts that he digs up. He is being so tedious with the release of this information, but he does connect some fascinating dots so I just keep tuning in for more.

      Hope I’m not being suckered (again) but I do love a good mystery!


  6. You know that “Alice” thing also alludes weirdly enough to Resident Evil. A.I. Alice plus lead character. Shape of Umbrella Corporation logo is octagonal like that with alternating red and white leaves.
    Experiments in “realities”?!
    Maybe a zombie scenario…
    SO Cabin in the Woods.
    Tis the season!

  7. I agree; this is a cozy little blog–slick too. Yes, there is some overhead to
    listening to DJ. You could almost play a drinking game with every time he uses the word “deep”. Still, it’s worth it. I’ve taken more thatn one idea or thing garnered from him and run with it. Hell, I even sent him some money for his book fund. Would love to see his library. Not to be outshown, I’ll continue to monitor your site. Good job.

  8. I have what you are looking for.

  9. Absolutely mind blowing stuff as I have just been awake about a year!!! My wife who has been awake for YEARS has been trying to tell me some of this stuff for YEARS. Finally last year when the scamdemic broke something switched in my brain as I now thought there was something sinister about whats going on. I just so intrigued now as I’m wide awake. There is not enough time in the day trying to put all this brilliant information together. But I’m getting there with help from DANIEL. JOE FARRELL, JOHN W. WARNER ETC ETC

    • Excellent Peter, welcome to the party! Always delighted to have new bright minds join in!!!

      This is how we build the momentum so the waves of truth drown out all the lies and horror we’ve endured. There is always more to learn and plenty of places to get bogged down, so keep that mind wide open as you plunge into the many mysteries we have yet to solve. Best of luck, would be delighted to hear what you learn in your quests!

  10. Previously I would loose interest, found his topics too dry, involved and complex. But lately, once I prepare myself to actually stick it out and listen, I’ve been fascinated. The level of intelligence, shrewd analysis and knowledge revealed on this show by DJ and his guests is quite amazing. Now, I can’t get enough and tackle at least two videos per week. I also admire DJ’s level approach. No whining grumbling attitude, just pure discussion. And, he knows the Bible so Christians please join in!

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