Mudflood Reset

mudflood statue for maury in richmond

Statue dedicated to  the “Father of the Seas” Matthew Fontaine Maury

After questioning the historical narrative about the “discovery” of America and seeing so many examples of old buildings buried in the mud, I have to ask myself…

Is it possible that many parts of the earth have been inundated with mudfloods (or mud rains?).

Did these earth-changing events destroy populations, alter landscapes and bury civilizations while leaving behind some old Anitqui-tech stone buildings with no plumbing or heating and ruined roofs amid mounds of mud?

So I’m suspending my belief in quackademia and their geological timelines that postulate the American landscape was slowly molded by the elements.

I’m giving myself permission to consider some juicy alternatives!


After seeing this video on Raised Dendrites by YouTube wizard Mr2tuff2, I have developed a whole new attitude about the land formations I’ve seen in the US.

Remember those fascinating lessons in American History about the New Madrid earthquake of 1811-12?

Those enthralling tales about how the newly formed Great Lakes overflowed and flooded the then minor Mississippi River?

About how the birds couldn’t fly? How the land boiled and erupted with sand volcanoes as huge chasms opened up that filled with river waters and made new lakes?

Yeah, me neither.

new madrid earthquake map 2

Map of New Madrid fault showing years of activity

I mean, that’s the kind of interesting shit I would have appreciated in my textbooks.

But no, I had to dig out on the juicy details about the 1811 quake years later online.

Great Comet of 1811

Tecumseh’s Comet 1811

I’m damned sure I wasn’t taught about all the eclipses and comets that came into play during that era, not to mention the weird-ass story of Tecumseh and his brother’s prophecies.

What is certain is that they were commanded by skillful chiefs, and that one of them, Tecumseh, had conceived a bold project. He wanted to organize, among all the natives of America, a league to crush the common enemy. 

His brother, the Prophet, roamed the wigwams for this purpose, carrying the sacred fire and the holy bones, and showing everywhere a mannequin made of light fabrics, which represented a corpse of natural size. The adepts touched the sacred bones, and took for their home, a piece of the magic fire which they swore not to let extinguish. But this great enterprise failed by the death of Tecumseh.

And where’s the movie about the Roosevelts’ voyage on the New Orleans, the steamboat that took off from the Ohio River in October 1811 — the first to try and navigate the Mississippi — that somehow made it to New Orleans while the quake was on-going with a pregnant woman and dog on board?

Com’on, that’s real African Queen kinda stuff!

Especially if they include the scene where Tecumseh shoots arrows at the steamboat because he thinks it is causing the earthquake!

I only realized the magnitude of the event in a (very good) historical novel I read about Sacajawea that relayed her personal account of the devastation and horror that was unleashed on the Americas.


Then I started digging for other first-hand stories in old newspapers, but I was frustrated to find that the Library of Congress archives of that time had very few articles about the quake and seemed determined to divert public attention to the War of 1812 (what was THAT about anyway?).

About 1840 I found some short accounts of how the Mississippi ran backwards and trees were devastated, but they underplayed the effect it must have had on the psyche of the nation-at-large.

Certainly no mention of how it impacted native tribes who had a mighty civilization along the Mississippi Valley.

Cahokia, Illinois

Even modern geologist are stumped about what activated the New Madrid fault zone (NMFZ). Will Levandowski, a geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in Golden, Colorado, explains:

The NMSZ has been difficult to study. The region doesn’t generate large earthquakes often enough for seismologists to have a detailed historical record, and there is no obvious mechanism driving the seismic activity. Elsewhere in the world, earthquakes tend to occur along active faults, like the San Andreas Fault in California, where two tectonic plates meet and push, pull, or slide against one another. But the NMSZ is smack in the middle of the quiet, solid North American plate.
“Here, in the center of a plate, we don’t have a theory that we can attribute the earthquakes to,” says Christine Powell, a seismologist at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. “So in order to understand why they’re occurring, you have to think outside the box.”

It’s not that earthquakes weren’t news in those days. In the late 1700’s papers I found lots of stories about devastating earthquakes around the world  right before the BIG ONE hit the US that lasted for 3 months.


1783 Mud Volcanoes destroy Mesima River Valley in Italy

Another interesting phenomenon occurring in America around the 1800’s was the emergence of sand that covered New England properties. Although it looks like snow, that is a mound of sand that flowed out of the ground and covered a farm. It became an early tourist attraction.

I kid you not.


The Desert of Maine

Besides the earthquake and the sand, The Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomenon  is stuffed with accounts from newspapers and scientific magazines citing bizarre electrical behavior during the 18th-19th century.

Accounts in the Handbook included reports of people experiencing lightning sparks from their fingers if they held them aloft while ice skating or riding in a carriage.  Mountain tops would spout spectral flames and lightning would create balls of fire that would roll 6 feet above the ground and destroy everything in their path.

It really gets weird when you learn about the Days of Darkness in the Americas.

The first one was on May 19, 1790.

Most of New England went dark in the middle of the day — like the few minutes of total eclipse — but it lasted much longer.

By 10 AM the sky went dark and Savage noted that “Fowles retired to their Roosts, or collected in clusters”. Crickets began chirping and cows returned to their stalls. The preternatural night had fallen.
All over New England, every farmer, schoolboy, fisherman, maiden, cordwainer, blacksmith, clergyman and laborer gawked upward for the missing sun and gasped at the remarkable and sudden elimination of light.
A deep shadow had fallen and “every thing bore the appearance and gloom of night.”
The noonday meal was served by candlelight and a single candle “cast a shade so well defined…that profiles were taken with as much ease as they could have been in the night.” The newspaper known as the Massachusetts Spy reported that one “could scarcely see to read common print, [and] it was the judgment of many that at about 12 o’clock…the day light was not greater, if so great, as that of bright moon-light” and “no object was discernable but by the help of some artificial light.”
Samuel Savage of Weston could not even read his watch, even as he stood by his window. His neighbor was forced to quit spreading manure in his field as he was longer “able to discern the difference between the ground and the Dung.”
Savage noted that “the birds of the Night were abroad and by their melancholy notes added to the Solemnity of the Scene.”

So, since it could not be explained it was pretty much passed off as a fluke, but then it happened again 29 years later in Montreal!

This time there was a helluva electricity discharge reported from their cathedral!

The account from Scientific American is a long-winded but riveting story of “The Dark Day in Canada.” 

On the morning of Sunday, November 8, 1819, the sun rose upon a cloudy sky, which assumed, as the light grew upon it, a strange greenish tinge, varying in places to an inky blackness. After a short time the whole sky became terribly dark, dense black clouds filling the atmosphere, and there followed a heavy shower of rain, which appeared to be something of the nature of soapsuds, and was found to have deposited after settling a substance in all its qualities resembling soot. Late in the afternoon the sky cleared to its natural aspect, and the next day was fine and frost.
On the morning of Tuesday, the 19th, heavy clouds again covered the sky, and changed rapidly from a deep green to a pitchy black, and the sun, when occasionally seen through the, was sometimes of a dark brown or an un-earthy yellow color, and again bright orange, and even blood red. The clouds constant deepened in color and density, and later on a heavy vapor seemed to descend to earth, and the day became almost as dark as night, the gloom increasing and diminishing most fitfully. At noon lights had to be burned in the court house, the banks, and the public offices in the city.
Everybody was more or less alarmed, and many were the conjectures as to the cause of the remarkable occurrence. The more sensible thought that immense woods or prairies were on fire somewhere to the west; others said that a great volcano must have broken out in the Province; still others asserted that our mountain was an extinct crater about to resume operations and to make the city a second Pompeii; the superstitious quoted an old Indian prophecy that one day the Island of Montreal was to be destroyed by an earthquake, and some even cried that the world was about to come to an end.
About the middle of the afternoon a great body of clouds seemed to rush suddenly over the city, and the darkness became that of night. A pause and hush for a moment or two succeeded, and then one of the most glaring flashes of lightning ever beheld flamed over the country, accompanied by a clap of thunder which seemed to shake the city to its foundations.
Another pause followed, and then came a light shower of rain of the same soapy and sooty nature as that of two days before. After that it appeared to grow brighter, but an hour later it was as dark as ever. Another rush of clouds came, and another vivid flash of lightning, which was seen to strike the spire of the old French parish church and to play curiously about the large iron cross at its summit before descending to the ground.


Place d’Armes Montreal 1775

A moment later came the climax of the day.
Every bell in the city suddenly rang out the alarm of fire, and the affrighted citizens rushed out from their houses into the streets and made their way in the gloom toward the church, until Place d’Armes was crowded with people, their nerves all unstrung by the awful events of the day, gazing at, but scarcely daring to approach the strange sight before them.
The sky above and around was as black as ink, but right in one spot in mid-air above them was the summit of the spire, with the lightning playing about it shining like the sun.
Directly the great iron cross, together with the ball at its foot, fell to the ground with a crash, and was shivered to pieces. But the darkest hour comes just before the dawn.
The glow above gradually subsided and died out, the people grew less fearful and returned to their homes, the real night came on, and when next morning dawned everything was bright and clear, and the world was as natural as before.
The phenomenon was noticed in a greater or less degree from Quebec to Kingston, and far into the States, but Montreal seemed its center.

It has never yet been explained.

May 18, 1790 Day of Darkness

As a student of the Electric Universe theory I find these kinds of stories  possible evidence of high discharge events.

So my nagging thought is, could all this electrical/seismic activity have been unleashed by the Controllers to exterminate the existing native civilizations that lived west of the Mississippi?

And if it wasn’t a deliberate weapon, could these earth changes have been created by messing with the Antiqui-tech they had commandeered along with the Star Forts (another piece of the puzzle)?

star fort from above

Mud Flooded Star Fort South Carolina

I’m seriously wondering if an electrical event struck somewhere around the Craters of the Moon Park (750,000 acres of protected lava wasteland in Idaho) that caused earthquakes along the Mississippi and released a Mud Flood that liquefied the Great Plains, previously shown as mountainous and forested on old maps.

An aerial view looking down upon a desert landscape, punctuated by a series of large blackish craters.

Craters of the Moon National Park

The Desert Southwest region got the worst of it, though, because such an event would dump the water from Salt Lake — not the Great one in Utah — the bigger one shown on pre-1800’s maps further north and east.

To study this for yourself, David Ramsey’s Old maps has a marvelous Google Earth  program that lets you overlay those early US maps!

And how about those Desert Southwest rock formations, I don’t have to stretch my imagination too far to think a plasma event could have covered these Old Empire Cities in suffocating lithofied mud that erased them from our landscape…almost.

Cathedral canyon

Cathedral Rock, Arizon

After living in the Southwest and seeing places like Gold Butte Nevada I tend to think many formations happened pretty recently, they are too delicate to have lasted for eons.

Considering most of the affected land is now controlled by government officials via the national and state parks system, it is no wonder there is a hotbed of controversy about this isolated spot in the desert!

Small and large sandstone hollows at Little Finland, NV - January 2016

Small and large sandstone hollows at Little Finland, NV – January 2016

gold_butte sinkhole

Devils Throat Sink Hole

I’ve seriously considered the Controllers have methods to create catastrophic land-changing events that leave behind the stone buildings (they seem to be scattered all across the nation) while exterminating whole civilizations, some of them populated by Giants?

Leave it to Firesign Theater to produce this satirical but eerily accurate rendition of the “Winning of the West” in a track entitled Temporarily Humbolt County.

More speculations on early America:

Mud Flood in Iowa

Antiqui-Tech, Expositions and Electric Parks

The Mudflood, Queen Califia and the Gold Rush

~ by weewarrior on January 24, 2019.

20 Responses to “Mudflood Reset”

  1. Dude, no comment! Holy cow, thank you tremendously for this information, it its bang on and broaden my picture a few degrees! The powers of domination and control have really been at it with our race amnesia! I was wondering, I wonder it the star ports were built to counteract all of the natives own mounds. Like the snake mound, little bear mound, there used to and still is THOUSANDs of mounds across ohio alone. Many have had churches built over top of them. Rad rad rad rad rad


    • Much thanks, glad to have helped broaden your perspective! Very interesting idea about the Star Forts being built to counteract the native mound complexes.!!!
      I am still pondering the Star Fort mystery, especially those in the US, I can’t decide when they were built. The one thing I do know is they weren’t thrown up by a bunch of American troops for defense in Colonial Wars or the Civil War, they were just commandeered for those battles. Keep asking the tough questions, we’ll tease the truth out of this mess yet!

  2. Is there any way I can get in touch with you weewarrior?

  3. to bridge some links of of what I know and what you know and what has led me here etc etc, Im sure theres alot to talk about!

  4. Fantastic! I’ve created an email account just so we can share our discoveries! To keep the bots at bay I’ve replaced the symbols with words, just type it like it sounds.
    Looking forward to learning more about your discoveries, I’ve got a lot of loose ends I’m trying to put together, maybe between us we can get some of these ducks in a row!

  5. First, great info! When I read the post using the WP app, there is a lot of content missing (presumably images). Is it just me? I can send screenshots if that would help. Thanks!

    • Hey Todd, thanks for the comment, glad you appreciate the content! Curious that you are missing a lot of images, my WP version shows everything intact, but I guess that is to be expected. So sure, I would greatly appreciate your screenshots! I’ll see if I can figure out why the WP app won’t display everything. The pics are half the message, don’t want to see anyone miss out on them!
      Send to weewarriorblogdotgmaildotcom

  6. […] Mudflood investigations alerted me to the real possibility of a catastrophic transformation of the lands […]

  7. […] help but notice some glaring Mudflood evidence…ground-level windows (not a good idea in a marsh, right?) and the scraped off […]

  8. Why have I not heard of this amazing place before? I’ve been into myths and petrification and Fortean stuff for years. But mud rain? Never even thought of it. And I’ve been puzzled by how they could happen. Ok, a sky fall, but not
    mentioned in The Book of the Damned. Maybe Enoch’s world, with its gates and portals, is what the “government” is hiding, which is their job description.

    • Regarding the mud rain, way before I had stumbled onto the “reset” scenario I read an account by a lady in the 19th century who was in Australia as a missionary to the Aborigines. She described a horrific mud rain that caused everyone to flee the cities because it was crashing in all the roofs and clogging the streets with debris. She survived because the natives took her to one of their caves. When she came out only the rooftops remained in some neighborhoods. No, I don’t remember the name of the story, dammit, it was a library journal that I read back in college. Never forgot her account of the mud rain, though, it was devastating!

  9. […] Mudflood investigations alerted me to the real possibility of a catastrophic transformation of the lands […]

  10. Your mention of the Government controlling the national parks and forests makes me think about the people who go missing there all the time. Perhaps people stumble upon certain evidences of the old empire and then they are taken away.

    You got me when you started asking if we remember the american history lessons on new madrid, I started thinking, “hey, they never told me about that!” And then you said the same thing. Very curious that these huge events wouldn’t be covered. Curious, suspicious.

    Back to the Mormon connection, The Book of Mormon identifies great upheavals in land and weather, suggesting these happened at the time of the crucifixion of Christ. The more I learn about possible histories of North America the more I wonder if the Book of Mormon is a true account of the indigenous people of the pre-New Madrid timeframe, turned into fiction, much like Gone with the Wind. Take true events and throw in fictional characters, add in long quotes from the Bible and voila!

    It all makes me want to take a road trip across the country and investigate everything myself.

  11. The mud flood was more or less a world wide event. A prolonged plasma discharge from a meteorite or dark dwarf (Book of John, Revelation stuff) could scientifically explain the apparent geophysical and earth change events, from liquefaction, Grand Canyon engraving, dendrite formations, sudden darkness, to the Island of California merging with the West Coast, disappearance of Hyperborea, et. al.

  12. The mud flood was more or less a world-wide event. A prolonged plasma discharge from of one or more meteorite(s) or dark dwarf(s) (Book of John, Revelation stuff) could scientifically explain the apparent geophysical and earth change events, from liquefaction, Grand Canyon engraving, dendrite formations, sudden darkness, to the Island of California merging with the West Coast, disappearance of Hyperborea, et. al.

    I note with interest Revelation 6: 12- 15.
    [12] And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
    [13] And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
    [14] And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
    [15] And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

    An excellent, mind boggling “Book of Revelation” parallel to the origins of Tartaria to the Mud floods is “Tartarian Christianity & The Revelation: Episode 1”

  13. […] 在《加州礦業和地質學雜誌》(第8頁)上發表的卡利菲亞女王黃金帝國的故事與我在密西西比河以西發現的破壞性泥板在1811-12年新馬德里地震中達到高潮的證據有什麼關係嗎? […]

  14. […] 然後,他們創造了一個鍍金時代場景,說服泥洪等災難的倖存者,最糟糕的情況結束,未來是光明的,你們偉大的主管人正忙於創造美麗的烏托邦,受創傷的人口將幸福地生活在那裡。 […]

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