The Hidden History in Old World Maps

It started innocently enough, an urge to check out an interesting sounding chap, Egerton Sykes (1894-1983), mentioned on a Dark Journalist‘s webcast as a respected British officer who published information about the lost continent of Atlantis.

While perusing the index for his publications, The Atlantis (AT) Journal, I came across a Mercator Map of 1569.

My world will never be the same!


1569 map by Mercator showing the North Pole continents

Not to point out the obvious, but there is this land mass around the North Pole that I’m pretty sure no one referenced in my history books!

Also note that clear ocean passage right around Alaska into the Pacific! That certainly must be a mistake, right? We all know the Arctic is covered with miles of ice, right?


Andy Goldsworth 1989 North Pole Sculpture of Stargates

I was so disturbed by this contradiction to accepted geography that I started looking into some other maps of the same time period, beginning with more made by Mercator. Didn’t take long to find a full world map from 1597 by him with both hemispheres — including those mysterious the Arctic continents. Hard to fathom the very different configurations of North and South America!

mercator 1597 full earth

Both Hemispheres by Mercator 1597

I mean,  just look at North America — no Great Lakes, no Mississippi, mountains in the prairies and a greatly extended west coast!

Check out that huge Antarctica with Australia still attached … and South America is missing it’s tail!

Now to me, that indicates some catastrophic changes must have happened to these land masses before our conventional map was created. I’m getting that unsettled feeling that something very important was being hidden from us…AGAIN!

1797 na-map

A NEW Map of North America showing all the New discoveries 1797

So while checking out hundreds of old maps by various mapmakers I must admit I found some pretty wild things!

Seems Mercator was not just being fanciful, all pre-1900 maps show significant shifts in land masses between 1400 to the late 1700’s, then things start to assume their recognizable shape.


World Map 1782

This old map investigation makes me wonder — if our geography was that different just 500 years ago, what else might be obscured about our relatively recent past?

Could there be whole civilizations hidden as well? I was willing to consider it thousands of years ago, but just hundreds?



While contemplating this high strangeness, I noticed a new upload from one of my favorite internet commentators, Max Igan of the Crow House.

I realized that the thumbnail for the new podcast entitled “What Happened to History and Where are We Going?” was the very Mercator Map that had started my quest!

Intrigued, I eagerly listened while he told me about the new theories about The Tartary Empire. He explained how this fascinating culture — originating in the area we now call Russia and much of China — may have had a huge role in shaping America’s precolonial world.

The Tartarian Empire with Cities

The Tartarian Empire with Cities

Notice on these maps there is a clear Northwest Passage ocean route right to both American coasts? If there were an easy marine route just 500 years ago, doesn’t that make the premise that the Bering Strait land-bridge as the ONLY way to the Americas sound less plausible?

Especially when you find out the Tartars were outgoing travelers by nature and possibly inherited some Old Empire technology that employed Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE) that would enable them to set up house wherever they landed!

Priest holding crucifix standing beside boat, map of tartaria, cina, india, 1653

Tartarians Meet the Jesuits?

The clencher for me was this insanely detailed map from 1680 (not available for download but in great resolution online).

This mind-bender shows cities existing in the “New World” in areas where Europeans had yet to even explore, much less establish a populated metropolis. Beyond all belief, this map shows an ice-free Antarctica (which still contains most of Australia) and depicts various creatures that inhabit certain regions.

While you’ll see recognizable elephants, wolves and lions and such, you’ll also encounter those pesky mythological critters that just keep flitting around our psyche: dragons, griffins, unicorns, mermaids and giants!

I kid you not!

tartary flag1

Tartary Flag

Needless to say, that funny feeling that we’ve been lied to yet AGAIN is driving me into a research frenzy…and the more I find the more I suspect that it’s even worse than I dreamed.

1590 Jester Map

1590 Jester Map “Oh the infinite number of Fools.”

Undoubtedly, it’s going to take some serious effort to tease the truth out of this mess, but I’m gonna give it a try. With the help of those brave souls already forging ahead in this inquest, I’ve compiled some compelling research materials that I am going to start releasing on this blog on a regular basis.

If you feel the urge to join in the treasure hunt for the lost Empire of Tartary and it’s role in the New World, please leave me a comment and share what you learn.

Let’s face it, if we are all being played for fools, it’s high time we wise up!

Been Played For A Fool Quotes. QuotesGram

More information on Old Empire investigations:

Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE) Antiqui-Tech of the Tartars?

Antiqui-Tech, Expositions and Electric Parks

Remember the Alamo? Which One?

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48 Responses to “The Hidden History in Old World Maps”

  1. […] refer to one of those great old maps that predate the Invasion to identify the cities of Cibola and Quivra, both specifically named in […]

  2. I don’t think the Tartars, or Tatars, are the people that would answer our question “who designed and constructed these elaborate tower-and-spire buildings that may be power houses”. Essentially the Tartars, or Tatars, are reportedly a 2nd millennium group of tribal people who came from the northern, mountainous regions of western Asia. They were brutish, horse-riding marauders, always on the move, fighting and thieving, not without their own colourful style, but certainly not refined architects with a deep understanding of cosmic energy. I think we must go further back in time. The design of these buildings is what we would expect to see in a dream-world, a fantasia. The area on these old maps designated to Tartary was, I think where the last refugees settled before integrating into other countries, principally Russia, Turkey and Crimea. And yet…Walter de la Mare seems to think the lord of Tartary would lead a grand life – but maybe this is cryptic due to the beauty of the land and something quite lost, not the Tartars of the known C.E. world. The name Tartary does not belong to the people who left us their legacy of elegance and knowledge. See here…

    If you can bear listening to the robot reader, here’s some history on the Tatars.

    • Hey Wendy, I totally understand your doubts about the Tatars being the ones responsible for all those artifacts, but I’m using it as a placeholder for now while I figure out the real name of the culture who left such beauty in their wake. I did read a lot of the conventional history about the Tatar tribes and the “Thousand Years of the Tatars” which I found quite fascinating. I came away from both feeling like these folks were a little too raw to have brought this antiqui-tech into the world – but someone did and we don’t know who. I AM convinced that these buildings have been appropriated by the recent Controllers, and so far the only hidden culture we’re found are the Tatars, so I’m making the big leap for the sake of having a starting place. I appreciate being called on it, glad you are thinking about it too and I do think there is much more to this story. But just finding out that they HAD hidden a whole culture from us that existed until quite recently is the glue that holds the two theories together in my mind, so I’m going to flow with that for the moment.

      • Yes, agreed on your line of thinking. If the advanced civilisation that we are looking for had a name that is lost to us, then perhaps we need to find one for it, rather than perpetuate the ‘Tartar, or Tatar’ connection. The land of Tartary holds a clue somewhere, but there are other places all around the world that still have recent records of their architecture – the architecture taken up by royals and aristocrats. Sylvie (Newearth) favours ‘The Survivors’, the core group who brought their knowledge and expertise through the last ice-age. Even that does not seem to fit these people – they deserve something unique and grand, don’t you think? I think, collectively, it will come to us through a connecting conscious re-membering.

    • Oh dear, you have been reading too much WIKI-HISTORY, or are just here to deceive. Copy/pasting is no way to go through life…. nor is quoting mainstream nonsense…

      • This is discussion, open to ideas, including what we have so far plus new theories. Do you have anything to offer?

  3. Yeah, I was rolling with Sylvia’s “Survivors” concept until I ran into the Tatarians and the concept that we may have experienced cataclysmic events in the RECENT past that reshaped our society into this mess. I think I’ll refer to them as the Old Empire from now on, it seems to give them the cohesiveness they deserve and allows us to see around the other labels that have been attributed to this architecture.
    One outlandish thought, though, the only constant I see on the monuments, chapels and buildings are angels and minor gods. Wonder if the builders were giving them credit…?

    • ‘Old Empire’ fits for now, until ‘they’ can be fully identified. Timeline is crucial – which era are we talking about? The Tartary Empire (Turkic-Mongol horse-back warriors dealing in slaves) was CE, C10th to C15th, roughly, but their humble descendants live on in the Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. The ‘elites’ who were buying their slaves, using the tartars for piracy, mercenaries and hired thugs, THEY who took this knowledge for themselves, are still here, keeping it to themselves. Follow the money – the ‘THEY’ that is the present buzzword for the banker-gangsters and corporate-thieves and secret societies of the last century. THEY perpetuate the petro-chemical industry for their profit while laughing all the way to the bank. Look to the power bases of today and retrace their steps…especially through the ‘Old Religion’ and their elite priesthoods – the hoods that cover the identity of the real elite criminals. That’s why ‘angels and demons’ are all over their buildings. The web of intrigue, self-fulfilling prophecies and secrecy is a dark sticky one and far older than Old Tartary. But it has also been prophesied that “all that is hidden will be revealed”

      • Yes, THEY have been setting up this chessboard for quite some time (have you read “The Eight” by Katherine Neville?). The roots of this infiltration have been very cleverly hidden among iconography and manufactured hero worship. I’m following investigators like TruthStream Media and Dark Journalist for their exposure of the current-day players in the game. Keeping an open mind about the timeline of resets, but still fascinated with the concept there has been major land reformation in America since the settlers landed… Definitely want to figure it out their game before they execute another reset, they really seem to be ramping up for something major. Thanks for all your input, you’re insights are really helping me keep on target!

      • Hi again! Yes, conversations between ignited minds prompt new thought so we must keep going – have you noticed how YT kindly finds stuff for us – the good side of data filtering. Have a listen to this guy – new on YT, a van-man with a good find. He suggests that a missing lake in west US, broken by the New Madrid earthquakes of 1812 led to devastation, east coast to west coast, which seemingly gave THEM a master-stroke of take-over and control. Mud-flood and reset, including hiding previous history. Now, if this is the opportunistic play THEY use, we can search for other global catastrophes to see all the resets. And there are many, which makes the time-line so important. From Noah to present day. This is how the Old Religion hoods made their ‘prophecies’ – they were predictions on their hidden knowledge of catastrophe cycles and told the people they were given by god, which gave them power.


  4. Hey Wendy! Thanks for reminding me of Static in the Attic’s video, I had watched it once but had been promising myself I would revisit it after doing my own research. Must admit, I think the guy’s doing a great job of putting together the pieces. I do think the “prophecy” angle is a major manipulation tool of the Controllers, although the warning have done US little good! Anyway, when we get to the bottom of this mess there will be some power structures tumbling down!

  5. Thanks for all your input and output Lela! I shall return….

  6. Hi Ww. I came across an interesting reference to “Tartarus”. It’s a bit obscure but anyway… It is within Socrates’ last vision before his death, shared with Simmias, quoted in Hamlet’s Mill, Chapter 12, pg 183:

    ” one of the chasms of the earth is not only the biggest of them all, but is bored right tbrough the earth—the one that Homer meant, when he said that it is ‘very far off, where is the deepest abyss of all below the earth.’ Homer elsewhere-and many other poets besides-have called this Tartarus.”

    I am wondering if the word itself is not a country but a description, e.g. ‘under- upper-, inner- or other-world’??

  7. Dude that tartar flag looks pretty much exactly like the Welsh flag, I’m part welsh and the dragon is called draigoch

    • Thanks for the comment, led me down a pretty interesting rabbit hole which made me realize the symbol on the Tartarian flag which I have posted is more like a dragon than a griffin! Also loved investigating the connection between the Welsh Red Dragon and Merlin’s prophecy about the defeat of the Saxons and the rise of King Arthur. Oh, and it seems the term draigoch has been hijacked by some LoTR games although I don’t recall the term in Tolkien’s work. Anyway, thanks for the fascinating comment, always enjoy finding new aspects of this mystery to explore!

      • Thank you, it was crazy to see it since I’m part welsh, I recently read the story about the dragon and merlin, I think the french also have stories about a ‘serpent’ rouge, a red snake

      • Sweet! My favorite version of Merlin and the dragons is from Mary Stewart’s first book of the Merlin trilogy “The Crystal Cave.” Also been looking into the tales of Welshmen coming to the Americas long before Columbus. One made a settlement in Florida and the other seems to have made it to Kansas where tribes were speaking Welsh to the colonizers!

  8. I guess Ive already said I’m part welsh lol

    • So am I! And the more I learn about the attempts to suppress the Welsh heritage the more I suspect it was the home of some pretty powerful people!

      • I read a pretty short version of only 30 pages, but yea, and the fact that they went to the southern hemisphere and survived against all odds with very little help from the argentine government in spite of being in a place where it was only populated with indigenous people is amazing

      • Wow I didn’t know about them being in North America too, you know where in Florida?
        They managed to make trade with indigenous people instead of trying to force them out of their land, I imagine they did the same in the north

      • If memory serves, the Welsh settlers eventually constructed an island out of shells off the west coast of Florida down near the tip. Looked it up long ago, it was a pretty cool tourist attraction now. Anyway, until I remember where I found that, here is a basic article about Prince Madoc and his Welsh settlement in the New World.
        Also been meaning to read this book by Anne Waldo, the lady who did such a great job on “Sakawajea” called “Circle of Stones.”

  9. Interesting line of enquiry, re the dragon and the Welsh. The Welsh language is unique; and the dragon is one of my own areas of research and it goes way way back to the time when Alpha Draconis (Thuban) was the (north) Pole Star for the Northern Hemisphere. The very many Dragon cults and implications referring to Dragons in name, rituals and symbolism refer back to this time. Some are positive in that it represents a time of great fortune and coherence, and some are decidedly negative, in that it represents a time of secrecy and fear. The gryphon, on the other hand, was a mythological creature which was a composite of a lion and eagle. It, too, has been used as a symbol of certain secret groups, and one such inference was that it guarded a secret treasure.
    Interesting what you say about the Welsh migrating to S America and trading quite amicably with the people there, because it seems this was a common occurrence until the interference by the Papal Hierarchy in Rome, which is now proven to have had a determined mission to eradicate the previous histories and instil their own version.

    • Hey Wendy, thanks for your input, nice info on your research into magical beasts. As I mentioned, my favorite story about the Welsh dragons was in “The Crystal Cave” where she portrays the white dragon as the Saxon invaders and the red dragon represents the Arthurian bloodline which will unite Britain. Also liked how she portrayed the red dragon as a firedrake (meteor) crossing the skies of Britain from coast to coast the night Arthur was conceived.

  10. Hi, yes, so many times we find an astronomical event or alignment hidden within our legends and myths. In the Sword and the Stone, Arthur is born at Christmas, hidden, then brought forward for the challenge of the sword at significant times, and had to prove himself 5 times to be the worthy Pendragon King, culminating at Easter. ‘Pen’ meaning ‘high’, ‘head’ and ‘five’. We could do with him turning up with Merlin right now…!!!

    • Absolutely! In fact, I’ve got a whole blog brewing regarding the Camelot mythology and the Return of the King. Can’t find the bottom of the rabbit hole yet, but it is turning up some fascinating concepts regarding mythology coming to life in the modern age!

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  13. […] The Hidden History in Old World Maps […]

  14. Call out my song when I need help.

  15. Or when you see the pathetically obvious long ships buried under San Francisco supposedly from the “gold rush” days. I didn’t know Vikings were privy to the precursor of the Cannonball Run.
    Watching Jon Levi’s SF video again, I couldn’t believe how absurd that narrative is. He spends a long time on a photo of a parade in the middle… Overlooks the obvious of how the original date or reference is OBLITERATED and the falsified date Sharpied over the top. Vandalism has come a long way, baby. The fact most of the dates on old photos are written in later…

    • Been looking into the SF event quite a bit too.

      I was particularly pissed to find that the film of the trip down Market Street BEFORE the earthquake was actually a staged event! The producers said they wanted to make SF look busier than it really was so they hired actors and had them drive around in circles…I kid you not!

      Also the footage of the ‘survivors’ getting off the ferry is pure hogwash, all those nicely dressed folks (mainly men) just calmly walking along, not a single indication they had just been through a major disaster.

      On those videos of SF AFTER the quake show the guys with white cards tucked into their hatbands. Pretty obvious they are the “guys in charge” of handling the reset.

      We’ve been lied to on a MASSIVE scale and manipulated by master Controllers, but we are wising up to their bullshit at an impressive rate!

  16. P.s. you ever see the map for Schlaraffenland? Saw it on YT video by whatever the map version of a bibliophile is.
    Name sounds like someone is having a laugh at our expense, but the actual map is… INTRIGUING. Especially the coordinates for plotting. Like a tube rolled inside out. Where the donut hole used to go.
    Supposedly a map of inner earth, btw.

    • Holy Moly! Thanks, that’s new to me! Gonna find that video and contemplate a while…love inner earth speculation.

      • Dredged it up from my YT history from months ago. It’s at 1:33 meaning an hour and 33 minutes in. Interesting collection. Would like to visit.

        Here’s some more, just fast forward to see which ones you dont know if you don’t want to listen to the tedious and limited narrative…

        And AD Fra Mauro…

        Not all inner earth, just first one, but old and interesting. Would also love to have the wall of maps in the Vatican scrutinized…

      • Sweet collection, thanks for dredging those up! That first one I had downloaded years ago and totally forgot about it, thanks for bringing it back to my attention now that I am more awake! Not sure I ever made it to the end, though…now I know!

        I did rather enjoy those mainstream narrative versions, mainly because I’m a sucker for that hand-drawn title style. I guess I’d missed that Autodidatic video, so thanks for adding it. I’ve contemplated that map before, nice to have his take on it, I like the way his mind works.

        My search for the Schlaraffenland utopia map only brought up one video, its a couple of guys reviewing the end of the first video, thought you might get a kick out of them tripping out over it!

  17. Funny stuff re inner earth. Everybody’s an armchair expert.
    I’ve had this inner earth AND faery stuff showing up in practically everything I’m reading and watching these days, so I must be getting called…

    • Yeah, I keep bumping into inner earth/faerie/ancient gods stuff on a regular basis too. Lots to ponder there, think you have to keep a very open mind to factor it all into the equation.
      Did you read Symzonia about the journey through the south pole to the inner earth? It’s a trip!
      Thanks for the Arthurian/Polar video, I was really enjoying that thread on SH, it was confirming a lot of bits and pieces I had come across but was having a hard time putting together. Looking forward to hearing his take on it!

      • I’ll check it out.
        Have Yeat’s Irish folktales and been trying to nail down some Katharine Briggs, but she has quite the catalogue (British flair for emphasis). Plus the Robert Kirk, of course.
        Exciting times!! It’s fun re-membering! At-one-ment!
        Happy month number seven! Three to go!

      • Good one, dude! I had learned about Katharine Briggs long ago in an excellent Children’s Literature class back in college, but had not looked at her work in years! Thanks for the reminder, she’s a wealth of information.
        That also reminded me I want to revisit the work of Katherine Kurtz, a modern day Templar who writes some awesome magic into her stories.
        Tis fun to remember as we move into September!!!

  18. […] really began doubting the official American colonization story since discovering the Hidden History in Old World Maps which depicts drastic changes throughout the western U.S. in relatively recent […]

  19. Given that the modern maps all have been tampered with and altered, how much can we trust the older maps? Google literally uses the airbrush tool to paint the oceans bright blue, so that we won’t see what’s there. I’m sure this kind of covering up has been ongoing for centuries. Frankly, some maps are simply awful, drawn by someone with little or no experience in cartography. That the land masses were very different in the past seems to be true. Land at the North Pole, California as an island, the missing Great Lakes, islands (such as Frisland) appearing and disappearing, Antarctica green and fertile, advanced cities all over the place, all seem to be the norm. But some maps drawn in the same timeframe by different people often look very different, so how are we to tell which ones are the real deal? Even the dates are altered or missing, and our calendar is made up by people trying to obfuscate the truth. The job of figuring out what happened in the past is a hard one, indeed!

  20. […] 自從發現舊世界地圖中的隱藏歷史以來,我真的開始懷疑美國的官方殖民故事,該地圖描繪了美國西部相對較近的時期的劇烈變化。 […]

  21. Hi since you mentioned the Griffin you might like to know that Tartars still live in Crimea and the Crimean flag has a griffin on it.

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