The Lost Civilizations of North America -Were they Tartarian Cities?

So, we all know the story of how Columbus “discovered” America and found those primitive tribes he called the Indians because, ya know, he thought he was somewhere else.

Never a hint in the New World narrative that explorers also encountered ruins of elegant European-style cities complete with stone buildings, plazas and municipal transportation networks.

But now I wonder…

What was going on in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus?

I’ve really began doubting the official American colonization story since discovering the Hidden History in Old World Maps which depicts  drastic changes throughout the western U.S. in relatively recent times.



Was there was a systematic effort to usurp or destroy the lingering evidence of world-wide Empire(s) that constructed great cities in the Americas with advanced Atmospheric Etheric Energy architecture?

Could this be the big secret of Secret Societies — how to hide evidence of  previous world-wide Old Empire Civilization(s)?

For starters, I’ve never bought the quackademic theory that the only way to reach the Americas before Columbus was via the footbridge to Alaska provided by the Bering Strait.

The premise that early cultures were just too primitive to have navigated the seas seems pretty naive to me.

Especially if your factor in any sunken island continent(s) like Atlantis between Europe and America.

Surely the rising and sinking of huge land masses could affect maritime travel, perhaps for centuries. I came across a few references to a “muddy Atlantic” that prohibited boat travel until the 1400’s.

Atlantis; The Lost Continent

Also interesting to consider how those old maps depict the entire Arctic region as ice-free, making polar navigation between the continents a breeze before the great freeze!

These maps also bring into question the vanished lands of Hyperborea in the Arctic Circle, the supposed abode of our giant ancestors and demi-gods.

Perhaps the Hyperborens erected these colossal buildings that absolutely dwarf modern day humans?

US Patent Office Washington DC

Things really get interesting when contemplating the Empire of Tartars  (or Tatars, the original spelling), a relatively recent civilization (originating in Siberia) which has been practically erased from our textbooks!

The theory goes that this maritime culture left elaborate cities along sea coasts and major rivers that utilized natural energy to create “fairy tale” structures with delightful embellishments.

Buffalo, NY Exposition 1901

Another interesting possibility is the evidence of Moorish settlements in the Americas.

Sioux City Corn Palace

Michelle Gibson has compiled some fascinating research on the castles that litter the American landscape as possible a remnants of an extensive Moorish presence.

Looks to me that no single culture is responsible for all the suspicious architecture that Mudflood researchers have encountered being dug out and refurbished by the early American Controllers.

This 1858 American newspaper article blatantly describes relics of an abandoned Empire scattered across the country.

Architecture, sculpture, painting, and all the arts that adorn civilized life, have flourished in this country, at a period far remote. There is evidence sufficient to prove that these cities were in ruins at least sixteen or eighteen hundred years ago. 

A dark shade rests on the antiquities of America, and a few rays of light enliven the gloom. We have ancient history to inform us of the events of Egypt how that empire was founded and how it prospered and fell, we have the same record of Babylon, Greece, Homeland Carthage; but not the least information have we relative to those who erected these cities, what people and whence they came ; not a ray of light to dispel the dark gloom which seems to rest on this excellent history of America.


This leads to the question…how was the evidence of these previous cultures eradicated?

Well, such an agenda could explain the Expositions and Electric Parks held around the turn of the century in major cities featuring glorious Old Empire structures they insisted were just cheap plaster imitations .

1872 Exposition Building — Memphis, TN

Kinda funny how many cities decided to build a permanent replica of their pretend version, like that Parthenon  in Nashville.

1897 Tennessee Centennial  Exposition

Brief History of the Industrial Expositions

The first Exposition in the US was held in Cincinnati in 1838.  It was actually a Fair of the Ohio Mechanics Institute  held in the nation’s first permanent exhibition hall. Other cities began holding similar expos, and building similar Exposition Halls – some grander than others, but all were based on the same principal – they needed to be large and impressive and able to be built quickly.

And then there were the international expositions, which generally began with London’s famous Crystal Palace in 1851.  It’s stated plan was “to illustrate British Industrial Development”.  Since other nations were invited to participate.  they each hoped to outdo each other.  This exposition was so successful that other Expos followed in the major cities of Europe.  This, of course led to the establishment of “World Fairs”… and then after the success of the Industrial Expositions in the US, the State Fairs began as a way to let rural America participate.  With State Fairs, there was no longer a need for the yearly Industrial Expositions.

The closure of these events (if they didn’t catch fire first!) created the perfect excuse to dismantle, relocate or re-purpose these old complexes while ushering in the industrial age and its dependence on metered technology.

[Ohio Building being floated to Coyote Point] ca.1915. Courtesy California Historical Society.

Ohio State Building after the Pan Pacific Exposition 1913


But were there other lost American empires that employed advanced technologies?

Sadly, we will never know the true nature of the great Mississippi Mound Builders and their network of earthen structures stretched from Canada to Florida.


The New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-1812 certainly devastated any remaining cultures in this region.

Although the mounds were quickly cataloged by the Smithsonian Institution (who also erased evidence of giant remains), most monuments of this widespread society have been plundered and destroyed in the name of progress.

poverty point, ouachita river mound city

Artist’s rendition of Ouachita River Mound at Poverty Point, Louisiana

Also there are these fascinating old newspaper clippings about the discovery of hidden ancient stone cities that deserve mention.

One was discovered 360 feet underground by miners in Moberly, Missouri and an Egyptian complex was reported by local papers in the walls of the Grand Canyon.

Both were quickly dismissed as hoaxes after (guess who?) the Smithsonian Institute investigated.

Up in Canada, we have the strange story of the Kingdom of Saguenay reluctantly relayed to French Explorer Jacques Cartier (Controller) by the friendly Native Royalty of Quebec who he then tricked into going to France — from where they never returned.

Meanwhile, Cartier searched fruitlessly around modern-day Montreal for the fabled city with white inhabitants who wore European style dress and possessed great riches.

He became convinced that he had been lied to rather than admit his failure to find the secluded realm.

lost city


So, those stories about the “Seven Cities of Gold” like El Dorado were just fantasies concocted by the natives to lure greedy colonizers on fruitless missions…right?

I mean, even the Lone Ranger and Tonto have them woven into their stories cause they were just tall tales, right?

But what if the natives were describing ancient Breakaway Civilizations in the Southwest capable of secluding themselves with defenses to repel all conventional attempts at conquest?

For instance, there are stories about the hidden Cavern Empire in the Panamints in what is now Death Valley, inhabited by the Hav-musuvs.

Native legends tell of force-fields around this secluded realm and the flying silver ships the inhabitants would send out as emissaries to the outlying primitive cultures.

“’When the world was young, and this valley which is now dry, parched desert, was a lush, hidden harbor of a blue water- sea which stretched from half way up those mountains to the Gulf of California, it is said that the Hav-musuvs came here in huge rowing-ships. They found great caverns in the Panamints, and in them they built one of their cities. At that time California was the island which the Indians of that state told the Spanish it was, and which they marked so on their maps. 

“’Living in their hidden city, the Hav-musuvs ruled the sea with their fast rowing-ships, trading with far-away peoples and bringing strange goods to the great quays said still to exist in the caverns. 

Reportedly their lifestyles were so lavish that even basic objects were made of gold and precious stones.

solid gold rattler cup with inlaid turquoise

Solid Gold Rattler Cup with Turquoise and Crosses

However, when the Spanish explorers arrived at these locations in the late 1600’s all they found were squalid villages, even though one expedition swore they saw a majestic illuminated city from afar but had to turn back due to harsh conditions.

Although the Spanish tortured their guides on the spot, demanding they reveal the true location of the Golden City, the natives insisted that once a great metropolis stood where there was now just a wasteland of hardened mud.

The subsequent Spanish explorers were continually frustrated in their search for these fabled cities of gold (but never found all that Gold Rush treasure lying around?)

In 1931 Dr. F. Bruce Russell reported finding tunnels filled with giant mummies near the Arizona/Nevada/California state lines.

There are also Mexican legends (recorded by the Masons) about a hidden mountain kingdom that no white man has ever seen.

The natives of the locality, as, in fact, the Indian population in general, in Mexico, believe that at some place near the southwestern coast of Mexico there exists a great white city with countless treasure which has never been seen by white men, and the approach to which is so intricate and cleverly concealed that a stranger has never entered its solitary precincts.”


Also worth noting that many old American maps reference the ancient US empires of Cibola and Quivira with boundaries ranging from the Desert Southwest into the Pacific Northwest.

The size and location of these ancient civilizations vary greatly until the late 1600’s when they disappear.

Over on the West Coast are the legends of an ancient civilization built in caves, ruled by Queen Califia and her band of female warriors that rode Griffins into battle!

The following is the forward to the California Journal of Mines and Geology written by Henry G. Hanks, State Mineralogist – June 1886:


queen califa story esplandian

Cover of 15th century book featuring Queen Calaifa

I wish you now to know a thing the most strange which ever either in writing or in people’s memory could be found, by which the city was the following day on the point of being lost, and how from there where the danger came, salvation came to it.

Know then that to the right hand of the Indies, there was an island called California, very near the part of the terrestrial Paradise, and which was inhabited by black women, without there being among them even one man, that their style of living was almost like that of the Amazons.

They were of robust bodies and valiant and ardent hearts and of great strength; the island itself was the strongest that  could be found in the world through its steep and wild rocks, their arms were all of gold and also the harness of the wild beasts on which they rode after taming them, as there was no other metal in the whole island; they dwelled in well-finished caves, they had many ships in which they went to other parts to obtain booty, and the men whom they made prisoners they took along, killing them in the way you shall hear further on.

1queen calaifa

Also can’t help but notice how many of these old maps show California has gone through radical transformations in the relatively recent past. They portray California as an island as recently as 1606, then either sinking or attaching to the mainland again.

I kid you not!

Those maps also insinuate that not only was California an island, what we now call the Desert Southwest was once prime coast land!

california as island no great lakes old-world-map no date

My Mudflood investigations alerted me to the real possibility of a catastrophic transformation of the lands from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean starting in the 1500’s and lasting until the 1850’s.

So all this begs the question, could geological events that supposedly took millions of years actually be much more recent?

Great Sand Dunes National Monument

The Hopi Indians tell of their rescue from radical earth changes by the subterranean Ant People who created an entrance somewhere in the San Luis Valley of Colorado that will again open when the Blue Star Kachina returns.

These old maps are the most obvious evidence of the cataclysms that systematically eradicated breakaway American civilizations that could not be conquered by traditional military tactics.

Also wonder if many National and State parks were created to restrict public access to the remnants of these empires that are now covered in lithofied mud…

It is even worth considering that the Controllers built many of those Damned Dams just to flood any remaining vestige of these secret American empires!

I’ll wrap up this investigation for the moment at the biggest mystery of all to me, the cliff dwellings of the American Desert Southwest.

I am still trying to figure out if these “rock cut” dwellings are the remnants of these buried empires retrieved after the Mudflood or just imitations erected by the survivors.

mindeleff cliff dwellings

Mindeleff Cliff Dwellings, AZ

Luckily, once we realize the historical narrative is a fabrication, it gets easier to spot the lies and begin to piece together what really happened on the American continent.

Must admit, after learning about all these elegant Old Empire structures and their graceful lifestyles I have a whole new attitude towards the phraseMake America Great Again!”

More hidden history at:

When Giants Roamed the Americas

Antiqui-tech, Expositions and Electric Parks

The Smithsonian’s Basement

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  1. thanks for the blog, i had more to say but the smithsonian or google led elite decided to wipe what i said before i finished it sorry

    • Well, sorry about that and thanks for coming back and posting about the interference. Guess we’re pissing off all the right people, eh?

      • oh I love pissing them off and stepping on their toes, and there isn’t much they can do i reside on block chain social medias like pocketnet and utilise bitchute etc , The one thing I hate mot of all is the obfuscation of our history, boy have we been lied to, HIS-STORY not my story but, the facts are out there , I have dug into the Paiute Indian legends and the lost Egyptian temples in the grand canyon with much interest, and used to consider there were many conspiracies out there, nope there is one bloody big one and it casts many shadows, seemingly disconnected until you start putting the threads together, I hope one day more people will see the facts for what they are, and seemingly Donald trump has now gotten some 75% of the populous mistrusting the official media, thats a step forward from the naive state the populous used to be transfixed to believe anything the Rothschild oligarchy manufactured, that is ending gradually. hossanah

      • It is astonishing how fast the historical narrative collapses when you start asking the right questions. I’ve found enough to contradictions to convince me that our past is not at all what we have been told and instead of us being the apex of civilization, looking like we’re just a cheap imitation of a far grander cultures that managed to exist gracefully with nature. Now we’ve got to put the pieces of our shattered past back together and reclaim our lost Utopia!

  2. Hi, thanks again for a wonderful article, I have information to add about the mound civilizations. The mounds were pieces of technology, burying copper and other metals, to work specific magnetics to amply connection with ancestors in the astral world.

    • Now doesn’t that sound fascinating!!! I’ve been nibbling at a similar theory as an explanation for some of this lavish, inexplicable architecture.

  3. I didn’t see where you mentioned anything about the Queen Warrior that has an Kemet Egypt Tartarian headpiece on her head standing in Cleveland Ohio in 1863 and that town wasn’t in ruin. She was part of the war fighting with the men, they say in the civil war time.
    Also, Benjamin Franklin wrote in his essay that America was swarthy black people along with Asia, Italy, Russia, German, Spain, France, Swedes and that The Black German King George The 2nd is sitting on the throne of England in1751.
    So, I wish The REAL truth will come forth about this country and All of the other’s so that we can move forward. But, if the continuation of lying and killing off the original people of these countries don’t cease, then that means it will continue from generation to generation if the people don’t put a stop to it. Which is so stupid to me instead of just Everyone living in peace in their own way. But we are the Kemet People, I do know that within my soul.

    • Greetings Gabriel! Thanks for your relevant input into the discussion of pre-colonization civilizations in America. I have found evidence that many original inhabitants were dark skinned with impressive pedigrees that trace to royal bloodlines. But all were eventually categorized as African-Americans to perpetuate the imported slavery narrative.

      Anyway, I would love to learn more about your reference to the Warrior Queen in Cleveland with a Kemet Egypt Tartarian headdress…is this a photo or statue or a Civil War historical narrative?

      I share your desire to expose historic falsehoods that have perpetuated the suffering of the many at the hands of the few. We each contribute our pieces of the puzzle to help us finally perceive the big picture.

  4. […] there be whole civilizations hidden as well? I was willing to consider it thousands of years ago, but just […]

  5. Hey! Does work for you? I get an archived page when I go there.

    Wayback machine. Its really odd.

  6. I look at geography in a whole new way these last couple of years. The big deserts. Washed out lakes. Canyons forming over much shorter periods of time.
    Sand hills of western Nebraska also telling. Got to get a bird’s eye view! A sandhill crane view…
    Wilhelm Reich declared deserts “unnatural”. Showed how they could be healed with the right focus. Rain dance!
    California island sunk, I believe. An old Static in the Attic video where he overlays new and old, and the landmarks remained to place it as off the coast. Whatever did that might have flooded the desert areas and washed away their soil.
    Then there’s the great lakes not being present in earlier maps, etc.

    • Yes, I’ve been trying to figure out the deal with sand. It’s in the weirdest places, sometimes it erupts out of the ground like lava! I read an account of the great Chicago fire that said it was raining hot sand which ignited everything it touched.

      Thanks for the Reich info, he was so on target in so many ways. I’ve also researched the idea that the dust bowl was created by the introduction of radio waves into the atmosphere. Dismissed as wild superstition now, but it was a big deal back then, people could tell when that shit was switched on and knew there would be consequences.

      Hey, I’ve seen the sand cranes when they stopped by the SLV, did you see them in Nebraska?

      California has definitely been through some serious earth changes pretty recently. I saw the Static video and I think he got it right. It would also explain why they didn’t find San Francisco the first few trips up the coast, it wasn’t on the shoreline yet!

      Have you been following the Dutchinese channel? Although he’s interpreting things with traditional geology he is finding activity that is confirming my suspicions that the desert southwest is coming back to life and all that shit buried under all that sand is going to make an appearance.

      Yeah, the Great Lakes would be pretty hard to miss but the cartographers before the 1700’s did?

      I got into the indigenous legends about Niagara Falls, they make it clear that that formation is relatively recent. They say it was caused by the thrashing of a great snake.

      • We see the cranes by Delta as the come through. Seen them wheeling around high in the sky… They land in the fields over there.
        Hot sand. Must be where Flash Gordon the movie got the idea for hot hail from. Effective.
        Cayce said Atlantis would rise again! And remains would no longer be submerged, but on LAND. Like, flooded and buried.
        Maybe Atlantis was a conglomerate or confederacy like Tartaria and Moors, etc… After its initial. If it did in fact last AGES.
        Haven’t watched Dutchinese, but if it’s about the Dutch presence here early on, I’m interested. Star forts might be partly them and others. Before the retard ray struck.

  7. you lot have way too much time on your hands, I have one important question to ask here, what do people stand to gain from hiding possible truths about our past?

    -Legitamacy?- no one cares about that now, the americas belong to who they now belong to.

    -Financial gain?- Obscuring history directly cannot acrue money of any sort, unless it be hidden treasures or something of the like, which let’s face it, in the face of all the resources available to us today, is negligible.

    – Because we are not ready?- In which way are we not ready? most people don’t give a damn about history for anything like an old discovered human civilisation to be a shock to any major population group.

    Also you suppose that pre-modern advanced civilisations have existed, I agree, just not to the extent we have reached now, and unless scientists and governments have a legit reason for not telling us, this is something easily detectable with ice core samples from Antartica and the like detecting levels of atmospheric contamination which in-turn would let us gage human activity in the past with high concentrations of contaminants such as C02, and other sulphur based molecules.

    I am all for discovering about our past, but the theories just seem to get out of hand, sure maybe we haven’t found them yet but I cannot fathom the reason people believe this is being hidden from us.

    • Thanks for your comment, I understand how preposterous it all sounds within the context of our current world view, we have been constantly told we are at the top of the historic food chain.

      However your argument that no one cares about America’s hidden past is incorrect, this is a hot topic that is gaining momentum. May not be on the nightly news, but academics are poking holes in the narrative and legitimate historians are publishing titles like “Lies My Teacher Told Me.”

      So why hide evidence of past civilizations? Could it be because they developed a whole different approach to energy technology that tapped natural currents of the planet and was freely available to the inhabitants?

      Suppressing such a technology would be crucial to developing the current meter-based grid system which the Robber Barons dominated. That would explain the financial angle, right?

      Now, the idea that such information is not revealed because we might lose our shit if we found out might have more merit than you think. Won’t you get a little pissed off once you realize you have been suckered into paying for a service that our forefathers could tap for free?

      Regarding the ice core samples, I have spent quite a bit of time looking into their collection and analysis (yes, I have plenty to devote to research) and I promise you they have come to no firm conclusions, in fact they just lead to more contradictions!

      Besides, the kind of etheric tech being proposed would not leave the same carbon signatures in our atmosphere as our current oil dependent method. In fact, evidence indicates that antiqui-tech worked to harmonize atmospheric energy, sound and water to clean and stabilize the cities and promote health and growth — not to power polluting factories or plug in smartphones.

      I invite you to check more of my work and the links I provide to other researchers before completely dismissing the idea. I have uncovered enough evidence to convince me our historical narrative is about as real as Santa Claus.

    • @Anonymous How condescending to begin a post with “You have too much time on your hands.” It’s been said “some 30% of the worlds’ population will never believe the truth when it is all revealed.” It is being revealed, now more than ever before, and I thank God for people who have “too much time in their hands” researching for all of us. You are in for an uncomfortable road ahead if you don’t even believe we have been lied to.

      • Funny — you have “too much time on your hands” if you are questioning the narrative but well earned “leisure time” if you’re playing the game!

  8. Thank you for this post. Where did you find the Freemason antichrist photograph and do you know the year and location of it?

  9. In Saguenay where my ancestor belong they give thé name Fjord to the lake and a Montain name Valmont
    all To coming from Irlande ancien civilisation.

  10. I can’t find it now but one of your threads has a B/W map showing America with woo/woo sites including a nondescript AFB which is Abilene, Texas Dyess AFB. It should be noted, even on the map, this is the largest nuclear weapon stockpile in America and possibly the world. The B-1 bomber, a delivery vehicle designed for explosive packages, has it’s home base here as do a few other tactical support squadrons. There is also a squadron of unmarked civilian type planes used for B1 pilot training which fly around Abilene ALL DAY LONG. No comparison. The whole ground shakes when the actual B1’s take off. As they are doing frequently now. Hang on to your seats, the ride is about to get bumpy.

    • I think you are referring to the hand drawn map of the DUMBs? I posted it in both my World(s) Under our Worlds and Sand Castle Realities blog. Abillene, eh?

      Some strange stuff going on in that part of the world, I’ve always gotten the major creeps in that town, something about it just feel military all over.

      Hey, look what I found while researching Dyess AFB… a horribly long list of air force pilot accidents just in 1943! Seems they had a lot of problems testing out their bombers, (or reverse tech?) sometimes over 20 accidents in one day at different locations! I just read a story about the problem on “one size fits all” cockpits leading to early aviation disasters. But I never knew so many planes went down while they tried to figure it out!

      • Perhaps ’twas the twenty year cycle harmonic the Philadelphia Experiment took advantage of…

      • When I was in Abilene I worked at the end of the Runaway that the B-1’s used for takeoff. Talk about very loud and very bad vibes. Largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the USA. Has to be the most churches per capita also. More churches than banks, oh, same difference.

  11. My first thought on the maps is that cartography improved over the years, so it wasn’t so much that the land masses changed dramatically but that the ability to draw maps changed dramatically. But that’s what they want me to think! With all of the evidences it seems more likely that the land actually changed.

    The use of dams to control resets is new to me and I am interested. Like I mentioned in my other comment I was intrigued by Jon Levi’s video on the Great Salt Lake, and I’m looking at the southwest US desert as the result of mudflooding the california inlet like you referenced in this article. I don’t know where all that dirt would come from, maybe it was on the rockies and that’s why they are all rocky now, the topsoil washed away or blew away into the california inlet. I know there are beliefs of Utah formerly being an ocean, but they say long long long time ago, but what if it was more recent, like you ask.

    The Book of Mormon talks about mound building, it’s almost like it was written with an awareness of the history before the history was hidden by the Smithsonian and friends. When I was a believing mormon I viewed the book of mormon as a spiritual book that didn’t need historical corroboration, but the more i investigated it as I was leaving the church i realized that the historical corroboration is there an it’s the mainstream narrative of history that is hiding the legitimacy of the book of mormon, from a historical perspective. My thought now is that Joseph or his contemporaries wrote the book of mormon as a fiction, incorporating known history at the time of the mound builders and the Bible. The history of the mound builders has since been eradicated from common knowledge. If interested, look up “The Lucy Code” for an interesting alterative theory to the founding of mormonism.

    The Egyptian items in the US and Canada is interesting. Tennessee translates to Land of Isis, i think? Fascinating.

  12. Oh, the Lucy Code looks fascinating, thanks for the recommendation. Found this interesting comment on a Mormon board about the book:

    From John Smith at Dartmouth to Emanuel Swedenborg, there were plenty of people thinking the same things and developing similar theologies. It only looks unique now because Mormonism is the only version to really survive and sufficiently spread. I think the Smith family knew there was a con going on, but they were fine with it because it brought opportunity and status. Unfortunately for them, they all ended up paying a steep price in the end.

    When I read the Book of Mormon I was astounded at the premise that Jesus had come to the Americas and preached to the natives. Studies like this one really added some fuel to my speculation that their were mighty empires in the Americas that rivaled Europe.

    Hadn’t thought about the sand blowing off the Rockies yet, that’s an interesting theory. I keep finding pockets of sand in the weirdest places, there is even a big patch in Idaho!

    • According to the Book of Mormon there were definitely mighty empires in north america circa the time of Christ. Wayne May is an archeologist who has presentations suggesting evidences of the Book of Mormon. My dad introduced me to that years ago and was my first look into hidden history or repressed narratives, at the time I attributed it to “Satan hiding the proof of the book of mormon.” Now I see it as controllers hiding the reality of our world. A few years ago I got to thinking about timelines in the Christian perspective with the Bible. If modern people have achieved the technology we have in a few hundred years, I looked at from the time of Christ, so even branching out for 2000 years, people went from oil lamps and animal drawn carts to electricity and airplanes, if technology increased so dramatically in 2,000 years let alone 200 years, then why didn’t technology increase like that from Adam and Eve to Noah? A similar time lapse between the two eras, yet we are to believe that people existed from adam and eve until the middle ages before there were any emerging technological advances? So I contemplated what if, assuming the great deluge and Noah’s ark were true stories, what if Noah had access to similar technology that we have today, would he have been able to pull of the story of the ark literally? and then that great flood covered all trace of the tech that existed at the time.

      Now I see it in terms of shorter time frames and stories based on reality and perhaps the story of Noah is drawn from a more recent, more localized event like a mudflood. All of these were my early questions that eventually led me to these topics you are discussing.

      The Lucy Code is entertaining to me. I love it. Especially the part about the grave robbing, not that I think grave robbing is a great thing, but the element of character development that brings to the Joseph Smith family is great. I feel it gives plausible answers to some questions about the family. The connection with Dartmouth is probably the best evidence that there was a conspiracy amongst the Smiths to perpetrate a hoax, whether to sell a book or to create a religion, I don’t know. And I have drawn a similar conclusion in my investigations that Mormonism isn’t unique, it’s simply a survivor. There were many theories and beliefs at the time but there died as cults or were assimilated into the culture. Mormonism as it stands now was protected from assimilation by pulling an M. Night Shyamalan style “The Village” when they ran off to Utah. Even that wasn’t the only branch of Mormonism after Joseph and Hyrum were killed. Joseph’s own family stayed behind and didn’t make the Utah excursion. If it was as the mormon church now says, that Brigham was the clear successor to Joseph’s prophetic mantle, then why were there other factions? When you control the past you control the future.

      I went to BYU-I for my BS degree, which is Rexburg, ID, just down the road from St. Anthony and the sand dunes, I’ve been to those dunes. I’ve been fascinated in doing gardening and landscaping how fast soil can turn to sand under certain conditions. It’s not the same, but it’s similar, dry out some dirt and it gets sandy. Once the moisture and organic material is gone what’s left? sand. But I’m not a biologist of any kind, or geologist, just speculating. Though at this point I’m not sure what about.

  13. Thanks for the info, Paul, your Mormon background really contributes a lot to this line of thought. It was pretty hard for me to grasp the Mormon idea of history as an outsider, but I found it intriguing. I have watched some Wayne May presentations, I think he is onto something but wished he would think a little bigger, he’s focused in on those Hopewell mounds being THE spot, I’m not so sure.

    Also a good point about the “splinter” Mormon groups. I’ve collected a folder full of “Utopian” projects that I’ve run across that flourished in the late 1800’s and some were offshoots of Mormonism. Most of these “communes” rejected the rise of capitalism and focused on spiritual principles. Very few survived more than a decade.

    Oh, check out this drawing I found of the Tabernacle in SLC with something that looks like a Hopi Kiva out front. Any ideas about that?

    I have wondered the exact same thing about those timelines for human development, it just doesn’t make sense that we didn’t devise complex tech until modern times. It does make things much easier to explain if their are frequent reset catastrophes that erase whole civilizations in a blink and destroy all the evidence…almost.

    Have you heard about the recreation of Jerusalem outside of Gosham, Utah used for LDS Motion Picture Studio for filming religious themed shows? I have to wonder if it was existing or created to usher in some other kind of nefarious history twist for our descendants. Also wonder if they are going to build fake mounds out there too to film that part of the story?

    Here is a quote from a non-Mormon group who got permission to film there:

    “It’s by far the most beautiful set I’ve ever been on,” she said. “It feels so real. It’s intricate. It’s detailed. Between the set itself, the art direction and the designers, every time I walk on set you just feel transported.”

    Here’s an article with a lot of pictures on the actual sets. Really convincing architecture.

    And how funny that you have been to those sand dunes! I stumbled on them by accident while researching my Sand Castle Realities blog and have been scratching my head over them ever since. Love it when life spits out those unexpected coincidences, let’s you know you’re on the right track!

    I’ve got this funny feeling the sand is a big clue to the reset mystery, but I’ve yet to crack the code. I was quite surprised to find out while watching Sand Wars and that desert sand can’t be used for cement, only beach sand.

    Thanks again for all you imput, you’ve got my brain cells firing off again!

    • Definitely seems like it was “Templars” or related and “Moors” building all that while escaping the insanity of Eurasia. And that all of that (including “Jesus”) happened about 1000 years ago, not 2000. Then the black death, which may have been “Tartaria” induced. The old poisoning the well or waterway OR I heard somewhere, launching dead livestock over fortress and castle walls! Monty Python style!
      So many questions…
      “Moors”, “Mormons”, Moro. Some got around quite easily in all manner of water craft.
      Egyptian obelisks in the Gulf of Mexico and up the Mississippi. Chinese markers on the west coast. Expanding earth. Rising sea levels.

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