The Mudflood, Queen Califia and the Gold Rush

Queen Califia, Griffins and the Gold Empire

After investigating Hidden History of Old World Maps and realizing they reveal evidence of Lost Civilizations in the Americas, I was left with some interesting loose ends to consider.

For example, could the tales of Queen Califia’s Empire of Gold published in the California Journal of Mines and Geology (Page 8) have any relation to the evidence I found of a devastating Mudflood west of the Mississippi culminating in the New Madrid earthquake of 1811-12?

Did this series of geological events destroy or engulf these legendary Golden Empires, leaving their locations known only by a select few who had obtained pre-Mudflood 16th century maps?

Map of 5 California island transformations

When consulting the official timeline for the Gold Rush, the first fact that made me suspicious was that the whole thing began when the Mormon settlers arrived in San Francisco in 1847, even before it was a state.

The sailing ship Brooklyn, carrying 246 Mormon settlers, arrives in San Francisco, which is at this time a tiny Mexican village known as Yerba Buena. Sep 1847

Well for one thing, Yerba Buena wasn’t really a village, it had a population of 1,000 by 1847.

Something else rarely disclosed is that the founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith, was originally from a family of “money diggers” who claimed they could locate treasure by looking at a stone in a hat.

I kid you not.

Joseph Smith - Head In His Hat - YouTube

Statement of Isaac Hale Affirmed to and subscribed before Chas. Dimon. J. P., March 20, 1834.

“I first became acquainted with Joseph Smith, Jr., in November, 1825. He was at that time in the employ of a set of men who were called ‘money diggers,’ and his occupation was that of seeing, or pretending to see, by means of a stone placed in his hat, and his hat closed over his face. In this way he pretended to discover minerals and hidden treasure. His appearance at this time, was that of a careless young man, not very well educated, and very saucy and insolent to his father. Smith and his father, with several other money-diggers boarded at my house while they were employed in digging for a mine that they supposed had been opened and worked by the Spaniards many years since. Young Smith gave the money-diggers great encouragement at first, but, when they had arrived in digging to near the place where he had stated an immense treasure would be found, he said the enchantment was so powerful that he could not see. They then became discouraged, and soon after dispersed. This took place about the 17th of November, 1825.

So what if the Mormons had a detailed 16th century map that gave them clues to the locations of these ancient buried cities?

It would certainly account for Smith’s uncanny ability to find treasure, lead his followers to antiqui-tech structures and even unearth giant bones!

Might also explain why Salt Lake City has all those suspicious looking Old Empire structures with dubious narratives — did they know where to find some left-over Antiqui-Tech???

1634-35 Americasby Dutch

Although Joseph Smith was lynched in Nauvoo in 1844, the future church leaders could certainly have used the information in such a map for their benefit.

They did direct Samuel Brannan to take a batch of settlers via ship to California  in January 1847. Within a year, Brannan had set up a general store at Sutter’s Mill near modern-day Sacramento.

Just a few weeks after he opened on February 2, 1848 (Groundhog Day!), his foreman James W. Marshall discovered gold on the American River east of Sacramento.

Right by the Mother Lode

Turns out this discovery went unnoticed while the first wave of prospectors quietly collected massive amounts of gold.


Type of gold nuggets recovered at Sutton’s Mill

Get this… the  newspaper The Californian ran a story about the strike on April Fools day in 1848 — so no one took it seriously at first!

Then on May 12, 1848, Samuel Brannan makes a spectacle of himself running through the streets of San Francisco waving a quinine bottle full of gold while shouting “Gold, gold, gold from the American River!

That did the trick — the very next day most of the male population of San Francisco abandoned their businesses and families to go stake their claim.

But first they had to stop at Brannan’s store, conveniently supplied with everything they needed for their gold prospecting at sky-high prices.

Consequently, Brannan earned more in that first six weeks than any single gold miner  ($36,000—the equivalent of $750,000 today) and became California’s first millionaire.

Even more coincidentally, that very same day the San Francisco newspaper the California Star, also owned by Brannan, distributes a six-page special edition exclusively for the East Coast describing “immensely rich” gold mines in California.

The stage is set.

However, it’s not until November 28, 1848, when winter has squelched any hope of travel, that the New York Herald becomes the first major East Coast newspaper to verify the discovery gold in California.

Their story includes the report by investigators sent out by President James Polk to confirm initial rumors about the strike in the recently acquired California territory.

1848 newspaper announces: DISCOVERY of GOLD 

The officers bring back a cupful of gold dust and he urges them to publish the account in the east coast newspapers.

Gold Rush Fever officially begins.

It is also worth noting that early gold rush photos show they were not having to dig very deep for gold, it was either just under the surface or washed into the streams.

Apparently those early gold harvesting efforts quickly paid off, because by December 5, 1848 — less that one year after the initial strike — the first ship bearing $500,000 worth of gold set sail from San Francisco bound for the United States Mint in Philadelphia.

By the time the settlers were able to cross the thawing muddy Great Plains the next spring by wagon — or take the ships around South America — most of the easy pickings were gone.

But there were still mines to be worked and streams to be panned.

81 best Gold Rush images on Pinterest | Gold rush, Gold ...

So let’s return to the tale of Queen Califia and her Golden Empire in California. Her story goes that her all-female tribe had control over Griffins (who were trained to eat men).

When examining this fascinating headpiece being offered at an auction, I learned about the Arimaspos and the Griffins.

theancientwayoflife:“ ~Kalathos Headdress with Combat between the Arimaspos and the Gryphons. Date: 4th century BC Place of finding: Krasnodar Territory, Taman Peninsula, near the Cossack Village of Vyshestebliyevskaya Archaeological site: Great...

4th Century BC Headdress with the Arimaspos and the Gryphons.

Many authorities, the most distinguished being Herodotus [Greek historian C5th B.C.] and Aristeas of Proconnesus [Greek poet C7th B.C.], write that these people wage continual war with the Grypes (Griffins), a kind of wild beast with wings, as commonly reported, that digs gold out of mines, which the creatures guard and the Arimaspi try to take from them, both with remarkable covetousness.”

Legends tell how Griffins literally line their nests with gold — just like in dragon lore! They are characterized as having intelligence, loyalty and fiercely guarding valuables.

This is why we see them in front of financial institutions. 

gold griffin

Griffin Guarding a Bank

So, if Queen Califia’s tribe were using Griffins not only for defense but to collect gold, no wonder they had accumulated so much precious metal even their armor was reportedly made from gold!

Makes me wonder if old American empires like Queen Califia’s kingdom had defenses that repelled invaders until the mudflood/reset was unleashed, burying any surface structures and flooding her cave cities with mud?

Queen Califa's Natural Bridge Cave Calaveras County California

Calvaras County Cave in California

It could also explain why the Spanish never found all that gold lying around and why Polk unleashed the Mexican/American War from 1846-1848 to insure the acquisition of the Desert Southwest from Mexico.

Only those select few with these pre-mudflood maps were able to position themselves to plunder the accumulated wealth of Queen Califia’s Kingdom.

So if the prospectors were just recovering a scattered treasury, I had to ask myself if there was a naturally occurring element that would disfigure gold ornamentation?

gold flipped05

Native Gold from California

Sure, the answer was Mercury (Quicksilver) — which coincidentally was also reported in the above article as being mined in exactly the same area as the gold!

Famous Bear Nugget

So here are my suspicious based on this accumulation of information.

After the Mudflood devastated Queen Califia’s golden civilization, the Mormons sent a contingent off with the old maps of California to find the mother lode and set up shop.

Once they had gathered up the obvious hoard, the Controllers publicized the find, whipped up a Gold Fever frenzy and enticed a huge labor population to rush out of the East Coast cities that were plagued with race riots.

This Gold Rush strategy would also accelerate the eradication of the Mudflood survivors (Native Americans) who managed to escape the natural catastrophe and were now living rough.

By the way, Polk’s platform was Manifest Destiny — he promised to annex and colonize the West.

Imagine that…a fulfilled campaign promise!

Too bad those gold-hungry prospectors were so focused on California that they didn’t notice they were passing right by quite a few juicy hoards laying around in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.

What you want to bet the Map Guys saved those sweet spots to plunder  while everyone’s efforts were focused on the West Coast?

So yeah, I’m pondering just how many gold strikes were actually the result of finding the remains of Old Empire Cities whose existence was kept hidden from the populace but shared with select groups willing to keep the secret to strike it rich.

Certainly the same kind of blatant destruction of Old Empire clues I uncovered when researching Those Damned Dams!

Once you contemplate those early American maps and consider the possibility they really did lead treasure hunters to lightly buried cities filled with treasure, the Gold Rush narrative begins to reek of opportunistic manipulation!

Here’s hoping we wise up to these kind of tricks from now on. Please.

More about Queen Califia and the lost civilizations.

Exploring the World(s) Under Our World.

~ by weewarrior on February 4, 2019.

30 Responses to “The Mudflood, Queen Califia and the Gold Rush”

  1. Good post. The objective of the hidden controllers may have been to get ‘slaves’ to extract the gold (which they would need in the future) paid for with fake money, rather than the re-population of a devastated area, although that was also useful. Paid puppets like Smith and Brannan are easily found. Traditionally, both the lion and eagle represent the power of so-called divine rulers (controllers). Queen Calaifa reminds me of the Whore of Babylon, ie the consort of the god Baal.

    • [Correction – Q Califia was a fictional Q of the Amazon women warriors, not a parallel to W of Babylon.]
      There is nothing like the lure of gold and a sexual icon to get men on a rampage. It seems that the writers of history, fact or fiction, have often elevated women to queen or goddess status to represent lust and desire for the unattainable (sex, gold and power). Gold has unique properties, especially non-corruptibility and purity, symbolic of the ‘divine’, and useful in technologies. It was used as a coin, only of the sovereign ruler. It is made, geologically, under extreme circumstances. Mountain ranges, like that of California, are pushed up in a rare and catastrophic event (plate shift?). The etymology of Cali/fornia is interesting – possible sources – calif, Kali, and forno (It. for ‘a domed cave-like oven in which golden breads are baked’ – the gold-rich cavities in the mountains?)
      Q Califia –
      Griffins/gryphons –

      • Interesting insights, thanks again Wendy! The symbology wrapped in all of these Controller scripts definitely pray on man’s weaknesses and obviously work like a charm as the crowd mentality takes over common sense. Just so much deception at work here, one has to walk out on those limbs to try and see the whole tree! I am intrigued by your “domed cave oven for baking” concept since it also ties into this theory of the locations of the gold in California relating to a vanished empire.
        Ya know, I think I like your spelling of Califia more than the one I found, I’m going to adjust my post accordingly, thanks!

  2. Great article..great information…..thank you for your research

  3. […] inhabited, one by pygmies (the little people) and one by a race of giant black women (ancestors of Queen Calaifa, I […]

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  5. Holy crap. This is very interesting!

  6. the name of California comes from the spaniards that arrived in what is now Baja California Sur, they called it Calida Fornax (hot furnace), sheck it out. I kid you not!

    • So, I checked out the Calida Fornax reference and found it, too, is accepted as the origin of the name California. Interesting.

      But the Queen Califa story is also brought up frequently, even in Wikipedia…

      Thanks for making it clear that history is not clear about even relatively recent events, yet they expect us to believe they have it all figured out.

      It’s important to keep asking questions and not accepting anything as a firm fact unless you have personal experience. Everything we’ve learned has to be reconsidered once we realize we’ve been fed a bullshit story.

      • Shit sandwiches!
        That guy, PM, spent a lot of words about the MOORS and their presence in the Americas before…
        Lots of the old architecture blends to a kind of eastern thing, before it was defaced or refaced. The onion domes…
        So, there’s the Kremlin, there’s the ice and corn houses, there’s those old theme parks on the boardwalks, the various buildings at the FAIRS…
        That mind blowing Muybridge panorama shows that cathedral with the onion domes, plus the old Asian colony…
        Sort of blends… Moorish, Turkish, Tartar…

      • So off you sent me into another rabbit hole…even though I’ve studied Montauk I had no idea that the original tribe called their leaders “pharaohs,” considered their island to be a remnant of Atlantis, built three pyramids along the shore, had an ancient burial ground there and have been denied their tribal status because the courts ruled them “too black to be Native Americans!” Geez!
        I’m convinced of the Moorish presence in pre-Columbian American, it makes so much sense and explains so many of those castles tucked away.

        I have enjoyed Michelle Gibson’s videos about these subjects, she even ties in the 1942 Philadelphia Experiment to the 1492 “discovery” of America.

        I knew Tesla used Montauk to locate his wireless station, but I had no idea Alister Crowley was doing rituals there and lived in the town where Betty and Barney Hill found themselves after their abduction! Creepy, especially given the tie-in to the movie “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” And the whole Ong’s Hat affair was in that neck of the woods too!

        Don’t even get me started on that Muybridge panorama, it’s got a whole blog brewing about the San Fran quake, I’m determined to figure that shit out!

  7. […] continually frustrated in their search for these fabled cities of gold (but never found all that Gold Rush treasure lying […]

  8. You’re the best. Thank you for all the good information. Grew up right down the street from Ong’s Hat and subscribed early on to Weird NJ. Ton of good stories down in the Pine Barrens. Nailed it on the dams as well. Check out all the forgotten towns the TVA obliterated with the New Deal. The towns drowned were all obviously against being displaced and were all or at least mostly guilded age era. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Tony! So cool that you grew up by Ong’s Hat, that has got to be one of the wildest stories I ever encountered! I also appreciate the tip about the Pine Barrens, not the first time I’ve heard of “sugar sand” but I never knew there was so much of it in that region! That’s going in my “Where did all this sand come from?” folder. I did look into the towns drowned by the TVA, but it is hard to come by, all they want to do is crow about their marvelous dams, too bad about your town.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment and all the juicy clues!

      • WeeWarrior, No problem. The family and I just took a long roadtrip out to the mounds on the Mississippi, through the Ozarks, through the Tennessee River Valley and back up through Appalachia. This is when I had the epiphany on those “Damn Dams”. While my wife and I were enjoying the vast beauty of the Ten River Valley we kept crossing over the dams. With the expanse of the water tucked under the ominous mountains, it became clearer than the windshield in front of me that underneath that water was a perfect place for a town, fortified naturally by the mountains. It was a sad realization. I had drafted an email to the TVA asking for the cultural resource reports necessary to enact eminent domain, all the while reminding them that their arrogant stance on the greater good was appalling. Never sent it, as I came off as a blow hard and knew the point or the paperwork/reports would not be received.

        Also, the mounds in Illinois were incredible and the signage obviously bunk. Which is why I’d like to thank you again. Looking more into Ong’s Hat, the Moorish connection was hair raising. It’s led me down yet another path. The Moors (or more appropriately the Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah) most likely built the mounds and were here prior to colonization. Definitely corroborated with places like St. Augustine and Memphis, TN (not even mentioning the Grand Canyon). Another devilish detail that is conveniently glossed over or just thrown away completely.

        Thanks for the dialogue. It’s incredibly reassuring and helpful!

  9. Absolutely, so reassuring to know others are finding those puzzle pieces that have been laying around in plain sight all along. Sucks to feel so gullible, but at the same time it is empowering to finally see through the illusion!

    So, I delved into the Moorish tribe you mentioned and found this fascinating woman, the Empress Verdiacee “Tiari” Washltaw-Turner Goston El-Bey.

    Damn, she doesn’t buy their bullshit, she claims the dark skinned Washilaw (Washington) tribes were the original inhabitants from Mu and made up most of the American population. She claims they built the mound civilizations and also declared “White folks don’t owe Black people in America 40 acres and a mule. They need to get up off our land or start paying us some rent and taxes.”

    She is in pretty big trouble with law about her money laundering and tax evasions, they hate it when people know how to play their game. She has tried to establish her own currency, birth certificates, passports and driver’s licenses for the “The Oldest Indigenous People on Earth.”

    Just wow!

    • WeeWarrior,
      Nice work. Tiari sounds pretty awesome and a lot like my grandmom Rose, who has been on my mind (well always) but a lot lately. She came from Sicily in 1910. I wish I could upload a photo, because she looks a lot like Tiari. I’ve always thought the story I’m told about why she came here and who her family was, was a lie. Her Catholic upbringing did not match the Gypsy stories she used to tell my brother and me (fairy tails). She loved gold and anything that shimmered and didn’t take shit off of anyone. She was called Italian/White…not even close. I think she may have been a leftover of the Old World “sponsored” to come here to live the American Dream…ugh. I don’t know that there’s a point to it, but figured I’d share.

      One question that’s been eating at me…how do the Tartarians (as much as we know of them) and the Moors relate? Two sides or one of the same? Or just different times all together? Perhaps the Tartars were what the Moors referred to as the Asiatics? I really have no idea and can’t really get a firm grasp on the Tartarians other than references on old maps, similar flags/symbols, and circumstantially related architecture. I do love checking out the robber baron mansions, star forts and capitol/state/municipal buildings though. There are a bunch around these parts and most folks have no idea they are there, or no interest in seeking them out.

      Lastly, here’s the link to the article from Weird NJ on Ong’s Hat. Wasn’t sure if you saw this article or not. It’s a fun magazine with a bunch of cool old stories from NJ, a lot of which come out of the Pine Barrens, the Jersey Devil being the most infamous. I also ordered Matheny’s book on the subject and plan on reading right away.

      Thanks for the back and forth. Have a good one.

      • Wow, your grandma does sound like she maintained some vestiges of Old Empire power, I do think there were a lot of folk who were not easily assimilated into the new false narrative and were often institutionalized for their knowledge. At least your grandma was able to walk that thin line and pass down her attitude to future generations!

        What about those Moors and Tartarians? I wish I had some easy answers about which culture came to the New World first and who built what when, but I have yet to find a definitive answer.

        I am convinced, however, that our historical narrative has been carefully, but not thoroughly, combed to remove any references to the past American civilizations. There are still clues once you know what you are looking for, but determining the big picture may be impossible at this point.

        What is important is learning to spot the LIES. With every falsehood revealed another layer of the illusion dissolves.

        Thanks for the Weird NY link, that led me to a wild investigation of the Moorish Science Ashram in Ong’s Hat, the team that supposedly used a combination of technology, psycho-active drugs and sexual power to create a portal into other dimensions. They eventually settled on a reality where this part of New Jersey was a wilderness. They hauled all of their portable buildings and supplies through the portal and moved in! Supposedly they still visit this reality to stock up on things like coffee and tobacco, but are quite happy with their decision to shift realities.
        What a trip!

      • The Moors ARE Tartars.

  10. Don’t forget about the Panama-Pacific Exhibition that took place in San Francisco in 1915. There’s a ridiculous amount of inconsistency with that story. Just look at the size of it and the fact that they destroyed it afterwards doesn’t resonate well with me.

  11. This is amazing. I was raised in the Mormon church and left a few years ago as I discovered the true history of the church that the church has suppressed. The theory presented here of Joseph Smith having a map of old cities or treasuries makes a lot of sense. I’ve been watching Jon Levi on YouTube and he talks a lot about the Mormons inheriting the structures of Salt Lake City, and again, having a map with the old cities makes a lot of sense! The more I learn about possible covered history the more the social and geographic elements of the Book of Mormon seem to fit, which is interesting. Almost as if Smith took an existing narrative and interspersed elements of the Bible to create a “new” work. Fascinating stuff. Glad I found your blog today (was searching for Antiqui-tech)!

    • Glad you found my blog and delighted my theory jives with your suspicions about the Mormon founders. I lived in an all Mormon town for a few years and learned a lot about their belief system. When I discovered the Hidden History of Old Maps I had an AHA moment about Joseph Smith and started digging around. The more I found, the more convinced I became that the Mormon founders were an arm of the Controller Crowd (like the Jesuits) with inside information and tasked with re-claiming Old Empire remnants and driving the population to the West Coast via the Gold Rush. Heavens knows what other agenda driven tasks the performed, but I do find it interesting that to this day the Mormons are the favorite recruits of the CIA!

      Would love to hear your thoughts on some of my other topics!

      • I am still reading your posts. So much to think about. I love this stuff. I sent this article with the Mormon stuff to my brother who has also left the church and he sent me back a link to Califa brand plant milks. I had never heard of Calfia before reading your article.

        As for Mormons, one of the two major points that led me away from the church was discovering the similarities with free mason hand grips and ceremonies. I was superficially aware of the connections and the roster of early Mormon founders who were also masons, but it wasnt until i found an expose on the hand grips that i was really aware. The Freemasons are tied up in a lot of conspiracy so if the Mormons are tied up with them then it made me question the supernatural validity claims. And I have been openly exploring ideas ever since.

        I’ll drop any relevant thoughts I have on other articles. So far I’ve just been enjoying to new information to theories I’ve already been entertaining and new perspectives as well, such as in Damned Dams, which I am reading now. Are you familiar with Jon Levi? His last video, yesterday, considers the possibility that the great salt lake was once connected to the Pacific, forming the former island, or peninsula, of California and the mudflood filled in the waterway. Hence the deserts, all that mud filled into salt water.

        Thank you for your blog! Loving it so far

  12. Thanks for the tip on the Califia milk, I hadn’t found that. Here is their blurb about their name:

    “The female character featured prominently on all their products hails from folklore. Queen Califia, popularized in 16th century literature, according to Post News Group, was a woman warrior who assembled her own female militia and ruled over an island nation where gold was in abundance. 

    Known as the namesake for the state of California, Califia Farms soon adopted her likeness and story for their brand as former CEO Greg Steltenpohl felt that having her as the company’s icon intertwined with its missions revolving around sustainability and health.

    Califia Farms is also currently headquartered in Los Angeles and Steltenpohl grew up in San Bernardino County, according to the Los Angeles Times, which further makes Queen Califia the perfect figurehead for the company. In fact, the team continues to pick the citrus for its juices in the San Joaquin Valley of California, according to their website.”

  13. Oh, hadn’t made the handshake connection yet, great sleuthing figuring that out! Glad it helped you realize the depth of the deception we face.

    Yes I know about Jon Levi and appreciate his contributions, although I get frustrated how fast he jumps to conclusions. I prefer to be more methodical and research the shit outta something before bringing to my readers. But I appreciate all Jon and the other Stolen History researchers are presenting, it is all food for thought and we have to give each other plenty of space to speculate.

  14. I don’t know how to add a picture here, but regarding the Mormon/Mason handgrips, there is a picture I found of JFK meeting David O. McKay, then president and prophet of the Mormon church, and they are “shaking hands” but it looks an awful lot like one of the Mormon/Mason hand grips. I made it into a meme.

    I know what you mean about Jon. One of the things I appreciate most about him is he often says he doesn’t know and is simply entertaining ideas, but then he also says it’s so clear that such and such is the case. I do the same thing. I think it’s easy to jump to conclusions in researching these topics, it’s exciting to discover something or solve he puzzle, so we sometimes forget the need for solid evidence. Stuff like old maps, did the land masses change dramatically or were the cartography skills not as developed? Were windows so large back in the day because giants built them or because they didn’t have great lighting sources so larger windows let in more sunlight during the day?

    I’m into punk rock and Blink 182 was one of the first bands I got into. Some people say they aren’t punk. I still remember a quote from Mark Hoppus saying that Blink was like Fisher Price punk “my first punk band.” They were an entry level band. From them I found their influences that would fit a more traditional punk branding. Sometimes we need the exciting jump to conclusions presentations to get us interested in the more painstaking research based presentations. I’m with you, there is plenty of room for us all to exist and share ideas and learn together, so long as we keep an open mind. I like to say that I don’t know what is true between two theories, but I find one more entertaining so I lean into it, but I don’t attach.

    • Wow, that handshake story sent me down a rabbit hole! Found quite a few sites speculating on how often it is used when Mormons greet presidents! So many subtle signals that the majority miss without the insider knowledge. Which makes me wonder, we see all those old pictures with the “hidden hand” that we interpret as a symbol of a Controller, but we don’t see that portrayed in modern ceremonies or portraits. So do they change their little signals as the public becomes aware of them?

      The kinds of questions Jon Levi asks are brilliant but my frustrations come when he’s talking about something I’ve researched and found some evidence to support or negate his theory. But obviously he hasn’t bothered to dig that far so he just says “I don’t know.” Bugs me a bit and precisely why I don’t do rambling videos about these topics, I prefer to discipline myself to limit my speculations to the evidence I can present to the reader so you can come to your own conclusions. I am the first to admit I don’t know diddly squat, but I think that’s the attitude that keeps me researching instead of falling into a mindset that excludes other ideas.

      I have an affection for the early Blink 182 although “Aliens Exist” is one of my favorites, but thhey kinda lost me with the public UFO stuff but at least he’s asking questions!

      Thanks for all your input, so refreshing to interact with an open mind!

  15. […] 然而,巨型骨骼並不侷限於土丘文化。 在加利福尼亞州附近的島嶼上,特別是卡塔利娜島,許多業餘考古學家發現了一個部落的數百個巨大遺蹟,其成員從7英尺到9英尺不等。儘管研究人員被斥為欺詐,但卡利菲亞女王和她的亞馬遜勇士的謠言在該地區仍然存在。 我對雙寶馬極大陸的調查導致了我的理論,即當他們的家園被摧毀時,這個“複雜的巨人”種族從北極遷移到美洲。 […]

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