The Sky is Falling – The Chicken Little Conundrum

I know you know the story of Chicken Little (maybe as Henny Penny or Chicken Licken) and the reason I know you know is because it is one of the world’s oldest fables and is found in almost every culture!

The first recorded example is found in an ancient Buddhist manuscript (with a hare instead of a chicken) that dates back 25 centuries. The fable apparently hasn’t lost its appeal through the ages!

Although there are variations of the story, we all know the main theme: one silly creature is hit by a falling object (usually an acorn) and creates panic in the neighborhood by convincing everyone that the sky is falling.

The ensuing chaos often ends with the gullible characters (always with rhyming names) becoming victims of the sly fox who takes advantage of the situation and lures them into his cave.

A quick search reveals that Chicken Little’s tale of shame has been portrayed in every artistic medium we’ve concocted.

Apparently it’s long been a priority to educate the public about the dangers of unsubstantiated rumors or what we now call “fake news.”

Then you come across this insidious version…

In 1943, Disney made a wartime propaganda cartoon adaptation of Chicken Little that proved so disturbing that it now comes with a disclaimer warning parents that it may not be suitable for children!

After watching that obvious hit piece, I have to wonder about Disney’s motivation for releasing a Chicken Little movie in 2005.

First off, the story line lays on the humiliation aspect pretty thick!

In typical Disney fashion, they twisted the plot so that in this case the sky is falling but it’s because of the extraterrestrials. So Chicken Little gets to save the earth from an alien invasion and be the hero after all.


Pretty insidious in light of the Dark Journalist’s investigations into how X-Technology has been developed secretly by black-ops programs and their frantic attempts to whip up fear of an alien invasion (or meteors) so they can come to the rescue with their fancy weapons.

So this all starts me wondering — is there a reason the Chicken Little fable is known throughout the world?

Could it be a control mechanism to make sure that anyone who even thinks that the sky is falling can expect to be instantly persecuted?

When the apple fell on Newton’s head, he discovered gravity, but when an acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head, he became delusional?

Are we missing something here?


Okay, let’s consider that most ancient religious texts explain quite matter-of-factly that there is a physical barrier between Heaven and Earth. 

The Bible refers to it as a Raqia, (translated as the firmament),  the Taoist call it the Dao, the Egyptians refer to it as a woman named Nut … in fact, there are thousands of mythological references to the firmament.

Cultural legends describing the dome are abundant enough to include arrows being shot into the firmament and lodging there (Japan, Native America, Chuckchee), adventurers climbing up to the sky (India), people climbing up through a hole in the firmament (Navaho) or tumbling down through one (Seneca), and heroes sailing a ship to the place where the sky meets the earth (Buriat), and where the firmament is so low that ship masts can end up scraping it.[1]

Sure, the firmament concept is easily explained away as silly superstitious conjecture based on the visual appearance of the sky as a dome when viewed from the Earth.

The science guys assure us that the sky contains no solid matter, just water vapor molecules that eventually fade into space at the Karmen Line … but they’re not quite sure where that is…

But we’re getting wise to the bullshit we’ve been fed about space and our place in it.

"NASA LIES LOGO" Stickers by ODDTV | Redbubble

Let’s start by investigating the sky phenomenon with the stories of Magonia, a realm in the clouds whose inhabitants have great air ships that navigate the sky seas.

Please note that there are documented accounts of encounters with Magonians who fell to earth and began to drown in our dense atmosphere. One town reported that a Magonian ship caught its anchor on a church steeple and a crew man had to climb down and free it.

An Archbishop of Lyon recorded that the townspeople believed the Magonians employed Frankish weather magicians, or tempestarii, to whip up wicked storms over earthly farms so they could steal massive amounts of produce and livestock to maintain their hidden civilization in the clouds.

I promise you, if you read the fantasy series Magonia by Maria Dehvana Headely you will never be able to look at a stormy sky again without scanning for squall whales. 

Or maybe you’ve heard of Jacques Valle’s controversial book Passport to Magoria based on his interviews with eye witnesses to UFO phenomenon?

Interesting choice of title…

But don’t get the idea that only unverifiable fantasy stuff goes on in the sky.

It gets serious fast when you find out about the US Cold War’s Operation Fishbowl in 1958 and 1962 that launched multiple thermonuclear warheads from Johnston Island near the equator into the upper atmosphere.

Conspirazzi | Pop Culture Conspiracy Theory

The resulting EMP created an instant aurora that was mirrored in the opposite hemisphere. It also knocked out a bunch of satellites and communications networks — but that didn’t stop the testing, this was just too important!

If you take the Project Fishbowl name literally (especially when you learn the warheads were named Starfish and Bluegill launched by a rocket named Thor) it makes you wonder just what they were hoping to accomplish…

Did you know they actually lost a nuclear warhead during a failed Operation Fishbowl launch in the Pacific that was never recovered?

I kid you not!!!

Sure looks to me like those blasts were disturbing more than a little water vapor at that altitude!

Then we’ve got all those quirky high altitude electrical phenomenon they’ve been studying since the 80’s that have cutsie names like Sprites and Elves that come with equally ridiculous quackademic explanations.

Frankly these structures look more like sky-based deep sea creatures than random electrical phenomenon.

Here a Elf (upper part) and a Red Sprite (low part). I really like this combo 'Elf+Sprite' because it looks like a Jellyfish... a giant plasma jellyfish in the sky... :D Scientists say that we can't see them but i believe that sometimes nature's timing is not perfect... And we only know a few of this plasma events. How many are they?...

Also consider that footage that Martyn Stubbs recorded in the 90’s directly from the NASA live feeds at his public broadcast station in Canada. Imagine his surprise when he discovered undeniable evidence of independently moving objects in space that seriously resemble terrestrial undersea life forms.

Makes me wonder about those reports through the centuries, right up to the present, of all kinds of sea life falling from the sky including frogs, fish, shrimp, starfish or octopus — even a turtle encased in ice!

sea creatures fall from sky china, Octopus falls from the sky during a furious storm, sea animals fall from sky china

All that evidence of stuff coming out of the sky begs the question: Is there an ocean over our heads instead of a big black vacuum?

INCREDIBLE Waves in the Clouds | Ocean Sky - YouTube

And seriously, what about all those reports of planes sitting stock still in thin air?

That scenario defies all laws of physics we’ve been taught about gravity and air density and makes you rethink everything you’ve learned about the sky.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the recent discussions about a recurring Plasma Apocalypse that creates a hole in the sky that sucks up everything and everybody on the surface.

The Plasma Apocalypse: Don't get SUCKED UP into the sky! - YouTube

The reason we suspect they are recurring are the mysterious “discharge” scenarios recorded in prehistoric rock art around the world. Lots of floating people and animals in those petroglyphs, too!

According to the plasma researchers, the most secure place to be during a plasma discharge event is in a natural cave…does that remind you a little of the Chicken Little story again?

Hopefully, this new look at the old Chicken Little fable will give you food for thought about the sky and all the strange things going on up there that we are not supposed to notice.

More musings on mass manipulation:

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~ by weewarrior on June 14, 2019.

10 Responses to “The Sky is Falling – The Chicken Little Conundrum”

  1. Fascinating story-line ww! Old saying…there’s a little truth in every fantasy and a little fantasy in every truth. I would say PERSPECTIVE is the key to unlocking this catalogue of mysteries. In the scientific method, the scientist imagines a scenario or possibility and sets out to prove it. The seeker discovers a mystery and sets out to understand it. The initiates in the old mystery schools were given templates and keys to help them understand the divine plan in the micro and macro-cosm. The human mind expands its consciousness slowly through experience and mindfulness. But there are traps… presumptions and expectations and the limitations of inexperience.

  2. Hey Wendy, thanks for the comment. Interesting comparison between the scientist and the seeker, appreciate that perspective. I was surprised how many layers I found in the old Chicken Little Story! It was a perfect example of how the micro unfolds into the macro where one little mystery leads to a nested puzzle box. I see those traps of which you speak and do my best to weave through the minefield by not forming solid conclusions, just accumulating information from any source that resonates with the issue. Once we think we’ve got it all figured out is when we move into dangerous ego-driven territory!

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  4. More proof for sharknados.
    Moons are the water valves. Suns are fire.
    Doorways to other dimensional planes.
    IMO the wormholes or pipelines are necessary for travel AT ALL from here.
    The cards are tumbling down! No more institution, indoctrination, or incorporation!

    • Damn, why didn’t I think of Sharknado! Perfect example of A Sky Gone Wild!
      Portals are definitely our way out IMO, just have to get our little psyches calibrated to make the jump!
      All we gotta do is take that first step, then the sky is the limit!

      • Hell! They even do that through the Sharknado movies…
        Haven’t seen all of them, fast forwarded through some just for the SWEET cameos and majorly absurd scenes.
        Would rather NOT be jumping with flying toothy beasts all around! Or Hayden!

      • Yeah, here’s hoping the Sharknado scenario doesn’t figure into portal jumping! I haven’t watched any of them but the premise seems pretty obvious. According to the book “This Alien Shore” the big concern might be the astral dragons, they will devour your soul if you wander into their realm without proper safeguards!

  5. The Chinese also have a myth about the sky falling.
    A goddess saves humans in fhe nick of time and repairs the firmament.
    We call that repaired rent the Milky Way.

    • Thanks for that info, quite fascinating! Reminds me also of the idea that dragons represent some type of plasma tear in the firmament. So much going on in the sky these days, seems like the universe is sending us all kinds of signals that things are not what they seem!

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