Where Be Dragons?

Puff the Magic Dragon

Since realizing how our historical narrative is twisted to make us overlook obvious clues about our recent past like the remnants of giants, advanced civilizations, antiqui-tech and sophisticated air travel, I’ve begun questioning a lot of subjects scoffed at by quakademia.

So let’s see what happens if we poke the proverbial dragon!

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures

Let’s start with the phrase “here be dragons.”

Did you also think it was used on lots of old maps to indicate dangerous unknown territory?

Well, it appears we’ve been mislead.

Yes, again.

The “Here Be Dragons” Game

The narrative smugly explains that the only actual written reference to dragons by a cartographer was on the 16th century Hunt-Lenox Globe.

Hic Sunt Dracones

This 5 inch terrestrial globe of etched copper has the Latin phrase hic sunt dracones (which Google translates as here are the dragons) near the equator in Indonesia — not in distant lands or uncharted seas.

Hunt-Lenox Globe demonstration

Since this is roughly the region where the Komoto Dragons live, the phrase is easily dismissed as a reference to their presence.

Here be Komoto Dragons ?

But to imply that all dragon lore emerged from encounters with Komoto dragons is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

The Komoto Dragon

Sure, they share some physical characteristics, but no one would imagine Komoto Dragons launching aerial attacks or coveting human treasures!

Tolkien’s Smaug

Imagine my surprise while studying this area to discover it was also where 5 airplanes have recently disappeared!

Thar be dragons?

IMHO, this “catastrophic equatorial icing event” explanation is even less believable than dragon attacks — what a knee slapper!

It certainly doesn’t explain why all these other planes have gone missing. Look how many have vanished without a trace since 1948!

85 planes each with over 14 people aboard

It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near one.

J.R.R. Tolkien


Speculation aside, one fact remains.

You can’t find a single culture that doesn’t have a mythology involving some version of a dragon.


Dragons of the World

Nowadays, modern storytellers develop complex alternate worlds where humans and dragons interact frequently, sometimes combining forces for their mutual benefit.

The Valyria Dragons

But there must be an underlying reason that every single culture on earth (or Heaven, for that matter) has stories about humans (or angels) dealing with vicious flying serpentine creatures with very nasty tempers.

Archangel Michael the Dragonslayer

FYI, according to the many ancient depictions of heroes besting dragons, to defeat them you’ve got to get them on the ground and shove a long metal rod down their throats.


St. George slays the dragon

Of course, dragons are not the same everywhere, there are many variations on the theme.

Some are considered wise and are revered like the Naga of the Orient and the Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerica.


Others, like the smaller Wyvern of Europe or the gigantic Thunderbird of the desert southwest are feared by the local inhabitants but can potentially be tamed.

Newt and Frank the Thunderbird

What really fascinates me is how dragons are equated with natural disasters. They can cause earthquakes, storms, floods and belch fire like a volcano.

Are we missing something…again?

Well, let’s consider the possibilities:

1. Dragons are actual biological creatures with various sub-species that live on land or in bodies of water. They once interacted with both humans and gods, but now they are extinct or difficult to detect.

Actual Dragon Footage?

2. Dragons are a fantasy fabricated to deflect awareness of covert advanced weaponry that has been used against the unsuspecting public for centuries. Hiding this technology could be a function of mystery schools and secret societies.

14th Century Dragon Weapon

3. Dragons are a representation of earth’s telluric currents that create natural catastrophes like earthquakes, typhoons and firestorms when unbalanced. The function of those Old Empire obelisks, pyramids and towers may have been to gain control over these draconic ley lines.

Elemental dragons

4. Dragons are cosmic forces that bring chaos or protection, depending on how they are summoned and managed. This power can then be cultivated by humans for good or evil.

The Constellation Draco

5. Dragons are descriptions of electrical plasma discharges on the earth. Evidence of past plasma events can be found in architecture and geology as well as the stories and artwork of “primitive” people who survived plasma apocalypses.

Thunderbolts Project

Regardless of which answer is correct, our fascination with dragons may not be mere whimsy but a deliberate effort to suppress hidden knowledge of the Controller’s true capabilities.

Directed Energy Weapons

In this recent interview with the Dark Journalist, Catherine Austin Fitz explains how even though we KNOW about orbiting satellites and military space organizations, the public is programmed to scoff at any suggestion that space-based weaponry has ever be deployed.

Because, ya know, THEY wouldn’t do THAT!

Catherine Austin Fitts on the beauty of the plan


Were you aware that universities have classes on how to simulate dragon attacks?

I kid you not!

Students Simulate Dragon Attacks in Historical Battles

Recently, alternative history researchers have been discovering melted ruins all over the world, even in the Americas!

Jon Levi’s Investigations

Some are labeled as ancient deteriorated castles while others are passed off as geological formations.

Wooden Nickels Presentation

In this video, Howdie Mickoski provides some excellent insights and photos of suspicious historical fires in the US.

Howdie Michoski Talks

He explains how he has shown these old city fire photos to building professionals who said they looked like they were bombed from above, not consumed by typical structural fires.

San Francisco Aftermath

As Howdie points out, the narratives about such massive fires insist that no one had enough sense to build fireproof buildings.

Yet the photos of the aftermath show many massive solid stone and brick structures, some reduced to rubble while others are barely affected.

The San Francisco Mint

Admittedly, I only started investigating dragons after some extensive research into the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 which left me wondering if we’re seeing evidence of a recent reset.

Then I started wondering how it could have been pulled off.

After examining old photos, videos and accounts of San Francisco’s brief but colorful history, I am stumped. The personal stories don’t match the pictures which don’t match the history which doesn’t really explain how this city grew and fell (and grew again) so fast.

Before and after video of San Francisco Earthquake

But I have found a zillion juicy clues and will follow up with an examination of the destruction of this American city…think I’ll call it There be Dragons!

The Earth Dragon Awakes

Oh, and one last thing, you know the song Puff the Magic Dragon?

Do you remember these lyrics about “noble kings and princes” — I don’t.

Puff the Magic Dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mists
In a land called Honah Lee

Little Jackie Paper
Loved that rascal Puff
And brought him string
And sealing wax
And other fancy stuff

Together they would travel
On a boat with billowed sail
Jackie kept a lookout perched
On Puff’s gigantic tail

Nobel kings and princes
Would bow whenever they came
Pirate ships would lower their flag
When Puff roared out his name.

Oh, Puff the Magic Dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mists
In a land called Honah Lee

More musings on fake history:

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Up, Up and Away!

~ by weewarrior on October 12, 2020.

6 Responses to “Where Be Dragons?”

  1. Lots of old maps filled with fanciful creatures!
    Guardians of treasure hordes, dwellers on the threshold. Greatest fears conceal our greatest treasures…
    Definite similarity to dinosaurs. Gotta be one or the other…
    Atlantis supposedly using their technology to wipe out in great numbers. Reptiles or reptoids?… Hmmm…
    Almost a prerequisite to have them in a fantasy story. Song of Ice and Fire wouldn’t quite have been the hit that it was!
    And the name “Sauron” from Lord of the Rings…
    Sleestaks in Land of the Lost…
    Devolving into reptoids there for a minute.
    Too bad Terry doesn’t want to play with us. He’d just posted something about dragons a couple months before the end of SH.org…
    I’ll rack the stacks to see if anything else appropriate pops up or falls out.

    • Dude, you do have a knack for seeing what’s missing! I did have sections on those dragon depictions on old maps as well as their battles with the gods (Typhon was kick ass, he deserves his own movie…does he have one?) but I cut them in the end. Also had the dinosaur theory in there for a while, but it also hit the cutting room floor, it was getting out of control.

      Yeah, I found so many new novels on dragons i want to read now its just frustrating.”His Majesty’s Dragon” looks particularly yummy, especially when I heard Peter Jackson was interested. The “Dragon Alien Overlords” looked pretty delicious too.

      • Old Dungeons and Dragons animation had the dragon Tiamat as their nemesis.
        Marduk… Tiamat… Maldek… Asteroid belt…
        Perhaps our moon is a space station that traveled here from Orion, ripped the atmosphere from Mars and blasted it in a couple places, destroyed Maldek and created the asteroid belt, and then wiped out Atlantis and set up shop.
        Planets being obliterated likened to dragons battling.
        Then there’s the old Dragoon Trail through Iowa…

      • Ya did it again Chris! I got lost on the Dragoon trail and wound up at the Montrose Cemetery just across the Mississippi from Navaroo, IL, where the Mormons “founded” their first church. Some incredible tombstone/monuments in that place but this one really knocked my socks off, my old friend the knight fighting the dragon — on the Dragoon Trail!

        Also, there is a Dragoon trail through New Mexico into Arizona, so that blows the lid off them naming that trail after a bunch of Yankee soldiers.
        Fascinating, thanks again for the rabbit hole adventure.
        Regarding Tiamat, I was introduced to them as the force blocking the SOWF (source of WE feeling) from Earth in Doris Lessing’s Shikasta series. Since reading that years ago I’ve run into them in quite a few contexts where they seem intent on the destruction of the world.
        In her series, to rescue earth, another planet has to voluntarily agree to shift their planet into a position that will cause it to slowly freeze. The book is about the population slowly freezing to death just to save us. Thoroughly depressing yet incredibly uplifting.

  2. Puff the Magic dragon stuck with me as a kid. I felt like there was something important in the story that my young mind could not figure out. Kind of haunted me. I became interested in dragons again as an adult once I saw that every culture has references to them. I feel on some level they are real AND they are references to plasma/energy discharge, earth lines, etc…Perhaps these magical creatures were captured and their power is harnessed and used by the captors. No wonder they get cranky around humans!

    • Thanks for the comment Tim!

      Yes, that song did burrow into my young brain. But the version I heard from PP&M had that whole verse about the kid growing up and losing interest in the dragon and it fading away. I like the ending on this version much better!

      The story goes that the song was banging around in Leonard Lipton’s brain so insistently he finally typed it out and then walked away and left it in the typewriter. His roommate was Peter Yarrow who found it and worked it into the version we know today. He does give Leonard credit, though, nice of him.

      Yes, the plasma/energy concept is growing on me, especially after seeing auto-diadactic’s new video showing the cross section of those star fort cities. The intricate pumping systems and canal networks seem all about harnessing energy instead of creating it by force like we do.

      Ever read “This Alien Shore”? It had an interesting space dragons in there. I think I need to revisit it soon.

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