The World(s) Under Our World

After researching the high strangeness in the skies above our heads, I began looking into what’s going on under the surface of our world.

It didn’t take much digging around (excuse the pun) to discover some pretty weird shit going on down there, too!

Let’s start with the natural formations scattered all across the USA.

I was raised in a part of Texas riddled with cave complexes where you could hear a hollow sound when walking across the bare rock that formed the roofs of these subterranean chambers.

It was an eerie sensation to realize there was a whole Chthonic world just a few feet under my feet!

I remember the discovery of the huge Inner Space Caverns in 1963 when they were building a new overpass for Interstate 35. Their drills kept disappearing into a void! It was a big deal when they finally cut a hole large enough to send in a team to investigate.

Turns out caves just keep popping up all over (or should I say under?) Texas — they recently stumbled onto another sizable one beneath a Round Rock subdivision!

Many spelunkers speculate that eventually they will open up passages that will link many of the now separate cave systems into massive complexes.

After all, they had no idea there was a HUGE cave sitting right next to Carlsbad Caverns until 1986!

Only professionals are allowed in the Lechuguilla Cave at present — besides the entrance being tricky enough to be labeled the ‘Misery Hole’  — it’s no small matter to rescue an injured caver. Since many of the formations are so delicate the public may never be invited inside, we’ll have to be content with the hard-won BBC footage for now.

Lechuguilla Cave map

Turns out there are some pretty fascinating things going on in caves… here are a few of my favorites:

1. The Luray Caverns in Virginia are technically the world’s biggest instrument! The Stalacpipe Organ was developed in the 1950’s by Leland W. Sprinkle to strike selected stalactites that make perfect tones.  You can hear the music throughout the entire 64 acre cave network!

Working as both a player piano and a live concert instrument, the Stalacpipe Organ has attracted the interest of music lovers from Mr. Rogers to Pepe Deluxé, a Finnish electronic band.

2. The Grand Canyon Cave Hotel Room is nestled 21 stories underground in a sprawling cave complex. They advertise it as the quietest (and darkest) hotel room ever – but be prepared to shell out $800 per night for the experience!

3. The Giant Crystal Cave in the Naica Mine in Mexico was created by a unique combination of temperature and humidity that allowed the crystals to grow to enormous size before the water was pumped out to extract the minerals.

Unlike most caves that maintain a steady cool temperature, the extreme heat and humidity in here can be fatal to humans unless they are properly equipped.

Spelunkers admit that after 10 minutes inside they begin to experience an overwhelming desire to lay down and die. Many skeletons were discovered in this cave.

4. Wyandotte Cave in Illinois boast Monument Mountain, the highest underground mount in the world!

I stumbled on this structure when I was comparing worldwide seismograph readings and noticed this one registering independent rhythms.


Does that flat round wall behind the mount look suspicious to anyone else?

It rekindled my theories that natural portals were used by Old Empire cultures — which I suspect is why we don’t find more physical evidence of early travel.

 (Further speculations on portals at my Star Gates in Caves blog.)

So, besides uncountable natural caverns under the surface — what else is lurking under our supposedly solid ground?

How about all those man-made subterranean structures being unearthed all over the world?

In fact, I dare you to name a major metropolitan city that does NOT have a labyrinth of man-made structures underneath it…

Modern historians typically credit these underground complexes with  transportation networks, smuggling operations or Prohibition Era hideaways and concoct scary stories to embellish their conclusions.

14 American Cities With Crazy Underground Tunnel Systems ...

I suspect many cities under cities were actually completely forgotten (reset scenario?) and re-purposed at a later date, some are too well made just to be a place to stash booty.

Undoubtedly many underground complexes are perfect for nefarious deeds, but is that the only reason we are finding (or creating) huge buried communities?

Some cultures have used subterranean housing much like Tolkien’s Hobbits, crafting cozy homes that include space for storage and livestock with intricate ventilation and water distribution networks.

So, guess what American city this recently (re)-discovered structure was found lurking beneath?

Did you guess Houston, Texas?

Yep, me neither, but that is their original water cistern. According to the narrative it was (supposedly) built in the 1920’s…when the area was a fetid floodplain. Okay. Sure. Whatever.

Anyway, it was abandoned in the 60’s when they broke it and had to build a newfangled reservoir. Then they somehow managed to totally forget about this architectural marvel   — which by the way is very similar to the ones built in Turkey during the 6th century.

Naturally the Controller Crowd wanted to demolish the Buffalo Bayou Cistern, but a savvy developer snatched it up and made it into a art venue.

I kid you not.

Don’t even get me started on the tunnels under Washington, DC.

Let’s just mention my favorite bullshit story about their origin involving Harrison G. Dyer, a Smithsonian entomologist (bug collector… mosquitoes were his specialty) who supposedly — just for fun — constructed a network of tunnels under his home in the prestigious Dupont Circle neighborhood.

When found in the 1920’s, they were lined with high-end bricks on which were pasted old German newspapers. That started a lot of rumors until Dyer fessed up to his “hobby.” Now many of Dyer’s tunnels are being integrated into the new Dupont Underground Art Space.

Oh, some of these tunnels have been implicated in the Pizza-Gate controversy because the Alefanis family owns many properties directly above them.

Pizzagate Properties Align with Forgotten D.C. Catacombs – The Phaser

Anyway, it turns out many of the underground cities and tunnels were re-purposed for troop quarters or military training grounds.

us mailbox carved underground france

Which leads to the next layer of mystery going on way underneath our feet, the D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Now this is some scary shit…

Yep, there seem to be a lot of them and I’m sure they’re building a lot more every day, some as deep as 2,000 feet. The amount of workers necessary to build and maintain these facilities indicates that a lot of people spend a lot of time underneath North America. And they don’t talk about it a lot.

Did you know they have a machine that can melt through rock at the rate of 7 MPH?!?

Called the Subterrene, the Los Almos machine looks like a vicious giant mole.

The beauty of the Subterrene is that, as it burrows through the rock hundreds of feet below the surface, it heats whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, or magma, which cools after the Subterrene has moved on.  The result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazed lining.  For power, the Subterrene can use a built-in minature nuclear engine or even a conventional power plant.

Regarding D.U.M.B.s, I had a bizarre experience once while driving around outside Taos, New Mexico.

I was in the middle of nowhere on a rather bumpy road and suddenly noticed a beautifully smooth paved single lane road branching off and leading around a low mountain. I turned off and followed it, but just around the bend it went right up to the mountainside. No signs, no guardrail, nothing…just a perfect road ending at a cliff face. When I went back the next week to get pictures, it was gone. Totally gone.

Anyway, turns out it’s not all nasty stuff down there. The world has recently been enlightened about an elaborate underground temple complex in the Italian Alps, Damanhur.

We now know that an alternative community had been building this subterranean 8 room complex since 1978 without anyone noticing until 1992 when someone realized that all the materials being delivered to the building site never resulted in any new construction! When the police finally investigated, they found a trap door leading to these stunning  chambers:

But all that is, as they say, just scratching the surface…

Because now we come to the Hollow Earth theory.

I declare that the earth is hollow and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles twelve or sixteen degrees. I pledge my life in support of this truth, and am ready to explore the hollow, if the world will support and aid me in the undertaking.

This remarkable statement was issued in 1818 by Captain John Cleves Symmes, Jr., an officer in the War of 1812 from a respectable family. He dedicated the remainder of his life to proving the existence of a Hollow Earth.

Known as the man with the hole at the pole, he was subjected to much public ridicule but nonetheless managed to convince then president John Quincy Adams (who botched the formation of Smithsonian Institution) to spend federal resources to launch expeditions to contact the Inner Earth Mole People. Obviously this project did not result in any concrete evidence and was quickly dismissed by the next president, Andrew Jackson.

Many turn-of-the-century novels fueled the public imagination about the existence of worlds within our world. A fascinating tale called Symzonia, Voyage of Discovery, thought to be written by Symmes under a pen name, described a journey through the Antarctic opening where the author meets an advanced race of humans living in harmony because their main law was to exile any wrongdoers to the surface world.

Other books like Dweller on Two Planets inspired spiritual organizations like the “I Am” movement in the 1930’s that attracted over 1 million subscribers. They believed Mt. Shasta in California was home to Inner Earth dwellers who were once inhabitants of Lemuria.

Books such as Etidorpha that described the benefits of inner earth conditions (no weariness, hunger or thirst) certainly piqued curiosity.

Then there is the strange tale by Admiral Richard Byrd about his bizarre 1947 Antarctic expedition, Operation Highjump. The official story admits that he did report a  “land of blue and green lakes and brown hills in an otherwise limitless expanse of ice.”

However, there is much more to the story according to his secret diary released after his death. In it he claims he was taken to an advanced world beneath the ice:

The radioman and I are taken from the aircraft and we are received in a most cordial manner. We were then boarded on a small platform-like conveyance with no wheels! It moves us toward a glowing city with great swiftness. As we approach, the city seems to be made of a crystal material.

And last, but certainly not least, was the Cellular Cosmology theory that our world is actually inside a nest of spheres.

Proposed by Dr. Cyrus Teed, he collected a bunch of followers and founded the Koreshan Unity community on 370 acres in Florida in the 1890’s. His Utopian ideals attracted the admiration of prominent men like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Image result for Dr. Cyrus Teed,

Makes you wonder if the stories of places like Mel’s Hole in Washington (and the highly protected Devil’s Hole in Nevada) might lead to the world(s) within our world?

After delving for so many clues in both the earth and sky, I certainly have a new respect for the truism: As Above, So Below!

Epic Instrumental Music - As above So below (faster version) timelapse - YouTube

Further investigations!

The Sky is Falling – The Chicken Little Syndrome

Those Damned Dams

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18 Responses to “The World(s) Under Our World”

  1. Great article. I really enjoyed the video at the end aswell!

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  3. Heh. Mel’s Hole. Let’s throw a cow down there! Good old late night radio conspiracy and speculation. Ah, look how far we’ve come.
    Reading Falco’s (Damanhur) books these days while simultaneously catching up on the other half of the Sky Books I haven’t read… Synchronic Lines was AWESOME!
    Damn DUMBs! I’m only a short drive from Delta, CO which has its own Egyptian movie theater, yes it does. Takes me back…
    We have those stupid huge underground entrances in the Rockies. CO Springs, Moffat, … A friend knows someone who drives trucks through them. I’ll shake her down for more Intel.
    I’ll go Matthew Broderick on that shit! Just need an Ally Sheedy… My wife not so into all this stuff.
    Kentucky and the blue people, the Berber Tuareg what-have-you and the Ahaggar… There be all kinds peeps livin in holes!

    • Man, once again you sent me on one of those synchronstic wild goose chases! This one started with watching some of Falco’s videos about his philosophy about how getting people to work together selflessly was one of the best things you can do for yourself, which makes it a totally selfish action. Love those conundrums!

      Then I looked into the Berber Tuareg Blue People (what gorgeous people!) and came across the Masons of Djeene and their community ritual of plastering mud on their mosque every year and how that project provided such a spiritual cohesion for them. Perfect syncwink!

      Of course, UNESCO has to show up and ruin the whole thing, but their fighting to regain their right to work in the mud together once a year cause they know how important it is to have that kind of experience on a regular basis! Seems we need more of this kind of thing in our society instead of hiring people to do such labors.

      • Wow. And keeps them connected to that old world memory. Wasn’t blasted away or completely buried, like most of the washout south of the Sea. Which might have been when Doggerland sank or whatever happened north of Europe.
        Who even knows what all exists under that desert. There’s supposedly WAY elaborate underground with the Tuareg as well. Those blue and purple dyes… ROYALTY. Kings and queens…

  4. Or ATLANTIS. Forgot to mention I’ve been obsessed with it as well most of my life…
    Paintings from Damanhur are way interesting.
    DAMANHUR : 2004
    And there’s this enigma…
    It’s underground, so I’ll just drop it like a flaming turd right here.
    And, as far as Sky Books and the later Radu Cinamar books about what’s under Romania and Bulgaria, I’ve only read the first couple, and that was a few years ago, so I need to catch up. Tunnels to Egypt… Tunnels to India… Tunnels, tunnels, tunnels. Rubble, rubble, rubble.
    You’re a towel!

    • Yeah, I’ve never NOT believed in Atlantis, being told it was just a silly story was probably one of the first things that keyed me into the fake history concept. I gobbled up the Edgar Cayce and Steiner descriptions long ago, but didn’t find this Hermetic story of Atlantis until relatively recently when I was digging into the roots of Masonry. It really added some new dimensions to the concept of a society designed to manipulate spiritual energy.

      Wingmakers…been there, done that, don’t know what to think except that I hope it’s everything it says it is. The first Interview with James was pretty awesome, but the stuff after that got quite convoluted. Anyway, hope the future is coming to our rescue, that would be just fine with me!

      • That’s not the WM site I was referencing! But sort of… A spin-off, if you will. Through the links, you can spiral off into Fred’s world, he’s looked way into the enigma of the .us vs the .com but I recently brought to his attention a blaring discrepancy…
        In the original site he saved and archived, there’s a noticeable signature on some of the paintings. It was removed from the commercialized site of “James”.
        Oh well, just another hole!
        Btw, I had my mind blown earlier in the Philadelphia Experiment Murder chapter 17, Atlantis, where Alexandra Bruce interviews Glen Pruitt and talking about parallel worlds. Opened so many doors in relation to RIGHT NOW. I’m glad I waited to read this old gem until this moment in time! Still grounding it…

      • Wow, there’s a pyramid UNDER Montauk? And Pruitt had the conscious tech to open it? And it’s in a chapter called Atlantis? Mind blown!

        Good catch on the James signature on the paintings, there are so many discrepancies in the two websites it’s a real head game. But I did gather from the interview that he was presenting his material from many different angles to provide more access to different mindsets. So that kinda made me ease up on the different versions, I assume he has just been refining his style. I actually had some contact with the guy that does the graphic art for the Wingmakers website, he seemed pretty authentic.

  5. What hit me in PEM, and his interview there, was that of nine parallel realities, all with slightly different scenarios. Orion wars…
    In ours, Atlantis was destroyed by a plague which affected our minds and DNA, removing our higher faculties. Then, the operators in A couldn’t properly use the technology and actually caused most destruction themselves. As a last ditch failsafe, they engaged safety of other underground bases with force fields.
    The NWO and Illuminati aren’t the same folks. In our world, they are all attempting to recapture lost Atlantean technology, and also impede our awakening (like always), and other parallel parties are involved via the rifts and tears which are supposed to be healed and sealed within the next handful of years.
    TT mess similar to what PS said above. Go Blucifer! Nice sack, man!
    The ANSWER to making awakening easier is to cut yourself off from past lives, parallel selves, etc. They have no real purpose or application in our current reality. Connect to HIGHER Self, raise the vibration…

    • Ah, the parallel reality(s) conundrum…total brain boiler, indeed. I’ve watched the movie Predestination three times now and I still have to wrestle with myself to untwist the time-travel dilemma.

      Did you check out any of DJs stuff on the X-tech being used by the black ops groups? It certainly follows some verifiable paths into the (mis)use of Atlantean tech right under our noses, potentially shifting reality around on a daily basis!

      Oh, have you checked out Daemon, A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self by Anthony Peake? I found his theory pretty interesting, kinda HDM-ish in that your daemon is your constant companion and can feed you information about the unseen influences that control your destiny.
      This presentation is poorly produced but very interesting!

      • Yep, been there done that.
        Familiar with much of those references. Didn’t hear A Vision by Yeats in there. I’d have to compile a few notes, and I wish I had all of the volumes of notes he made on it. Read through them some at CU Boulder library… Back in the stacks.
        Anyway, he mentions the daimon (Loki in Dogma, :)) as the ultimate self, sort of like that guide thing in the video. Disembodied. “Stage manager” directing the comedy drama. Four faculties in varying degrees of will and mask, creative mind and body of fate interacting and changing between lives or ages, astrology. A Vision inspired The Second Coming, my favorite of his poems for sure.
        The Schwaller de Lubicz family does an excellent job with BA and KA. Mer-Ka-Ba is actually the alchemical marriage of those aspects. Mer being attraction for complementary aspect and also referring to a specific light which is created. Yes, I actually found them, my favorite teachers through Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life materials twenty years ago!
        Speaking of Doppelgangers, have you seen Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal? There are others… FOREIGN films… 😉
        Also, in Yeats, it’s too complex to do much here, are the four principles, like inverses of the faculties, of husk, passionate body, spirit and celestial body.
        His wife channeled it. One of those things that drives someone crazy in their later years trying to quantify. I have several examples of that, some less complex than others.
        Point being, at some point the beings divulging the system told him they were just trying to give him metaphors for poetry. Not, I’m surmising, a system to establish.

      • Also, years ago when I was into FoL and related and exploring and expanding, there was talk of a new mystery school opening in Hawaii through Kensington University. Relying heavily on local kahuna teachings and nature mysticism. Never happened as far as I know after searching later…

  6. Yeah, I remember hearing about mystery schools on Kauai and on BI, they were kinda hush hush. I did study with some Huna guys on Maui, a watered-down version of Hawaiian mysticism, but as close as I could get to the real thing. Very positive experience though.

    The few actual Kahunas I met left me in awe and I realized I was no where near their league. One of them made me take my first bite of poi right in front of her, it was a supreme act of will not to pull a face, that stuff was beyond disgusting, but I got it down without reacting. Years later she came to my rescue when I was near death from a mis-diagnosed illness and within a few weeks of her ceremony I had found a competent doctor and was back on my feet.

    Also stumbled into a presentation being given by the legal queen of Hawaii whose name I will never remember but who made such a good impression on me I signed up for citizenship in her Republic of Hawaii. She had a great plan to restore her sovereignty using an Apostile issued from the Hauge which proved her ancestors were the last to establish metes and bounds of the Hawaiian Islands.

    She explained how she would reclaim the money the US stole from the tourism tax, distribute it to Hawaiian families and re-establish their traditional land tracts that ran in a 5 mile swath from the beach to the mountaintop. She explained that visitors would be welcome, just unable to purchase property. She believed love was the answer to every relevant question. She had it all figured out.

    Sad to say she really seems to have faded from view, I can’t find diddly squat about her online. But what a woman, if we had leaders like that we could make some serious progress. She gave me hope that those kind of folks are out there, doing their thing.

    Ironically, I guess, it was also the same place I saw Captain Paul Watson the first time. He quickly became my hero. Been fun to watch him gain popularity and stir up some excellent controversy with his Sea Shepard gang.


    There is also a huge underground base below the Denver Airport which can be used for Continuity of Operations by the US government.

    • Absolutely, thanks for pointing that out. I think that underground network extends all the way to Cheyenne Mountain! Dark Journalist has done some good shows on the Continuity of Government and found their base of operations is in Colorado.
      Also came across this “Smart City” they are building by the Denver Airport that really creeps me out.

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