Antiqui-Tech, Expositions and Electric Parks

New York World's Fair 1939 poster

The evidence is mounting that we have been mislead regarding the recent “discovery” of technology.

Our gadgets may have modern overtones, but are they the culmination of human cleverness or are they just clumsy imitations of graceful Old Empire Antiqui-Tech?

I’m wondering just how many North American cities once utilized Atmospheric Etheric Energy which was systematically dismantled and transmuted into commercial enterprises.


Aberdeen, Washington Electric Building

Let’s consider that part of the Controllers’ Staged Political Power agenda focuses on preserving remnants of Old Empire elegance (for their use) that they pretend to have constructed instead of renovated.

Then they create a Gilded Age scenario to convince the survivors of catastrophes like Mudfloods that the worst is over, the future is bright and your great leaders are busy creating beautiful Utopias where the traumatized populations will live in bliss.

Coney Island Debauchery – 1890

So the first priority in such a scheme would be to commandeer the remaining Old Empire structures and convince the public that they were brand new.

Thus the staging of lavish turn-of-the-century  World’s Fairs and Expositions in the major cities where the Antiqui-Tech was most obvious. This one held in Buffalo New York in 1901 featured sensational electric towers set amid architecture covered with Fiddly Bits (Antiqui-Tech antennas).

Of course, no one is supposed to notice these Expositions were repeatedly held in Old Empire complexes camouflaged with cheap plaster, gaudy attractions and cardboard concessions tucked in among the genuine monuments.

Paris Exposition of 1889

These extravaganzas heavily promoted petroleum based technologies as the answer to mankind’s energy problems while continuing to use the last vestiges of Antiqui-Tech to run the show!

1897 Nashville Tennessee Centennial Exposition

The conclusion of these events served the Controllers with perfect excuses to burn, demolish or relocate these testaments to gentler cultures and subtly program the populace to equate Old Empire structures with tragedy.

Chicago World’s Fair Fire

Another curious feature of these turn-of-the-century parks is that instead of statues and monuments reflecting current trends and modern fashions, the decorations display classical Pagan symbology — including a lot of nudity — that would  offend straight-laced Victorians and make Roaring Twenties flappers roll their eyes!


These expositions also gave the Robber Barons a perfect place to stage technological rivalries and engage the public in debates about which non-free power systems to support.

Of course, in the end the Controllers get the kind of metered technology that generates profits.

1893 Chicago Exposition Exhibits reflect the “War of the Currents” between General Electric and Westinghouse

Naturally, small time US entrepreneurs realized they could use the same techniques to create cheaper theme parks not only in major cities, but in smaller US towns that were just being introduced to electricity and trolley lines.

all 3 ads 8-5-06 tele

The story goes that the local Electric/Luna/White City parks were the brainchild of Fred Ingersoll, a New Jersey vending machine designer who started a roller coaster construction company in 1890.

He launched the first two parks in 1904 with funding from a consortium of local power companies, trolley lines and builders wanting to encourage a steadier flow of weekend and holiday commerce for their industries.

Basically, these local amusement parks were scaled down models of Fred Thompson’s Coney Island, a huge East Coast attraction that recouped expenses the first year of operation and continued to make millions for the investors. 

Coney Island 1903

Coney Island 1903

Baltimore Maryland Electric Park At Night General Scene Antique ...

Now conventional history tells us (with a straight face) that between 1898 and 1920, around 100 theme parks were erected just in North America — there were also dozens more (by the same companies) around the world!

Not all the parks were Ingersoll’s — he had plenty of imitators — but within 16 years his company launched 44 parks, many in cities he never even visited. His roller coaster company built at least 227 roller coaster rides over the same time span, the majority of them in his competitor’s parks.

His firm also constructed most of the Scenic Railway and Boat Tour rides of the period.

Busy guy!

Turns out it is hard to get exact numbers since history didn’t record the opening dates of many of these parks and some were so short-lived they have been erased from the books.

Pictures of construction are practically non-existent, although stories of corruption surrounding these parks are rampant.

Luna Park Pittsburgh, PA 1905-1909

So the same straight-faced historians insist that Coney Park was the first Luna Park, opening in 1903. All the rest were imitations built after that date.

However, according to the same “story,” there were plenty of these parks built before then! Some opened in 1888, so somebody is fudging the facts!

All in all there were (approximately) 38 Electric Parks , 27 Luna Parks  and 25 White Cities from 1888 to 1907. Just in the U.S.

Cleveland Luna Park 1910

Then there is this strange statement in the Chicago Luna Park Wikipedia entry:

The park cost $375,000 to construct; re-creating it from scratch would cost approximately $8,500,000.


Did Ingersoll (and his imitators) construct these parks so cheaply because they knew of locations where they could commandeer existing infrastructure around which to craft their amusement parks?

I’ve run across a lot of suspicious Gilded Age architects and landscapers who produced an inordinate amount of work in a very short time — and their “original creations” always bore traces of Old Empire Antiqui-Tech.

So, why am I not surprised that Mr. Ingersoll’s history fits right into the profile of a Usurper — prestigious family name, deep pockets and powerful affiliations.

Most articles about Ingersoll glorify his visions but barely mention he was a terrible businessman despite his prolific parks and rides industry.

By 1911 he was bankrupt, declaring his only assets as three business suits.

The stories also routinely leave out the tragic detail that in 1927 at the age 52, Ingersoll committed suicide by locking himself up in the concession booth at Krug’s Park in Omaha (which he did not even own) and turning on all the gas.

I kid you not.

Where was Luna Park?

Fredrick Ingersoll

Ironically just a few days later, the roller coaster (that his company built) at that same park experienced a fatal fault, killing 4 people and beginning civil legislation that banned such attractions in city limits.

Consequently, the era of City Electric Parks diminished and Disney began crafting Worlds and Lands. 

Old Empire Styles with a Disney Twist

Sensing something dodgy was going on, I wondered if these old American amusement parks had any consistent Antiqui-Tech features that could be camouflaged as an attraction.

Sure, turns out there are dozens of Electric Fountains all across the US, most connected at one time with these amusement parks.

Many of these fountains were in towns you barely heard of, but when you investigate their history you find plenty of interesting Old Empire remnants in the vicinity.

My continuing investigations into Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE) lead me to conjecture that a combination of moving water and still water were crucial to the distribution and regulation of this off the grid energy system. That would explain why elaborate fountains and reflecting pools are standard features in most metropolitan areas.

But what about the fountains and pools outside the “new” city limits?

Seems a simple way to deal with those dangling Old Empire artifacts was to commandeer the land for public amusement and build a dedicated trolley line!

Bangor, Maine Electric Fountain and Waterfalls

When contemplating the Electric Fountains I kept in mind that although modern power systems require huge amounts of water and massive turbines to process and distribute electrical energy through the grid, the original power stations at Niagara Falls were quite modest since they were only required to furnish electricity for a single facility.

Individual Factory Power Stations at Niagara falls

Conventional science agrees that waterfalls contain power, they just insist we need the big turbine systems to harvest that energy.
To explain where the energy of the falling water comes from, let’s recall the principle of conservation of energy. The principle states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be converted from one form to another. Water at the top of a very high waterfall possesses gravitational potential energy. As the water falls, this energy is converted into kinetic energy, resulting in a flow at a high velocity.

So when you consider that Antiqui-Tech utilized not only atmospheric but acoustic energy, it is not surprising to discover that these early Electric Fountains were equipped with pipe organs linked by intricate pumping systems to sophisticated waterproof illumination technology.

Consequently, the fountain could be manipulated to match the music played at the park. Surely as impressive for their time as the Dubai Fountains are to modern tourists.

Also, some of the fountains were labeled as automatic and required human operators, but maybe this was not always the case?

Some of these Electric Fountains even incorporated cupolas and other suspicious Antiqui-Tech structures in their design.

So after this investigation I am even more convinced of a Controller’s agenda to commandeer Old Empire Structures in America, make a quick buck by turning them into an Exposition, Electric Park, White City or Luna Park, and then destroy the evidence.

Any remnants which were not easily demolished were stripped down and disconnected from the AEE network.

Such a scenario would explain why so many ambitious amusement enterprises sprang up all over the country in a very short time and disappeared just as quickly!

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