Hyperborea -What Happened to the Polar Continents?

Still pondering the quandary of what happened to the Polar Lands after Mercator made his 1569 polar map.

According to a letter Mercator wrote John Dee (yep, the royal court magician) there is historical evidence that King Arthur had sent emissaries to these lands back in the 14th century.

A translation of the Latin on the map reads:

“We have taken [the Arctic geography] from the Itinerium of Jacobus Cnoyen of the Hague, who makes some citations from the Gesta of Arthur of Britain; however, the greater and most important part he learned from a certain priest at the court of the king of Norway in 1364. He was descended in the fifth generation from those whom Arthur had sent to inhabit these lands, and he related that in the year 1360 a certain Minorite,an Englishman from Oxford, a mathematician, went to those islands; and leaving them, advanced still farther by magic arts and mapped out all and measured them by an astrolabe in practically the subjoined figure, as we have learned from Jacobus. The four canals there pictured he said flow with such current to the inner whirlpool, that if vessels once enter they cannot be driven back by wind.”

In his 1885 book Paradise Found, the Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole, the Dean of Boston College William Fairfield Warren presented a detailed argument drawn from first hand accounts and ancient mythologies about the hidden lands at the “navel of the Earth.”

So, these land masses around the North Pole on Mercator’s map…where did they go?

Two of the continents are labeled as inhabited, one by pygmies (the little people) and one by a race of giant black women (ancestors of Queen Calaifa, I suspect).

He simply left them out of later maps, how convenient. He did not, however, ever show the region covered by ice!

So just when, and how, did this region flash-freeze?

When researching my blog on the Moon I learned about the World Ice Theory that was very popular in Nazi Germany. It postulated that the Moon was a piece of ice captured by gravity which will eventually rain ice down on the earth.

Although I’m not fond of that theory, a flash freeze of the Polar continents would explain the thousands of Siberian Wooly Mammoth herds discovered frozen in their tracks with fresh daisies in their mouths.

A interesting clue came from George William Manby (the chap who invented the flare and the fire extinguisher) who wrote “Journal  of a Voyage to Greenland” published in 1821. This non-seaman joined a whaling ship to test out his harpoon prototypes (he had serious hunting issues, he shot at everything that moved).

But the crew didn’t care for his poncy attitude and sabotaged his equipment, so he had plenty of time to write in his diary and sketch the wonders he saw along the way.

And he did see some amazing things in the ice and made the following drawings of icebergs and notes in his journal:

Ice castle.jpg

Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in the Year 1821 by George W. Manby

…[the iceburgs] resembled human busts, towers, slender spires, massy pyramids, and every other form that it is possible to imagine: varying in height from four to ten feet, and in extent from ten to fifty yards. 

On passing the point near this hummock, the appearance of the ice was curious from the irregularity of the pieces which were lying in all directions, in different forms, and of various sizes, like the ruins of some immense city, which had been overthrown by a convulsion of nature. To the westward of the point … at least thirty feet high, resembling a temple being upwards of one hundred and fifty feet in length, and fifty feet from the surface of the water, having apertures like windows. Another at a distance resembled a tower, seated upon an immense base, at least seventy feet, of a most beautiful berylline blue, and nearly perpendicular.

[The sea ice] formed extensive pyramids, and a lofty dome, which was observable at some distance. We now entered a bay of ice with an unceasing variety of forms; but those that most arrested my attention, resembled sarcophagi, cromlechs, and that beautiful relic of antiquity on Salisbury plain, Stonehenge.

Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in the Year 1821, plate 09 (cropped).png

So was Poncy George seeing and describing actual architectural remnants of a lost Hyperborean civilization back in 1815 still bobbing around in the Arctic? No doubt those drawings of ice burgs bear great resemblance to the kind of Old Empire buildings we find all over the world.

File:Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in the Year 1821, plate 03-a (cropped).png - Wikimedia ...

Also, in the same part of the world, was the famous lost “Franklin Expedition” that mysteriously disappeared and despite numerous rescue missions was never found — until recently.

Then it really gets weird…

For one thing, they found one of the ships exactly where the Inuit eye witness who watched it sink told them to look.  But they didn’t believe him so it took a couple of hundred years to discover.

Now they are stumped why four of the sailor’s remains turned out to be European women even though they were never mentioned in the ship’s records!

Anyway, finding the boat doesn’t answer the questions raised in a book called The Franklin Conspiracy: An Astounding Conclusion to the Lost Arctic Expedition  which claims:

…that there was a scheme at the highest levels of the British Admiralty from 1818 to 1859 to hide the existence in the Canadian Arctic of a race of giants with knowledge of radiation and the power to levitate entire ships.


And what happened to Islandia, Fresinia and Hy-Brasil?

Myths of Hy Brasil - Rendlesham forest - YouTube

So, the official narrative of the Arctic being locked in ice for eons gets pretty dodgy when you study the old maps and discover the aura of high strangeness hovering around the region.

For instance, right on the edge of the polar ice caps sits Baffin Island (5th largest island in the world) which gets very interesting with further examination.

Of course, they’ve got lots of UFO sightings, and some baffling unidentified sounds coming from the sea near the shore, and that bizarre 1930’s report about Lake Anijikuni where an entire village vanished without even taking their gear, leaving food cooking and doors open!

Canadian Canoe reporter John Thompson, through a dispatch from Iqaluit writes:

A mysterious skull discovered on the edge of the Arctic Circle has sparked interest in what creatures roamed Baffin Island in the distant past.

Andrew Dialla, a resident of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, says he found the skull protruding from the frozen tundra during a walk near the shore with his daughter about a month ago. The horned skull is about the size of a man’s fist.

On the north end of Baffin Island is this newly discovered rock formation “Pair of Pants” that to me resembles the ruins of a massive stone structure. I find it hard to believe it has spend eons under grinding glaciers…

Pair of Pants Formation – North Coast of Canada

 The formation was only known to locals and is accessible only a few weeks of the year, so when it was first reported to the tourist office, they thought it was a joke!

It gets even weirder when you check out nearby Sirmilik Park which full of hoodoos that the quackademics insist were made by glaciers.


Hoodoo Valley at Sirmilik Park, Nunavut

They expect us to believe those delicate little spires were formed by massive sheets of ice!


Glacial Valley Landscape Sirmilik National Park Bylot Isla… | Flickr

Also in Sirmilik Park…


How did a glacier leave that behind?

Even NASA is scratching their pointy heads over the new “extrusions” from the Arctic ice fields, indicating the global warming conditions are causing fragments of unknown land(s) to emerge…

nasa arctic ice

Keep in mind this very region was important during WWII as home to the island of Thule, which loomed very large in the Nazi mystique.

Both a Greek geographer and the Roman poet Virgil  described the  region as Ultima Thule.

So one has to wonder why NASA claims the public requested the “highly appropriate name” Ultima Thule for their newest PR bullshit space narrative sensation.


MANY ancient religions specifically mention that our ancestors originated from a polar central landmass now lost under the oceans.


Visualization of Hyperborea by Vsevolod Ivanov

According to theosophical literature, humanity’s spiritual path passes through numerous transitions as it descends into materialism.

ic:Credit unarianwisdom.com

The first stage, the Polarean Root Race, were essentially etheric creatures who resided solely on Mount Meru at the North Pole, the first mountain to rise from the cooling earth. They were in charge of creating the mineral formations of the earth.

The second Hyperborean Root Race achieved the physical form (giants with a single eye) that seeded their offspring through “budding” instead of birth. They were responsible for creating the vegetation of the earth.

This Hyperborean culture’s godlike abilities are part of the folklore of  Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Northern Asia, Canada and Kamchatka.

Esoteric researchers also credit the Second Root Race as the Ancient Master Builders of the planetary grid network of stone megaliths, dolmens, obelisks and other geoengineering structures.

Megalithic Madness: 3,000 Menhirs – Carnac, Brittany | Ashtronort - History's Mysteries

The Hyperborean period was the Golden Age of Civilization, an ideal which will not be reached again by humans until the final (7th) root race emerges.

The reign of the root race was ended by the Electric Wars that caused either the extermination, petrification or removal of the great giants.

Some were trapped in earth’s reincarnational cycle and became mythological figures like the Norse Gods and the Titans from Greek mythology who live in the land where the sun never sets.


In Greek mythology, the Titans and Titanesses  were members of the second generation of divine beings, descending from the primordial deities and preceding the Olympians. Based on Mount Othrys, the Titans most famously included the first twelve children of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky). They ruled during the legendary Golden Age, and also comprised the first pantheon of Greek deities.

Others retreated to parallel dimensions to wait until the world was mended.

A search for legends of giants in the area around the Arctic was an embarrassment of riches…

Inuit legends tell that the giants of the North who once cohabited with their ancestors were gentle and helpful, but the giants who came from the south were ferocious and possessed of insatiable appetites (Wendigos).

Montana Moments: Wendigo

These same authors collected legends of the little people who befriended the Arctic tribes in another children’s book Ava and the Little Folk. Remember how Mercator’s map labels one of the Polar continents as the abode of the Pygmies…?

Okay, shouldn’t there be giant’s bones being unearthed in Canada? Sure, they’ve got lots of giant bones!

Since the actual bones have long since been whisked away by the Smithsonian graverobbers, our main sources are old newspaper accounts.

This report of the Niagara Giants was only published in French, here is the translation:

Article in “The Daily Telegraph” Ontario, August 23, 1871
Two hundred skeletons of ANAKIN [sic] in Cayuga Township; A singular discovery by a Torontonian and others — A vast Golgotha opened to view — Some remains of the ‘Giants that were in those days.’ From our own correspondents.”
Cayuga, August 21– “On Wednesday last, Rev. Nathaniel Wardell, Messers. Orin Wardell (of Toronto), and Daniel Fredenburg, were digging on the farm of the latter gentleman, which is on the banks of the Grand River, in the township of Cayuga. When they got to five or six feet below the surface, a strange sight met them. Piled in layers, one upon top of the other, some two hundred skeletons of human beings nearly perfect — around the neck of each one being a string of beads.
“There were also deposited in this pit a number of axes and skimmers made of stone. In the jaws of several of the skeletons were large stone pipes — one of which Mr. O. Wardell took with him to Toronto a day or two after this Golgotha was unearthed.
“These skeletons are those of men of gigantic stature, some of them measuring nine feet, very few of them being less than seven feet. Some of the thigh bones were found to be at least a foot longer than those at present known, and one of the skulls being examined completely covered the head of an ordinary person. These skeletons are supposed to belong to those of a race of people anterior to the Indians.’

Yep, Honest Abe

Also around the Arctic Circle, the Sami tribes have a sacred lake where  the cliffs hide an entrance to the remnants of Hyperborea, which is guarded over (not willingly) by a giant.

Lake Seydozero, Finland

It is protected by Kuiva the Giant, “old man, giant, wizard” – a gigantic figure impressed on a rock. The figure is visible as a 100-meter silhouette on the cliff of the mountain Kuivchorr.

Sami legends say that the Gods punished the mean giant by striking him with lightning and turning him into a rock.


Vsevolod Ivanov. Vision of goddess Hyperborea.

Fantasy literature also references great civilizations in the North populated by giants.  In Doris Lessing’s cosmic novel Shikasta the benevolent giants (Hyperboreans) are sent by the Galactic Council to help “lock” earth into the SOWF, the “source-of-WE-feeling” by constructing harmonic cities that reflect sacred geometry.

Of course, that story doesn’t end well but the impression it left of my young mind of divine giants who created beautiful templates for mankind has lingered.

Canopus Rescues the Giants

Also in His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, the far North serves as the gateway for Lyra’s adventures into parallel worlds when her father, Lord Asriel, manipulates the aurora to pierce the veil.

The fascinating Land of the Ice Bears, the great Witch clans of the North and even the fierce Tartars who guard the Magisterium’s child-cutting experiments in Bolvanger all hint that there is more in the north than just a lifeless expanse of snow and ice.

Even Anne Rice places her race of giants, the Taltos, in the great tropic island kingdom in the far north where they live happily until natural cataclysms destroy their homeland. They are forced into Scotland and England where they become the Picts, built the Giant’s dance and were hunted by the natives almost to extinction because they gave birth to “walking babies“.

If North Pole was the home of the Hyperborean race, the only traces left are ancient manuscripts and old maps.

Perhaps the Tartarians were influenced by this advanced civilization and integrated their technology and building techniques into their nomadic culture that in turn spread it around the world? Or maybe they just became a “Breakaway” culture waiting for the right time to return?


Do you think it’s possible that the whole “Global Warming” scenario is aimed at finding ways to keep the polar regions locked in ice so we do not re-discover these ancient civilizations?

Seemed like a crazy idea until I encountered the “Polar Umbrella Skyscraper” that re-freezes melting Antarctic glaciers.

I kid you not!

More speculation about polar lands in the World(s) Within our World.

~ by weewarrior on January 30, 2019.

9 Responses to “Hyperborea -What Happened to the Polar Continents?”

  1. Vlad Taltos? Of Steven Brust fame?
    Watching HDM on HBO these days. Love X-23 as Lyra. I’m currently watching Frequency, which also features that enigmatic light show called the “aurora borealis”, shining down to Dallas… Can you picture that? Muppet reference there.
    Jose Arguelles prophecies a circumpolar rainbow bridge. That sounds like a good sign to focus on.
    Comedy and tragedy. Knowing is only HALF the battle. “They” are finding out the other half is intention and you can only perpetuate your mummer’s farce and escapades but so long. Going through the motions no longer works. Closets are being thrown wide open and things will never be the same. Dirty laundry everywhere…

    • Well thanks for introducing me to Steven Brust’s books, they look fascinating!

      Yeah, I’m still struggling a bit with the new HDM, I don’t mind the characters changing so much as the dialogue, some of my favorite quotes are gone! Oh well, great lesson in the liquidity of reality, even fantasy doesn’t stay the same!

      Anyway, I grok the Muppet reference and am also a student of Arguelles, so I’m getting your drift! I just watched a documentary showing the Svalbard bears swimming under the aurora, just fascinating. Did you read The Smoky God about the guys who went into the hole at the pole?

      Yep, time to clean up the dirty laundry and build that rainbow bridge to the next level!


      • We’re excited for HDM season two soon…
        Yeah, some parts aren’t as good. Some seem rushed. Monkey Woman wins the award!
        Have heard about Byrd’s “trip”…
        Steve’s books fun but not deep mostly. Good eastern European folklore mixed in. I recommend the Gypsy, with Megan Lindholm and the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Unless you’re wanting to take on TALTOS. He’s quite fanciful. Friend interviewed him for zine years ago in Minneapolis and saved him from stepping off the curb and getting hit by a car…

      • I’m having trouble with the new HDM, don’t mind them changing the look of the characters so much as not including a single line from the books! I’m wedded to that literature and really hoped to see it done righteously on screen. But, I remind myself that Pullman himself worked on this production and has the right to tell his story any way he chooses. Still, I’m going to have to try again,I bailed the first time. But I’m convinced he has some important clues in his works. The Belle Savage was full of them.

        Funny, I instantly think of Anne Rice’s race of “walking babies” when I hear the term Taltos. I’m always up for fanciful, so I’ll give Steve’s books a try. Thanks to you my booklist is getting daunting!

        But I’m not complaining, I love a good story!

  2. Atlantis…
    Radiation and levitating ships?…
    More tech that’s been buried. We were putting together about the radium stoves and heating units, ambient electricity…
    Dellschau book full of secret codes and subterfuge. Ran across the “Odic-activity ray” mentioned yesterday. Would revolutionize flight technology making radioactive materials unnecessary. WHATTHEHELLISTHAT?!!
    Odic sounds too much like ODIN, etc. He was using a cipher resembling old runic symbols in a way, but not exactly.
    Anyway, this thing changes material structures, making them stronger and lighter. And translucent. Metal, rocks…
    I’m looking more into The Ring of the Nibelung and related as not fictitious.
    Gold usually found in combination with radium or such. Part of the process? Alchemy?…

    • Levitating ships indeed! Wow, the Odic ray thing looks fascinating, have to check that out soon!
      Speaking of gold, we were wondering the other day what happened if you mixed iron with gold. Turns out it’s like mixing oil and water, but if you can get it to blend you come up with something called “blue gold.”
      Fascinating stuff, must get my hands on some!

      • Mercury fits into the alchemical equation somehow.
        Yes, the dialogue in HDM is unremarkable. Maybe he had to dumb down for easy viewing. It has a decent pacing to it at least, but I don’t think it should win any awards.
        I hope he finishes the third Book of Dust before the “end”!! Or I guess we’ll all finish it together….
        ROSES. Also a big thing in my life, for many reasons. Excited for that mystery to be revealed.
        Taltos… Yeah, I remember AR’s usage. Didn’t read much past original trilogy and one book after. Memnoch?… Maybe.
        Seemed a half breed caste, or between in some way. Psychically gifted. Older word, may originally refer to former races or beings no longer in our realm.
        Brust? Might refer to bruja and magik of that old world. Back when even men weren’t afraid to be witches!

      • Yes, the red mercury discoveries are really fascinating! I’ve always had a “soft spot” for mercury, have this feeling we have been seriously mislead about it’s toxicity. For instance, the tales of the hatters that went mad while working with it. Considering our definition of madness, who’s to say they didn’t experience relevant insights that were misinterpreted? Also I had an odd encounter with a Kahuna in a coffee shop who asked me how long I’d been on Maui. When I told him five years, he said “good, you’ve had enough mercury then” and proceeded to answer some of my questions, like why so much of Ioa Valley was off limits (his answer: “Do YOU want to meet the dragons?”) Anyway, that led me to discover Maui’s deep dark secret about the island’s high level of mercury emissions. Then I began to notice how people changed after they had lived there a while, usually for the better. Very few people I knew watched TV or news, it just wasn’t important anymore, they’d rather go for a hike.

        I, too, hope Pullman gets this all written down in time for us to have it in our arsenal as things unfold. His lectures at the Blake Society make it clear he’s got a huge cosmology to present that is more relevant than its entertainment appeal. Was a little saddened to hear ole Phil had been knighted, hope he doesn’t let it go to his head.

        Roses are your “indicator” eh? That sounds interesting, would love to hear more. They figure prominently in so many scenarios it is obvious they are a key ingredient to high magic. Steiner said something like roses were the physical reflection of divine love. Oh, have you discovered the Tupactip You Tube channel? He is reading a library of hermetic texts. Some good stuff in there, too bad his reading style is a bit tedious.

        Yeah, AR is pretty fascinating, I went to one of her book signings where we connected instantly and she started pouring her heart out to me! Wild. Her people eventually had to break us up, the line was getting restless. But the things she told me in those few minutes I’m still processing. When I asked about the Taltos she mentioned Hyperborea, which lodged that name in my brain and I’ve been looking into it ever since.

        Speaking of male witches, have you read the book “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by Taisha Abelar? She tells of her initiation into the Carlos Castanada gang. Filled in a lot of my questions about that practice and I’ve seen the same elements echoed in many other ceremonies since reading her descriptions.

  3. Yes, Roses that can, I have seen it, bring humans back from the verge of death whereas the ‘Medici’s’ give up and pronounce ‘beyond hope’ and ‘headed for the grave’. How ignorant we all are to believe them! Almost as though we were under a spell. In this time of great fraud and deception it is websites like this which prod us on to uncover the secrets purposely concealed.

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