The Stolen History Mystery

Have we just experienced a first hand example of how easy it is to steal history?

Screenshot of on 8/21/20
Screenshot of on 8/22/20

The unexplained (and haphazard) archiving of to the Wayback Machine on August 21, 2020 appears to be a modern-day version of a good old fashioned book burning!

What remains of the site is in tatters with bits and pieces of information remaining, but many posts are apparently gone forever.

Gotta wonder if the serious investigations into fringe topics like Tartaria, Hyperborea, Phantom Time, Mudfloods and Earth Grids got a little too close to the truth?

Mystery Of The Controversial Phantom Time Hypothesis ...

Admittedly, I am particularly peeved because I had only recently begun posting my research on Stolen History after years of lurking.

I was getting great feedback on topics like those suspicious Old Empire buildings such as the Patent Office in DC and the San Francisco Mint that survived devastating fires that torched their respective neighborhoods.

As usual, the official narratives were ridiculous.

SH members found many photoshopped elements
in this picture of the “new” Patent Office

Luckily, I saved the photos I posted on Stolen History so I can recreate the thread narrative to a degree.

Unfortunately I’ll never be able to retrieve all those excellent contributions from other members with supporting photos and links.

Which leads to another mysterious aspect of this unfolding episode.

The administrator of the forum — who calls himself Korben Dallas — imposed a gentle, but firm, control over the discussions and deflected any attempts to derail threads, antagonize members or bicker over belief systems.

He clearly outlined his theories and provided supporting links, books and pictures.

First thing to understand is that History is completely mixed up. Chronology is wrong, very very very wrong. Events, even famous, proud events, turn out to be phantom duplicates that happened much later on. The Roman Empire never existed in Italy, and it never happened 2000+ years ago.


Very much like the movie character from the Fifth Element, he came across as the King of Cool who has the skills to handle the job without making a big deal out of it.


But his participation in the site definitely changed in the past few months and members even speculated that he had been replaced by an impostor!

Although the thread titled The Stolen History of Korben Dallas was locked and is not in the archive, I did find a snippet on the search engine blurb:

The Korben Dallas we have now is not the original creator of this forum. There are also other members who have been replaced. This could be Korben Dallas’ last post: … This is stolen history! Korben allowing posts on the coronavirus – a developing situation was strange.

Another snippet recorded his response to the accusation where he stated “A few things happened simultaneously in my life. I currently do not spend nearly as much time reading history and researching.”

Okay, so maybe he was busy or disenchanted, we all know the feeling…

#bruce willis from joy as an act of resistance

But KD never really participated in many discussions after that, he just faded away.

So, we are left to wonder what happened… did something distract him, did he lose interest in the forum or did he get hijacked?

Now that the site has been compromised, KD’s absence is conspicuous and it’s hard for the members to decide whether to be outraged with him or concerned for his safety.

All we know at this point is that SH is now archived with the most recent posts being from June 29, 2020 and any topics responded to after that point in time are also wiped out.

Members (and long-time lurkers) flocked to forums like Reddit when they discovered the site was archived, hoping for some explanation as to why this respectable forum with zero tolerance for unsubstantiated speculation or hate speech was quasi-scrubbed.

One member set up a Discord server page to collect up some of the missing information and provide PDFs of the ones still available. They’re doing a great job and have launched a new site at!

But the question remains, is there a simple explanation for this forum shutting down or was this a deliberate act of suppression because we poked the bear?

If so, which topic blew the hole in their phony baloney history narrative?


Also worth noting that the SH Patron page is inactive and contributions were refunded.


So I guess that means he wasn’t in it for the money, eh?

Also the Korben Dallas Twitter account is gone and his Facebook page is inactive. He is persona icognito on line as of 2 days ago.

One last interesting bit — my research turned up a blog page started on PublishOX by Korben Dallas on Stolen History Topics in January 2020.

It has a few posts from January –just about the time he pulled back from the forum — then no more.

There aren’t any comments and the people who signed up to follow the blog are not members of Stolen History and don’t fit the profile one bit — most of them are into bitcoin.


Naturally I’m concerned for Alternative History researchers such as myself who have also published information challenging the official story. Could we face the same kind of censorship if things go pear shaped?

I admit my first reaction was to make PDFs of my blogs and move them onto a separate hard drive.

Might print them out for posterity, but then you gotta wonder just how much info would make it through a reset — is it time to get out the chisel?

Anyway, I plan to join in the effort to collect up the remaining bits of Stolen History scattered around the internet and recreate some of the threads I made that were not archived — about 20 — all on juicy topics.

I encourage any SH members (or lurkers) to use my blog to continue discussions.

Maybe we can put this “Humpty Dumpty” back together again!

Love this top comment on Reddit, it says it all!

โ€“]CrackleDMan 37 points 2 days ago 

This is horrible. They’ve stolen our stolen history.

More history conundrums at:

Remember the Alamo? Which One

Washington’s Watergate Weirdness

The Smithsonian’s Basement

~ by weewarrior on August 24, 2020.

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  1. I’ve been a lurker of SH since early 2019, and it opened my eyes to a whole new view of the world, enough to change my life I’d even say. Haven’t spent much time there this month but last night I thought I somehow typed the URL in wrong or something. Guess it’s time to figure out discord and see what develops from here.

    • Such a shame, isn’t it? At least the SH forum attracted a large group of very bright thinkers who have the resources to re-create this site. Sure hope the new version maintains its integrity and carries on with the research, I think this episode is proof we were on to something important.

      • So sad, but you said it best. A large group of very bright thinkers. Large groups of very bright thinkers are not part of the plan. That type of activity doesn’t work for “them”. It is frowned upon and ultimately must be broken up and silenced. I have worried that the mini purges and ever more disconcerting censorship on YT are signs of things to come. This is one time when I really do wish that someone would pipe up and tell me why I am wrong. Yeah, this is one time that I would much prefer to be wrong….

      • I feel your pain, I’d love it if we were all proved to be paranoid and delusional. Yet I don’t think we’re going to get that lucky. Sigh.

        Looks like we’re going to have to continue to expose crucial knowledge through this great purge and endure the name calling and heckling that will ensue. It’s somewhat of a comfort to know we’ve obviously hit a nerve and their knee-jerk reaction to start blatantly censoring content that opposes the narrative just shows how scared they are.

        But yeah, connecting up the bright thinkers is the last thing they want, so we gotta make sure to do more of that!
        There are a lot more of us than they’d like us to think and more are catching on everyday. Just got to keep busting their bullshit till we reach that 100th monkey moment!

      • Yes. In every way we can. We must share our learned truths with others.

  2. The news about Stolen History is NOT surprising, considering how our Judean controllers are tightening their grip on the people … as we move into another reset.

  3. SH was a great resource. The collaboration was outstanding. The official historical narrative has been destroyed. For me, the next step is meeting up with people to collaborate, aid each other and create a better way. For those who are interested, is one website where the goal is to meet with other people. Thanks, weewarrior.

    • Excellent idea, we can certainly learn from this fiasco how important it is to connect in real life, not just online. Thanks for the link to the collaboration site, here’s hoping it spurs a whole new level in interaction between serious researcher intent on uncovering our Stolen History!

  4. I was a new lurker, avidly going there to learn more.
    2 weeks ago i requested to be a member of SH and it had an automatic response of no new registrations at this time.
    i sent a messge through IG, no response. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I wish i would have done screen captures. sad. I hope to add/help to the current research.
    thank you

    • That is interesting that you got an automatic response two weeks ago, thanks for the clue. I signed up at the end of June and got registered right away, but it took a few weeks to get my first post approved, which gave me the feeling something funny was up. Seemed like much to well managed a forum for something to stay in limbo so long. I had almost given up and then suddenly it was all good and I could post away! Really sucks that once we finally joined the party it was shutting down…

    • I’ve been on the site for several months. I’ve been, largely, researching Tartary and its origins from the nation of Scythia. As a Christian, not a Judeo (Jewish)-Christian, I’ve studied The Lost Tribes of Israel for many years. I know, from my research, that Scythia was the nation that the Israelites created after their escape from captivity. The Scythians also created the nations of Europe.

      I made some comments regarding my belief that The Ashkenazi Judeans (Jews), with their strong influence in Russia, somehow aided, or caused, the destruction of the worldwide empire of Grand Tartary, at the beginning of the 19th century. This is what they have always done, throughout their vile history. They destroy White/Israelite nations. And this is what they are doing now, with South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America, The British Isles and Europe. They were expelled from 109 nations. They need to be expelled again.

      The Judeans are now putting their Illuminati Capstone on this New World Order. They want to make us slaves to their evil system of worldwide government. They’ve been censoring websites and social media since this plandemic began. This kind of comment can bring down a site fast. This is probably why they did this to Stolen History. They have eyes everywhere.

      If there are people in these comments who haven’t kept up with research on this Judean system, this will sound like crazy “conspiracy theory.” But it’s actually Conspiracy Fact.

      If anyone has ever seen the movie 1984, it was prophetic. It’s happening right now. So, be prepared. We are now in the beginnings of either a new revolution of the western nations against The Judeans. Or, we will peacefully submit to this evil and be destroyed by them.

      This is the time to speak out. If we wait to speak out, and fail to be prepared, we’ll be erased.

      I hope this comment doesn’t hurt WeeWarrior’s site. I’ve enjoyed your site as well.

      • We do have to realize that we our research is under scrutiny, especially regarding the biblical aspects that reveal a different history that we have been taught. I encourage you to pursue your investigations with the knowledge that every clue is important. We may come to different conclusions, but the fact that we are finally asking the right questions is our way out of this trap!

  5. I found a saved link to Tartary on SH from 2018. Let me know if its needed. Great page with lots of pics.

  6. Dear WeeWarrior,

    Thank you so much for making these efforts. I was a lurker who hoped some day to join but was in awe of the superior knowledge, research, skills, and eloquence of the regulars. In my opinion this was one of the best and most important sites I’ve ever encountered online. Now with this mystery, I really want to know what went down. I hope things do not turn out to be as bad as we may fear. What were some of the juicy topics coming out near the end? Also, do you think Korben Dallas was a real person and on the up and up? Do you buy the story about having some issues? What’s your read?


    • Much thanks!
      I did just stumble onto a cache in my spam folder of threads I had been working on or participating in the last 30 days, so here’s a list of the thread topics I recovered:

      Bandlands Alberta, Canada and what is it:
      Cities built on Swamps
      Grids without People
      Saint Kilianโ€™s Cathedral, Wurzburg Pipe Organ
      Paschal Beverly Randolf – The Dr. Strange of his Time
      ‘Vanillaโ€™ skies
      1902 German โ€œFlyingโ€ Train
      1893: the destruction of the Worldโ€™s Columbia
      C.M. Russell: Grade AAA Phoenician Wild West Mythological Artist
      Moongate at the Smithsonian
      Cathars – Beliefs of the Historical Heretics
      Yunnan, China Towers
      Dr. William Thornton – Designed the White House
      St. Thomas Town: flooded by Lake Mead
      The New Tower of Babel in Israel — The Spiral Tower
      Red Mercury
      1904: the destruction of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis
      Bat Shit Crazy – Alexander von Humbold
      French Pyramids
      The Raymond Hotel – Pasadena
      Columbus Texas Tower and Confederate Museum
      Architecture Building 1889 Paris Expo

      I have no clue about the person behind the Korben Dallas forum leader. I had developed a fondness for his online presence and didn’t detect a note of insincerity in his postings — but I’ve been fooled before so I wouldn’t be surprised, just severely disappointed. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope he is okay and made this decision without any coercion. At least we all found each other as the result of Stolen History. Now we can take it from here.


      • Found a few more topics in my spam folders showing the weekly highlights from SH over the past 30 days:

        English FA Cup Final Solar Tech “Black” Circle spotted?
        Hetepheres I (2600 BC) and what was found in her tomb
        Orodteus Finaeus Map
        The Legionary in Battle
        ATT: calling all SH explorers in the NY/NJ area
        The Indiction Problem
        The Moon is out of Sync
        Hubble Telescope captures stunningly clear image of summertime on Saturn
        Space Force has a Horse
        Strange Cyclical outages
        Were Mythological Creatures real or a global illusion?
        Is it the Metropolitan Museum or the Louvre that cannot tell up from down?
        Periscope Film: TV Show Expedition

  7. Probably the beast comment

  8. Hey WeeWarrior I have a question for you that has nothing to do with this topic, how do I do that

    New to everything since SH went down! WordPress, Discord. . . !!! Gettin’ with the times so I can contribute.

    Big Fan! – ig

    • Hey IG-

      Big fan of your research, too! Yeah, I’m learning way more than I wanted to about servers and backups and MTL…but we’ve gotta develop the tools to deal with the problem!

      SO, you can contact me directly at weewarriorblogatgmaildotcom!

      Look forward to connecting with you!
      Best – WW

  9. Korben was an incredible beacon of intelligence, creating the forum and all those indepth threads. It’s very odd no other member knew him or how to contact him personally outside the forum. SH is sorely missed.

    • No kidding, it’s like the head warrior for the village just snuck off in the middle of the night and took all the horses with him! What a crying shame, I had a lot of admiration for the fella.

      • What if he got got… I seriously fear for his health.

      • Yeah, I know. It’s obvious his mental health took a turn for the worse, it was certainly quite out of character for KD to do anything so flippant as archiving his site without notice, he seemed to be a very reasonable guy. As yet no explanation has surfaced.

  10. Glad you found the Cathar thread to recover, there was a lot of very good comments being made in it.

    • I didn’t find the whole thread, just the title in my spam folder. Same is true for all those titles, they appeared after the cutoff date.

      Unless someone found it in Google cache it’s gone for good.
      Here are some quotes I gathered up from the DuckDuckGo snippets, I presume the top paragraph from the first, second and third pages of the post:

      Little is accurately known about the Cathars, the dualistic group of full male-female equality in Southern France to whom the Catholic Church created their first inner religious crusade for. What were the beliefs that got them tortured and killed…a death that they went to happily for they felt…

      Redeeming sacrifice of JC, and that he came in the flesh, most of the Old Testament I never understood why Protestants (and maybe Catholics) emphasized the Son of Man flesh aspect of Jesus. Like if he has come to save humanity, is it really necessary for him to be 100% of human substance? Now…

      Banzai! Today is a good day to die. Cat Sith, pronounced ket-shee in Gaelic, sounds like Cat’s Eye. “It is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its chest. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands.” Was Cat Sith…

      • I recently completed my Sky Books library, and he’s done an amazing amount of work already in California and such. I’m blazing through the entirety of the Montauk Pulse newsletters, and there’s lots of bits and pieces to share. I’ll try to collate.
        Cathars, airships, shenanigans…

      • It’s debatable whether there was any flesh at all. Or it actually happened like that.
        King Felix.
        Philip K. Dick and Peter Moon both hip to the cat connection.
        The deal is, accepting physical limitations or “time” and “space” and being born into the situation through nature, as an animal.
        How you raise yourself up beyond that is up to the INDIVIDUAL. Jesus. Buddha. Others have done it. Some for the record or posterity, most probably NOT.
        Catholic church errs or lies in the “Jesus was God” shit.
        Opening of the Way by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz lays out the discrepancies.

      • The cat connection…it’s a big key to the whole enchilada! I’ve got my theories, after dealing with some serious cat karma, I’ve determined they guys are experts at delivering divine retribution!

        So, what did PKD have up his sleeve? I’ve yet to grapple with his realities, they bend my mind way out of shape.

        Now Isha sounds like my cup of tea! I’ve actually been studying her husband’s work on Egypt, especially the Temple of Man. Hadn’t run into her stuff yet, so thanks for that, what a gal! Sounds like she was on par with Emma Britten and the Orphic Circle.

        Yeah, posterity is not a typical goal of enlightenment. As a wise man once told me that the wisest men live and die unknown!
        Probably the reason I enjoyed the Peaceful Warrior series, he found his teacher working on cars at the garage!

    • In your exhibitionist book, you can see the row of buildings from the Portsmouth Square photo down in the corner running perpendicular to the gigantic Romanesque building in the harbor photo. Different angle, but that’s where the square is in relation to the harbor. I have GOOD EYES for details.

      • Our western nations need more people like you, Christopher, who DO NOT want THEM to control our every move.

      • Agreed, SH taught us how to see through the illusion, now we’ve got to take that knowledge and apply it to the things we can change. Best of luck to us all!

  11. Crapbags. It was compromised several months ago. Moving on… Changing focus…
    And I could give a flying cow patty about DISCORD. Self-evident there. Panic and Discord, hand in hand.

    • Sally forth, be not dismayed, carry on!

      • I’ve enjoyed these intelligent comments! We must remember that the people who control our world don’t want us to know where we came from. They’ve worked overtime to hide our past, especially as how it ties in with the worldwide empire of Grand Tartary. Hopefully, I will continue to see the same excellent curiosity for truth be continued!! It will be interesting to see what many heads will come up with regarding a way to compile information off of mainstream sites.

  12. This is Starmonkey btw. I’m not shy.
    I have SuperTrouper, Banta, and DejaVu in communique, so I’ll lead them in this direction…

    • dejavu here. Thanks for the connection Starmonkey.

      WeeWarrior, not sure how active I will be but want to encourage you and others in your efforts to keep the SH related research going forward. You and others had some awesome threads. What a shame to have lost the research that many spent so much time and effort putting together, as well as the insightful thoughts shared in the process. You have a good website here….glad to know not all is lost. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey Dejavu!

        Thanks for the encouragement, hope you will keep up your investigations, too. Please feel free to chime in on any of my blogs with your insights, they were always welcome over on SH. Such a shame indeed, just makes me even more convinced we were on the right track. Certainly not the time to give up asking the hard questions.
        Blessings on your journeys!

    • You da best!

  13. To qualify my earlier statement…
    It wasn’t our “history” research that killed it, it was blatant open discussion about the “C” which I didn’t much participate in, the “V”, and the FIVEG.
    We should have left those things alone, or changed words or coded it. Damn busy body AI never sleep in the constantly combing for references.

  14. Watching Pump Up the Volume to get inspired… Good old solid flick.
    Was going to link the REAL issue reflected and represented in YT video of JP interviewing Brian Rose about censorship, but don’t want to release the hounds. Probably best not to link to the FINKS.

    • Funny how much Spielberg stole to morph Ready Player One into his spin. Practically the same movie with radio, not video games…

      • Really wish you would find a more appropriate place to post such speculation, it has no place in the Stolen History discussion and moves the conversation into dangerous territory. Please keep the discussion relevant. Thanks.

    • STARMONKEY! Great to virtually see your smiling face! Your comments always push that envelope, a quality I admire greatly. Thanks for sharing my blog with other members of SH, got to keep our think tank intact, we had such a good dynamic going there. Hope your pumped to kick in some proverbial doors, we can overcome this bullshit with some clever questions and outrageous ideas — ya know, the kinda stuff we learned to do over on SH. Time to move this to the next level!

      • I’m down like a clown, Charlie Brown! It was the aforementioned video and inspiration from aforementioned movie and my good old buddy Trent (NIN) stickin it to me as well. It’s ON (like Donkey Kong).

  15. Maybe I should apologize?! I’m at a loss. It appears that I said something wrong. Or, maybe someone thinks I said something derogatory toward someone?! The only thing I can recall that I said, without searching through the comments again, is that our world controllers are watching for comments about them. That’s why there is so much censoring on The Internet.

    • I’m afraid I don’t know the cause of your concern. I checked and there’s been no drama in the comments about your post. We’re all figuring this out together, no one’s opinion is less important than any other.

  16. The new site is up. I just registered. Not much there yet. They are trying to recover the old threads.

    • Brilliant! So impressed that the SH community is rallying to meet this challenge! I will move the link to the new SH into the blog so everyone can find it easily. Very proud of you folks for getting this new site up and running, now we can gather up the lost info and start posting new investigations into our Stolen History.

  17. […] The Stolen History Mystery […]

  18. Such a bummer. This stuff was fun to speculate on.

  19. I don’t know how much longer ANY website will be safe for us truthers and alternative history researchers. I am just starting out on a site called MeWe, which supposedly lacks the censorship and privacy issues of Fartbook. I am currently posting a variety of topics just to see if any of them are removed.

    • I have really enjoyed posting on MeWe, D. I’ve been on there a few months now. There are many awake people on MeWe.

      My group is:

      • Happy to hear more are in the process of waking up! It’s the majority, despite the narrative. Nothing like some pressure!
        I’ll be exploring how far some are willing to awaken, we’ll see how far the masses are able. Baby steps. We’ll save the mind blowing for later.

      • “Baby steps…one little step at a time and I can do anything!”

        Gotta keep leaving breadcrumbs for those babysteppers so they can find their way out of the false history narrative!

      • One needs to be OPEN to truth, before they will be willing to take a serious look at it!!

      • True!

        Luckily, it just takes one little crack in the dam of ignorance to start someone questioning the narrative, then its just a question of momentum.

        Since each individual experiences awakening differently, best we can do is to leave them some virtual life rafts of research to help them see past the illusion and start paddling in the right direction!

      • I like that … “virtual life rafts of research!”

  20. Heard it through the California raisins that you and Howdie are collaborating. I’m digging vid chats the few that Vlad and Sofia and I have had…
    If anyone from the old gang wants to connect that way and expand our horizons more, it could be much more… Something… Than typing all the time. Just sayin.
    We flirted with the idea, but not sure where or how to implement. YT not the best platform, but easy. ๐Ÿป

    • I’m sure that there must be some sharp individuals who can figure out a good way for us to communicate without using Joo-controlled media. did such a great job. We need to continue this work with And we don’t want to lose track of each other.

      • Agreed, we have to keep our connections open and find inventive ways to share ideas. I admit I’ve been slow about pitching into, got distracted writing my newest blog. Soon it will be done and I can devote more time to re-building the history threads we had stolen!

      • I’m not going there, at least for awhile until it proves to be more than what .org devolved into towards the end. I have no tolerance for trolls or pushing of narratives and speculation. But I LOVE questions…
        If a video interface develops and it’s open and progressive…
        I’m outside the box outside the box. Mainly interested in application and activation. Top down rather than bottom up approach.

      • You just keep walking that edge buddy, we’ll appreciate any reports you care to send back! All we gotta do is keep asking those tough questions cause nobody has an answer yet, we’re all figuring it out together!

    • Look at you working that grapevine, excellent sleuthing! Yep, I’m working on some collaborative material with Howdie. Probably going to start small with just recommendations to each other’s work exploring similar topics on our respective mediums. May evolve into more, who knows. I agree that any way we can find to inspire each other, we should make it happen! All ideas are welcome!

      • I’ve turned into more of a lurker through the chaos. I was probably part of the disruption with my nuttiness and seeming lack of order. My nature…
        I also need to refrain from unproductive commenting on others’ “labors”.
        Ah, materialism, how thee lingers.

      • Ah, nice to know I’m not the only one fighting off the programmed urge to leave comments on other people’s works.

        Any social media I ingest is put up on my large screen with the interfacing computer and keyboard well out of reach — sure cuts down the temptation!

        I only pull out the Chromebook for working on this blog, otherwise I keep my thoughts to myself.

  21. It’s good to see good minds working together!

    • No doubt the Think Tank mentality does pool up the kind of knowledge that can crack through some deeply ingrained mindsets.
      The trick is to sidestep the petty shit and focus on working together to untangle the web of lies before its too late.
      SH was developing into the perfect vehicle for serious inquiry in fake history topics. At least it lasted long enough for us to connect and realize how many of us there are out there.
      ‘Tis said only only 10% of the population needs to awaken to create a snowball effect on all human awareness, so every mind opened is adding mass to the truth movement!

      • One individual at a time!

      • It’s already over that much. Picking up speed. But lots of negative emotions to let go of to move forward. The polarity of the chosen misdirected distractions is the problem now. Even in this community. I prefer the middle way. Balance to the FORCE.
        Time to repeal and repel the attempts to create lines, divisions, camps, and clubs. Only ONE worth being in, and it doesn’t have a name. The next few months are going to be trying indeed.
        Stay focused on the prize!

      • Agreed, the middle way is the best way to avoid the incessant conflicts between competing ideologies. Absolutely nothing is gained from fussing over issues, especially those tailor-made to create division. Takes some willpower to keep out of the cesspool of opinions, its a slimy slope, but the rewards are obvious since your mind stays free to absorb new ideas and untangle those Gordian Knots instead of getting trapped in their endless loops. Keep up the good work, Chris, let’s keep our eyes on the BIG PRIZE…it’s gonna be interesting to see how it unfolds since everything I’ve studied makes it clear a human awakening is on the horizon and getting closer every day!!!

  22. Hey Chris, conductor/tim from the old site here. I have been connecting with people via email and video chats as well. The more the merrier! It would be good to chat. I am on the new SH site with the same handle, if you want to PM me. Or email me at conductor20 at

    • Great chat earlier today! It’s on like KONG.
      Anyone else want to step up to the plate?…
      Things be pickin up, turn in this ship around, gettin on the bus, whatever your chosen mode! All aboard! Woo-woo! The disco call!

      • Glad you got to chat it up! Personally, I’m not to great at verbally expressing my thoughts, but I do have plenty to express, which is why I write!
        Anyway, I’ve been considering hosting a roundtable kinda stream with set topics changing every 15 minutes. I could arrange some visuals to help keep the conversation on track, moderate the comments and such. That sound good to anyone?

      • Yeah, that was fun! LIVE human interaction with open minded individuals is SO nice! I will echo Chris…anybody else want to chat?

  23. Maybe… Not sure how that works. We all have our different styles and gifts. I’m not as much of a writer, and I do all this on my phone, so it can get NAUSEATING. Plus I limit my screen time accordingly.
    Depends what the topics are, who’s there… is a yawn and a snore for me. My specific flavor was hard for many on and it was a blessing it went to the depths, cause I needed OUT. But, share some ideas, or stick to your posting. I’m fine with things the way they are as well.
    There are other worlds than this!
    I appreciate your labor and presentation. Glad I still have A website to check out and satisfy my curiosities.

    • If it was called for, I could do some background dj-ing. Or, we could break it down at the end with a virtual dance party.
      Honestly, I’m good at untying knots, but haven’t gotten into the reverse as of yet. So, I can cut through words, etc, but I haven’t been called upon to clarify my understanding for others. Or hit the loom and weave my own.
      Debated on YT channel, but I don’t want to be the only one talking, so COLLAB!
      It would actually be SO EASY for me to go right past all the stupid distracting issues and touch on BELIEF. That applies to whateva!
      Train is accelerating! Up hill! And where we’re going, we don’t need tracks!

      • Now we’re cooking! Potential for a whole new kind of broadcast that is not just the same person droning on and on.

        Seems like much more fun to invite a couple of choice presenters to privately review material, do a quick video of their findings and add any material they find relevant. Then I could edit the replies into a overview of the subject with the corresponding graphics.

        Of course, you could totally be in charge of inserting relevant music and movie clips!

        Each broadcast could cover juicy SH topics like mudfloods, antiqui-tech, expositions, great fires, orphan trains, Moors in America, fake space, gold rush, Controllers, earth shape, secret societies, giants, Hyperborea, Antarctic, breakaway civilizations, star forts, grids without people, Phoenicians, plasma dragons, old maps, blimps, fake narratives, old photography, fasci technology, Atlantis, Lemuria, X-tech, Cayce, mystery schools, Titans, mythical beasts, aliens, pyramids, UFOs and so forth!

        Getting the tingles!

  24. Definitely need some old photography collections! And digging through holes in it, with informed speculation, not wild claims.
    Not so into debating outer space or shape of earth, except in a possibilities and “reality” way. And I don’t approach all of it from a conspiracy angle, but with an open mind. No point jumping to conclusions. That always put me off how KD would end his OPs with that tone. Eliminates lots of viewpoints or open discussion. Not that SOME of that isn’t true, it just gives power away, and really 99% of people don’t have a clue, so they shouldn’t be BLAMED. “SH” is also a presumptive title. Not into it. Won’t create bridges that way. I’ll leave that there so I don’t get too carried away.
    TITANS, eh? Funny you bring that up, given the activity of Saturn and the rest this year. I have Saturn in Gemini with my sun sign, so I’m primed to SHIFT.
    I love the work of Tarsem Singh, and if you haven’t seen The Immortals, you should check it out. Not for kids! Pretty intense!

    • I don’t blame you for not understanding. But it isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s conspiracy fact.

      • Oh… I understand more than most. Thanks for throwing that distinction out there, when I did not. Funny, wanting to fight against illusions or think the same old approaches to a rigged game and system will do anything different. The only way to “win” is not to play! Change the venue, change the arena, create something NEW.
        But everyone’s free to keep head butting that wall, drive full speed toward the cliff, or keep kicking the shit out of that dead horse. Some of us are MOVING ON. Not wasting our time and energy on the bread and circus. Plus, there’s nothing to worry about taking on there, cause it’s tearing itself apart! Just get out of the way and don’t expect anyone to come along and save you from yourself.


      • I’m happy that we can come to this site, knowing that we live in a world of lies, and just enjoy the historical research that is presented. Truth is a wonderful thing.

      • Excellent attitude, it is all about the realization that we all have to help each other untangle the web of lies!
        No doubt we’ll come to a lot of different conclusions in the process, but the important thing is fact that we’re not accepting the same old answers anymore.
        It is so liberating to realize all those duller-than-dishwater explanations I’ve struggled to comprehend were really just bullshit theories concocted to fit the narrative that hides truth. Next step is provide the alternative community with the kind of research that can really add up to some firm answers.

      • Yes. The only problem is that our controllers have been very busy destroying much of our REAL history.

      • That is the sad painful fact, just the amount of architecture they’ve managed to demolish since the 1900’s is horrifying. In fact, I find it a bit fascinating that any of it remains at all. Are they just sloppy or do they need to keep some of it around for their nefarious purposes.
        Which begs the question, can we possibly reclaim the remnants and turn them to more productive purposes?

      • A very thoughtful comment. I believe you are correct!

      • Yep, I’l all about rejecting anything that insults the soul! That list gets longer every day, but it’s nice to have the power to just turn away!

      • Oh, and thanks to you I’ve had “The Safety Dance” stuck in my head for three days running! Considering all the downer music out there, I suppose it is a good thing to have it on loop!

    • Yeah, the old photography is my first choice. I can stare at them for hours and still not see stuff that is obvious to others. I think when we combine out talents checking out that kind of stuff we really shine. That single photo analysis thread on SH was one of my favorites, would love to see what the gang would make of this one…what do you think:

      It is an exhibit at the 1864 Fair for the Sanitary Commission.

      Anyway, the other topics are certainly more nebulous and in my opinion serve only to open the mind up to asking the tough questions. None of us have it all figured out, but we’re learning to spot the lies, which is the quickest path to the truth!

      Holy Cow, thanks for the TS recommendation, I’m gonna check them out! What a fun cast to twist those tales!

      • That’s an insane photo!

      • Agreed, there is so much wrongness in that photo!
        These exhibits are supposed to be raising funds for the Yankee troops.
        Why in the hell is the main character dressed in chain mail? Is he made out of wax?
        Is he supposed to be a Confederate, is that why the Dixie flag is so prominent?
        And the pig’s head?
        And the booth is so shabby, certainly is nothing like the highbrow exhibits like the big Expos.
        Just does not add up at all.

      • Yes. This photo creates a lot of questions. Why?

      • Yes, I dig his vision. Great performances all around, JR really gets to shine. We’ll not go into Armie Hammer’s lineage, cause I like him in a few movies. Lone Ranger lots of silly fun. A friend of mine cameos in it, we went to the opening and all cheered him in his two scenes.
        That photo is WEIRD. Looking close, it seems like a miniature diorama, but I need to look closer.
        Really? No clue? Complete propaganda.
        Templars and Hospitallers started some of what we know now for the church back when… Banks and Frankenstein medicine. They still tow the hoe like there’s something royal about it.
        I got a couple weird photos from old Denver and the Knights Templar. Seems like the roots of old Blucifer, despite the Broncos and Montauk relevance. And he DOES have a huge package in your face, should you ever find yourself at DIA. And, yes, the prototype over in Italy?… fell on and killed the sculptor. Perhaps sacrifice.
        I’m incompetent in pasting the photos. Need tutelage.
        I think ever since at least Napoleon, “they” were doing away with free agents and confederacies. Tartaria, Fou Sang, U.S. South. They play the superiority over other races card, twist it around like they’re still doing…
        Catholic Church and nature religions and natural medicine. The Moors and Islam…
        So twisted, hard to see the true puppet masters. Most are just their hos.

      • Yeah, I used to wait on JR at a restaurant in Taos, she’s a friggin hoot, looking forward to seeing her in this comedic role! Thanks for the recommendation!

        The pic is yet another mind bender. that makes me wonder how deep the programming goes. Just what that display is portraying is certainly not obvious, is it supposed to make the Confederates look ridiculous with all those outdated weapons on display? Certainly no Southerners were showing up for battle in chain mail! Just friggin weird.

        FYI, all I did was paste the URL in the text and it embedded the pic, much to my surprise.

        I’ve found quite a few of those old secret society pictures with all these wannabe wizards decked out in costumes that look like they were made for the elementary school play. And these guys were the “founders” of our communities?

        Been considering this guy’s theory on the Georgia Guildstones that rolls in the theory that the Civil War was actually a struggle between the European Masonic Lodges (Yankees) and the newly formed American Masonic Lodges. He could use a good editor but its worth digging through his ramblings for the juicy tidbits.

        Denver Airport is such an “in-your-face” operation I feel reluctant to give it much energy, it’s like they want to make you dig around in all that sludge for their amusement. I did run across a current article about the remodeling of the Great Hall by HP to include “ticketing pods” that integrate medical scans and such, making it clear that Co-Vid is here to stay and the perfect excuse to dig around in our physiology every time we want to fly.

        Also they are making a “Smart City” called Pena Plaza that will be the first stop on a rail from DIA. The promo literature made it clear it’s main demographic would be young professionals and their families. Kinda creepy to think about all those tunnels radiating out of DIA…wanna bet they have entrances in Pena?

  25. Whoa, that dude is all over the place. Skimmed down through it, couple tidbits, like you said. OPHIUCHUS. Glad someone else is keen.
    The Fountain by Aronofsky also excellent. There’s a companion graphic novel illustrated by Kent Williams that’s beautiful.
    Yeah, we should stay away from DIA. Too obvious. Even before SH, just using that MF a lot when we lived over there, it takes forever to get anywhere it’s so HUGE. Totally obvious huge underground and even the size of the above is enough to house thousands of soldiers to protect beneath. And land around probably has missiles as well.
    Shake the foundations!
    PEM by AB was an eye opener. Makes total sense there are TWO big boys (insert Big Boy restaurant figure) vying for ultimate control. Having to watch stupid political shorts on YT before everything now… It’s PATHETIC. What a bunch of idiotic children.
    NWO vs Illuminati in a gigantic Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em battle while the masses continue to play Hungry Hungry Hippo and Chutes and Ladders.
    Still trying to figure out how to post those Denver Knights Templar photos… Gigantic horse and big shindig in front of capitol building for their 32nd enclave conclave circle jerk.
    I loved making fun of fraternities in college… For their fraternizing…

    • Yeah, I was tickled to see Ophiuchus brought into the mix, it is so often overlooked, which is just ridiculous! It’s doing it’s thing whether we give it credit or not!

      Thanks for the tip on the graphic novel of the Fountain, I’ve never re-visited the movie because watching Hugh Jackson cry non-stop isn’t my idea of entertainment, but the overall message was fascinating.

      I’m happy now knowing much about DIA, I’ve never had a good experience in that place and always try to route flights the SLC instead. Here’s hoping they all run to their bunkers and get locked in, sure would solve a lot of our problems, eh?

      Okay, ya stumped me! What is PEM by AB?

      Would love to see those pics, can you send them to my weewarriorblog gmail?

      Frats…went to one party and left in disgust. What a waste of minds.

      • Speaking of The Fountain… Is he supposed to be Columbus? Ferdinand and Isabella? New World? Cure for some plague?
        Wasn’t there a King Arthur legend about that up north too? Seeking cure for…
        Philadelphia Experiment Murder by Alexandra Bruce. Says Illuminati are Mediterranean, Italy, etc. NWO is Semitic in origin. Goin at it for control.
        Hugh good in some movies! There’s Kate and Leopold! And Logan!

      • Thanks for the PEM translation, I was racking my brain! So yeah, I gotta read that, I really am curious about Phil, I thought his presentations were pretty genuine! Been digging through the reviews and it sounds like he’s got a mixed bag of proof and conjecture. As is always the case, eh?

        From my one viewing of the Fountain I got the impression it was Ferdinand and Isabella. The cure for the plague scenario is intriguing, did that post on SH about King Arthur sending expeditions to the North Pole mention it? I never made it through the whole thing, I kept getting distracted looking at his sources.

        Yeah, Hugh has his moments, K&L was definitely the high point in my book, he was friggin’ dazzling. Nice performance in The Prestige, too. For some reason his Wolverine just rubbed me the wrong way, like he was over-acting the role trying to give it depth, just didn’t work for me. Too jaded to be bedazzled these days.

        Anyway, I’m going to check into that graphic novel, my daughter read it and said it was way better than the movie.

  26. I’m partial to the character, having grown up reading Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men. I was a Wolverine fan. I loved the X-Men movies when they first came out, but they’re super shallow and cheesy. Visual auteurs for sure in a lot of super hero movies, but mostly SUPERficial. Haven’t even seen all of the newer ones, even though I like a lot of the actors in other things. Wolverine movies actually my favorite although Hugh is not an ideal candidate. Not Canadian or 5’3″. And he does overact for sure.
    Funny same director as K&L! They must have a secret love affair. You pat my back…

    • Actually both the Illuminati and the NWO are controlled by the Zionists. The masses of people learning about the atrocities of the Zionists and the fact the Zionists control the world’s money, is why Project Zyphr is going to take place.

      • I’ve been studying The NWO for more than thirty years. I’m a believer in Yahweh Elohim and His Son, Yahshua Messiah. And when you tie your Scriptural study of the seedline/bloodline of The Judeans together with your secular study, it’s inescapable that ALL Judeans/Jews are of The Synagogue of Satan. It is The Judeans who have been behind the evil on our earth. They create wars. They created the usury banking system. And it is The Judeans who are putting the final touches on the destruction of the White western nations and the implementation of their New World Order plans.

        When you speak of Zionism, you are only speaking of the Judeans who wanted to create the state of IsraeLie. The rest of The Judeans are still Judeans. They just want to continue being parasites to their host nations.

        So, even if you are not a Christian, do your secular research. You’ll put the pieces of the puzzle together and you’ll begin to realize that it is The Judeans who are behind this plandemic. It’s all about control over The Goyim … us. They call us cattle. It is The Judeans who got The Noahide Laws passed in America. It is The Judeans who want 90% of the world’s population eliminated. And it is The Judeans who want to send us to the hundreds of FEMA camps/Gulags that are waiting for us, here in America. And it is The Judeans who want to behead us, using the many guillotines that are awaiting us, in those Gulags.

        They ARE NOT God’s Chosen People. They are SUPPLANTERS of the name Israel. They ARE NOT of Jacob/Israel. They ARE of Esau/Edom. They have turned our world upside down. They have re-written history. And they have fabricated a false paradigm for us to live in. It is European Christianity that is true Israel. The Judeans, turning the tables on us, like to call us Edom. But it is The Judeans who are Edom.

        Those of you who choose to reflexively deny my truths, because of your life-long indoctrination, should pause and say to yourself … maybe he’s right about this. Maybe all of the movies, like “The Matrix,” really ARE telling us that we live in a fabricated reality.

      • Obviously you have researched one of the possible Controller scenarios we are facing and I salute your efforts to understand our mutual dilemma.

        However, I instinctively shy away from preachy prose with ALL CAPS emphasis and concrete statements claiming to answer the complex issues we face during our spiritual evolution. We all have a lot still to learn, let’s not jump to any conclusions yet or insist that everyone embrace our emerging ideas.

        I am not denying your theories but find your presentation doesn’t help me accept your argument since you are treading on dangerous ground by including anti-semitic buzz words in your post. Not really a topic I want folded into my research, so please find a more appropriate forum for your concerns.

      • I would sincerely appreciate it if you would refrain from using the Z word so frequently in your replies. Surely you understand that such comments attract all kinds of nasty bots looking for a good excuse to slam the doors on my kind of research. You are welcome to discuss your views but please exercise discretion. Thanks.

    • Aight Starmonkey – Bearclaw here. How is your reading going??

      • Very well, thank you. And yourself?
        Main focuses right now are finishing my recently completed Sky Books library. I’m currently halfway through Forgotten Genesis by Radu Cinamar.
        Juxtaposing that with the nine volumes of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life, which Conductor bestowed upon me via some WORD documents. I’m only in the second. Harder to maintain momentum with that one.
        Various other forays into fiction, here and there.
        Really dug Spider World by Colin Wilson, but I’ve only read the first volume (three books) entitled The Tower. Trying to track down others in similar format, but they’re all in the UK! Expensive shipping not quite worth it, so I’ll bide.
        Got some Robert McCammon. Dug Boy’s Life. Still have Down South and Swan Song to read…
        Little group of us in connect, including WW here, and last night during a group chat, cathedrals came up and resonant frequencies, etc. Somebody mentioned with the right use of sound, etc, the paintings and statuary seem to come alive! Remind you of anything?!
        Liked Jerusalem, btw. Good stuff. Got his Erotica book to read, but naught else for awhile.

  27. Russell Jay Gould – War Castles on Youtube
    Kymatica movie
    Esoteric Agenda 1 & 2 movies
    Zeitgeist 1, 2 & 3 movies
    Phil Schneider exposed DUMB’s, Adrenochrome, Pizzagate, reptilian and grey aliens
    John Chang – Chi Gong master burns paper with hands
    Hutchison effect – antigravity using sound alternate frequency based emissions
    Project Blue Beam
    Project Pogo
    Project Zyphr
    Agenda 2030

    • Lots of good recommendations there, Kymatica is one of my favorites and I find the Phil Schneider presentations fascinating. On Starmonkey’s recommendation I’ve been reading “The Philadelphia Experiment Murders” which has taught me a lot about Phil’s background.

      I had never heard of John Chang, nice to actually see how human intent (plus sound) can create enough heat to melt objects!

      I get a real “before its news” kind of vibe off those Project pieces, I feel that level of fear mongering may be worthy of reviewing but my sensibilities shy away from embracing such horrific scenarios, we don’t want to inadvertently create their dystopian future of their dreams by spending too much time contemplating its mechanics.

      • Good comments. I tell myself that all of the time. I don’t need to spend too much time digging in the weeds to see the nasty details of the things that our controllers do. We’re getting enough of that without even trying. But we DO need to always keep in mind that they twist things and complicate things to make it difficult for us to find the truth.

      • Project POGO and Project Zyphr are most certainly real. Project POGO is the project on government oversight where they are collecting a digital database of any would be dissenters using social media platforms and forums such as SH. SH was most likely just a psy-op to learn who knows what information as we all the ip addresses and physical addresses of those responsible. Project Zyphr is the project that will be taking place during the blackouts where they will round up the people whose identities were confirmed within the previous project, Project POGO.

  28. Just FYI I am going to remove this comment because of the threat to life you decided to include. Sorry, but that kinda stuff is not welcome on this website.

    • I made my comment above, because of the other comments. Those comments show the control of men’s thoughts that currently exists in our world today. We live in very dangerous times. People need to awaken to the fabricated reality we live in today. I don’t care if my comment gets removed, because of its politically incorrect content. But I do hope, with the good efforts of WeeWarrior, that we will be able to piece together our true history; the history that our controllers have hidden from us.

      • IMHO, that whole comment stream is a perfect indication of the real danger we are all facing, which is whipping up hatred and claiming extermination of our foes is the answer.

        We really, really have to release that programmed desire to destroy that which does not conform to our ideals. We can make this age of transmutation where we turn the poison into medicine that cures us all. Open hostility could create a backlash that could put us back to square one.

        We’re teasing this out together, we’re all finding up pieces of the puzzle and none of us have it figured out yet. Let’s rise above the tedious fussing and get to the bottom of this charade before they pull the same old shit on us again!

        Happy Shifting!

  29. While I respect your opinion on this matter Persisiter, I am going to delete this comment like I did to the one you responded to regarding the Z people. I think I made it clear last round that such discussions are not welcome here because they Z word sends all kinds of nasty bots over to my blog, increasing the chances that it will be shut down for hate speech which I do my best not to propagate. So please feel free to discuss the topics in the post but avoid this subject, it is toxic. Much appreciated

  30. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the projects designed to round up dissenters. Does make you realize we are more powerful than we know if they are so worried about our influence that they’ve developed all these methods of removing us from the equation. Have you heard David Goldberg’s Last Words recorded in June of 2019? He explains he was alerted by his informants that these projects would be launched in 2020 with Trump’s full cooperation — and then he died. Hmmmm….

  31. Damn. I just tried to log in, and was wondering why the site wasn’t recognizing my login info. WTF.
    That’s a HUGE resource of collected information that’s been completely wiped out…

    • Yeah, it really sucks. The new site is doing its best to restore some of the topics and discussions.

      • I mean, having contributed a bit there, losing the site is a personal loss – like a HDD crash, but what’s going on with Korben Dallas is pretty disturbing – and I’m concerned for HIM personally. What I’ve read about is highly unusual behaviour, and is a pretty abrupt departure.
        He also seemed to have access to vast troves of esoteric source material, and losing him is like having some ancient librarian at the library of Congress who was channeling a librarian from Alexandria … suddenly “retire”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope he’s alright and comes back soon.
        I suppose no one has any idea who he really is…. wasn’t he based in the Seattle area?

      • Yep, we were told he lived in the Seattle area, was married and had a professional occupation. Apparently no one had contact with him outside of the forum. Really tragic indeed.

  32. A possible explanation for KD’s productivity is that some threads original posts uses material that is publicly available – but only in Russian.

    For example,

    – [Annihilated African cities, killed population, establishment lies, Timgad and the Richat Structure Atlantis thread](

    is very similar to this piece by [Wakeuphuman: Thermonuclear wars on Earth](, where a very similar thought-line is about halfway down the page.

    English-language draft of the original piece is visible at:

    – [Could our planet Earth be one huge quarry?]( contains concepts similar to those [in a 26 July, 2015 post by WakeUpHuman](

    English-language draft of the original piece is visible at:

    – [What happened to the Siberian forests 200 years ago?]( appears to be based on [a now unfindable Sibved piece]( and various other Russian authors’ pieces.

    There is still a lot of Russian-language material that has never (publicly) made it into English. There are efforts to translate it: is one.’s [Jef Demolder]( is part of another team, but I’m not sure their output is public or English. There are probably a few private translations of part of the work. I suspect there are various agency translations of all of it.

    Given that’s current users have steered toward religion, manuscripts and storytellers, I wonder how strong the demand is for more down-to-Earth evidence and analysis. In English, that is.

    • Thank you for your efforts! I know that this took time to compile. It’s awesome to know that you, and others, are so driven to search out truth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Amazing

  34. […] some Russian-language revisionist materials for his posts, without leaving any references to it:#^ became even more unusual when i discovered this page on Facebook:This dispelled my sad […]

  35. […] […]

  36. So i have just read through this thread and now I have another bookmark, thanks.

    I go by the tag Citizenship on the SH forums and can’t believe it has taken me so long to land here, great thread but the comments are where it’s at, big thanks to everyone and thanks for the content links.

    I have taken the time to read through the wakeuphuman stuff and there are lots of parallels.

    Like most here we should all know that the internet as a whole is or at least can be used in the honey pot scenario so i am kind of beyond caring and have made peace with my fears, if my time comes it comes and i shall try at least to maintain what i think of as dignity.

    Remember, up is down and left is right as sure as the day rolls into night!

    • Brilliant comment, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the concept that we must maintain our optimum dignity to fearlessly face the challenges. At least we have learned to ask the right questions so we can see through the illusion, now we just have to share that knowledge so it will become increasingly obvious to others. Best of luck to us all.

  37. Are you all still talking here? I’m six months late yo the party.

    Anyways, there was talk about Italian/Mediterranean and semite fighting for control…

    Talking airports (which I think is a HUGE clue of what is happening in our world)

    Look at concessions in airports. HMS Host is one (funny it sounds like the name of a ship?) And how they were originated. Families, geographic origins. Our local airport changed up it’s concessions contracts and now have three where HMS Host was the dominant one before. It’s a ten year contract so if my theory is right, in about eight years, we will see who takes the dominant role of servicing the airspace so to speak.

    • Thanks for the info, I went down the airport services rabbit hole some months ago and was horrified at the implications. This was when CoVid was just getting ramped up, but the Denver Airport was already reconstructing their lobbies to have “Health Stations” to measure body temps and what not. Then there is that smart city going up right next door, it really gave me the willies.

      Keep paying attention, it is our best defense against the barrage of lies and deceit.

  38. STOLEN HISTORY, both .org and .net, are now exposed as NAZIS, in essence.

    • That’s a ridiculous comment. The name Nazi was created by The Judeans/Jews as a derogatory word against Germans. The Germans were National Socialists. They fought for nationalism, while The Judeans are Internationalists who truly control the earth and push miscegenation. The people of Stolen History work to find the truth, which has been hidden by our USURPERS. To use the name Nazi shows that you are either ignorant or a SHILL for our USURPERS.

      • I am writing these words at 10:20 am EST on April 12, 2021 but this webpage dating is April 13. You must be operating in some parallel universe. Nonetheless, the word Nazi is clearly being used as a derogatory label for such websites as Stolen and who ban contributors without reason(s). Reminds me of Go Ogle, Fwitter and YouLube. It is always worth not(h)ing that, almost, the entire NAZI bureaucracy of post WW2 Germany moved to the USA: As in ‘Operation Paperclip’ which you well know. In any case I will be glad to scrape what I can while contributing nothing thereat. Thank you for your brief screed. And please, don’t deprive the Vatican of their well earned reputation by giving credit to others who are just bonkers, I mean bankers, at heart.

    • Yep, I’m afraid this kind of fussing is not appropriate for this blog. While I welcome perspectives on the Stolen History Mystery, I will delete comments with those damn trigger words that will bring all kinds of unnecessary scrutiny from those who look for reasons to shut down alternative thinking.

      That said, I am also bowing out of SH, it seems like a psy-op to me, too.

      • My apologies to weewarrior. It took awhile to ‘out’ SH. Your choice of ‘psy-op’ as a label seems fitting at this time. Quite a bit of truth with significant appearance of an agenda of fraud mixed in. Also, hard to imagine a full time, supposedly, professional able to be as prodigious in output for a side gig like SH. It was not, and is not, of major interest to me when compared with the Super Grand Solar Minimum ongoing and the surreptitious genocidal program underway worldwide. Indeed, SH is now a distraction preventing our species from addressing the two greatest threats to us in several hundred years. Thank you for your understanding. I will leave you be.

      • Most gracious response, thanks.
        I hope you will continue to add any relevant comments without the trigger mechanisms, we’re all figuring this out together.

      • SH started to make croaking sounds long before its actual “demise”. Was already going downhill…
        I also pay more attention to the greater implications of the Earth and sky right now. The rest is just EFFECTS. Window dressing. Distractions and misdirection. The dominant paradigm is collapsing. The genetic mind (collective subconscious) has fractured. Reality is now open for immense shifting and alteration. Hence the desperation of the establishment in trying to maintain its order and control. The STURCH is DEAD. Long may it stay that way and continue to dissolve!

      • Agreed, the only forces we really need to heed are those of nature, and she’s telling us every damn day that our material existence is fragile. If we really want to defeat them, the only choice is to transcend them.Glad the Eschaton video resonated with you, it gives me great hope that there is an end point to history!

  39. Uh oh. Looks like some spankings and time outs will be in order when she wakes up.
    I thought you had a thread on PORTALS?…
    Given our conversation about the Chaplin lady and Howard Hughes, etc.
    I can share from Sky Books stuff.
    Smack down!

    • Ah Starmonkey, you’re getting to know my trigger points, eh? Yeah, we’re not going to fuss over labels and tags, right?
      Sure, I’ve got lots of portals on blogs, just not listed in the heading box, that’s reserved for the newer stuff. Just go up to the KeyWord box and tap PORTALS, it will take you to them.

      • I viewed Eschaton and thank you for it. Myself coming from a biblical background see Terence certainly give it a little bit different spin. For the record I am Ashkenazim but don’t put any trust in the Talmud or Mishmash.
        I duly note the number of serious subjects considered here. Please excuse my apparent arrogance as I was ‘woke’ at age 5 and now, this month, I am 65. Time flies. No, that is not a new species of bugs!
        If we can laugh at ourselves, and each other, I think we can laugh at death.

      • It’s all good, no?

        Glad you enjoyed the Eschaton, I would hope it appeals regardless of ideologies.

        Thank you for my new word of the day, Ashkenazim was not in my vocabulary, now I am informed and fascinated by the history, will have to delve further.

        I’ve kicked around the planet as long as you, nice to see they did not lull all of us to sleep!

        After all, once you know what reality is, you just have to laugh!

      • I try to keep my blinders on but others insist I look at this, or that.
        That which I pronounce has been seriously considered.
        Wee Warriors? What a powerful name.
        Makes me feel at home. Metis. Undercover.
        I wonder what ultimate humans will look like???
        That is worth working to.
        Yes, we can and should laugh at life and death.

      • Funny how our reality is shaped by what we chose to see.

        Wee Warrior, the name came to me out of the blue, some throwback to my Scottish heritage, I suppose. Didn’t realize how hard it was to say aloud until I did an interview and had to hear myself say it. Cringe.

        Metis. What a wonderful concept, thanks for the reminder. Just the kind of spirit I hope to embody.

        Regarding future man, I was listening to an interview on Forum Borealis with Philip Lindsey about the root races of man. He said the next version of man would arise in Brazil. Hmmm…makes you wonder about all the trials they are currently experiencing in that country.

        Yep, never known a wise man who wasn’t quick to laugh at it all! The book “Spiritually Incorrect” tackles the issue with style.

      • Are you speaking of Osho or Wakefield as author of Spiritually Incorrect?
        I will be spending some time on WeeWarrior as most of the topics are on my list. For example: maps (antique); I have 400 plus digital and 100 plus physical including the 30sq ft Flemish Tapestry which I really need to get it on the wall instead of folded up. Also: Tartaryah (as in Siberia); not least because that is where my paternal Great Grandfather fled from after previously fleeing Poland, but, also because Tartaryah, at least on the early maps, shows Gog and Magog, as places or towns, in the N. East. I note, for your specific interest, on my 1924 Oxford Atlas map of Russia almost all place names are NOT modern Russian nor Latin renderings. Many appear as or almost Polish and not very close to any other Slavic tongue. Of course word is that there were hundreds of dialects, just in Siberia, for centuries if not eons. In case you had not heard it is said that Tartaryah is named after Tarkh and Tara. Brother and sister, founders of Tartaryah in Siberia after the sinking of Hyper Borea. Who knows? Maybe we will. I definitely study genealogy while we still can and before it gets Stolen too!

  40. The book(s) are written under the pen name of Jed McKenna. He prefers to remain anonymous, but I’ve heard rumor that Adyashanti wrote them, but if so he’s not taking credit if he did.

    Wow, your map collection sounds fascinating…so many clues hidden about our true history, especially in the place names. Are the digital collections posted online?

    I’ve developed a fascination with NE Russia, found some very developed areas there on the old maps. One was a huge city on a lake with outlets to the sea. Now it’s a wasteland with fresh forest. I want to know what happened to wipe all that out but leave a string of star forts behind.

    Must further investigate the legend of the brother/sister Hyperborean connection with Tartaryah (unique spelling).

    I’ve got a feeling the genealogy is pretty corrupted, but it is still one of the best tools for digging out the truth.

    Thanks for your comments, we all have something to learn from each other!

    • I will look into Jed. My next older brother and I have spent two decades with a regular effort towards realizing our own Hidden History. Too much to go into here, but the takeaway for us is that if we lose our history we really have lost our mind. I note the bible tells us not to be concerned about genealogy but that is what the bible is all about. Do as I say not as I do. I believe the bible but not the unauthorized laws and lies inserted in it. Nor the lies of those who carry it around to hit people over the head. I downloaded a few maps from and .org but ultimately began to search online as there is a great wealth online which is not cataloged. Different resolutions especially. Like revisions by the same cartographer, or his son, over a decade or more. etc. Let me know if you have a region in mind and I will see what I have or can find. As a rule I don’t use Go Ogle for searches or much else. One map I had, but cannot find now, actually showed the location of gold mines across the river from me. 2 or 3 miles as the crow flies. The same river my maternal g,g,g,g,great grandfather canoed up to the fur trading post(s) he managed 200 yrs ago. To me history and genealogy are like bread and butter. They go great with everything. Generally, if I am going to study something I go all in. My study on Wild Roses took 2 years and referenced over 8,000 written works just to prove a single point. It proved a point which few believe. I couldn’t even believe it, even though I saw it. Lived it. Smelled it, if you will.
      Which is why I set out to prove it. Of course, far, far more came from it than that single point.

      • Roses, eh?
        Theme of the Books of Dust by PP. Curious where the next one will go with it…
        Yea! Maps!
        Hello from Montrose

  41. I just read a brief on B of D as it was unfamiliar upon your mention. How is rose the theme? A mountain of roses?

    • I’ll flub it, but… Attar?
      Essence. Oil. Etcetera. Monopolized and hidden by the STURCH.
      Highest vibration of herbs and flowers. Opens higher chakras (my words).
      Found in desert, guessing allusions to Muslims and Templars and Assassins. Persecution by church…

  42. In brief: Attar is the eastern word for an extract of a botanical, usually. And usually as a fairly lubricant like form. Thicker than water but not as thick as honey but sometimes. Rose oil, the most common form, is called an oil or attar depending who you talk to. There are 4 common extract processes. Distillation is what is most used for the oil/attar production. There is a lot to it. 400 chemicals in the oil itself and then you have the rest of the plant’s part’s oils too. From Vancouver Island to India rose is known as the most powerful herb on earth. The first flowering plant in the process of Creation, with authority over every other plant, animal, bird, fish and people. The most important chemical, known, in rose is PEA: phenyl ethyl alcohol is the usual compound being described but it could be in other forms like an ‘amine’. Ecstasy is the same compound chemically but not really. I am not a chemist nor want to be. I can not tell you more than that in a public forum relative to the miraculous aspect of the plant. However, I can tell you that if rose was understood, and we are not talking about the 22,000 hybrids, nor the accepted couple hundred old roses which are early crossings of the 145 recognized wild roses; people would hang. The genome, IMO, is Rosa canina, the dog rose, and, wild roses bloom around June 15th which is when the Dog Star becomes prominent in the Northern hemisphere sky until the 21st; the solstice. Wild Rose is only native to the northern hemisphere. Do you think I need to read that book or the series? If so, please, why? I am sure we all have those moments when we say; if I only knew then what I know now ‘they would still be alive’!

    • Nope, I just love “fiction” and usually get more out of it than the other designation, as it’s ALL relative. PP and HDM loaded with tantalizing mysteries. He KNOWS stuff.
      Sounds like you know quite a bit about it. My flower (June 20th). Montrose was a reference to my current town of residence the last six some years. Not sure where it got its name.
      One of my favorite comic books decades ago was Grendel by Matt Wagner. He says the character of Hunter Rose (I know ๐Ÿ˜‚) was inspired by John Gardner’s Grendel and American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. I would recommend the first reference but not the second unless you have a VERY strong stomach. Makes me kinda sick just thinking about it…
      The Crusades! Lies upon lies! Brotherhood amongst “enemies”! The STURCH wouldn’t stand for that, just as it stomped out all competition and threats to its dominion.
      PP alludes to that as well in HDM with his portrayal of “The Magisterium”.
      Great books. WAY better than the movie and show, although they’re entertaining.

  43. I read the wiki article on the author and his books. Noting the single sentence very briefly outlining the yet untitled third tome in his series; indeed, central Asia, Pakistan in particular, has more wild rose species than anywhere. I see it as needed to use Sturch in this application; thank you for that. And thank you for giving me the title, circuitiously, for my book on Rose. That has been a sticking point for 2yrs. I can move forward now, especially, by caging the truth as fiction. Sir Philip Pullman seems a most honorable man with his own way of lifting up others. I gave up fiction as a rule and a necessity, partly for stuff like American Psycho, but, now it is the whole world. WW4 is on the horizon. Time to get as grounded as possible. I think I will bike by Mud Lake and Beaver Pond tonight and see if any Rose shoots are up yet; Rosa palustris. Salute!

    • Nice! Do it! The book AND the naturing…
      I got back into appreciating roses with the death of our dog eight years ago and the rose gardens in Longmont where we used to live and spread some of her ashes.
      Now we’re in Montrose and there’s a nice botanical garden here with a white Rose of Sharon dedicated to our baby who didn’t make it to birth and which we named Althea.

  44. Hibiscus – Rose of Sharon. There are over a hundred varieties. I had a pot of tea in that genus today. Very high in Vitamin C. A lifesaver in the event of scurvy. If Yahweh is true then you will see your daughter again one day. I believe Him. Rose is my evidence.

    • ๐Ÿ˜
      Also called Althea! Hence our choosing of that plant.
      Thanks for that. It was a powerful bittersweet experience (like hibiscus tea!).
      All just to get us here where we are today, physically and spiritually.

      • Fascinating…it is obvious the power of the rose has been usurped, thanks for doing the research to bring it back to life!

        Kinda reminds me of the ringing cedars story and how the elite keep the products from these trees to themselves, they know the power they contain and have no wish to share the wealth.

  45. I visited Rumsey’s site and the 1587 Monte Map montage does appear to have a broken download link rather than ‘no download’. Someone may have to bring it to their attention. The file is a jp2 which does not make much sense. However, for my purposes, it is not too difficult to line up a shot and take a screen shot for any, or every, part of the map. Excellent resolution. So, I took a screen shot of the imprimatur with Monte’s pic and the Copyright. Nice! I will do some cut and pasting of my own country at least. Also, they have an mp4 file, though it is referenced as a mp2, which is a video of the Map in a circular globe format which can be downloaded as a mp4. I did so. That mp4 is a video of a GoogleEarth (GE) file of the Map being played. That GE file can, apparently, also be downloaded though I did not because even with 16GB of ram GE is too slow for me. Someone else might have more fun and accomplish more with that map than I have patience for if they are running GE. No charge for the file I got. Great reference map!
    After talking to a farmer friend I have to go get more rose cuttings tonight because tonight is the night not last night. Go figure. Farmers!!! Yes, I am by lineage a farmer. Aren’t we all???

    • Thanks for the info on the maps, perhaps someone with a legitimate computer can get to the bottom of it…my little Chromebook just chokes with GE.

      So fascinating what you have shared about the roses, can’t get it out of my mind. We’ve recently began formulating our own skin treatment with rose oil and buckthorn, it has made a huge difference. Now you have me interested in seeking out some high frequency rose oil for our formula. Any suggestions appreciated.

      Delighted in your participation in my blog, glad you and CJ have connected, you both seem to contain a wealth of information. Can’t wait to see how you inspire each other and initiate new understandings for the better understanding of us all.

      • You’re mixing up two people there, chief!
        Long day for our hostess…

      • For a couple of reasons I cannot recommend any oils specific to, or of, mftrs. The number one reason is that most ‘straight’ oils are corrupted with the addition of either / or, or both, other oils, like natural geraniol, or synthetic PEA and others. You can certainly get lab certs from mftrs but you cannot use them to protect your own interests. The best bet, IMO, is to buy very small quantities, even mixed down in jojoba or some other carrier (I would use rosa, ie. rugosa, hip seed oil as a a carrier in a skin ‘treatment’ shall we say) which has been bio or organic certified; recently. And, try lots of different suppliers even if only retail sellers of brands they are buying elsewhere or offshore. By now you know that Sofia, Bulgaria is the center of world production of Kazanlik, a variety of damascena, or damask, which is an old rose; an early hybrid. I have an agent there. It is very, very popular but not a wild rose. I cannot say what that difference from wild is because I don’t know for sure. I know there is a difference. Let your dog, cat, child, seniors smell it and get their opinions. See how bees and or other pollinators are drawn to it. It is amazing how little we use this sense of smell but when awakened it is something to understand in awe. Children, before puberty, like to have some citrus, like sweet orange with it. It helps in opening chakras which don’t open up until maturity. Seniors, women, like vetiver with it. There are other proprietary formulas which I no longer reveal but do sample out. They will be revealed when I publish.
        Buckthorn is fine and has interesting similarities to the rose plant. For skin, there is nothing better than rose hip (seed) oil. It is not actually a seed but that’s something else. Rose oil is recognized as, possibly, the most lubricious oil on earth. Very high tech from a very high place.
        Get some books from Lawless, Worwood, Tisserand. They are the recognized experts with 50yrs experience. Thrift stores will have these books cheap. Other writers on essential oils may be inexperienced or highly advanced scientists. Be discerning.
        I went out again tonight to get cuttings from wild roses. If you can buy rosa canina seeds then grow your own roses immediately. If you can get cuttings from wild ones, they are throughout the N. Hemisphere, now is the time. USDA will have the wild species in your area even down to county locations. Seeds take up to 3 yrs to germinate once planted with maybe 40% germination. It will be five years till flowers; at least. Cuttings will take 2-3 yrs to root and flower in four yrs. maybe. Roses are THE plant which will help humans recover from the genocide…
        Also, and this is important, the majority of the rose products found in N. America today are imported from the S. Hemisphere. It is my opinion, since the Rosa Genus is native to the Northern Hemisphere, any rose grown in the southern hemisphere, which is most of them, is deficient at best and corrupt at worst. Caveat emptor.

      • What?! DAMASCUS?!
        This is really to silly and obvious to be believed…
        I wonder why Syria is now the big target? Blowing their way across the ancient Arab world. Same old, same old.
        Let’s put an END to that monster STURCH.

      • Do you not get it? Destroy the rose and you destroy our earthly creation. Seriously.
        Prophecy says Damascus will be in ruins, never to be rebuilt, when it is, now, still, the longest inhabited city on earth. According to the Bible. There are a lot of inserted lies in the bible but so too there is REAL truth.
        Breath deep of the breath of rose.
        Turkey, undoubtedly, has a ‘Broken Arrow’ and will use it on Damascus.
        It actually appears imminent, now.
        Still, all must be fulfilled and we really don’t know what of us will survive. I suspect that whatever we put in the earth to make more of it, whether our hands or our body, will make it better for those who come later.
        I have another target for rose cuttings today. Whoweeee!

  46. I’m not one to beat a dead horse and would not counsel another to do so.

    What is most obvious to me about Monte’s Map is that the water levels were higher; oceans and lakes. Unless that, monumental difference between this map and others, IMO, is clearly defined relatively it will be hard to say what land masses really actually changed in 400+ yrs. That there are changes, with land also, seems reasonable to assume. Especially here where there is little question of a tremendous amount of this work to be accurate while we have hyper borea (HB) evident. It is possible that the HB is simply an abstract representation of the Canadian north archipelago. I don’t accept that conclusion at this point especially in light of recent EQ’s in the HB region. The sinking of HB would certainly have an additional affect on ocean levels.
    Point being that we appear to be, IMO, in retrograde and likely to assume the same earth configuration of Monte’s Map, interim only, somewhat at least, as our climate turns cold and the ice increases lifting water levels relatively.
    Yet, I believe the ice increase is a natural result but also acts as a counter balance to the cold increase. The water, which is essential to our human construct as much as it is to the Earth’s physical construct, increases in quantity, as well as mass, during, at least, a SGSM, if not a full blown ice age. The ice pack will prevent our temps reducing beyond a point through insulation of our reduced thermal base caused by the forgoing. We might have less heat but we retain what we have of it for temp stability. It is a challenge but survivable, I do believe.

    I quote:

    So here we sit. The next beat of the 179-year solar retrograde cycle is due. The next beat of the 360-year Little Ice Age cycle is due. The next beat of the 1440-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 11,500-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 100,000-year ice-age cycle is due . . . and weโ€™re worried about global warming?
    Itโ€™s ludicrous to be worried about global warming.
    We must prepare for an ice age. As Fairbridge and Sanders put it, โ€œNatureโ€™s dice really are somewhat loaded.โ€ If we can heed the lessons of history writ so clearly in the geologic record, maybe we can reload those dice in our favor.
    โ€“By Robert Felix, โ€œNot by Fire but by Iceโ€œ

    And, I add: We are approaching, in between April and October of 2024, a conjunction involving the four Gas Giant planets of our solar system. This is going to have a compounding affect on the GSM and SGSM which is already expected to have considerable compound effects on Earth.

    Though the task of analysis and comparison of Monte’s Map with Go Ogle ‘Earth’, or any contemporary paper map, seems daunting I consider and conclude it will bear fruit for those who engage in careful determination of suitable, safe, stable places which might be nice places to live. Soon!

    Nice Map Monte!

  47. From the Monte Map: Tartaryah in America?
    jesubiri che stanno alla campagna a modo de tartari =
    jesubiri who are in the countryside in the manner of the Tartars.
    ‘jesubiri’ exact translation not yet known. It does refer to Jesus.
    Remember; pre 1587.

    • Jesuits?
      Much being revealed through broken history and efforts to uncover.
      Jesuits flooding places like Mexico City, etc. “Greco-Roman” and “Moorish” architecture in the Americas. Spanish flavors too, but Iberian Peninsula…
      Perhaps the true keepers of the knowledge, Templars AND Assassins becoming brothers and fleeing the persecution of the STURCH to the Americas, then mostly wiped out by volcanoes, ash, floods, and earthquakes.
      Masons and “Moormans” coming through later and cleaning up.
      After all of this exposure to different aspects, I no longer accept “indigenous” as a valid label. They were just the survivors with their memories wiped. Pole shift. Zero point.
      Like many around the planet, started over, in harmony with nature, etc.
      IF buildings in the north were similar to those on southern continent, could have mostly been buried, covered with growth, etc. Doesn’t take long. Jungles and deserts STILL hiding mind boggling amounts of past cultures and civilizations. Plus those living next to ancient ruins not knowing the languages or who those people were. EVERYWHERE.
      Keep translating! I think there were confederacies all over the place. “Tatars”, “Moors”, whoever was in the US south that had to be stamped out during the “civil war”… Same old tricks.

      • Wow! That’s quite a mouthful! I’ve been studying secular and Scripture information for forty years. And you make more sense than most!!

      • Typically the modus operandi does not change over time if it is the same actors performing, so: we come to some point where we have to speculate, for some time, before we come to any conclusions.
        I can’t help but contemplate translating and super animating that whole map. I only took out this obviously significant point of the Tartar reference because no one had, at least, obviously. We know Fomenko has been down this road and I am not even qualified to be in his kindergarten class; if he ever starts one. But, we all have a different perspective unless we are blind. Even then; being blind allows us to cut our a lot of ‘noise’. We can start from where we are and go from there. I’m not surprised I found something so fast and so easily. Yes, Go Ogle Translate was helpful but I have all of the language dictionaries on my shelf in case I needed them. As time gets short we need to hurry up.
        We should note, on Monte’s Map, the rectangle frame(s) which have been whited out; at least four. What was so sacrilegious as to not be allowed???

      • That’s a good question! We see, around the world, that many “images” have been removed from Tartarian buildings, leaving a blank plaque.

      • Sorry, to answer your question: ‘Jesuits?’ Jesuits imitating (in the manner of) Tartars is what it suggested to me. Note the tents in the Westerly state are different images than those in the Easterly state. There must be a reason. We are men, as was the author of the Monte Map. We need to get into his head, somehow, even if in another language. The missing rectangle texts are puzzling. Why were they erased?

  48. Further, there does appear to be at least two and maybe three hands, or more, writing on the map. That should be kept in mind along with anything else appearing anomalous.

    • Empty spaces might have referred to giants. Some of the other old maps had the entire NW uncharted, even with detail of the west coast. And also DID refer to giants. Forget which one…
      Maybe WW knows?
      Old Jon Levi video had it.

  49. Now is the time to keep in mind your ‘intuition’, so called, which is most likely strands of DNA handed down to you from you ancestors with keys to knowledge waiting for the ‘turn of the key’ to unleash it. The Bible said: ‘to the fourth generation’.

    • Just finished ten part docuseries about that very thing by Time of the Sixth Sun people. Can find on FB. They extended free viewing over the weekend, so maybe…
      I live in Montrose,CO between the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Dominguez and Escalante Canyons, the Grand Mesa, and the Cimarron and Uncompahgre mountains, so right in the middle of obvious washout.
      Colorado Plateau and up toward Moab and Salt Lake City just spilled out all over the place. I can walk ten minutes to our local park and up “Sunset Mesa” which is just a glorified dirt pile and see all of that stuff from our position down here in the river valley. Quite astounding when you know what you’re looking at.
      Millions of years, my ass. Must have made a hell of a racket.
      BCotG is a big vein of granite that channeled it down and out. Beautiful up there. Twenty minute drive from my house, so I know where I’m runnin if there’s a plasma event I’m forewarned of! There’s a spot in the bottom near a bat cave that only gets thirty minutes of sun a day.
      Of course, who knows what else would be going on. Or even if you’d want to survive something like that…

  50. When you first told me your city I looked it up. There are some lovely pics online. Though it is named after an individual there is no doubt of the meaning of the name Montrose: Rose Mountain. I would expect there are a lot of wild roses in your neighborhood.

    Based on a preliminary overview of America on the Monte Map, and a review of published history on Star Forts in America as well as the history of Quivira according to legend, plus, my accumulated knowledge of global incidence of Star Fort construction and my previously established opinion of Star Fort origins; I have to conclude that what we are seeing on Monte’s Map as Jesu Tartari is the first Romish outpost in America of spies to investigate the strength of Tartary in America and to seize the Quivira treasure which, as opposed to the historical narrative, they did seize and take it home to Rome or possibly Pisa at that time; as early as 1450.
    In the next century they began to establish the very first Star Fort in America, at Watrous, New Mexico, probably around 1500 or a little earlier, and established plans for the capture of the entire USA which probably began in and around 1700 give or take 50yrs. Ft. Union, at Watrous, should not be confused with the Star Fort. They are different eras entirely and around 200 yrs apart. The two Tartari tent cities are likely one true Tara and Tarkh outpost, and one false of Rome, and were in the region of the 4 Corners. Possibly as far west as Las Vegas but not likely.
    It is a fairly common opinion online that the global hundreds of Star Forts were built by Tartarians which I find completely ridiculous. The first Star Fort was built in Italy around 1450, they perfected it in the home countries / Capital cities of the colonialists and then papered the planet with them as the Colonialists seized all of Tartaryah slaughtering upwards of 1 billion in the process.

    Nothing about this Map of Monte has changed my opinion but in fact solidified it.
    The most notable thing about the vast majority of Star Forts is that their heaviest defensive walls face the expected direction of anticipated assault. Especially in their Home Ports. That Rome pitted each of the Colonialist powers against each other is telling in and of itself. That all of the Colonialist powers had Romish consultants assisting and even directing Star Fort construction is a foregone conclusion. Who always takes the biggest rake off the top? Not even the bankers.
    The youngest Star Forts were built in the last nations conquered worldwide: The USA and Canada.
    The very last Star Fort built in America is called The Pentagon. Yes, that Pentagon. The first Pentagon is right outside Rome.
    IMO all Natives of North America, from the Arctic to South American border, at least, were Tartarians. This includes the Aztecs, etc.
    I see NO evidence otherwise.
    The last of Tartaryah to be conquered was Siberia not Russia. Russia was only a small province of Moscovy until the Aristocracy was established. This end of Tartaryah would have been around 1750 with mop up going on until 1945/50.
    Yes, I just trashed most of the history we have been taught.
    Arguments and questions are welcome!
    Time to get some more rose, rus, rosh, cuttings.

    • If we could vaporize rose oil into the atmosphere to counter all the other shit?…
      Even all the electricity and radio waves, etc, would just help to spread it.
      Yes, lots of roses around. We have a couple dark red varieties in our backyard (two of same kind) and one slightly different in side yard.
      Not the wild, not so many petals kind but the next not quite so many as super genetically altered kind. Whatever that middle variety is.
      The wild ones around at the parks tend to be pink. There’s a yellow bush at our neighbor’s across the street.
      Jon Levi and others (old Static in the Attic) were obsessed with Lake Conibas or Conibar as it is on Monty’s map. Hard to pinpoint with that blobular fancified thing, but easier on old Spanish or whatever. There’s that map that shows all the cities along coasts and waterways and even possibly the “seven cities” around SLC. Utah and Nevada obviously wiped mostly clean except enigmas popping up in papers 100 years ago. Then they just use them for “bombing practice”.
      What do you think the treasure was?…
      Looked into old “Fu Sang” (poor spelling) and mulberry and fruit trees? Vineyards in CA?
      Those old established gardens and such are a clue into former presences. Also all of the monasteries, etc all over the place.
      Dee Moines, IA where I was born named after monks…

      • Can I sign up to be on the Rose Oil Dispensing Team? Sounds like my kinda jam!!!

        Regarding the treasure hunter’s quest, as I postulated in the Gold Rush blog it would be pretty easy to locate these destroyed cities if you had the old maps. Considering the Mormons made a bee-line for SLC area I wouldn’t put it past them.

        And the orchards, I’ve come across quite a few references to newcomers buying long established orchards in the west. Jack London bought “the Beauty Ranch” in Sonoma (home of the airships!) which included a huge olive orchard (those take a long time to grow) that he mismanaged with his “experimental” farming and has since been cut down and turned into vineyards. Of course, the travel brochures have a whole different story.

        Monasteries remind me of Old Country Estates that provided goods and services for the community and a place of refuge when needed. Shame they all were usurped and twisted by religious doctrine. I think our world could use some good old fashioned monasteries again!


    The wee warrior’s Scotch is showing. I should know I have, also, Mc or Mac, depending on which isle you sit, Farlane blood. And Pac from County Armagh. I think it important to not only know where we came from but also where we are going.
    It was the Irish and Scots, who retained the writings from Hyper Borea and transcribed them for us. You and me. Me and you.
    It was Rome, and it’s pretentious priests who stole them, hid them, and produced their perversion.

    The Rose was once ubiquitous on every hill and in every sunny spot above the equator. Even to the edge of the Arctic Circle. But such a prickly briar is it that the poor farmer, seeking to increase his lands, and the use thereof, thought it best to usurp these briars whom scratched his skin and wealth. Knowing no better he dug them all up and burned their limbs by fire.
    Where once the rose fed all with food and medicine it now fed none. Where once all could feed on rose to their fill, as required, to sustain strength of limbs and mind; we have now the people, animals, plants and even bugs are sick to die.
    Some tried, and tried, and tried to reverse this mortal sting that staunched the sting that thrives, the sting of the briar with which mankind survives. But now, still, several hundred years on, the sting of life hides while the sting of sin thrives. Never, ever, more people than now, and right now, we threaten them all.
    Few know why such a beautiful flower is accompanied by such wicked thorns. It is so it would survive. For those times, each year, when winter cries. It is not warm weather which kills us most, but cold.
    Let the word go out to all the land, upon yours you must set your hand, to grow this humble plant with all it’s thorns. Then you may survive, and thrive, along with yours, your children, your animals and your home.

    The best rose oil sells for $20,000 per liter and more. If you can find it. That is wholesale from the farm/distiller.
    We cannot afford to diffuse rose oil for all the world, which is dying, except by growing the plant ourselves. And, too, your neighbors themselves. Then, judiciously, we can apply it as needed to our fair family and others too.

    Why do birds and animals and humans not eat all of the berries on the bush called rose???
    Once, before, is because it is only to be eaten when the eater is sick of a fatal disorder. Now, it is because the plant itself is sick and itself disordered.

    Time is short; very, very short. The earth, the solar sy-stem is now disordered.

    Notably, rose may alter it’s own DNA as need requires but it needs our help. Instead of spending time hybridizing rose to be what it is not, and should not be, we may, instead, spend our time in de-hybridizing the rose back to whence it came.

    ALL root stock used to graft on hybrid rose varieties, as at your local garden store, is Rosa canina or another of the 145 wild species. Why? Because hybrids do not reproduce, cannot reproduce themselves. Which is why the human population is producing more and more defects in its own lineage. We are become hybrids. How so? It starts with a ‘V’. and ends with thee.
    Time is short, very short!

    The Rose rules only those who want to be ruled by it.

    I think I have an answer.
    I think, and thank you two, too.

    • You know where one can acquire some connections to this source? Grow one’s own?
      Or possibly identify closer variations?
      I assume the more wild varieties, with less petals are the more original. Also a lighter and more delicate flavour. Some of the more modified are positively overbearing. P-U.
      It was always my intention, upon moving into the country on some land of our own, to take cuttings or seeds from those more wild types at the rose gardens in Longmont.
      There were white and yellow… The reds there seemed larger.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Curious about y’alls books and what other secrets they may entail.

      • This ‘source’ seems to have their agenda well established.
        With 30 ‘species’ roses. I don’t believe they are all ‘wild’ or ‘original’. A dozen, at least, are originally ‘wild’. You can ask questions of them and expect accurate answers. Several are out of stock. Since your winter weather, bad as it was already, will worsen in the GSM at least, if not throughout the SGSM for decades, you should ask what is VEWY, VEWY cold hardy. They will ask your altitude. You should be fine with any of the yellow or pink. If you get a few different species then you may end up with a ‘sport’ (which is a wild hybrid and develops on it’s own as a result and because of cross pollination by insects and birds, as in Pakistan which has the most of those) which will reproduce, and possibly thrive better than any ‘wild’. They may also have a ‘wild’ native to your state or region which I am not aware of. I see they have ‘nutkan’ but don’t personally know if that is a variant or the same as ‘nootka’. Again USDA has most of the data for most states. Of course altitude is not as big a determinant as latitude; normally. Because of the Meridional Jet Stream you should expect more Polar Vortex situations sending extreme cold through Colorado to Texas. Since last September your weather has been mostly a duplicate of the same exact pattern as 1898-99 which brought the ‘Blizzard of 99’ in February of 1899. This past winter should have been no surprise for many nurseries and could be why this one noted is out of stock on so many. Either because they had large losses or the landscapers are grabbing them up. Be advised.
        You may email me if needed: moriyah_tobyahnah (at) yahoo (dot) com


    Upon review, this day, of the internet conversation regarding the above. I see, and read, of no reason to change my stated position. Nor do I have any interest in tackling the terror that reigns from above.
    Sure, I will state: the administration of this planet is entirely corrupted and will die of it’s own decadence. At it’s own hand. Ha, ha, ha, ha, Ah ha!

    The only question is; do we want to die with it?
    Immediate reversal, and repentance, is in order. Or out of.
    No more time for mucking about. Unless it is at Mud Lake.
    The most wild rose species in the smallest area, of such, on earth. None of them blooming for 3yrs now!
    What does this portend?

    The night of the living dead! Rabies pandemic.
    I cannot get much more clear without risking reprisal(s) for all.

    Almost time to go live, or dead.

    Notwithstanding any other perspective; Quivira could be many places in America including Colorado. There are precious metals all over the place. Trust me, with 60yrs of playing with copper, gold and silver, in a professional capacity, it is everywhere. Some places it is easier to find and extract than others.
    Not that I think this is it, still, it is a great example of what could be.
    IDAHO is one of the largest producers of silver in the world. It also produces gold.
    And, there are all kinds of abandoned mines which are begging for miners.

    Interesting that Ida Ho is Arabic, as in Moors in America perhaps, possibly, which translates into ‘Si รฉl es’ in Spanish, and then, ‘Yes he is’ in English. Which, could just as easily be translated as ‘Yes IT is’ there.
    Everything is open to interpretation unless, and until, we have full understanding AND confirmation.
    In the meantime we need to go with what we have.

  54. Sorry I have been rather unresponsive to your comments, Moriyah, I’ve been busy with an event that is thankfully over and now I can devote more time to researching the fascinating topics of the role of roses in our history and their importance to our future. I appreciate you calling my attention to this matter.

    Thought you might find this of interest…my preliminary investigation has resulted in this 1524 map by Apian that shows a flower (rose?) at the center of the “cosmology” connected to a key. It also appears that something has been scratched out of the very center of the flower. And the shape of the American continent is quite startling, at least half of NA is underwater!

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoints and know you understand that our goal is to move past the fear into a new perspective.

    • No concerns that I have eclipse yours. Today I met a 9yr old as I was doing my investigation of the largest ‘wild rose garden’ (search term with ‘Ottawa’) plot, supposedly, of any metro region world wide. Right here at home. This little boy reminds me of me at that age. This 4ft tall dwarf, Michael (etymology: he who is like the mighty one), got the significance immediately. Wants to promote it and make money. Reminds me of me at my current age. More than 50yrs ahead of his age. How did I miss that wild rose plot for more than 50yrs? How did this little boy, who will be a foot taller in two years, get it right away? Was it there back when I was nine yrs old playing in that neighborhood and others. When did it become evident enough to be noted on Google Maps? Look it up! 100’s of buses per day spew their accolades on this patch of roses which is about to have a train track installed above it; and above the buses. Will it survive? Can it? I expect most of our city to be flooded by October 2024 based on the previous river banks and what we know about the 2,100yr cycle, 2024 Grand Conjunction, upcoming. Yet, wherever we are we need rose to survive according to the native dialog, discourse and histories. We have so much work to do it boggles the mind but the more we do, the more we can do as we grow in wisdom and strength.
      Here I have a nine year old kicking MY ass. You only have a contemporary kicking yours! That is to say, you kicking yours. Let me know what I can do from my side of, what is now, the fence between the longest undefended, no, not underfunded, border in the world. Canada / USA. How messed up we are. Let us be focused on what brings joy to all, though but a few months of the year, in cooperation with others, as, unless harvested and directed to ulterior purposes which serves men and women well, we lose it each year. And let us thank our maker in the process as we overcome our minor turpitudes. BTW, what fear? How many times have you had a gun pointed at you just for your opinion(s) which interfere with someone else’s money. Great! You have much to look forward to.
      We all do. Nevertheless, I believe the ruler of the universe is bulletproof. Let’s try to get on that side.

    • It kind of looks like a mushroom there in the middle. Or a bent tack.

  55. The Gyre appears to have stalled overnight according to currents in the Arctic.,currents,71.882,-134.824,3
    Will it reverse?

  56. […] I just wind of a great blog post on the stolenhistory mystery on weewarrior’s site. I highly recommend everyone check it out. It is well written and informative […]

  57. The old and the new were both gate keeper sites serving as platforms for several misleading theories that were initially developed by a couple of think tank contractors on the order of an “undisclosed” intel agency. SH sites similar to other gate keeping site like David Icke or Alex Jones or Bibliotheca Pleiades and others were creating a space for containment of curiosity which may arise in individuals who suspect something with our world is off and start looking for answers. Obviously their search would first land them on more popular sites like David Icke or Alex Jones, but as they continue searching they will discover other sites including SH.

    All these sites have one thing in common – they do not allow free discussion. They want everyone to play by their rules and discuss only those theories which are presented on their sites and if you were to present anything contradicting or new, then you would be massively attacked ad hominem, passive-aggressively dismissed and forced to either leave or engage in a debate where the shills would do everything in their power not to discuss anything with you but to derail your threads and as soon as you lose your cool and start calling them names you get banned or you may get banned simply for being too persistent in posting your opinion and showing the admin and his pets how actually stupid they are.

    The whole purpose of all these sites is to control the “conspiracy” narrative and keep it within an allowed range of subjects. Allowed by the “establishment”.

    Of course it is evident that the history of Earth is not what has been officially told to us in books, but it isn’t what SH sites were telling us either. As I’ve said several think tanks came up with a number of mysterious stories about the history of Earth, set it up in a format of lore and simply controlled that narrative.

    SH sites promoted nothing more but another myth and they were looking for a following so that this myth could honey pot every curious normie under a controlled containment narrative, never actually allowed to discuss anything else.

    I’ve tried several times, in a friendly fashion to throw in a couple of ideas to them. Each single time, immediately a local fan boy with hundreds of posts would appear and start to attack my posts and ideas with half assed ad hominem tactics without even trying to read and understand what I wrote. He would twist my words, address things I’ve never said. Obviously he was doing this to derail the discussion and make me angry. Every time when I politely asked to read my posts carefully and address what I wrote without twisting my words and exaggerating my ideas, all I would get in response is another high brow dismissal calling me wrong, without any attempts to show exactly why he thinks I’m wrong besides saying “you don’t make sense, may be you should go research some more and come back then” implying that SH forum members were acting as judges who were grading the information posted on their sites. Of course any information they didn’t like automatically became poorly researched and wrong, even if evidence and logic in the post were sufficiently present to make a case for the posted theory.

    I wasn’t the only one who had similar problems with these SH forums. Many people, even those who were purely curious and didn’t have anything to add, as soon as they asked a question that didn’t sit well with the SH “regulars”, they would be attacked and dismissed in the same manner.

    SH forum members act like typical government controlled bullies, who have one goal set in their minds – to derail anyone who dared speaking about anything they didn’t approve, which meant anything that wasn’t already posted on SH forums.

    Despite their own “theories” being obviously nothing but fantasies with a typical mythic structure of narration, which have many plot holes exposing them as nothing more but works of pure fiction, they would be extremely aggressive to any other “theory” which somehow discredited their fictitious narrative.

    In other words SH has the same structure as any cult would. They have their “cult leader”, they have “the apostles”, they have “the obedient following herd” and they have their “cult lore” or their “holy scripture”.

    Anyone is allowed to join this cult, but only as long as you follow the leaders and worship their narrative. As soon as you present anything off course from what they are pushing, you will be immediately attacked, as they like to do it in a passive aggressive manner, meaning that they would insult you without using insulting words, they will dismiss your arguments without properly addressing them and eventually they will force you to leave or ban you if you wouldn’t get a hint and continue making your point, in which case they will simply delete you and act as if nothing happened.

    Needless to say that nobody on that forum would come to help you in defending your position, meaning that fear and confusion is what is in the air on these SH forums. People are afraid to speak out or go against the “official narrative” of these site. It’s pointless to appeal to their honor, senses or fair debate.

    In other words my experience with both forums was thoroughly frustrating and disappointing. There’s nothing of value on those forums that can’t be found in the same amounts on almost every other conspiracy containment or controlled opposition site in existence. They aren’t original and they are horrible. They are hypocrites and despite their claims of “we are doing a historic research here” they couldn’t be further from it. They do not research anything. All they do is circle jerk the same copy and paste information that has been existing unchanged for decades. Even if they add anything, it’s just another version of some old info only served under a different sauce.

    • Oh yeah? What are you suggesting?
      There are trolls under almost every bridge. You can just ignore them, but usually not worth frequenting places where nobody wants an OPEN discussion.
      Death to the slave system.

      • No, they weren’t trolls. It was always prominent forum members with a high reputation score and a lot of contributions to the forum. They were respected among the SH community, but at the same time in each instance when someone brought a new idea which didn’t fit well with forum’s narrative, these people would become passively aggressive, arrogant, dismissive and attacking me and others using ad hominem tactics. This is not the only forum I had such experience with. The same thing happened on David Icke forum as well as on TopSecret forum and many others.

        The point I’m trying to make is that they do not accept any ideas which contradict or expose their own ideas as less credible. They are not a research forum. They are a typical cult which promotes a set of ideas without allowing anything else for a discussion. I’m not even mentioning that they pile on tons of copy and paste materials from other “containment sites”, which means their goal is not keeping their contant original but causing chaos and confusion by creation hundreds upon hundreds of threads which parrot other sources on the internet.

        SH basically acts as a controlled alternative media, not a research site. Research implies a thorough look into every theory brought to the table, but what they do is immediately attack anything new.

        Once the admin came to my thread and simply called my theory wrong just because. I was shocked to see such infantile behavior from someone who otherwise claims to be a host for a research forum. I wrote a substantial article with arguments and logic explained behind my every claim and all I got in return was “you are wrong, go away”.

        And I’m not the only one who had experienced such treatment on SH forums. Doesn’t matter what you bring to them or how polite you are, as long as you don’t parrot their narrative, you will get attacked and consequentially banned.

        They even attack you when you make a well versed comment on anything they post there, as if you have no right to disagree with what they post, while they often post things way outside of their league. They make claims by posting 3-4 sentences and when you write a whole article in response trying to point out the facts, they immediately attack you.

        The members on SH don’t look like they are competent in what they are talking about and they hate to hear anything from anyone who is actually competent in philosophy and sciences. And I’m not talking about the “official science”. I’m talking about many people who are doing their own research and have succeeded in reaching positive result in their field of research.

        I agree with you – the system that is enslaving us should cease to exist but having a wish is very far from making it a reality. The system defends itself more then adequately, which we can’t say about ourselves. We can’t event post without being harassed most of the time. I’ve been banned so many times for simply trying to speak what I found to be the truth that I’m extremely demoralized at this point. My forums have been deleted. I’ve been treated like shit. For what? Only for that I dared to look at the world at a different angle and what I saw contradicts the allowed “conspiracy theories”.

        I’m going to write about my theories on my wordpress blog. I hope it doesn’t get deleted.

    • Well, sorry you had such bad experiences at SH. Since I’ve never posted on the other forums you mention I can’t compare, but I didn’t get a lot of pushback on SH or experience any bullying, I would have left if that had been the general climate. I experienced pretty open and lively discussions.

      I did notice that KD only replied to my first few postings with some additional info and then stuck to his own threads until the operation shut down. I did see some members (like dear Starmonkey) getting hassled for “coloring outside the lines” as he put it, but no big fusses while I was checking the boards, but I was only there for the last few months. I did find in my research how Martin Leidtke had called them out for plagiarizing his work and was banned from the forum.

      I am interested what type of topics you were posting that pissed them off so much? Were you challenging their findings or posting your own theories?

      I have often wondered about the motivations behind the SH forum and how KD had managed to amass all that research if he had a full time job and family as he claimed and that sudden shut down and half-assed archiving raised even more questions.

      I signed up to the new forum but received so many alerts from my browser about bad addresses and such that didn’t visit any more, but did receive weekly emails on the topics for a while, then they disappeared too. I haven’t checked back to see if it is even still up, I’ve moved on to new horizons.

      Anyway, all observations are appreciated although I am naturally leery of over- long rants that make sweeping claims without offering evidence.

      • What I’m researching and writing about deals with the logical progression of our world’s existence from the time of its inception until the time when it’s assumed to end. I’ll write about it in my blog here on wordpress.

        Regarding posting on SH forums I have certain issues with the information they post there, in particular how their theories have a mythical structure. They tend to mystify the narrative, making a lot of sensational assumptions for the sole sake of making an impression. They often take legitimate observations but then make misleading claims about them, as in their “mudflood” theory. They claim some sort of a flood happened a couple of centuries ago only because a lot of buildings seem to have their base buried several meters deep into the ground. While it’s a legitimate observation, it doesn’t mean it was a flood. That’s pure sensationalism. The ground level being raised could of course have been caused by some sort of a flood, but if that was the case it would be quite easy to remove the extra soil and returning a city not its normal function without any problems. What is more evident it is that raising the level of the ground could be caused by ever growing system of communication, sewers, piping and large construction that required the ground level to be raised in order to make a city more or less on the same level. Of course a flood could have been a cause of ground level change, because it’s possible that when the forests were cut to make space for the industrial use, and the underground water basins could have overflown without a large root system slowing the rate of water flow, causing the levels of water in rivers to rise and flood those cities around which the forest was removed, but that just seems highly unlikely to happen on such massive scale.

        Anyway, they reacted very aggressively to my comments despite me telling them that what may have looked like a flood could have been a result of some sort of terraforming etc. I pointed out that the observation of ground level in the cities was still open to a discussion of what exactly caused the ground to rise, that claiming the cause for these factors as mudfloods was a rash decision without a strong logical base behind it. The first weak point is that there is simply not enough mud to cover the whole city, much less doing so in such evenly leveled manner… etc. In any case.. they don’t want their theories to be tempered with.

        Plus as I’ve said – they don’t want to hear theories which contradict what is posted on their forums. That’s a definition for gate keeping.

        Also, I’ve noticed that all forums that were actually doing indipendent research were closed by third parties. Forums like hive and lycaeum for example and many others too. Many BBS boards were closed in the past 10 years. They weren’t some “political” “racist” forums. They were simply doing open source research into many themes and subjects.

        This raises a question.. why aren’t all these David Icke and Alex Johns forums being deleted? Even though they were given a “legend” of being persecuted by mainstream and taken off the main platforms but they weren’t deleted. They are still there, while as we know there’s no problem with removed anyone from the internet completely, especially when they are completely doxxed and open.

        It appears that every forum that is active today is run, guided or controlled by the gate keepers. Their goal isn’t researching the nature of thing, where and why we are here and how it will all end up. Their goal is to keep everyone with new ideas silent and keep everyone curious in reading about “mysteries” busy digging themselves under piles of time sink rubbish, which as interesting as it may look contains mainly misleading information rather then helping finding the way out of this thoroughly conspiratorial mystery which has kept the real world and real history hidden from us since the beginning.

      • For you, CJ, there are no lines.

      • I’m gonna follow you just to keep you in mind.

      • What lines? There are lines?
        Recently discovered same on Skeptiko forum blog. Alex doesn’t even pay attention to threads not directly related to his podcast. I decided to go toe to toe with an idiot one day, and found it quite enjoyable. Then quit going there.
        Forum Borealis is a lot less active, but I can share my cheeky side with ease. Al has a good sense of humor.
        And anything goes here! Just be civil and respectful and don’t fall into those infantile traps!

      • It’s important to exercise discernment when the waters are muddied. It’s not all one thing or another. Usually it draws attention though, when something is amiss or missing.
        I avoid argument over “mudflood” (I hate the word), “Tartaria” (also a bastardized term), the shape of the earth, or the quality of outer space. People are overzealous and religious and usually not OPEN to discussion and exploration.
        We live in interesting and EXCITING times, for sure. The Akasha is stirring…

      • Tartaria most certainly evolved from the nation of Scythia, and became the worldwide empire of Grand Tartary. Many details of that empire have been erased from history. But that doesn’t mean that Tartaria was somehow bastardized. There is plenty of evidence that it was a prominent empire.

        My research shows that Scythia was created by The Israelites who had escaped their captivity. Over time, multitudes of Scythians moved westward into Europe, to create the European nations. But Scythia remained … to evolve into Tartary.

  58. Thanks Eaesum for elaborating on your issues with SH. I do remember threads with info like you mentioned pointing out the discrepancies of the Mudflood theory and I remember it invoking a lively debate. I didn’t participate because I didn’t have enough evidence one way or another. But I did use the Mudflood premise as a springboard into other research which has proved valuable to my quest. I have questions myself about how so many cities developed underground infrastructures and have studied all the mainstream explanations but have found them lacking credibility too.

    I’m also suspicious of gatekeeper sites, I’ve had some nasty experiences with them and wondered why guys like Icke and AJ are not shut down. Same goes for the Dark Journalist, he’s always acting like he’ll be shut down any minute for revealing all those truths, but so far no bans.

    Anyway, I’ll look forward to reading your ideas about life, the universe and everything, but I wonder why you are spending so much time on my blog when you could be working on your own? Did they really piss you off so bad that you need to vent or do you think it’s your duty to warn everyone?

    • I was just passing by while searching about SH on the web and your blog came up. At the same time I registered an acc. here. I noticed you wrote about how the owner of SH bailed on his site, so I decided to leave a comment pointing out that the community was quite double faced to begin with. They have an agenda to keep the general romantic interested in something mysterious. It’s an old tactic – to mystify those who are searching. I’ve noticed you linked McKenna video in your post.

      The whole “new age” “expansion of the perception” Tim Leary stuff, was a continuation of an old program to lead those passionate about freeing themselves in the age of systemic transition from the lower industrial tier to a higher one, so that all this generally better educated and ingenuous crowd would be kept contained under control and wouldn’t rock the boat. A lot of people were affected by a seemingly benign initiative to help people open their “third eye” and find “the truth”, misleading people into joining the cult of “peace and love”.

      That was a great project, but a maleficent one. Most if not all “conspiracy theories”, the lore of Discordians, the UFOs, all these poltergeist, zeitgeist, Illuminati, whatever, anything mystically modern, all sorts of speculations about transcendence and transhumanism, pretty much anything you can think of which would tingle your curiosity was touched by that project. Most of these things were initiated by those who were running this project, rock, movies.. basically everything.. sci-fi.. you name it. All done for one simple reason – to keep the people mesmerized. Mainly the people in the “west” but in the “east” as well. Everywhere. The “dream” was the greatest market and the playing field of the 20th century. The mystery was easily spread through the veins of the modern communication systems hitting its apogee when the internet became hand held and mobile.

      Well.. it’s a long story. It kind of obvious and self evident to anyone willing to simply look at the world dropping all sentiments.

      That’s why I wrote in your blog. Just to pinch in my take on SH forum. The reason why I’m not spending time on writing in my blog.. well.. I guess I could, but I’m weirdly motivated. May be I should work on my blog.

      Regarding my duty.. well I thought it was my duty to warn people when I was younger, and I wrote quite a bit, a book and a whole stack of articles. Apparently people don’t want to be warned. Quite on the contrary, they freak out, report and get me banned. Over the years I became demoralized like you wouldn’t believe. If I was to start writing then I’d have to tell the whole story but it’s a long one. Kinda sucks telling a long story into an empty well.
      Especially when it doesn’t connect with people because everyone has already been placed in their specific bowl of “interesting” and doesn’t want to get out. It’s comfy thinking about conspiracies that are like a fairy tale taking you on a journey when you come home from an 8 hour shift, logon to your favorite site and read up on your favorite subject of how “you and the everyone united in peace” are dreaming about “we need to do something to end all of this injustice” and if anything disturbs such a harmonious ritual it sure will see the wrath of a those enjoying themselves.

      How do you even talk to a hypnotized population? How do you not appear as an evil guy while doing so? There’s no way out of it. I will write and I will be ignored but if anyone reads what I wrote it will cause a massive disturbance in their force either triggering rage towards me or depression from realizing that world contains no mysteries, that’s it’s nothing more than a banal resource mining colony which really had no past and will have no future.

      I have very conflicting feelings about humans. After a while I just started to see everyone as an enemy, either conscious or unconscious. Everyone is controlled, I’m not excluding myself out of the bunch but I think I found a key hole through which I can look outside the haze of propaganda bubble. And I wish that what I saw in that keyhole was hopeful, but imagine if the whole “mystery” of out existence had only the bad news? Would you want to look into that hole? What if the rabbit hole doesn’t go deeper but just ends with everything falling crumbling into dust and disappearing from the existence along with our so called world? What I you were to find out that it would happen within the next 1000 years and what they have been telling us about how humanity is going to reach for the stars was nothing but bullshit?

      I guess that could be enjoyed if it was some sort of a surrealist Burroughesque etude.. only it’s real and I wish I was insane and making all of this up. The truth is that the system created a whole ocean of fiction, entertainment and just about anything only to keep everyone busy doing whatever but looking through that little key hole, because if everyone found out about the reality then the whole system would crumble because people would stop dreaming. But they wouldn’t. Nothing to worry about. Everything is under control. It always was. One voice never mattered even one thousand voices don’t, because we aren’t connected to the minds of the people and can’t make people hear, see or feel. But the system can. It can spin a human any way it wants at any time.

      • Well, I feel your pain, I know what it’s like to feel shunned because people are uncomfortable having the obvious lies pointed out, something I’ve never understood but have learned to live with. I am quite aware of the psyops behind the media industries and have accepted that most name-brand artists were manufactured to influence culture.

        And yes, I know about Terence and Leary and had it confirmed when I had a chance to meet Ram Das, who I once admired, but when I got close to him I realized he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And he knew I knew and the look he gave me was chilling.

        I have used material from these people in the past because parts of it segued into the message I was trying to convey. But like you, I’ve found that pointing out the hidden agenda behind this stuff is rarely met with interest and often turns people off to the broader message.

        I remember going through a disappointment phase because my efforts seemed to be in vain and I was ostracized for speaking uncomfortable truths. But it didn’t last, my desire to help my fellow humans free their minds from the traps overrode my personal frustration. I have given myself the freedom to say, write or create whatever soothes my soul and I really don’t need validation from anyone, although it is nice.

        Hope you can channel all that frustration into crafting and releasing your own interpretation of the world, it is really the only thing that stops the agony of frustration. Just remember to always question your conclusions as well, no one has the definitive answer to the BIG questions, all we can do is provide keys we have found that unlocked doors in our minds.

        Best of luck, you are a very good writer and I hope you find the perfect outlet for your talent.

      • Thank you for understanding and what I really liked is what you’ve said at the end about questioning your own conclusions, because it really is the only key to finding a way out of a Russian nesting doll reality, which may seem as allowing you to find a way out, only to expect you to settle down and accept where you ended up as something final as if you’ve finally found the truth you were looking for.

        At one point I realized exactly that – once you start taking steps on the way of searching for truth it’s unavoidable that you will have to discard a lot of things you thought were true and find a new perspective for a way forward. It really can become depressing and make you feel as if you are in an endless maze, but in the end what is there but a journey. For as long as each of us doesn’t stop, for so long the reality will keep opening its doors for us despite the gate seals.

        See you later.

      • Continuous research, both secular and Scriptural, is absolutely necessary to assemble the many pieces of this world order.

  59. “Tartaria” being bastardized was in regards to spelling and definition by others. Tatars, they were called. And that, a long time ago.
    Been reading Harold Lamb’s historical fiction. Started with Tamerlane, still have the Three Paladins, and Suleiman to read as well.
    Rest assured, “Tatars” did not build “Greco-Roman” architecture all over the world. If anything, it would have more in common with old “Turkish” or “Moorish” type, like the “Kremlin”.
    “Istanbul” or “Constantinople”?…

    • Yes. I understand, Christopher. And regarding the “Greco-Roman” architecture, which is seen all over the earth, it is LABELED that by our Edomite, New World Order, usurpers in order to deceive us Goyim.

  60. Well, thank goodness for the Apocalypse then. Veil lifting and scales falling from our eyes. We’ll be able to go to the Source, instead of successive interpretations and misrepresentations.
    My idea about all of that architecture in its origin? Probably Egyptian. But the tradition goes WAY back, so…
    I like to cite Steiner’s epochs and ages of civilization, but I’m not sure what we know as Persian or Indian enters into the mix identifiably, but the roots related hearken back to Norse or Hyperborean influence.
    Perhaps the Kievan Rus. They were mixing it up in that hot spot general neck of the wooded steppes as well.
    Duh on the false and “holy” narrative. Doesn’t really get us anywhere to keep pointing fingers. I get TIRED of listening to it, but I guess everyone has to have their moment of shock and dismay. Scandalous.

    • In recent months, I’ve read a lot on The Phoenicians. It has been stated, with good sources, that the large part of The Phoenicians were of the kingdoms of David and Solomon. They traveled all over the world, and were technologically advanced. And it was from this people, The Israelites, that Scythia, and later Tartary, were formed. So, The Phoenicians, who controlled northern Africa, The Mediterranean Sea, The British Isles, The Americas, northern India, etc., could have created much of this architecture. And this would have continued with The Israelite Tartarians.

      I have several good books posted in my group, on The Israelites and The Phoenicians, on MeWe:

      The overt oppression of the earth by our Edomite usurpers is now accomplishing the rest of Satan’s plan for his New World Order, as opposed to Yahweh’s original “order of arrangement” – Strong’s G2889. And this is the genociding of Yahweh’s Israelites. The eastern Israelites were destroyed first, Grand Tartary, and now the European Israelites are being squashed, like bugs, especially in Australia. The Edomites don’t care if they take out millions of non-Israelites, as long as all White European Israelites can be brought under their totalitarian control and, ultimately, destroyed.

  61. Right on. I’ll check it out. Listening to Forum Borealis premiere of Nick Cook Pentagon’s Biggest Secret on YT right now so I can join the live chat. Heard it already. It’s good.
    Must be that tired old family squabble still playing itself out through the V and the V. Genetic specification in killing outright or just debilitating.

  62. New SH seems nice

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