The Lady Liberty’s DNA

The Statue of Liberty’s Ten Top Film Appearances

Ever noticed just how often the Statue of Liberty makes her way into our everyday life?

That film compilation is just a small sample of her role in modern story lines. Interesting how often she possess supernatural powers or is associated with destruction and mayhem.

11 Times the Statue of Liberty Got Destroyed in Movies | Julep by Triplemint.

But for me, Lady Liberty’s most jaw-dropping film role is during the conclusion of Men In Black II when we discover — along with agent Will Smith — that the Lady’s Torch is equipped with a city-sized neuralizer!

Tommy Lee has the key…

Lady Liberty Flashes NYC

So, I actually stumbled on this curious journey down Lady Liberty’s rabbit hole as part of a writing assignment for one of those type of sites.

The topic I was paid to write about was “How Were the Stairs Up the Statue of Liberty Built?” (Can’t find my published story on-line, guess they never used it.)


Anyway, it took forever to find the answer to that simple question, amazing how often it was overlooked in the numerous public descriptions, I had to dig really deep to get some solid information!

Admittedly it was hard to stay focused on my assignment because I was being distracted by all of the symbological and alchemical clues laced into the design of our iconic Lady Liberty.

From her Roman sandals planted firmly on an 11-pointed Star Fort all the way up to the torch of the Illuminati held high above New York Harbor — and especially the network connects them together —  there is much more to this iconic lady’s history than I ever imagined!

Story Through Place | At Home & Afield

In researching the staircase to the Crown, I learned that it is shaped like a double helix (just like human DNA) with separate up and down stairwells that create a spiral.

I kid you not.

Even more curious was the fact it was laid out in nine levels, just like a Mayan ceremonial pyramid.

Chichen Itza - Temple of Kukulcan - Simone M. Matthews - Universal Life Tools

You have to lean out to keep your balance as you ascend and descend, making the task comparable to climbing a huge stepped pyramid, a seemingly ‘never-ending’ process with no clear goal in sight.


354 steps to the crown

With the balance of ascending and descending traffic, the staircase would create a perfect ‘whirlpool’ of human power on a busy day.

Wonder how one would harvest that?


Of course, it is no surprise that the Masons were involved in this project from start to finish:

…the Freemasons played an important role in the Statue of Liberty’s development. First, Liberty’s sculptor, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, was himself a Freemason, having just finished the Alsace-Lorraine Lodge in Paris in 1875. Liberty’s own name, Liberty Enlightening the World, was probably derived from the Masonic idea of illumination and enlightenment. The greatest moment for the Masons was indisputably the laying of the cornerstone for the statue and pedestal at Bedloe’s Island, as Liberty Island was formerly known, in 1884. The ritualistic ceremony was presided over by the grand master of the New York State Lodge.

One of the biggest head-scratchers for me was learning about the explosion at Black Tom Island, another fascinating incident my history teachers’ skipped.

I’ve asked all kinds of folks if they had heard of it but it was news to them, too!

I did discover that Glenn Beck (of all people) did a segment on it!

Black Tom was a man-made island in New York Harbor right next to Belos Island (eventually renamed Liberty Island) where the US  stockpiled railroad cars full of ordinance to ship to England, although they were still officially neutral in the WWI conflict.

So the story goes during the wee hours of July 30, 1916, four German spies ignited a barge on the island, setting off a chain reaction of explosions in what is still referred to as the worst act of terrorism in American history.

Beginning at 2AM and illuminating the entire city, the explosion sent out shock waves as intense as a 5.0 earthquake, shattering every window in Manhattan and knocking people in skyscrapers out of their beds!

Flashback in history: The “Black Tom Island” incident, 30 July 1916 | Maritime Cyprus

Certainly worth noting how later newstories downplayed the incident (despite the spectacle it created).

Originally, an American citizen was arrested for manslaughter with no hint of foreign connections. Apparently the concern was if the American public suspected German involvement, they might insist the US enter into the European conflict (ahead of schedule?).

Ironically, the US government had not developed an official agency to investigate foreign espionage, so the Black Tom incident prompted the formation of the FBI.

Original FBI Headquarters. Really.

Of course, the Black Tom explosion did significant damage to the huge statue standing nearby…

“Every window in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, on Bedloe’s Island opposite Black Tom, was broken, and the main door, made of iron and weighing almost a ton, was blown off its hinges,” The Morning Call reported. “The statue itself, however, was not damaged, except from the rain of shrapnel which bespattered it.”

The ‘rain of shrapnel’ damaged the spiral staircase that leads up the arm and torch so severely it was permanently closed (to the public).

2:08 am, the first and biggest of the explosions took place. Fragmentation from the explosion traveled long distances, some lodging in the Statue of Liberty and some in the clock tower of the Jersey Journal building in Journal Square, over a mile away, stopping the clock at 2:12 a.m.People as far away as Maryland who were awakened by it thought it was an earthquake. The damage to the Statue of Liberty was valued at $100,000 ($1,952,000 in 2009) and included the skirt and the torch. The arm has been closed to visitors ever since.


Oh, the day Black Tom exploded, July 30, 1916, was also the day of a solar eclipse.

Really, I wouldn’t make this stuff up!

Another aspect of Liberty’s mystery involves poem Colossus written by Jewish heiress Emma Lazarus in 1883 that is inscribed on a plaque placed on the inner walls of the Statue’s pedestal.

OPINION: Trump's 's---hole' remarks are a sad moment for America and the White House - ABC News

It is full of esoteric references,  most alluding to the animosity between the New World and the Old World — or if taken literally it’s a not too veiled reference to American giants!

Not like the brazen giant of Green fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land,
Here at our sea-washed, sunset- gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles.

From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome, her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin-cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she,
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddles masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore;
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Giantess at un-boxing of the Statue of Liberty?

Which all leads back into speculation about the Lady’s modern day role in Controller agenda.

For instance, did you know?

On the day of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Statue of Liberty was closed immediately as it was also a possible terrorist target. The monument was once again reopened on August 3, 2004 and remains open today.

You mean among all the monuments that could be more substantial terrorist targets, they rushed to get the Statue of Liberty shut down right away? Pretty suspicious…

Numerous synchro-mystic researchers have speculated the city of New York was involved in a Egyptian magical ritual of gigantic proportions on that fateful day.

So, all that accumulated energy would need to be captured and channeled somehow, right?


Really makes me wonder about that bizarre instance back in 2009 when President Obama’s crew wanted a photo op of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty. Apparently they neglected to inform anyone and flew so low over Manhattan that alarmed workers poured out of the nearby buildings thinking it was another attack!

In another blog on Grand Central Station, I drew a straight line on Google Earth from the station to the Statue of Liberty that goes right through the obelisk at Washington Square and the Ground Zero site.

And while we’re on the alignment issue, it gets really weird when you factor in this post-9/11 memorial erected by the Russians in New York, which also aligns with the Statue of Liberty.

It is the “Teardrop Monument,” erected exactly 5 years later on September 11, 2006.

From Russia with love, lines up with the Statue of Liberty

Fashioned after the Vietnam War memorial, it has the names of 9/11 victims inscribed in the base and bricks dedicated to specific families and firehouses around the monument…and so much more, but let’s not get sidetracked.

Back to the Lady’s mysterious role in our public psyche.

After the Black Tom incident, someone took this aerial picture of the Statue which clearly shows how the ground covering of the base has been revamped.

All those astrological designs are pretty esoteric for a national monument, don’t you think?

In comparison, the modern grounds look more like a computer chip…

Aerial View of Statue of Liberty Photographic Print at

So now I’m keeping an eye on our Lady of Liberty and her nefarious riddles, I’ve got a feeling I have just scratched the surface of her role in our Faked History!

More keen observations from alternative history researcher UAP in his video “The Statue of Hoaxery.”

Related research: 

The Statue of Liberty Riddle

Grand Central Station Portal

Seeing the Occult in Public Art

~ by weewarrior on December 24, 2010.

14 Responses to “The Lady Liberty’s DNA”

  1. A DNA from concrete? Amazingly crazy!

    • I used to be deep in the story of America. When I was a believer I could see the SoL being considered a target by “terrorists” because of its symbolism. There may have been a time, when i was younger, when I would have been enraged by someone attack the US flag. I no longer have that level of attachment to certain symbols. But outside of internalized or potentially fanatical level of attachment to America! symbolism I dont see what an attack on the statue would do. I think along the lines of a suggestion you made that the events on 9/11/01 were perhaps ritualistic and the statue was part of that, and perhaps was at risk of exploding? The cover of it being a target could have been just in case it exploded like Black Tom, then they could say “see, it was another target!” Instead of having to after the fact explain why the statue suddenly imploded. You mentioned how the statue’s torch was a memory eraser in the Men in Black movie, it was also used as a tool for Magneto to turn humans into mutants in X-Men. In both of those movies energy was transmitted oit of the torch intended to wreak significant change on the people in the surrounding area.

      Its fun to wonder about these things.

      I encourage you to publish! It was so easy to do my blog to book. I downloaded the template word doc from what was then Amazon create space, now kindle direct publishing, and then copied and pasted right from my blogspot pahe into the template, used the destination formatting and that was it. I was even able to copy over some images. My dad used createspace to publish a how to guide for a DIY solar panel system, complete with images. I published a full color book of comics I made. Also self published a memoir and a novel. All bucket list kind of things. I had dreams of earning a living through it, but there is steep competition and I hate marketing. So its a fun accomplishment for me and I earn around $10 a year. And i think thats great. If you copied and pasted your essays from this blog right into paperback format I would buy it. So thats one sale! Even if the info is all available here for free people will pay for the convenience of having in a hard copy. Also survives a reset better that way. You could spice it up by adding extra stories of your experience as a research investigator. Even if its just the blog posts, you habe already written the book, just needs to be formatted for the printers!

      • Oh, I hadn’t thought that the SoL might have blown up during 9/11, brilliant extrapolating! All those movie references about it affecting the population really make me wonder. Especially when I found out about all those replica SoLs put up by the boy scouts in the 50s across the US with the SAME cooper as the original. I looked into that stuff, it is mined exclusively in Norway, makes me wonder if it has some special electrical properties that help with the mind control agenda. Yeah, I go out on a limb sometimes, but ya gotta wonder!

        For some innane reason WP won’t let me reply directly to your comment over on the Stargates and Portals in Train Stations blog, so I’m going to have to start a fresh comment stream. Just wanted to let you know in case you are not notified that I have made a response!

      • Whether its in the metal or physical energy or not, the symbolism of the statue of liberty seems to have mind control power.

        I will check around for other replies. I guess WP is limited as a discussion tool. We’ll do the best we can.

        I think the best place to be is out on a limb, or outside of a box. Always questioning and postulating and never attaching too much to any ideas because information can change rapidly

      • Yeah, it’s doing it again, I can only respond to my posts or make a new stream. Frustrating.

        So how about we move this conversation? I have an email at

        We can keep up the chat over there and add comments on the blog if we dig up new stuff that would add to the existing content.

  2. It may be that Lady Liberty is not just a statue or memorial to peace and liberty.
    She may be a radio conductor. If one looks at the times it was closed to the public, supposedly for repairs or modifications, they appear to be times connected to major wars when secret communications were important. The metal staircase could be a two-way transmitter/receiver. The island situation would guarantee it to be free from other radio interference and also private use. The torch and her sun ‘crown’ are Illuminati symbols.
    Now we have something much more disturbing…
    Notice the nervous speech and body language of the HAARP spokesman. And just today the news is full of extreme weather disturbances.

    • Very interesting ideas, we’re working along the same lines of thought I can see.
      Yep, I’ve watched the HAARP documentary as well as that fascinating one about the strange going-ons in space called “The Secret NASA Transmissions”

      Which, by the way, you have to confirm you are over 18 years old to watch because it ‘contains disturbing content.’
      Just goes to show what they want us to think is too scary for us mere humans to fathom.
      Well, we’re figuring it out fast and furiously, and I hope it has inflicted a stab of fear into the hearts of those who seek to suppress these collosal secrets.

  3. ‘Holes in Heaven’ = ‘Space Elevators’??

  4. In the Colossus poem in your post above: “the brazen giant of green fame”.

    Is this a related to “HO HO HO, Green Giant” canned foods from the 50s and 60s? They hide everything in plain sight. Where else would that have come from? Green Giant must have meaning in their symbology somewhere?

  5. Brilliant! That had not occurred to me, but it’s certainly possible! I’ve now researched the Jolly Green Giant and found he was “born” in 1925 as an advertisement for a new strain of large green peas from Minnesota. He originally was rather fierce — he wore a bearskin wrap and wasn’t green — but he was revamped into the “friendly” giant for television. Interesting also that his “Ho Ho Ho” is the same phrase we give Santa Claus!

  6. […] The staircase of the statue leads to the crown and is shaped like a human DNA helix constructed in nine levels, similar to a Mayan ceremonial pyramid. The entire quote from the poem The New Colossus is inscribed on a plaque placed on the inner walls of the Statue’s pedestal. Full of hidden meaning, the poem suggests “the opposition of masculine and feminine principles”: […]

  7. I did a little looking into the SoL a few years ago when I was looking into Masons. I was sparked by the grandmaster mason William A. Brodie who laid the cornerstone for the statue, from wikipedia:
    During his term as Grand Master of New York in 1884 he laid the foundation stone of the Statue of Liberty. When asked why the Freemasons would be asked to place the foundation stone he replied “No other organization has done more to promote liberty and to liberate men from the chains of ignorance and tyranny than Freemasonry.”[7]

    I like his quote. But wonder if he was speaking as if it were opposite day. I looked into my family tree and it doesnt seem William is related, not directly anyway. My family comes from Scotland as well but it seems Brodie is a common surname over there. But that had gotten me interested.

    I was aware of the Masons, star fort base, and the Colosuss poem, but the portal and energy collection is new to me and very intriguing. After reading your blog on antiquitech and thinking about the old buildings collecting energy from the friction of people the idea of the SoL absorbing excess energy from the “friction” of emotion on 9/11/01.

    So many thoughts and questions!

    Have you published any of your research into paperback? In 2013 I took a bunch of my blog posts from back then, just silly contemplations, and self-published through Amazon. I ask because it would be great to have your body of work in one source separated from the internet. Its free to self publish through Amazon. Check out, kindle direct publishing

    • I bet the Brodie connection keyed you in. I am Scottish myself, the Henry clan, and always have to research any Henrys I find in history!

      The SoL as a power generator has grown on me over the years, it segued beautifully into the energy collecting aspects of architecture. Question is, how long has she been there? Was she really made from scratch or just reconfigured like the Sphinx? Sometimes I wonder if the Black Tom Incident wasn’t some kind of power backlash from their fiddling with the antiqui-tech?

      And closing her (or him?) on 9/11 is so suspicious, I mean of all the targets, that would be a silly one to try and hit with a plane. But then they kept it closed. For years.

      Ya know , I was just thinking of doing some publishing, so far I’ve done it all for free, but it would be inspiring to generate some $$$ and new readers. I do have PDFs of most of the blogs. Also considered collecting some of my stories out of my emails and working them into some kind of autobiography. So thanks for the link, I watched the video and found it definite food for thought, especially since WordPress is being very difficult, takes all the fun out of writing. Maybe I’ll even dust off some half-written novels and see if they are ready to bloom!

  8. Made out of copper, yo. Good conductor. Channel. Circuits…
    I think it was a bitchization. Female of bastardization.
    Look at all the Columbias, Victorias, Dianas, etcetera from all of the propaganda of empire. And the “holy mother” STURCH. Trying to claim an energy and authority.
    Now that I have gleaned more of the truth of “Christianity” before the church got a hold of it, I recognize that veneration of the female and connection to nature that was inherent in ALL of those old “religions” or ways of life.
    The industrial revolutions and materialism tried to possess and cover up all of that.

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