Stargates and Portals in Train Stations?


Following a train of thought — so to speak — has lead me to consider that these mysterious portals we are pursuing may be in the most obvious places — like Grand Central Station — just to start at the top of my list of many suspects.


Grand Central Station, New York City

Seriously, if there is a secret transportation system that is available to thousands of those ‘in the know’ on — and off — the planet, wouldn’t it make sense to incorporate them into regular public transport stations to avoid suspicion?

 It would be much easier to pull off the charade of everyone relying on the same point of arrival and departure for one thing.  Also you have the advantage of being tied into major power grids that run the station and trains, so it does seem like an ideal set up for a covert stargate that needs massive amounts power — both electrical and spiritual energies — to be collected and focused.


KPaxian Arrives on Earth at Grand Central Station

Of course, the architecture would have to be cleverly configured to channel all that human energy to flow into nice orderly lines day and night through the building and into the portal.

This would require the same basic design as the Greeks used for their classical Temples configured to house and channel the power of the Gods. But for good measure you can combine with the architecture the Templars used for Gothic cathedrals to accumulate ‘people power’ to conert into energy for magical rituals.

Grand Central Station certainly seems to meet all these criteria as is so synchronistically expressed in the  classic synchwink movie “The Fisher King” by Terry Gilliam, who looks like the type of guy who has peeked behind the curtain to me:

But no Christian icons are present on this interdimensional integalactic portal location,  right? Instead you are going to want to pay homage to the God that presides over super-human speed — namely Mercury — who is, of course, conveniently stationed at the entrance to Grand Central, complete with a cadecus and winged helmet.


Now comes the task of hiding the stargate in plain sight.  It is relatiavely simple to devise a central location that seems to have an alternative purpose — say as a information booth? — to conceal the portal function.

Incorporating the types of materials you need to create a functioning portal link, like fine crystal, gemstones and precious metals is a bit tricky, but just call it an art piece or gift to the citizens of New York and you’re home free.

$10 M Clock?

$10 Million for a clock?

So look what sits right in the heart of the complex…the famous Grand Central “Big Ben” clock, purposefully set one minute fast made with Tiffany cut crystal and pure opal faces on all four clocks.

It even has a spiral staircase at its heart leading to the lower level. And under that is the restricted underground power station…which was apparently on the ‘hit list’ of Hitler’s spies, it was rumored to be the control center for the military power supply. You could be shot on sight for entering that area unauthorized…

And that amazing clock has been the focus of many iconic moments besides the ballroom in “The Fisher King”, another piece of controversial art that the clock has been a centerpiece for are one of the public nude photos by Spencer Tunick:


Now doing this research lead me to some very interesting ‘sych winks’ that really tie in the major events in history with this icon of New York. For instance, I was not aware that the bomb was planted in Grand Central Station on SEPTEMBER 11, 1976! It was reportedly part of a terrorist plot by Croatian rebels who simultaneously hijacked a TWA transatlantic flight and revealed the location of the bomb in a locker. It was removed by police and taken to a station for defusing, but it exploded in the process, killing officer Brian Murray in the process.


So this link between the two seems even more obvious when you find that right after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack they hung a HUGE American flag in various positions around the station..


 Even more interesting is the correlation made by this song by Mary Chapin Carpenter:

On her album, Between Here and Gone, Mary Chapin Carpenter sings about one man’s pilgrimage to Grand Central Terminal in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Carpenter was inspired to write the song “Grand Central Station” after hearing an interview with an iron worker on the first anniversary of the attacks. The man, one of the first at the scene after the towers fell, worked at Ground Zero for days afterward. The iron worker said that at the end of each shift, he felt impelled to go to the train station so the souls of the victims could follow him.

“He’d find himself just going to Grand Central Station and standing on the platform and thinking whoever wanted to go home could catch the train home,” says Carpenter.

And don’t forget the entire main terminal is under the huge constellation painting recently ‘recovered’ from restoring the original dome:


As Above, So Below?

From Wikipedia, here is a list of movies featuring Grand Central (which Wikipedia points out is actually Grand Central TERMINAL):

Amazing how many of these movies have to do with hidden truths, no?

The House on Carroll Street
North By Northwest

Carlito’s Way

I Am Legend

Men In Black
Men In Black II

Midnight Run
Old Dogs
Party Monster
Revolutionary Road
The Bone Collector |
The Cotton Club
The Fisher King
One Fine Day

Conspiracy Theory
Falling in Love
The Prince of Tides

The Freshman
The Perfect Score
Superman: The Movie

The Taking of Pelham 123

There are many other interesting facts about Grand Central at this blog: “11 Secrets of Grand Central Station

~ by weewarrior on December 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Stargates and Portals in Train Stations?”

  1. Absolutely brilliant research weewarrior. So much!
    ok quick comments –
    1. Mercury – yes,a flying ‘god’. Why is the man looking up to Mercury and the woman looking down?
    2. Whole style is classical Roman – Imperial Rome – Vatican
    3. Clock – is it a core crystal? transmitter/receiver/invisible eye (pine-cone/3rd eye on top)
    4. is the underground power station real or symbolic? Mega energy radiations.
    5. Fascinating about the 9/11 iron-worker taking souls home.
    6. Vaulted ceilings ‘Whispering corridors’ like churches, create certain acoustics
    7. Van de Bilts – early Dutch settler in new York, rose to massive wealth through railroads; took a financial tumble in 20’s but still 7th wealthiest families. Probably major investor in the building.
    8. Ecliptic view of the constellations – as from the Sun, not Earth.
    9. Secret Rooms and passageways and ‘Red Buttons’ as with Priests and Military.

    So yes, it is probably a central strong-hold, but for whom? Would they wish to halt all movement in the event of an invasion?
    Personally I think not a Star-Gate. The people energy doesn’t work so well without adoration and ritual and most commuters are kind of brain-weary.

    There is an absence of one symbol of power – a star in the centre of the floor.

  2. Hey Wendy-
    Nice research yourself! Thanks for gathering all that up, I am particularly floored by the constellations being from a solar POV!
    You’ve got me diggin again, I’ll probably just post it all in a new blog…thanks so much for the insight and I am more curious than even!

  3. Worked for Harry Potter I guess.

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