Evidence of Dimensional Portals? (Stargates in Caves?)

A Well-Known Star Gate

What’s with the steady media diet of inter-dimensional travel?

Are they really so strapped for sci-fi fantasy themes that they have to keep using the same old Star Gate motif over and over?

N. van Oosten | Stargate, games, comics, and other stuff

Ya see, it’s just that kind of obvious obfuscation that makes us wonder just what is going on right under our noses.

Especially when you start following researchers like Daniel Liszt on Dark Journalist who uncover tangible documented proof of black budget programs using exotic “X Technology” and keeping it secret at all costs.

Dark Journalist

On top of that, credible investigators like the Truthstream Media couple have turned up declassified documents specifically mentioning the development of Star Gate technology — and that was quite some time ago!

Once you’ve spent some time on movie sets or in theater production, you get good at spotting the “smoke and mirrors” techniques devised to attract and divert your attention to manipulate your perceptions.

RC DVD Review: Stargate SE

In fact, you can apply to all different levels of life…kind of like one of those Magic Eye 3-D pictures, once you get the knack of refocusing you vision to the right depth, finding the hidden image gets easier and easier to do.

Alien Magic Matrix 3D screensaver: Dive into the matrix of reality. Let Matrix heroes guide you.

So my instincts are telling me to ask the question:

Could Star Gates be a viable ancient technology that has been around for a very long time?

5 Archaeological Sites That Might Be Portals to Other Worlds – Learning Mind

What’s more, has ancient Star Gate technology been militarized so no civilians gain access?

Star Gate Squad?

Consider all those references we’ve had spoon fed through the tube — from Bill and Ted time travelling in their phone booth to the Terminator zipping around through time like it was a superslab.

Choose Your Favorite Time Machine

We’ve undeniably been baited with the idea of transversing time and/or space with the greatest of ease but no one has even come close to achieving this technologically…


Moon Gate at the Smithsonian

Not even one time machine or Tardis has ever been created, we’re just making all this up out of thin air because we find it amusing???

Tardis Technology?

Well, all those books I read as a kid about how I’d be holidaying in space have certainly proven to be absolute bullshit.

Book: You Will Go to the Moon | Theo just picked this up ...

So, I started reading fringe theories by Jake Kotze, Freeman Fly and Goro Adachi — and this idea begins to hatch….

What if Star Gates are real?

Where would they be?

Natural Portal by Eyeofthesoul on DeviantArt

My first real-world clue was when I noticed erratice seismic activity on the live seismograph page at a place called Wyancotte Caves in Illinois.

I found it was a tourist attraction and being a cave buff I settled in to take the ‘virtual tour’ on the website.

Imagine my surprise as the tour led past the Hall of the Odd Fellows, around the Constitution Pillar and if I was brave willing to ‘slither down a passage’ the end of the journey, I would find myself at Monument Mount — the tallest underground mountain in the world.

My jaw dropped when I saw this round flat stone wall behind the mount!

Wyandotte Cave

A quick look at mythology uncovered plenty of juicy references to Star Gate related phenomenon. Got a feeling this portal has been functional for a long time…


The Kawaiisu myth (A Visit to the Underworld) contains an interesting illustration of  portals between worlds. The story tells of a man who entered an opening in a rock to find himself in another world where the spirits of deer killed in the hunt go after death. The story, as reported by Zigmond, says, “the man saw water that was like a window. He could see the mountains through it. But it wasn’t water. He passed through it and did not get wet. When he was outside, he looked back and saw the ‘water’ again.”
This individual found himself miles further up a canyon just by stepping through the portal—do we assume this is simply a tale of a shaman’s travels or do we consider that such portals may actually exist between realities?
Archaeologist David Whitley, an expert on southwestern rock art, states “caves often served as vision quest locales because shamans believed the supernatural world lay inside or beyond them; the shaman entered the supernatural when the rocks opened up for him.

Indiana Star Gate?

So then I begin to research Star Gates in caves.

Chronos Cave Time Gate

Imagine my surprise when I googled “Time Gates” and came up with this website called Chronos, where they advertise (tongue-in-cheek?) their technology that can be applied to an appropriate cave location so you can create your very own Time Gate.

I kid you not, here’s the link!


Then there is this alchemical graphic to add to the equation.

It comes from the Princeton Website Archives and is appropriately called the Illuminati Cave Gate…

Gate of the Illuminati
Illuminati Cave Gate

This image abounds with Greek, Latin, and Hebrew inscriptions which indicate some sort of sacred knowledge to be found within. This knowledge will perfect the souls of those who pursue illumination.

The image also draws on alchemical depictions of the sun’s perfection of base metals into gold and numerological associations: note that there are seven steps and seven banners.

One last observation about underground portals that I discovered researching Seeing the Occult in Public Art.

World Trade Center Subway Station Floor

This mosaic is located directly under the World Trade Center and it just screams PORTAL to me!

The Oculus

I know how cameras can skew patterns, but this shot captured by a New Yorker fleeing the WTC that faithful day has always give me pause…

Star pattern on WTC

Remember, once you see the illusion you can no longer be fooled!

Check out more investigations on Star Gates and Portals on my related blogs:

Modern Stargates

Stargates in Train Stations

Grand Central Station Portal

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  1. Greetings!

    Is this you Lela? If so, I have a couple of playlists for you. One is to teach how to influence the Sun energy being used to keep people in a certain frequency range. However, this is a two way street. The returning tides from this leave one open until the tide recedes once more. For this there is a sunburm alm that can also be used. I delivered the alm to some friends of mine first. Then I became inspired to send the other after this appeared in my e-mailbox.

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    So here is a very good Vid, one that tells us we are not wrong in our beliefs, but that our beliefs are, being made for us! Please make up your own mind, and know that you are not wrong, or alone!

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    My inspiration was to send both of these contained inside a letter, and accompanied by the following playlist as a learning tool to feel the energy in the second video.

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    This is very intense Sun energy. Good “think” my “self” had thought ahead to send my friends an alm for the Sunburn.

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    If this interests you, and you would also like to see the letters that had gone with them, send a response to hubristime@verizon.net


    (a friend of Lela.)

    ps: You really believe stargates exist? Hmm. Do you know, the physics of creating one requires a large chunk of solid mass, and knowing where it is, in order to be able to create the resonances necessary to open it? Do you also know that once closed, another large chunk of mass needs to be resonated to open the gate since after closing the gate the original mass used to create it is no longer there? I wonder how one could be sure of where such a mass might be in the future if someone had already been someplace in the past, then left, but knew they wished to return later without having to “go the distance”?

    There is a long corridor under the great pyramid leading to nowhere. Nothing but a wall at the end. Behind the wall it is solid rock. I wonder why it was built this way?

  2. I suppose that is something to think about. 🙂

  3. This would exsplain a thing or two. Thanks..

  4. in 1981 i participated in a special program. i was an officer in the navy at the time. it is still active. it’s scope and specifics are amazing. please believe me that i want to tell you more than i am able to do.

    you are correct. i can only be general. time does not exist. is only a construction of the mind. reality is defined at the quantum level. what we experience is not the reality.

    in reality, entering the portal is nothing like what you see on television.

    prior to entering the field we had to have our minds mapped out. this was accomplished via a electromagnetic field while specific brain patterns were recorded.

    we then were provided with a glass of orange juice with a medicine to take.

    we waited during a briefing on how to center our brain using the visual cortex and cues chiseled onto the wall.

    We approached a taped staging line. One by one the field was calibrated for each of us. One by one I watched the people walk into nothing.

    Is a blank empty hanger. they walked into air. Is not dissolved. Is like they walked into a line. Line was maybe at 80 degrees from horizontal. is was sharp disembarkation.

    when my turn, i focused on the three triangles. then walked forward when the seaman released my arm. TO me, i heard a loud buzzing in my ears and then next thing i remember was being driven away to the barracks.

    Since then i have had many very strange events occur…

    i am afraid to tell you this thing. but is true. i not care if you do not believe me. i not care. is still active. is very secret. i gave up flying fighter aircraft to join this program. I have been in it since 1981..

    i am still active………………………

    • i believe you ive seen a portal when is was 12 it lifted my spirit up into the sky and i could see up into the stars it went up iand curved then went back up into the stars it changed the course of my choice making from wanting to do or lay with another 13 year old male to thinking of my twin the thought of him the love than it happened it showed it self itwas bigger than my perrivial vision than it made me more afraid than i ve ever been but also confirmable it put some thing into me a sort of code than i was put back into my body and heared the question do u want to have sex witch wasnt sex just thought i addmitily said no!!!!!!! cause of what this tunnel that come from the stars or some where this is a hard story to tell its embarresing but its the tunnel i saw thats important and what it left behind in me thats really the awe of the matter ive also had demonic forces come after me in dreams and awake i was also 12 when this happened probly wont get a reply but some else may know what and about ive was priviledged to see

  5. The Hardon collider sync would be an interesting comparison. The size of a device to produce fission is about a small tables worth. CERN; both locations, are HUGE. The power supply is enormous as well. Its over kill, but why?

    Maybe Nibiru is coming in, and they are going to try to move the Earths space time position until it passes?

    I wish they would leave the planet. No luck there.

    Im beginning to wonder if the physical representations of the metaphors even matter.

    For instance everything seems to revolve around 9/11, however the ritual has no significance by itself, and is only representing what is above.

    On 7/7 as well, same contextual circumstances relating the two in the physical, however having two completely different meanings and references in the codings.

    I think they are referencing duality.(I have not been keeping up with the sync research by the way) And since the examples used are compressed and compartmentalized dualities within itself, pointing to singular form.

    That is only a singular for though under duality, which still leads back to the beginning again.

    Things are getting weird.

    That would make since though; that perception, if duality was dissolving.

    Much like the Christ said that in the last days good would be bad and bad good.

    Or up would be down, and down up. Or left right, right left.

    And it would be that way, if duality is only known as reality.

    How ironic.

    The waiting drives me crazy….

  6. if there is a portal out there I want to know. Why? Because I am willing to go through I am very curious and adventerous

  7. I have recently found a spot where two (24″ at the base) have dematerialized. I am not mistaken. If you want to discuss this write me at bbass@gt.rr.com

  8. I’m sorry that I left out “trees” after the brackets in my previous post. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in 62 years, and that’s saying something.

  9. I have seen these things and somehow cannot seem to put it all together yet another thing comes to mind and that is TV switching to Digital from fm. I have heard rummors of why yet cannot conferm them or make the connection. As for the trees if a light source is behind one during the winter you can see the circuls. our minds are powerful yet seem to be hinderd.


  11. Time does not exist, there is only space. Time is only a concept invented by the human mind to manage our memories, like what did we have for breakfast this morning, where did we drive last Sunday, what time is my appointment in 2 weeks.

    However, it may be possible to see (only) backward and forward in time. Look in the night sky, you will see stars. Look at one of them and realize that this star most likely is already dead but the light took so long to reach earth that it is still in existence to us. Now imagine you have access to a device that lets you move through space at any speed you want. You race to that star only to find out that it dies the faster you speed to it, so when you arrive there is nothing but leftover gas. Now here is the interesting part. Still looking in the spot where the star used to be, you speed back to earth. You will see that gas begin to stick back together and form a circle that ignites back into the star. When you went to the star, you have just seen into the present which is our future. But coming back to earth made you go into the past which is our present. That’s really all there is to TIME. We are always looking into the past even while looking into the mirror. But this reminds me of the movie Deja Vu. In the movie, they found a way to bend time, or more specifically light, back onto itself and were able to see a ‘video stream’ of the past. So if there is anything in the realm of possible time travel it would be a machine that picks up images from the past. But it is hard to imagine a machine that could do that.

    Basically, we need to stop pretending the universe will behave the way our minds think. The universe does not care about anything but space and what occupies it. It has no idea what TIME is because that is only a concept. Therefore the idea that we can travel back through time is only a myth and not theoretically or logically possible. The universe is a ‘layer’ and we just live on top of that layer. That’s it. There are no time travels, hidden dimensions, or alternate realities. What you see is what you get.


    • In response to your statements, may I suggest that we HAVE been pretending that the WYSIWYG universe is all that is, when what is becoming more evident by the day to those who are bold enough to step outside the norm is our immersion in interdimensional time travelling! We’re just too thick headed to realize what is actually going on, because the brain has been well trained to reject all evidence of our true multi-faceted existance to justify it’s continued dominence. Once one realizes that the mind is just a construct of THIS reality, others unfold like flowers to the rising sun.

      • The problem is separating logical possibilities from imagination. I agree we need to think outside of the box. But we are looking for something. And as you know, when you look for something, you find it. If you go looking for time portals everywhere you will see time portals in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, and everywhere else. Of course you will have no way of proving or verifying your evidence… but you will believe nonetheless.

        This is the basis that most wild scientific theories are built upon and quite frankly the problem in modern science. Everything is theoretical. The process thus far has been to make a theory and then find a way to prove that theory with evidence. But people come up with unproven theories that explain ‘mysteries of the universe’ and other people make other theories based on those theories to prove other things, and then more theories continue on that theory… but wait… what about the proof of the first theory? The foundation for the rest of the theories is unproven.

        Imagination is a powerful thing. We should worry more about studying the physical universe we live in and gathering statistics without theories. That way we do not dilute the findings with our personal human ideas and beliefs. I believe in a lot of things that most people cannot wrap their ‘thickheaded’ minds around so I understand where you’re coming from. But I can’t help but notice you said ‘the mind is just a construct of THIS reality’ indicating that you already obtain a disposition or preconception about reality (or realities) in general. I will not ask you how you arrived at that conclusion but I have to guess it was based on a lot of unproven theoretical ideas. True open-mindedness is being open to the possibility of other dimensions or alternate realities but ALSO staying open minded to the possibility that maybe it is imagination.

        In other words, search for the truth. Not portals.


      • weewarrior – Is not the Mind the constructor of reality? (rather than “the mind being just the construct of THIS reality”?)

        And if we “stay open-minded to the possibility that maybe it is imagination” – do u see that as bad, or rubbish, rather than the most amazing gift we have?

  12. I have been in the other demmensions by altering the way the brain thinks and you could say I have heard what appears to be voices and seen visions of things that when I return to this demmension come to pass either shortly or longer in time at times it is very strange yet others very serein and uforic. I have also seen people as if I am being watched and even protected. Ive even been told I was in good hands.Each time is diffrent.

  13. Shortly after I made my last reply I had an exsperience as if I was being pointed out and watched. I am not looking to cause anyone harm or trouble I am just looking to become one with the rest that are out there and find the trueth.

  14. My rebuttal to your ‘logical’ arguement would be that the main problem with science is its’ inability to understand and grasp the power of imagination. This is the glue that holds it all together, and when you dimiss the intricacies of the human mind as some kinds of bothersome nuisance, you miss the whole point.

    I agree that what you focus on tends to project itself into your reality, which is proof positive that you create your reality from your intent. The power of the human imagination is the key to understanding the rest of the matrix. As long as you limit yourself to ‘observable’ phenomenon you will continue find contradictions…which leads to the question, why is such a rational scientific type even checking out blogs about stargates? Just so you can have a chuckle and dictate terms of how I should see the universe? Kinda seems like you’re idea of an open mind includes a lot of limits. My ‘evidence’ comes from personal experience, observation and study, which is the only thing any of us know for sure. To assume that one’s unique view of reality is fundamentally flawed shows you still have a lot to learn.
    The search for wisdom is quite different from the search for proof.

    • I agree with Logical

    • BTW! u said “why is such a rational scientific type even checking out blogs about stargates?” That is a funny thing to say. Maybe cause as he said he is open minded to the presence of stargates so he checked this page out but was not proved??

      • I am glad you resonte with the logical arguement, but I did not make this blog to prove anything, otherwise I would have taken a more ‘structured’ appraoch. I made it just to speculate and gather my thoughts. share what I have found, never set out to convince anyone of anything, I just find it a fascinating topic. That’s my definition of an open mind, following curiosity and giving ideas a chance to bloom. If you don’t like it, just move on.

    • I like the way you think. I too have experimented on different theories, my curiosity opening doors that for others never opened, starting out of course in what I IMAGINED or thought of exploring first through what I could Imagine as a possibility. Scientific experiments come first from the imagination before they are explored. Our minds are more amazing, more unlimited in all that we can experience if we just opened our minds and let what we dream up unfold in it’s own unique way. All we need to do is Just remove our limited belief systems that were established, that we chose to take in as our reality from the people that raised us from children to adults. Science is always changing what it defines as the truth by what scientists are able to prove in the time frame and With the accepted and known tools available in that time or moment in space when someone chose to test what they theorized. As our minds become more open, the closed minded thinking that once was the established and accepted Norm, dissolves what was once thought to be impossible, and opens all to a YES. I love to test what I think is a possibility with like minded people. I have had some amazing, mind opening experiences with people from all walks of life in my lifetime. I think my dying twice in this lifetime and remembering what I experienced made me more open to experiencing things a lot of people will never experience. I enjoyed reading this.

      • Thanks for sharing your experiences, I can well imagine that multiple near-death experiences would certainly open your mind to all kinds of possibilities never considered by those who never peek beyond the veil. Only by questioning the very foundations of our knowledge can we begin to grasp the immense complexity of our situation. We have to learn to defy convention and ask the right questions if we expect to get legitimate answers! I, for one, am going to be quite pissed if I discover they’ve had some exotic mode of transport working right under our noses!

  15. Hi, Logical again. I am curious what you think about this video in relation to your quest for dimensional portals. This video made me think of this page for some reason. Its kind of what I was trying to explain. Btw I hope this is just us having a civilized debate, let me know if I am annoying you and ill stop 🙂 The link is here:


  16. Bingo Logical!
    So delighted that video prompted you to revisit my blog! I a becoming increasing convinced that we are in for some BIG surprises, and the only way to prepare is to stretch our imagination to the limit. Our capacity for understanding is matched by our ability to see beyond our previous beliefs.
    Love a good debate, never fear, always welcom here!!!

  17. in the photo of the twin towers… the ‘grid’ is just digital moire produced when the camera does not have adequate resolution. You can see this often in old tv shoes with tight checkered patterns in suit jackets.

    • Well, I understand the correlation you make, but the other shots in that series didn’t have this ‘grid’ and it wasn’t a low resolution camera. So it makes me wonder what things camera’s catch that are hidden from the eye.

  18. May I offer another slant on this? I believe that all these physical portals, which are very interesting, are just maps, guides and symbolic representations of the real thing. I have been through portals. And I am still here. The brain is what creates time, because it works on physical senses, restricted by physical dimensions, ie up, down, left, right, front, back, in, out, and time. Time is what we experience with our physical brains and bodies, as day and night, that’s all – the turning of the planet and the orbit around the sun. Now, I believe the MIND is not the brain, does not reside in the body and does not belong here. The FREE MIND can go where it wants, all you have to do is put your MIND to it. The water-door is the eye, not the physical eye, but the MINDS EYE. There are different ways to FREE the MIND, while awake and conscious. A portal is anything that disassociates the FREE MIND from the physical constructs. You can slip through a portal – without any equipment, technology or stuff. I have often just looked through a small portal and seen other people on the other side. And its always lighter, brighter, more colourful and peaceful. It is just like looking through a round window. First you have to put the body into a state of temporary ‘paralysis’, and then shut down the brain, and let the FREE MIND go, CONSCIOUSLY. This is also how to die consciously, by the way. but you don’t have to die until you want to, or feel it is your time to leave. BUT it is a good idea to practice knowing where you want to go. You don’t want to end up in some universal rubbish tip.
    Yours, in all seriousness, and for the love of the FREE MIND. I am 60, a grandmother, English, have been a healer for 20 years and am a writer. I love the blog, the subject, all the ideas and research and the comments. Keep it up!

  19. @Observer: Nibiru is an X, a crossing place, a stargate. It is written in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and it also means “ferry” or “ferry boat” (Noah’s Ark). It’s not a planet or asteroid… but it might sure “impact” us (mass destruction in the sense of consciousness). I think there’s a danger of taking these things too literally. The knowledge of stargates can only be attained by being in a true spiritual state… so I don’t think these would “happen” physically (like all the rubbish about the military and whatever). I agree with Wendy.

  20. How can I find, identify and open a portal?

  21. All the ancient sites are potential portals, I think, that is why they were put there. Most old temples are also portals. Dolmen are portals, and there are some ‘nodes’ on intersections of ‘energy lines’ often marked with a standing stone, which are portals. Many important portals have been destroyed, the buildings knocked down centuries ago, now built over or unmarked as soil erosion has obscured the site. But there are different types of portals. Some are time portals, others are inter-dimensional, others are stellar gateways, and others are like telephone connections to the ‘elders’ who initiated the site, as in dolmen. I believe that some people are being tasked to re-activate them, in which case they will get directions or instructions in the usual intuitive way, or in dreams, or as a strong sense of just having to go to a place. I feel that the portal itself resonates on a certain band of wave-length and vibration, just like a radio station on an old wireless receiver, and the ‘key’ would therefore have to resonate on the same frequency. If you have an interest already it could be that you are a ‘key’ in which case direct your prayers and thoughts with an intention to assist and be of service, and your instructions will come to you. It is not an easy science, and there are no schools teaching this stuff. But an incarnating soul will already know on an unconscious level that this is their work and when the time is right they will just find themselves doing it. There are safeguards against interference from people who wish to harm portals, but it seems that many were systematically closed for a time period, for a reason, to be re-activated at a pre-destined time (now?). If you have visited a portal and you have had an undeniable experience, then you may be a ‘key’. If it is not your destiny to be a ‘key’ you cannot open a portal. Don’t worry about it, it will all be revealed.

  22. …you can also go through a time-space portal in a shamanic journey in your own home! Interestingly,I see you are already in a different time zone – it is 21.34 Nov 2 here!

  23. Great stuff, i have been studying the portals and stargates for a few years now, the ancient ones (and the new technologies), the natural gates and of course the human body . There are a lot of different portals and gates and what i would like to add is: you walk through portals on daily basis. Every thought you have creates a new “portal” or sustains the old one(s) 🙂
    Me personaly, i dont like the portals or stargates that operate with technology, from what i know of it they hurt time/space fabric. Governments have been and are using them to this day.
    (like the montauk chair and the ancient stargates like the one recoverd in Iraq)
    Imho the human pineal gland (cave of Brahma, spear of destiny ect) is the true Stargate but thats just my 2 cents hehe
    keep up the good work and may the force be with you 😀

  24. Oh and on the subject of the dolmen and neolitic sites, they could have been used as portals but they have /had multiple functions (hehe everything is multidimensional) but what was more important was that they where placed like a accupuncture remedy on the vortices on the ley lines to heal the earths magnetic grid after some cataclysmic events, they can be utilised as a stargate (extract cosmic energies and flow them over the land)

  25. I like ur 2 cents 🙂 Yes, the ancient stone sites marked points on the grid, as you say, which is why they are portals – access points to the grid. And yes, I so agree, the Pineal Gland is our primary Portal, without which we cannot access other Portals. Eg one would not be able to either see or experience or use a ‘time-space’ portal without one’s own Pineal Portal (PP) activated (although I believe some individuals have accidentally fallen thro without an activated PP but maybe the falling thro would activate the PP instantaneously?!?)
    It is not so common knowledge Ruben, sorrowfully, that the Mind id Divine and the power of thought is – well, everything? We all know that the closing of the Human Mind, through manipulative, political, social or religious indoctrination, brain-washing, mind-numbing by fear-mongering, forced poverty,slave labour, starvation etc – and the intentional destruction of or inability to access ancient documents which held this information, rendered the Human Race into a deep sleep.

    The Pineal Portal was closed down, except for a few, like shaman, seers and prophets, Enlightened Ones who had to incarnate and the Elders who remained in reclusive retreats. It may be that it was all part of our having to go thro the Dark Ages in a sleep state, to re-awaken later when the universal cycles had turned and the cosmic energies could reactivate our memories, but now is the time to open our PPs.

    They may do anyway, as part of the Collective Consciousness, or we can work on it willingly. The PP can only activate when the core energy is ready to rise in kundalini, I feel, but it can be activated by a sudden trauma if that person is ready for their awakening. Others will do it more slowly.
    So, once the individual PP is open, the person will experience all manner of things – clair-sentience, visions, dreams, revelations, healing and find themselves at Portals around the globe.

    When we see the huge numbers of ‘tourists’, and others, at these ancient sites, I think we can see how big the human-awakening is getting. People used to go to these sites as pilgrims, now tourists, but whether they know it or not, they must be drawn to them for a reason. One other reason, I think, is that the people themselves – human energy – helps to activate the Portal on an energy-level.

    As far as physical portals are concerned (in caves, or as water-eyes, or shimmering windows) yes, I really believe they exist(because I have seen it) but again, two different people may come by them, one will see it and one won’t.

    Techno-Portals I think are potentially damaging, but I hope most will be ineffectual, purely because they are clumsy and the operators hopefully don’t know what they are doing.

    One techno-site I am much more concerned about is the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. To wantonly destroy atoms in this way without understanding the Divine nature of the atom is plain, and insane, abuse. Did we learn nothing from the A- and H-bomb?
    Interference in the name of science is so potentially harmful. If the general public knew of the extent of vivisection, human experiment, environmental destruction and harm to the living soul of this planet, they would not believe it – the only reason it goes on and on, is because it is done behind closed doors.

    The most important thing we can do, Ruben, is to Open the Mind – the Portal of the Pineal Gland.


  26. I totaly agree with you Wendy 😀 Very interesting what you say about the tourists going 2 these sites, i also believe they help activate those portals and on the other hand they take those energies home and by doing so they create the grids (flow the universal energies over the land) People are walking neolithic stones 😀
    The LHC has been worrying me 2 until i realized thats just another fear based believe, i also believe they are working on other projects then ‘just’ colliding particles..

    The techno-portals are shutting down btw, they cannot be maintained in the higher energies 😀 just like its impossible these days 2 fire nukes..

  27. Awesome replies, guys, thanks for pitching in with your insights, I appreciate all points of view on this subject. Although the more I learn, the more I realize our reality is a construct of our mental processes, I do think there are many real-world aspects to interdimensional travel and portals that we are not being trained to recognize.

    I, for one, am determined to get to the bottom of this and find out how to free humanity from the nightmare that travel has become. Once we are free to move about without having to depend on this preposterous technology we have been subjected to, our entire mental landscape will change.

  28. Oh yeh, guys! 🙂
    I for one have hooked into this subject and it has become my life-work. Over the last 20 years I have had so many experiences to endorse what we (here) believe. I know we are not alone and perhaps collectively we will uncover our natural (and almost lost) ability to open these Portals, to communicate with those on the other side of them and to pass freely back and forth. I abhor boundaries, barriers, passport control, and the whole idea of having to get visas, and the cost, time and baggage we have to take to travel across this planet, let alone another dimension!

    It gladdens my heart to find you guys here, where we can intelligently discuss and share our views. The pieces of the jigsaw will eventually give us the full picture.

    Ruben – i love your take on us being walking stones, or perhaps living conductors of the Higher Energy. I am willing to believe the techno attempts are being made inert by the Higher Energy and yet I am still concerned about the LHC. I don’t know what you think about the stories of Atlantis, but what they suggest is that they tried something similar, to their cost. As always, these mystical fables are hard to prove but like all mythology they can still offer us information to learn from. (I know we are eternal spirits but the fabric of the living Earth in this dimension is still ours to protect) We can either be fatalistic and say all events have some purpose and so evolution will take its own course anyway, or we can say we are the co-creators of our own destiny, in which case we have the ability to choose. Do we stand back with our hands in the air? – or step forward and work towards what we feel is right?

    Weewarrior – thank you so much for starting this. Yes, I too believe that our reality, or present experience, is created by our Mind, both individually and collectively. We inter-dimensional travel all the time, both awake (by remembering the past or imagining the future, and by imagining anything, anywhere, anyhow) and asleep in the dream state. But what stops us actually going through a Portal to another time/space experience, physically? Is it simply because we have an imbedded belief that we can’t, or are not allowed to? Is it just that we can’t imagine doing it for real? And are we flatly afraid that we may not be able to return? Robert Monroe did it, and he did get stuck, and lost, but managed to return. He spent a life-time trying to get others to do it, or monitor others doing it.

    I have done it. I left my body, saw it still lying in bed, had a sensible, conscious conversation with myself, decided to go somewhere while I was ‘out’, had a look around, saw things had changed (I went back to my childhood home) and consciously decided to go back, arrived back in my room, still out of my body and then consciously worked out how to get back in my body, which I did successfully!!:)
    I have looked through ‘windows’ and seen others on the other side. I have travelled back – and forward – in time, in a deep trance state, and have communicated openly, wide awake, with non-physical beings – because I believe that I can, that I allow myself to, and that I am safe to do so.
    This deep and intrinsic belief I have is not something I learned in this life-time – I arrived here with knowledge of being able to do it.
    And that is why i am on a quest to mend (open) one Portals in particular that has been seriously closed, because it affects us all detrimentally. Once it open again, we will have so much more to help us – all. It is in one of the most inaccessible places and I am thinking I can only do it in an OBE state.
    There is so much more i would like to share with you guys cos I know you would understand. You help me to keep going cos it is mostly solitary work, so thank you both (and others above).

    Have you had personal experience of a physical/place Portal?

    Let’s keep on keeping on! 🙂

  29. Yes Weewarrior i believe we create the world around us every second of the day in fact the ground we walk on isnt even ‘there’ until you put your foot on it :D. The artificial 3d matrix is crumbeling down and with every new star/ planetairy alignment there are higher frequenties coming down to earth that build higher energy grids over this planet and in doing so create the ‘old’ paradise matrix.
    I think you are already helping humanity in a big way by letting people who resonate connect with one and other and change ideas, so thank you for that :).

    Wendy i know how hard it has been studying these subjects and not been able to talk with people about it or being understood 😉 glad those days are over. Atlantis has been an interest of mine ever since i was a little boy. From what i may believe we have crossed the Atlantis period a few years ago and there is no longer any need for fear of reproducing that time line, dont have the links at the moment but there is a lot to read about that on the web. Dont know what you think about the fractal universe theories but i believe all time lines are comming back together and we are moving backwards in time to the starting point. Our planet with its organisms are the last fractaling stage of the universe, everything in this universe is represented on this planet atm and ‘they’ dont allow slip ups 😀

    On the subject of ‘portaling’ in physical form, well yes i think it can be done but takes a lot of practise, the biggest obstical there is our reasoning. We are just too full of believes and have to empty our ‘cup’ first. There are a lot of teachers on that subject i myself like Castaneda/ Don Juan and his teachings on not doing.
    I dont know if you are familiar with the Christ and Mary grids but a part of the Mary grid are so called Mary domes (these are points/vortices on leylines that have a grail or cup structure in energetic form, they spuw out silver and gold enrgetic lines, upon entering these domes i have had very strange experiences (i live near a lot of megalithic sites) it was like entering a very large dome constructed from eyes like the ones on peacock feathers, every dome had its own distinct feeling about them like in one dome i could swear i was on some mountain peak in Tibet and in another somewhere in a desert. But my mind was to busy trying to figure out what was going on, but i think you can fully materialise via those domes 😀 I have had other experiences like walking into a completely different ‘plane of existance’, losing my friend who was walking right beside me when we where walking through the forrest. Found him back by retracing my steps and leaving through a opening in the field that looked like a eastern rug that was a very startling experience i must say lol.

  30. O and Wendy i would love to know which portal you are talking about 😀

  31. Truly Awesome, guys, so glad you found your way to my little corner of cyberspace to share your experiences. My portal knowledge is still second hand, but I know it is a true as the wind that blows. One of my favorite books is The Golden Compass and the rest of the trilogy by Philip Pullman called His Dark Materials. It really shows how realities overlay each other, and how there will come (or has already) a point where the thin fabric that holds the worlds apart will become ripped.

    I have seen enough to know that I have no clue how time/space/matter truly interrelate, although I am convinced it is not in the linear manner we have become subjected to.

    I am also quite curious as to whether any portals are a part of the whole ‘black ops’ secret government crap that has been allowed to go on to long.

    Let’s keep digging and sharing, new friends, I think we have a lot to contribute to this mystery!
    In Lak’ech-
    Wee Warrior

  32. Thats a good point: the thin fabric that holds the world(s) (there is only one world, one place and everything is happening at the same time and in the same place) apart will become ripped…this is the space time fabric and its realy non existant, we create it by being liniair/ concrete.

    I know the government is after the old sumerian stargates and technologies cause they have to be shutdown before 2012, they also utilise the jump chair (montauk chair) and jump rooms and also they have the science to calculate when natural portals/ gates open and close all over the world but there are other realy neat technologies they use like the looking glas technology and a computer simulation of the world to see what possible outcomes there are when they change something in the matrix.

    A “hot”stargate atm is the seagate in the gulf of Aden.

    A little sidetrack here, i read more and more about prehistoric creatures that come through portals like pteradactyls, bc the fabric has become realy thin and the portals move over the earth opening and closing realy fast :D..

    namaste 🙂


  33. elaborating on the time/ space fabric, i mean to say that it exists bc we believe we have to cross a distance (space) to go somewhere ,for example by walking. This takes an amount of time. So we believe that crossing space takes time..thats what we have learned when we where little, with that thought we create time/ space fabric. A more realistic believe would be since we already discussed that we build these realitys ourselves by believing what we do, it is possible to manifest worlds around you, so in fact you dont portal but you change the layout around you 😀 this can be done by changing emotions/ beliefs or even by thinking of a specific scent from your childhood 😀 (there is a organ behind the base of your nose that is connected to your pineal gland, with this its also possible to smell moods and thoughts of others..) BUt to build other worlds around you you have to be a seasoned vet 😀 ,traveling with or faster then the speed of light has the drawback that the memory doesnt stay in tact, so only die hard trons (people who can walk in or jump over to any world or timeline of their liking and keep their memory in tact)and other beings can pull of that one like the kachinas from hopi legends.

  34. Oh we of course can achieve that state by transfiguration, activating the lightbody or rainbowbody..and then study around the cosmos like mad hehe
    It was in the teachings of Jesus (portal master :D), in the study of the templars and certain buddhist monks work to achieve those states to this very day, and there are many who succeeded 😀

    • Hey Ruben-
      Yep, you’ve definitely been doing your homework on things not known, good for yoU!
      I do believe there are many different ways we can transport ourselves, and the concept of portals and stargates at work in our world today is becoming more apparent to me by the day. Now all we have to do is zero in on one and do some ‘first hand’ research.
      I also wonder how much has to do with ‘state of mind,’ especially considering that one comment I got when I first posted this blog from a Japanese(?) soldier who had to claims they mapped his brain before sending him through a stargate.
      Probably why all the spiritual masters practiced states of deep mediation…they knew the mind is the key to the transport system!

  35. Yes ive heard and red the same thing the gate and the person need to “vibe”on the same frequentie, i also red that traveling through natural gates requires a activated 5d energy template, i think thats why meditation is a very usefull key in raisnig once vibration and frequenty.

    oh and i have some links for further study 😀

    hope you find them usefull
    regards, Ruben

  36. Thanks for the great links, Ruben, I got lost for hours! I feel a new blog brewing.
    But in the meantime, wondering if you guys have read the series of books by Diane Duane referred to as “So You Want To Be A Wizard” set? It has tons of stuff about portals, and they use places like Grand Central Station and Penn Station for these locations.

    I’ve always has a funny feeling about Grand Central, especially since that is where “Prot” appeared in “K-Pax” when he beamed in from Lyra. And it is considered the ‘main gate’ in these books, check them out, they are fascinating. The story is a little weak, but the info is jaw dropping.

  37. Glad you like them :D, i diddnt read the books but after reading excerpts from them and doing a little research on Grand central station well… where to begin lol
    It seems every generation gets their storys and books reminding them that humans have great magical potential I had the never ending story and today its harry potter lol. I think of them as triggers for the masses.
    Now phones,cabs, plains and trains (esp train stations) have been symbols for portal and stargate technology for a long time in literature and cinema, there are some great synchromysticism sites that go in to great detail about that.
    Looking at pictures from Grand Central Station it reminds me of a large Freemasons lodge (esp bc its built by the Vanderbilt family)
    I dont know how much you are into this subject but in short you can create buildings that rob people of their energy, the inverted painted star ceiling is a dead giveaway 😀 ( also the ‘secret’ spiral staircase) So yes i think it is a natural stargate but now a corrupted one that inverses the flow of energy (humans as batterys). The Pan Am building next to it (also referred to in the books) is a part of this ‘machine’ ,it takes 2 towers to get a point halfway between them where a stargate is formed. These opposite spiraling towers create a portal by bending the light (non lineairoptics..)
    This doesnt mean i dont believe it can be used by beings to come through to our time and space or vice versa 🙂
    intresting stuff i will have to read some more about it 🙂

    • I dreamed 15-20 years ago that I was in Grand Central Station in NYC, that hordes of people came through a wide door on one side and walked straight out to their doom through a wide door on the other side (as in wide is the gate that leads to destruction), without knowing where they were really going. On or in a side wall on my right I saw a narrow opening, almost really a line, and through it I saw a living green line that led somewhere, and I saw that that was the way of life. It was a very narrow way and hard to follow (as is narrow is the way that leads to eternal life, the way being Jesus Christ), and that I had a hard time walking on the line with my big white sports shoes). I saw no one on this road, and that none of the many people passing through turned to see it or noticed it. Then immediately I was in an airport that was IN Grand Central Station off to one side. In it there were two levels, with one level being lik a balcony overlooking the rest. On the lower level there were phones on the wall and phone booths to go in and talk to God. There was a man up on the upper level with his sportsjacket off and his shirt sleeves rolled up sitiing and talking with three women (a brunette, a blond, and a redhead). He was working on them somehow for some purpose, which I felt had something to do with television, and as he descended the stairs he became kind of a monster or scary being and I noticed that when I was on the phone he could not see me to harm me. I realized these phones were connection with God and prayer. Then I woke up. I never forgot this. Months later I saw this man (an actor) in a movie on tv about nightmarish scenarios with three women (brunette, blond, and redhair).

      • Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your dream with me, sure seemed to be a powerful message!

      • Dear D., I’m glad you wrote that. All these ppl looking for the portals and gateways right now are the masses and don’t know where they are going, yet heading right to their doom. If you believe in another dimension, you’re correct. If you believe you can escape this dimension you’re correct. There’s only one criteria. You have to choose which path to take. You can take the thin green line which is narrow and no one is on and is hard to stay on. Or the one that is where everyone else is going. This is addressed in the Bible. The Giants, the demons, the stargates, portals, science, genetic engineering, all happened years ago and is about to be unleashed. The bible says when this happens, young mens hearts would fail them (heart attack) because of the tremendous amount of fear. God destroyed the earth by a flood and saved Noah who was not genetically corrupted. Only one person on earth was not corrupted. To start the history of man over again. The Enemy of our souls was sent to destroy man’s corruption of God’s creation. Man (not as intelligent as these being’s are), is so hungry for truth, yet it’s already been written in the bible. The enemy wants to destroy your souls through ignorance, not truth. He wants your life. So does God. You choose. None of this stuff you ppl are talking about is new news. It’s very old news and lucifer is having a hayday at your expense. Wisen up and listen to the prophets of old. Read the bible, it has all those answers to the past. There was no mythology. Those were real ppl. Half human, half otherworld. Flying saucers and aliens are demons. Ask Yeshua (Jesus) to show you the truth about this stuff. Ask Him to show himself to you. He’s the only portal to heaven. The only person on this earth who loves you and wants to give you eternal life in heaven and have a personal relationship with you. All you have to do is admit you’re a sinner in need of the savior. He’ll take you to the right places and he won’t lie to you. These demonic spirits are lying to you. Open your mind up just a little more and be open to Christ’s already knowledge of these things. He said the end of the age would be as in the days of Noah. We are now on the precipice of the days of Noah. Be open to the 2 worlds and choose the one you love the most. Choose life. When these portals and stargates open all at once (as predicted in the bible), for a time there will be no day or night. Give your life to Jesus and you’ll be hidden from the enemy at that hour. Also stay in his Love and you’ll not be afraid. Fear is from the enemy and that’s all he can do. So if you stay in a state of love and not fear you’ll pass through it without a problem (psychologically speaking). This is real and this is imminent. No one living today will escape seeing this actually come to pass. The Living God cares about you or I doubt he would have sent this seer. You know God visits these sites too 🙂 Be blessed and I’m pulling for all of you to look for the fine green line and get on it by yourself and walk it. You’ll never look back, I promise.

  38. Hi guys – I have been following you, but went off on a tangent 🙂
    Grand Central – been there – felt it was something special – wish I could remember more now. Meditation is the key – we must increase our ability to connect, open mind, raise consciousness to receive and transmit.
    Ruben – thanks for the link to bibliotecapleyades – wow!
    I have been mapping all my clues to what others say and find loads of parallels. Seems to be a theme with me – find out thro experience then correlate with what I come across later – this way my own experience is not led by what I read, but is verified by it later.
    I went to Egypt last January – going again next Jan – amazing stuff happened, now making more sense. The pennies drop so fast, dominoes fall even faster!!!
    Weewarrior – oh yes, buildings create a particular energy especially the temples etc because of sacred geometry – can either enhance or control – subliminal messaging. As a dowser I can see the patterns, the geometric symbolism.
    Tell me more about your thoughts on a new blog – where is your mind going with that?
    atm I have so much coming in it is hard to do anything but write my thoughts as they come – mind-mapping.
    thanks again both of you for your input.
    let’s keep it coming… 😀

  39. Wendy, reading your blog and comments this site came up in my mind
    hope its something you can use 😀
    regards, Ruben

    • Hey Ruben-

      Thanks for the reference to the Temple of Sakkara. I met with some of those folks when I lived on Maui. Our energies didn’t really mesh, they were a bit intense for my style but I found them to be people of integrity doing what they thought was beneficial to the planet.

      They were there because they said the earthquake of 2006 moved the main earth grid portal from the pyramids on the Giza Plateau where the Illuminati had it locked down, so they shifted the energy focus over to the crater on the Haleakala Volcano, a symbol of feminine energy. (Just look at it on Google Earth, you’ll see why they say that!)

      One of the main reasons they said this was done was because of the danger around the Meditteranean with all the military nonesense. Since the power nodes will begin to draw in high vibrational folks, they thought Maui would make a better landing spot. How right they are about that!

  40. weewarrior – is that you, lelabear? Beautiful – sorry I didn’t visit earlier. Glimpsed the humans in Grand Central – great! Absolutely adore Jill Bolte Taylor – my heroine! And Ickey – hero extraordinaire. I found some piccies of Grand Central – apart from it being a neoclassical temple, it is apparently a ‘Terminal’ – did you see the two palm trees, the celestial map on the ceiling, and the pine cone (pineal gland/3rd eye) on top of the clock with 4 faces?

    Ruben – thanks for visiting the blog – and for the link to Mary Hardy’s page. Saqqara (Sakkara) was amazing, I loved it there – so ‘soft’, calm and happy. Her journey is very similar to mine, tho she has found her purpose and family, and I am still venturing alone (mostly, but with some lovely companions)

    Where do we go from here with the Portals/Stargates.
    It seems the visitors (Brothers of Light) brought their technology and built the grid-holders (key-stones), and although the Great Plan is very powerful, look what the infiltrators, the bad guys, have done – scuppered the whole thing.

    I don’t know if I am to open or shut this dam portal now – how do I keep the baddies out and let the goodies in – having said that I just know that I can’t do the wrong thing 🙂

    I gave up dancing to the wrong tune eons ago – eyes open wide and wide awakey :D.

    So we know we can open our own portals, communicate through the good ones, walk away from the bad ones and scupper their little plot by not participating.
    Do we think it is possible to rebuild the broken Stargates?

    I have seen that the ‘veil’ around this planet has been created by fear and disbelief, fostered by the Priests who knew it would cut us off, who told us we could not communicate with our Divine Family, and that only they could do that. We can pierce through it with our Minds – prayers, thoughts, beliefs – tearing it away to reveal the bright worlds beyond.

    Can we go through the Gateways? Yes, I believe so, when we enlighten every atom in our physical body we will just shine through, elevate effortlessly into the Earth form that is already in the Light Dimension. The ‘burning up’ of the physical body may have been necessary at one time, but I think the whole energy structures, with the help of the planetary and star alignments,have changed for us to not need either vehicles or Grand Central Stations.
    I believe the Brothers Of Light already come here and let themselves be seen by those who are ready – without the old cumbersome structures. And death can also be effortless and painless, once we know where we are going.

    Much of the theory on inter-dimensional travel and non-earthly beings still seems to be written as if it is all in the physical. When we incorporate the spiritual nature of who we are, and the free-nature of our consciousness, then Reality becomes the hologram – timeless, formless and non-physical. In this way we re-structure it with the Science of the Imagination – Visualising to the nth degree, to actually create reality with thought form. This is how the Priests of old created the reality we now live in – by envisaging it in every detail, with a forward-looking plan that was thought through to its completion. So it happened, because everyone else didn’t know they could do it, or that they themselves could counter it by a different plan. The advantage they had was that it was a collective thought. The thoughts of humans are so diverse, trivial, fleeting and insubstantial, that they go no-where – poof! into thin air. It requires focus, a single steam of mental energy and a belief backed up with real knowledge of how it works. The baddies stole that knowledge and made their own agenda. It will dissipate when they find they cannot control the minds of humans anymore – when everyone sees through the plot – and it is fast being exposed.

    But it is not enough to just scupper their plan – we have to create our own – collectively as well as individually.
    For example – where would you end up if you sat at home, half watching a game show on TV while browsing cheap hols on the web? Without making a focused decision on one place, then following it through with a series of actions, and actually getting off the sofa to go to the airport, nothing is going to manifest, is it? Thought – word – deed – with belief, intent and purpose 😀
    It’s harder than you think, I know! Yet when we are driven by ambition, desire or conviction, things happen – it’s more than just a thought.

    One thing still baffles me about our old Pharoahs – whose idea was it to preserve the dead? For what purpose? They must have known the bodies would be useless either in this life or the next. So was it to leave evidence for later generations, for our archaeologists? Or for themselves when they returned? Or were the temples used for elaborate death and embalming rituals, then as tombs, to cover up their real purpose? (Initiation halls for the mystery schools or tele-trans-portation?) Most old cultures believed in earth burial, cave burial, cremation, leaving the corpses out for the vultures and crows or sending off down the river or out to sea.
    The rituals were all directed by the Priests – and they, it seems, had a different agenda.

    Anyone slipped through yet? 😀

    • Wendy,
      They were mummified in order to preserve their DNA. So yes it was for themselves when they returned. Getting their DNA and genetically adding it to the human race again will recreate these beings and they knew this back then. Everything you guys on here think is so new or hard to do was done and is ancient knowledge from the other world. This was all done and practiced after the fall of man (Adam & Eve). This was meant to happen (all over again) in the end days – as predicted in the Bible. Jesus said “It will be as in the days of Noah.”
      This is what was happening during the days of Noah. Jesus Himself predicted the end times. These are them. Be even more open minded and add Christ to the picture and you’ll see even more! Ask Christ to reveal Himself and if He is the Truth, then see what happens! At least you’ll be safe from these unpredictable, human hating, diseased fungal viral infected gory thugs, thieves, murderer’s and monster’s. They are coming and not in a theater near you. More like in your bedroom zapping you with intense beams, paralyzing you – then sucking the life blood out of you. I speak from experience. Jesus is the only portal or stargate to eternal life. These ghouls are out to suck you into hell. If you believe on Christ you have nothing to fear. It’s the only Hope. servant of the blood bought and not fooled by these outer dimensional characters.

  41. Wendy, thanks for stopping by. Great commentary, thanks for sharing that and I agree with you on so many points it is hard to know where to start.
    But as your final questions about the reason for the mummies in Egypt I found answers to those questions in Rudolph Stieners work, Egyptian Myths and Mysteries which you can read (or listen to the MP3) for free on the website http://www.rudolfsteineraudio.com/. It ties is perfectly with what you were saying about our ancestors setting up the future by their actions in the past.

    I have to say I have never consciously stepped through a portal, but there have been times in my life I have wondered if I stumbled onto one.

    The most intense was driving near the Great Sand Dunes State Park in southern Colorado. I had read that somewhere in the San Luis Valley was the Hopi “entrance to the 5th world” and wondered what it could be.

    So when I suddenly felt this weird feeling in my gut like the floor had just fallen out from under me — even though I was driving at the time — my brain instantly made the association. Luckily the highway was flat and empty because within moments my field of vision was full of transparent snake-looking entities as far as the eye could see. My throat tightened just like the sensation of ‘coming on’ to mushrooms although I was still quite firmly rooted in my rational mind.

    This 4th dimension (that’s what my brain told me, at least) sensation lasted about 2-3 minutes in all, long enough for me to thoroughly observe and analyze it, then it was over and my physical symptoms disappeared.

    I have since driven along the same road and not experienced this kind of reaction, so I am still not clear on what happened, but I had no doubt I had encountered a field of energy very different from any I had known before.

    • Thank you weewarrior – I have a collection of 24 books on Rudolph Steiner’s teachings, given to me by a dear friend who thought my philosophy aligned with his, yet I had read nothing on it. I am working my way through them but I don’t have the ‘Egyptian Myth and Mysteries’.
      Like I said before, the evidence seems to follow my own experience, to verify it without influencing it. There is great purpose in this.
      I have just listened to a small fragment of the lecture and omg – it answers so much of who I am. Years ago I traveled back in time and saw myself as an Atlantean descendant, which I denied as truth and put to one side. Last year, in Egypt, it was obvious I had been there before, but still I had unanswered questions. Now I understand so much more (and why they mummified the dead, and why I feel deeply that it is something not in tune with my higher knowledge). you see I was not an Egyptian – I was an Atlantean.

      I connected to Goethe a few years ago and went to Sicily and then Steiner, but now it seems I needed some web-savvy friends to show me stuff I can’t find for myself. So thank you, weewarrior and Ruben, 😀 luv u both, x

      • There is no such thing as mythology. It was a true reality and people really did look like those Egyptian Gods and hieroglyphs. They genetically mixed humans with animals back then. They combined humans and demons. They are supernatural beings. They are Demons, Angels and Transhumans. They’re making them today in labs. It’s a race. They’re trying to create a new race of ppl, genetically altered and perfected. Heard of Super Soldiers anyone?

  42. Well it seems at least we three have time/space traveled – Ruben in the domes and when he lost his friend and returned with the eastern carpet portal – yours, weewarrior, with the bottom falling out your world and seeing the snake beings, and my OBEs and going invisible in certain places. Proof enough? My sister had a weird one in Arizona – got trapped in a zone and lost time. And I have been round cyberspace for 2 days, while the rest of the world stood still!!
    I went to Maui – walked down into a ravine where the energy was fluorescent and found a burial site. The atmosphere was ancient and peaceful – timeless. I wrote a whole book in an altered state, about being in another dimension. Seen Light Beings. Had lucid dreams. Premonitions and dreams that came true. I get shown clues. All this has taken me to places I could not have imagined over the last 20 yrs, especially the last 10yrs.

    All time/space differentiations.

    Where are the main Gateways to this physical world? – in the old places, now disused, or in modern buildings, disguised, out in the open at a vortex, or where we make them with Mind energy?
    Did those who arrived here before (the Atlanteans, Anunnaki, Angels) use them? Are those who are abusing the system using them to allow the dark forces in? Are these useful to us?

    If we find one, how do we know we should go through it? Where would it lead?
    And if we believe in the incarnating spirit, do they not arrive anyway, not necessarily through a Gateway?
    I get confused as to who arrives from where.

    I am thinking a Portal is a place in the physical time/space grid where the veil that keeps us from the Light Realms can open energetically, allowing a flow of Higher Vibrational Energy (Light/Information) to come into this dimension to raise the consciousness here. Like a hole in the eggshell.

    Is a Star-Gate an actual launch pad, or opening, to allow us to visit other stars, and others to visit here, in physical form?

    Are ‘they’ all here already – in ‘space’ but not ‘time’ so we just can’t ‘see’ ‘them’? Do stars actually exist, except in our perception? Help!

    But I do believe that whatever we can imagine is possible.

    I love the film ‘Contact’ btw, 😀

    I have always said that if some ugly little alien with bad breath turned up saying he was god, I wouldn’t give him the time of day, but if a beautiful smiling angel turned up and said he/she could offer me wisdom and knowledge, love and kindness, I’d open up and invite them in 🙂

    • They are all, already here, but have not yet manifested. Hate to tell you this but they’re beautiful, smiling, angelic looking, will lie to you and offer you the world. Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Bible

  43. Wow again great stuff both of you and weewarrior i thought i sensed a ‘little’ psychonaut in you 😀
    Wendy to assist you with your internal struggle on to open or stay away from the gate(s). The ones broken down dont need to be rebuild the earth is realigning itself to her former position (no more wobble) by doing this the grid is restoring itself from all the misuse and artificial grids and the original gates will reopen (and vice versa). These old/ new gates are of a very high vibration and energy so ‘bad’ guys or beings with lower frequenty intentions cant pass through.
    Its the same for us, we arnt allowed to pass through (our emotions are dammaging for a lot of other dreamstates) thats why i said earlier that only the ones with a fully activated 5d energy template may pass through (go interplanetairy) this was tought in Sakara btw 🙂 so its ‘only’ interdimensional for us for now..until we get used at working with the higher energys and resolve our ‘shadow’ parts (karma, selfdestructive thinking etc)
    But..:D I dont think your higher self lets you play with this important portal if there wasnt something 2 learn 🙂 the way i see it you are allowed 2 and lo and behold you meet people along your path 2 assist you 😀

    The question i always had is why did i come here through all this space and time to this far corner of the galaxy, only to learn about the gates so i can get the hell out? That just doesnt make sense 2 me. I think we are gridworkers and have been doing so for a very long time 🙂 i think we are here to remember ourselves and thus the ‘old’ teachings and implement it in the collective conscience. We would have to learn to listen to our feelings and trust them, that way you could never walk in to a ‘wrong’ portal when the time comes.

    Intresting comment about the stars, philosofy states that the universe is a projection from our insides it came into existance after the ‘fall’ or traumas when we got scared and started projecting a ‘solid’ known world around us (and created a massive ego). It explains why the universe changes along with our believe about it, we are all stars in the universe and it is inside of us at the same time. Its something i totaly understand and something i cant get my mind around :D.

    Oh and i dont mind people (or anyone else) calling themself God or gods i would say you are right lol
    Beautiful people offering me things on the other hand would prob arouse my suspicion 🙂

  44. O if we wouldnt project the ‘known world’ what would we see? all probabilitys at once or maybe more like a vast emptyness? like the loading program from the movie the Matrix bc nothing happened yet and there is no future only the evergoing now lol im rambling going to make some coffee 😀

  45. One more thing i understood the pharaohs did the mumification bc they already knew that cloning would be possible (again) in the ‘future’ and that they could come back that way. (the annunaki where master genome workers) I find it interesting that for example Obama has a lot of syncs with Achnaton, his code words, his family, appearance, and the fact that he has no birth certificate (even his name is code).

  46. rock n roll Ruben! – u wud b suspicious of a beautiful angel offering u good things? hmmm – u old sceptic. Be cautious but don’t be ungrateful haha 😀
    Psychonaut – good name!
    I am reassured that I can only go where man has not been before – if that is my role, and if it is, so be it. I am ready willing and able 🙂
    btw – why are aliens, space visitors etc, always ‘he’. I wonder if there is some wisdom to be gained in understanding this – did all the ‘he’s come her for the girls? (…and they saw the daughters of the men and saw that they were beautiful and they went forth to make babies..) (Men are from Mars….?) But Enki’s ‘wife’, Ninti, was the master geneticist.

    Tell me more about Obama and Akhenaten

    btw r u both in USA?


  47. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkS51wR8LiI this is a link i had laying around but you can find lots of material on this subject 😀

    I live in the Netherlands btw

  48. Thanks Ruben – not convinced about this – Obama is African descendant – so has features similar to Egyptians.

    Another Star-Gate – ??


  49. I know some of this stuff is hard to comprehend. I researched a lot of fields, knowing that most men in power in the U.S today came out of the lebensborn projects, cloning a president is not that difficult
    Love the stargate btw 😀

  50. Yes Ruben, cloning and ‘grooming’ is entirely proven, I agree – just didn’t want to get paranoid!!:)

    Are you following the Grand Central post?

    May I ask – if you could go through a Star Gate – where would you like to end up?

    W 🙂

  51. Wow great question and thought about it a lot…If its up to me i would like to go straight to the top eh middle..the core/ source from which we came, its the ultimate shortcut to all love and light. But on a more practical note, knowing there is only one place and time i would like to manifest my heaven right here and be capable of entering stargates/ portals at will. Then i would go where uhm the unseen force guides me 2 be, as you noted there is a lot of injustice going on and id love to do something about it or make it known to the public..
    Where would you want to go?

  52. Oh and i would make fun trips 2 of course 😀 studying in the halls of amenti or visiting the white mosque of the sufi’s, taking a walk on planets to enjoy the scenery and meet the cosmic family ect 😀 oh and i would love to go indiana jones in Manaus, Brasil..oh and..:D

  53. Thnx Ruben 🙂
    Similar to you, really.
    While I am here I feel there is purpose to that, so I would like to refine my ability to travel OBE with 100% consciousness to ‘work’ helpfully, without physical travel. (I like the being-there in the physical, but not the travel!)

    Second to that I would love to pop ‘next-door’ so to speak to visit some friendly neighbours, swap stories, mobile numbers etc 🙂

    Thirdly I would like to refine my ability to ‘rise’ through the realms, when my time and condition allow, to really see the TRUTH.

    Definitely don’t want to end up in the cross-fire of those who are just plain selfish and greedy and hurting people.

    I believe that my belief in goodness is my sword, shield and armour and so I am safe at all times.

    Nice question, thanks 🙂

    After a lot of info-sifting, I think I have found somewhere I would like to go – I found this (in name only) in 2003, but didn’t have the knowledge to know why back then.

    W 🙂

  54. Want a little guided tour around the brochure of fun?



  55. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/arqueologia/gobekli_tepe01.htm

    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_cygnus02.htm#i. Oldest Temple in the World

    It seems like everyting is linked to the grail/ arc mysteries 😀 my favorite subject..

  56. Oh my, well, the comments were certainly interesting, glad to know I am not the only one who is interested in stargates but finds this guy about as implausible as they come.
    Sorry, this one sets my alarms off, although I don’t doubt there is some truth to his statements, I can’t take his attitude long enough to discern the facts from the BS.
    Sure hope some more palatable whistle blowers step up some day, this guy doesn’t really give the search for truth much of a leg up, it feels more like a smoke screen.

    • I know what you mean – I had trouble listening to him at first – but then I realised that these whistle blowers have had bad experiences. Not only did they have their lives stolen, they were systematically and severely brain-washed. To desensitise to that takes years, if it is at all possible. The very fact that they have any realisation of what happened to them and can talk about it now, is a miracle. They all look nervous.

  57. Its been a while since ive seen this vid 🙂 tnx, classic. In my last post i hinted at the grail/ arc science:

    ‘When Andy Gough reports the grail rituals opened an ancient sacred portal – at the (Phase conjugate?) point (Canigou) exactly half way between Rennes le Chateau (or Quillan they report) vs- the parallel Magdala Torre at GIRONA’


    I think non liniar optics/ phase conjugation is the way 2 travel 🙂

  58. Thanks Reuben, that ties in great with the research I’ve been doing on Toulouse’s geomancy, it is right in line with Quillan and Giona!

    Want to give full credit to Vigilant Citizen’s blog for starting this dive down the rabbit hole, that site ROCKS!

  59. Hi Ruben – you’ve been round the circuit – could I ask you your opinion on Ashayana Deane?

    I’m waiting for some up-to-date info from Gobekli Tepe – work will start again in the Spring but I’m hoping studies on what has been found so far may yield some results. I have some personal thoughts I have not yet seen in available info.

    Came back from Egypt last Wed (26th) tired and inspired. Was horrified to learn that the Internet and Mobile networks can just be ‘switched off’- a warning for all for the future? We must learn remote-viewing and telepathy fast!

    Re Andy Gough’s dailygrail – wish I understood his lingo – get the gist tho’ – interesting, as I had a spontaneous kundalini on the battlements of Girona’s old city wall. Went to lots of places between Barcelona and Toulouse unravelling my Cathar connection. So, linear/phase conjugation is a way to travel ??? Plz explain.

  60. Hi Wendy, glad to see you made it back safe. I dont realy vibe with Ashayana’s channeled material (did research keylontics tho..), imo she creates a lot of drama and her montauk past doesn’t realy help 😀
    Phase conjugation= creating a doorway by colliding 2 or more standing column energy wave’s. For example,the wave from the Girona tower (now gone) and the wave from the Rennes le chateau tower collided on top of Mnt Canigou, creating a doorway to a parralel world. It’s a science dating back to the egyptian death cults (research la sanche). Girona has always been a special place and it was a alchemical capital of Europe b/c the laws of physics react differently there 🙂 (Dali was from the Girona region).
    I’m very interested in your ideas about Gobekli Tepe (imo they need to drop the name “Potbelly hill” and start calling it the navel :D)


  61. Okay, good, gotcha! I understand the ‘standing wave’, just hadn’t heard it called ‘phase conjugation’ b4.

    Girona – comprendo 🙂

    G.T. – ‘navel’ is better than ‘potbelly’, but from a female point of view it may also be a ‘womb’ as in the ‘rebirth into the spirit world’ symbolism.
    Without knowing much about the folk who built this site, we can only guess their theology – was it Earth/pagan or celestial/winged gods based?
    The thing that interests me is that they say there is little or no evidence of domestic settlement, and therefore it must be a ‘temple’. I would lean towards ‘burial’ site tho.
    The aerial view shows groups of similarly designed circles – 10 – 12 ‘T’ pillars around 2 larger ones in the centre – suggesting family or clan.
    They say the area is littered with animal bones and postulate that the landscape was a rich forest and densely animal populated area – so hunting would have predominated, endorsed by the wonderful high-relief, skilfully detailed carvings on the pillars – maybe the chap buried there had favourites? They haven’t found human remains under the pillars – yet (I don’t think) which is what I am waiting to hear about.
    Also, the reports are presuming that the pillars, walls and soil in-fill were all constructed at the same time – and I have doubts about this. Why would they decorate a pillar with carvings and then cover some of it with a wall, and then hide it all under soil?
    The theory that the pillars were uprights to support a roof just doesn’t look right to me.
    However – and this is the bit that throws in a wild-card –
    On one pillar there are three symbols (look like padlocks or hand-bags) that I have only ever seen in one other place – the Sumerian stone carvings. I have only once seen this described as a ‘key-of-life’ (not the usual ‘ankh’ symbol) and in the Book of Enki there is a passage that describes the ‘containers’ for genetic (or possibly atomic) or secret material brought here by the Annunaki.
    If this is right observation on my part – and I am open to other info or theories – the early visitors to Sumeria also came here,or v.v., and considered this little container important enough to leave carved on the pillar.
    The high elevation suggests a holy site, close to the sky, but again, the landscape may have been very different then.
    I don’t think it is a star-gate or landing site but a portal for the spirits of the dead to rise to heaven.
    I would love to go there and dowse and get a closer look at the lay-out and details.
    The site is fairly close to the area relating to the Annunaki story.
    Also why a ‘T’ shape? It would have been easier to make a simple standing stone. The masonry joint between upright and cross beam is very precise so must have had a purpose. And why so big? – to be seen from a distance? To signify importance? Or to survive the passage of time?

    Any thoughts?

    Having returned to Egypt and the Giza Pyramids, I think I now understand my devastating reaction the first time – it is a very sacred site, but it has been violated and has lost the respect it deserves. Human input is important to keep the energy alive, which is why the temples were built alongside the tombs. The portal to the spirit world, or the star-gate to the cosmos, requires certain rituals to keep it open. Observing the disrespect there now I could see that the energy is now lost. Most investigators are so intent on analysing the physical details and solving the ‘mystery’ that they are simply missing the point of it – to revere it as a sacred place.

    I am slightly worried that G.T. may also turn into a circus-ground.

    W, x

  62. Only 2 percent of the site has been dug up so calling it a temple is a bit presumptuous yes. Furtermore it wasn’t the only site in the area, there are a lot of ppn (pre pottery neolithic) places along the same latitude. According to scientists Cayonu, ‘a few miles’ down the road was the domestic settlement http://mathildasanthropologyblog.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/ancient-cayonu-tepesi-the-likely-domestication-site-of-emmer-wheat/
    And here they did find human remains (40 skulls and parts of 400 different individuals) with a altar stone that contained animal, human and a ‘non human’ type blood 🙂

    Now since you already made the Sumerian connection the T(au,Tammuz) pillars would make it a solar/ planetary based science (religion was invented by them 🙂 they rewrote a lot of their material so covering up doesn’t surprise me) and the handbag symbols would relate to the monoatomic orme and/ or starfire. (first it was extracted from the blood later on they prefered the transformed PGM’s (platinum group metals)) It could be Aryan 2 (they battled each other and later intermixed) but they where both from other star systems and had the same technology/ science.
    So GT could be the first ‘command centre’ of the new world to locate their position in the universe and act as a calendar and prob much more.http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/Gobekli_Tepe_interview.htm

    Anyway my vote is that it’s a science centre (wouldnt be surprised if they would find a lab :D) and the story depicted is how they came through 3 different galaxy’s (handbags) to their ‘navel’ of the new world 🙂

  63. Thanx Ruben, as always ur a font of info 🙂 I like the idea of ‘3 different galaxy’s (handbags)’ 🙂 As nearly all the iconography of Sumeria shows important beings holding handbags, it seems they were v crucial to their status/existence/facility/purpose/origin.
    Opting out now – I’m off on the scent of something and being a spiritual sleuth I have to follow my nose. It’s been a pleasure and priviledge to meet you here and thnx to weewarrior for putting up with me :)) Keep on keeping on the good works both of you, LOL xx

  64. Yes the handbags are like the rods of ptah, they are symbols for a person who has balanced his or her emotions and who can be trusted with the secrets of the universe like interplanetary travel. The egyptians where very interested in developing their plasma bodys (merkaba’s) by which they traveled the universe esp. the supernova’s had their interest.(great source of energy and light/ knowledge)
    Good luck and godspeed Wendy, i will keep an eye on blog 😀

  65. Aramu Muru


  66. Please contact me Ruben. W

  67. Sry Weewarrior for not answering. your posts diddnt show until today..
    http://vigilantcitizen.com/?s=toulouse is a great site tnx 😀

  68. time portal [rock archway] in southern arizona @ convergence of 3 major ley lines:

    http://xpeditionstv.com/15/index.html [video]
    http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/mysteries-in-the-mountains/Content?oid=1072291 [article]

  69. hi!,

    i`ve found a portal!!!!

    you go walking or bike throught a street, then u turn and u appear
    in other street that is not supossed to be there!!!!, then ive entered in other dimension

    im not in drugs! :)))) ive took -as i call it- “the turn” like 3 times
    during daylight and out of any drug.

    im contacting people to check who can be interested in.

  70. Yes, I am very interested Dominique! I think this is a ‘time’ portal and has been experienced by others. There was a TV series on just this (forgotten the name) set in WW2, England, where a man ‘walked’ through a wall in a back-street into another time and did so regularly, living 2 different lives.

  71. sounds like fringe

  72. Hello mates, how is the whole thing, and what you would like to say about this post, in my view its truly remarkable in support of

  73. This design is steller! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.

    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and
    more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  74. about a year ago I had an awakening and about 6 months ago I had couple drawings that kept coming to my mind but I had no idea what they were until now.1 is the illuminati cave gate from above and 1 is the earth precision cross map. my drawings are nearly identical to the two pictures I have seen

  75. Reblogged this on Lissa's Humane Life.

  76. […] experience did arouse my interest in Star Gates and I began investigating suspicious ancient sites and speculating where there might be modern […]

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