Grand Central Portal – Part 2

Continuing my “train of thought” from the Star gates and Portals in Train Stations blog, I’ve found more juicy details about the occult significance of Grand Central Terminal.

This is the Victory Way Celebration at Grand Central Station.

New York Central Railroad

“Victory Way” was set up after World War I ended—captured German war equipment was displayed on Park Avenue just near Grand Central to help raise money for the 5th War Loan. 

In Front of Grand Central Station – 1918

found while digging around the SIRIS archives . They describe it as  “four undated images depicting large crowds of New York Central Railroad employees at a celebration in Victory Way, featuring towering pyramids of captured German helmets.

You have to ask yourself how did railroad workers get their hands on so damn many German helmets? No speculation in the article.


FYI, SIRIS stand for the Smithsonian Institute Research Information System (so clever, eh?).

In case you haven’t gotten wise to the SI shenanigans I  discovered their dark underbelly.

So, this Smithsonian collection had some interesting clues about the development the statue above the main entrance to Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Terminal -

At first it was just a clock.

But no, Vanderbilt commissioned a French artist to create a mythological theme for him. Jules Alexis Coulan of Paris was the man who did the sketch, although New York sculptors did the actual carving. He was one of the Controller’s favorite artists.

Here is architect Whitney Warren’s interpretation:

…the glory of commerce, as typified by Mercury, supported by moral and mental energy – Hercules and Minerva. All to attest that this great enterprise has grown and exists not merely from the wealth expended, nor by the revenue derived, but by the brain and brawn constantly concentrated upon its development for nearly a century.

I did not realize the immensity of the statue until I came across this photo:

But in the end they included a fancy jeweled clock!

 In the center is a clock made of Tiffany glass, which measures 13 feet around. In totality, the sculpture is sixty feet wide, fifty feet high, and weighs 1500 tons, and is made of Bedford limestone from Indiana. 

In Coulan’s original sketch below, he portrays a more warrior-like Mercury (in Hermes mode?) with that “AS ABOVE SO BELOW” hand position going on. Only male figures flanking him, no Minerva like the final version.

And what’s up with that angel in a trench coat?


Strange that the caduceus is always held by its base like in this sketch, but in the final version he is holding it higher up with the snakes surrounding his hand, that’s highly unusual!

In the new improved Vanderbilt version, the eagle now hides behind Mercury as Minerva and Hercules hang out around the clock and ponder.


That SI article reminded me that there was a fully functional train station at this location. What an Old Empire beauty, eh?

Take a Look Back at the Lost Grand Centrals of the Late 19th Century | 6sqft


But like all that dazzling architecture around that time, it had to go just 30 years after it was built.  Vanderbilt (aka Controller) decided they needed a whole new station to handle the volume of rail traffic his business was going to generate.

New York’s first Grand Central Station was begun in 1869 and completed in 1871. By the late 1890s, the station was too small and badly outdated. A massive reconstruction was barely completed when railroad owners decided that a totally new station, office space, and rail yards were needed to meet the growing demand for rail service.
Plans for the new Grand Central Terminal Station underwent many changes between 1903, when construction commenced, and 1913, when the building opened for business. Each design modification was drawn and studied with countless revisions as work on the monumental structure progressed.

It gets even weirder when you learn that the original terminal towers were flanked by huge cast iron eagles weighing 4,000 pounds each with a 13 foot wing span!

I kid you not!

They were dispersed into public and private hands, but some are still to be found glaring down on NYC’s populace.

Grand Central eagle entrance Untapped New York

Also did some more investigations on the weird Zodiac mural on the ceiling at Grand Central.


Here is the quote regarding the Zodiac being out of order and Vanderbilt’s flippant answer about it being “from God’s perspective.”

There are two peculiarities to this ceiling: the sky is backwards, and the stars are slightly displaced. One explanation is that the ceiling is based on a medieval manuscript, which visualized the sky as it would look from outside the celestial sphere: this is why the constellations are backwards. Since the celestial sphere is an abstraction (stars are not all at equal distances from Earth), this view does not correspond to the actual view from anywhere in the universe.

The reason for the displacement of the stars is that the manuscript showed a (reflected) view of the sky in the Middle Ages, and since then the stars have shifted due to precession of the equinoxes. Most people, however, simply think that Helleu reversed the image by accident. When they learned that the ceiling was painted backwards, the Vanderbilt family tried to explain that the ceiling reflected God’s view of the sky.

Interesting how they try to pass it off as some kind of replication of a Medieval cosmology.


And last, but not least, imagine my surprise (not!) when I did the simple alignment test on Google Earth and discovered that Grand Central Terminal is right in line with Ground Zero, Washington Park and the Statue of Liberty — all on the list of my favorite suspects for an inter-dimensional interface!

For more portal speculations check out Lady Liberty’s DNAStar Gates in our Neighborhoods and Star Gates in Caves.

~ by weewarrior on December 8, 2010.

13 Responses to “Grand Central Portal – Part 2”

  1. Well, what a story! The pyramid of helmets is disgusting – gloating over the deaths of humans – reminds me of stacks of skulls in similar, older conquests.
    The little guy with wings – possibly the artist? (Like Cuneo always hid a little mouse in his paintings of steam trains)
    The change in design is very telling, and yes always has a purpose, as you say.
    The astrological ceiling really suggests knowledge of the ancient elders of the Mid-East, which was known to the Global Elite through the ages.
    And the alignment of these monuments is typical of knowledge of the power/energy lines of old.

    I found this – very worth watching –

    Well done you – a fascinating mystery/story. Sacred/Power geometry is amazing.

    Next? 🙂

  2. What about The Queen’s House
    D Ickes’ site here

    I have put a temporary post on my blog just 4 u cos I don’t know if I can put piccies here. On the post u will see the crop circle on David’s page – is this a Star Gate or what??


  3. The G C program vids (link above) are x7 btw.

    Next – The Queen’s House –
    I have put a few piccies on
    for you coz I can’t add them here. 🙂

    I did a bit of building/church/stone circle/ancient site investigation in the 90’s.

  4. Symbols in architecture (in America)

  5. wow i finaly get the hypaethral/ invisible temple concept (the citys of the world combined as one big temple), great vid ty 😀

  6. ??? ???

    W 🙂

  7. I wouldnt be surprised if those carved animals where constellations 😀

  8. Yes, once we have the eyes to see – makes perfect sense to me – yet to a farmer they would just be wild beasties.

    But you see the lizard underneath a sweeping arch from above – a first arrival from the ‘heavens’? hmmm, very curious.

    They may of course put the animals up as guardians, but if you were then, and you were a simple unevolved being – why go to all the effort? Why not just die where you fall and let the weeds grow over you?

    who were they erecting the site for, or to, and how did they know how to do it? The site is right where the ‘Aryans’ were supposed to have suddenly arrived. 13.5 K years ago. hmmm

    Same old questions, eh? I may take a trip with my pendulum…

  9. …look at picture 4 – a scorpion, an albatross playing ball (sun?), flamingos, a spider (?) and a mammal of some kind – and 3 Egyptian ‘keys’ – those little handbag things we see in all the old stone carvings.

    • Hey Wendy-

      Just wanted to let you know that for some reason all the replies I have written on your comments aren’t getting posted. My WordPress program keeps locking up when I post a reply, always for a different reason.

      Anyway, didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your thoughtful responses, and I will try to get the issues worked out on my end, but I got a buttload of work to attend first.

      Love to you and blessings on your road.


      Get Skype and call me for free.

      “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” ~ Galadriel

  10. Aaw thnx lelabear 🙂
    don’t worry I know the probs with wordpress.
    I’ll connect on my skype but u can leave comments here – I love this blog and am enjoying the investigations v thought provoking.

    And I know we all have other things to attend to.

    W 🙂

  11. yes very curious rockart the handbags could be planets/ worlds/ galaxys and the watery lines are all too familiar 😀 if you say this is where the aryans originated (in this world) its striking to read in the story of Ishtar that she created :
    Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, human beings with the faces of ravens. (like the ones on the rock?)maybe correlating 2 the vulture shamanism of Catal Huyuk..
    Oh and is that a dino at the bottem? lol
    sry weewarrior way offtopic 🙂

  12. Well, is it off topic, Ruben? Star Gates – places where people could, or can, connect to other planets, stars or dimensions – what is a temple or megalithic site if not for this purpose?

    To understand a place so old, we can piece together the (archaeological)evidence, but then we have to imagine the psychology, philosophy and belief system of the people who put it there.

    To go to the tremendous effort of moving 16 foot long stones, erect them in a pre-determined fashion, work at art, or messages, in the stone and then repeat it over 22 square miles,it had to have great meaning.

    It made me smile to see the monoliths in the form of a ‘T’ – what did ‘T’ mean for them (not Turkey, I guess!), and why not just a standing stone? The skill to fit the top to the upright so accurately and for it to last 11 thousand years is no accident or haphazard design.

    Reading the report on the archaeology, I see the famous ‘mistake’ of presuming that the landscape would have been the same. 1. were the circles filled in by soil at the time (as in a burial chamber), filled in later by people who were afraid of them, or wanted to hide them, or disagreed with the supposed belief system, or was it Time that washed and blew soil around them? 2. was the surrounding landscape open and barren as now, cultivated and then exhausted, or abandoned for some reason; was it at a different height above sea level (before the Great Flood), closer to a river, or forested? 3. were the thousands of animals (found around the site) eaten or sacrificed? 4. were the carved animals feared or revered? Were they real or symbolic? etc. etc.

    According to those who believe in the arrival of winged beings from another world, the ‘reptilian race’, winged gods, may have been seen as birds, eagles or vultures.

    But vultures naturally congregate where there are dead bodies.

    For me, this site is exciting because it is so old and pre-dates all other known sites, and because of where it is (near the Caucasus). If the ancients who lived there were witness to something pre-dating all religious systems, even the Sumerians who are thought to be the ones who started ‘religious’ iconography, it may support the theory that the arrival of something triggered a need or desire to erect a stone edifice which had nothing to do with the everyday work to just live. Again, why would anyone spend so much time and effort building something that had no ordinary purpose. When did man first get the idea to apply his time and effort to make a symbolic structure?

    They remind me of the black monoliths in ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’.

    If we take this position as important, and we contemplate this idea of places that connect to other worlds, then this place IS important, and could well be a Portal, or a Gate to the heavens or Stars.

    Shamanism is a derivative practice of the whole idea of being able to fly – like the ‘gods’ – and to talk to the ‘gods’. The eagle is the greatest spirit messenger for the Native Americans, the Peruvian’s the Condor. The eagle is the emblem of America and all empires – British, Persian, Roman and Chinese.

    W 🙂

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