Modern Stargates

 Stargates in our Neighborhoods?


Consider this astonishing theory for just a moment, even though I know it sounds like bad science fiction.

Our planet is covered with stargates — dimensional transportation portals — that are hidden only by our ignorance of their existence.


As researchers have probed the mechanisms of megalithic structures and attempt to justify the amount of manpower required to create such monuments, they have had to consider that the effort would have been worth it if they were ultimately some type of transportation network.
Fueled by ritual and sacrifice instead of oil and gas, this network of stone circles, pyramids, standing stones and earth mounds that ring the planet could have interconnected at certain times of the year — especially solstices — to provide instant transportation to destinations on the grid. That would certainly make it worth the effort! 
Though interesting to consider as a former technology, the idea that this practice has continued to this day is quite a startling concept. I decided to crawl around on the world wide web and see if  I could find  any evidence of modern day stargates. Well, it certainly didn’t take much digging! The following collection took less than an hour of research, and really got me wondering…
Biblioteca Alexandria 

 The New Library of Alexandria, the New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It is much more than a library … 

Yeah, that is much more than a library all right…and take a moment to think of all those movies that use libraries as ‘entry points’ for characters having interdimensional experiences– i.e., Ghostbusters, Jumpers, etc . 
The name of this installation is “Good as Gold” by the artist Donald Lipski and is found at the new Country Club Plaza branch of the Kansas City Public Library. 
And there is this interesting exhibit at Purdue’s library…


There are plenty of candidates for outdoor portals designed into public sculptures, too.

This circular framework going up in Detroit looks a bit suspicious, don’t you think?

Detroit Stargate

Oh My…Colorado Springs has one smack in the middle of their park…


Even heard of a water door???

It is even  flanked by Twin Obelisks!


Gotta wonder  considering the history of this place. After all, Tesla set up his oscillator right outside Colorado Springs since it received more lightning strikes than any other place on the planet. 

Here’s a stargate candidate from London…


And if ferris wheels are involved in dimensional travel… 
It would certainly give a whole new aspect to London’s Eye 

Chicago’s Stargate?

 Although not the typical formation, this thing certainly seems to have interdimensional written all over it…especially considering it is part of Millenium Park.

The Chicago Mirror Gate? 
Could the domes in capital buildings funtion as portals? 

And by now you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that NASA has one on the lawn!

NASA Portal Under Construction???

During demolition of the Ames 14′ Wind Tunnel, a Stargate was discovered. The dialing device for the Stargate has not been found and may have been destroyed during the first phase of demolition. However, one rumor circulating at Ames refers to a large object being shipped to Google Headquarters late last night that matches the description of the dialer. Perhaps this is why Google was so interested in Ames (Google Stargate?) The discovery of this device also confirms long held suspicions as to why former Reagan era Star Wars participant, Brig. General Pete Worden was so interested in coming to Ames (see Worden’s official portrait from a secret DoD website)

So, what if we had access to these portals… could we travel around the planet in the blink of an eye?    

Anyone care to try???

We could have tea in Britian…   

 Contemporaries found great irony in the fact that the iconoclast Radcliffe, who scorned book-learning, should bequeath a substantial sum for the founding of the Radcliffe Library. Sir Samuel Garth quipped that the endowment was “about as logical as if a eunuch should found a seraglio.”[3]

  Then off to India…


And step through the portal to catch a show in Australia…

What a way to travel, eh?

At Tech Ed Australia 07, they even have one on their logo for the Galactic Federation! 

Taken in a place with no name (See more photos here)


<!– DSCN1653 2007 Long Zheng Long Zheng 


AmAmazing what a world we find lurking just beneath the surface for those brave enough to look behind the mirror.



I have a funny feeling that our world is covered with portals and that their existence has been one of the best kept secrets from public knowledge– maybe it is time we wised up, eh???

~ by weewarrior on March 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Modern Stargates”

  1. Your post made me recall an old dream: I was going to Europe, and I simply headed to the train station, which quickly and cheaply took me there. Now I recall how Grand Central Station is a representation of a stargate.


  2. I wrote a book on Stargate Detroit! If interested in checking out an article on it or the book(The Mystical”Mitten)check out

  3. […] One alert came in the form of a response to my previous post, […]

  4. Check out my blog if you like, which I coincidentally called “Modern Stargates”:
    And William Henry’s site which I reference…
    @Michael: the Train is one of the symbols for stargates, but I’m not sure where this originated. Perhaps with the Freedom Train (Rock Island Line) in America, transporting slaves to freedom?

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