Celtic Mysteries — Windows to Another Dimension in America’s Northeast

This book on Celtic Mysteries in America’s Northeast reminded me of those road signs I saw when driving through New Hampshire for “America’s Stonehenge” that had intrigued me over a decade ago, but didn’t have the chance to investigate.

These researchers provide even more tantalizing clues of a pre-colonial civilization that left behind scattered architecture across our landscape that hints of an impressive earth shaping technology possessed by America’s early inhabitants!

America’s Stonehenge – Salem, New Hampshire

I admit I was surprised how much evidence of ancient geomancy is scattered around the New England area.

This led me to speculate about the possible existence of natural portals — which would explain a lot about how strangers could just ‘appear’ in the Indian legends.

So I have encountered a particularly juicy suspect, the hill in Putnam County called Ninham Mountain, the highest point in the county and it is littered with these ancient rock structures.

Mysterious Ancient Stone Chambers And Unexplained Energy Force In The Ninham Mountain, Putnam ...

It has a delicious history of strange sightings, mysterious flashes of light, bizarre inter-dimensional experiences and a host of Indian legends proclaiming its sacred status.

Below are some diagrams and pictures from around the web and a few relevant quotes I pulled out of the book.

Putnam County Stone Chambers

“…the Druids believed that there are certain locations that they call holy ground, which at times open up a window or doorway to another universe. They believed that intelligent beings and other creatures came into our world at this time and it was possible for a human being to enter their world, although they considered this very dangerous…the portals were not attached to any fixed location at the other side. If one passes through, then you may not be able to find your way back, you could wander through an infinite number of parallel realities.” pg 87

Magnetic Anomolies around Nimham Mountain

“…the earth’s energy field in these locations was much stronger since all the chambers were aligned through magnetic lines of force. This allowed the “spirits” from the other side to move freely through the portals and communicate with human beings. In recent times the chambers have gotten out of alignment because of modern-day construction and the destruction of a great number of them, and this has weakened their power considerably.” p.87

Came across this interesting website exploring the magnetic anomalies on Ninham Hill.

The chambers are portals to make passage to the other side easier without interference. People often came back to these locations to talk with loved ones who have passed over. This [is] the reason why these areas were looked at as sacred. pg. 87

Putnam Hill Chamber

The last group of ancient visitors to North America were the early irish-Celtic Christians. Our research indicates that they built the chambers not only in northern Connecticut, but also in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. pg 89

Mount Nimham Historical Marker

I also find it intriguing (and horrifying!) that this sacred area in Putnam County is the location for the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant which has experienced ongoing “mysterious” electrical problems and has been caught leaking tritium, a radioactive substance, into the Hudson since 2016.

New York City's nuclear power plant leaking 'uncontrollable radioactive flow' into Hudson River

Although a proven environmental hazard, the plant is not scheduled to be shut down until 2020-21 when it will be decommissioned (at huge expense). Most news articles about this tragedy are focused on how shutting down this plant will affect the New York’s electricity rates.

I kid you not!

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Anyway, it makes me ponder if the Earth creates natural energy points that can be developed or exploited depending on the cultural mindset?


Admittedly, my curiosity about the alignments was piqued while I was living on Maui. We had experienced a strong earthquake in 2006 and shortly afterwards I encountered an interesting group of ladies that follow the teachings of Mary Hardy and the Brotherhood of Knights of the New Temple of Sakkara.

Their sources indicated that the earthquake had created a shift in the Earth’s Chakra energy from the war-torn area around the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the feminine receptacle of the Haleakala Volcano.

Earth Chakras

This group of no-nonsense gals came to Maui to perform the necessary rituals to anchor the recently released Chakra Energy into this peaceful region to attract those seeking planetary healing.

Fascinating, no?

For your consideration, here is a partial reprint of the Google Book  Celtic Mysteries Windows to Another Dimension in America’s Northeast which I used for my source. ( Written by Philip Imbrogno and Marianne Horrigan and published in 2000).

The more I learn about America’s Ancient past, the more I realize that we have so been deceived by the historical narrative regarding the “discovery” of America in 1492.

More speculations on Portals in America:

Star Gates in Our Neighborhoods?

Evidence of Dimensional Portals in Caves?

Are People Disappearing into Planetary Portals?

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10 Responses to “Celtic Mysteries — Windows to Another Dimension in America’s Northeast”

  1. I know of a dimensional window, I saw it open back in 1973 and it was scary but exciting…

  2. the celtic and ufo theories have taken a big hit since phil imbrogno was found out to be a complete fraud. lance moody has written an expose on imbrogno’s lies, including his made up military service and his made up college degrees.

    • Thanks for the info, I always want to know when folks have released fraudulant info. Such a shame that people just wanna make shit up to get attention, my apologies for quoting research that is questionable.

  3. I’m not sure about a window into another dimension, but I will agree with the idea that these were places of remembrance and prayer just like our 911 monuments and other memorials.

    They are specifically located with reference to the Earth’s grid and were probably placed here by the Celtic/Angles some 6 to 8000 years ago. You might find some of the info at my site interesting (noahsage.com). I have been reviewing the art at Knowth and my book link is there.

  4. […] out these nice images of the Ninham Mountain Chamber in southern New York. This is one of dozens of stone chambers in New […]

  5. The other dimension it connected you to was the sky. This one looks just like many other ‘passage graves’ in Ireland, the UK and Europe. They were to live in and to watch the night sky from. The long passage acts like a telescope and it will enable you to map part of the night sky every night. They are often close to the coast or in high places with a clear view through the passage to the sky. They would be cool in summer and warm in winter. The remains found in some of them in Ireland, the UK and the Continent were buried there long after they were used for astronomy. Their orientation usually has to do either with the Sun or Moon or both.

  6. My parents created a campsite with their friends in Ninham in 1983 (when they were in high school idk) and we’e been going ever since. I’ve been in many of the stone chambers and experienced some pretty strange stuff. For example, the second you step into the chamber, an energy of some kind flushes your body. I remember when my brother took a picture of the chamber and when we looked at the photo, there were two suns above the chamber. This could be a camera malfunction but lets be honest, with all the strange things that happen here, would you think that? One of my parents friends (the ones they made the campsite with) had committed suicide a few years ago and everyone got together to plant a tree in memory of him at the campsite. Everyone took a picture of the tree and in every single taken picture, there was a purple glow and a white glow nearby the tree. I always feel safe camping there and have never been threatened. I can definitely say I have a ton of strange feelings there. I am taking my best friend there for a crazy experience of our own this weekend so I’ll have an update then.

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  8. […] experience did arouse my interest in Star Gates and I began investigating suspicious ancient sites and speculating where there might be modern portals — which prompted me to start this blog in […]

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