Are People Disappearing into Planetary Portals?


Crater Lake, Oregon

As a recent resident of the Pacific Northwest it has been brought to my attention just how many people have disappeared into thin air around here! What’s more, these cases cluster around National Parks and feature extremely strange circumstances — as documented in David Paulines’ Missing 411 book series. Besides presenting over 1, 400 unsolved US/Canadian cases in his books (complete with location maps), he also reveals that the agencies who traditionally cooperate with such independent investigations instead tried to deflect his inquires and limit his access to information!


Missing 411 Map

One doesn’t have to ponder this map long to notice the large number of mysterious disappearances cluster around locations that have a reputation for strange activity throughout their history. Places like Yosemite, Mount Shasta and Crater Lake have long been revered (and feared) by indigenous people as as sacred lands that are the domain of gods and no place for mortal men to visit. Many legends tell that many who set off to explore these places never return.

Know what’s even weirder??? If found, the remains of these missing people are discovered months later in impossible places with inexplicable circumstances like missing shoes in rugged terrain and even clothes removed and folded neatly. While investigating one incident the police tried to locate a perfectly healthy missing man, Cullen Finnerty, by “pinging” his phone, only to have an inexplicable stream of locations returned as possible targets at the time of his disappearance.

Okay, these mysteries trigger my “portal detector” reflexes and cause me to question just what might be going on in our national parks — is this why they are “set aside” with restricted access in the first place? Luckily, I found I wasn’t the only writer pondering this idea, Jack Cary at the Paranormal Mysteries blog was asking the same kind of questions!

Now, for my big leap of conjecture that pushes hard at that proverbial envelope:

Are sacred mountains actually the stumps of giant trees that once served as portals between dimensions?


Sri Lanka’s Sri Pada

Despite myself I have become intrigued by the theory set out in the strange video entitled There Are No Forests on Flat Earth, an annoying presentation that nonetheless makes me wonder about the existence of Giant Silicon Trees on Earth in our remote past. The theory states that such silicon-based trees once served as ‘bridges between worlds’ and evidence of their existence could be found all over the planet. These trees were harvested long ago for their precious minerals and gems (we only find remnants now) leaving only massive mountain-sized stumps that geologist attribute to tectonic plate mountain building and erosion.


The World Tree

Places like Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland and Mount Roraima in Venezuela are all cited as examples of stumps left after Giant Trees were cut down, either deliberately or as a result of violent earth changes. The theory further states that scrap minerals from these felled trees were piled up to create chemical volcanoes that will continue to ignite and create fresh raw materials. According to this theory, the even the biggest carbon-based trees in our modern-day world are mere bushes compared to the ancient Giant Trees.


Here is an interesting video summarizing the Ancient Tree Stump theory:

Giant Ancient Tree Stumps

The legends of World Trees that reach to Heaven exist on every continent and such locations are intricately associated with strange interdimensional type phenomenon. Many legends specify that the sacred mountain is situated on the cardinal points to create a horizontal/vertical access bridge between dimensions!


Sri Lanka Stargate

Perhaps modern Stargate technology is simply mimicking the organic portals between the dimensions that were severed in our distant past? For one thing, it validates my theory that it takes extreme cold to crack the wall between dimensions… mountains are definitely some of the coldest places on the planet!

Is this yet another example of how suspicions of interdimensional technology are kept hidden from the public by weaving them into movie plot lines?


Ferngully and Avatar Trees

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