Are People Disappearing into Planetary Portals?


Crater Lake, Oregon

As a recent resident of the Pacific Northwest it has been brought to my attention just how many people disappear into thin air around here!


Missing 411 Map

What really intrigues me is how these cases cluster around National Parks and feature extremely strange circumstances — as documented in David Paulines’ Missing 411 investigations.

United States National Parks Map, Push Pin Map of the US National Parks

Then when you factor in this map a whole new question arises:

Are people disappearing into planetary portals???

Druid’s Arch – Moab, UT

The first clue is how many mysterious disappearances cluster around places like Yosemite, Mount Shasta and Crater Lake, all revered (and feared) by indigenous people as sacred lands and the domain of gods — no place for mortal men to approach without reverence.

Many Native Indian legends tell stories of individuals encountering natural arches in the landscape where they passed through and never returned.

Know what’s even weirder???

If found, the remains of  modern day missing people are discovered months later in impossible places with inexplicable circumstances — like missing shoes in rugged terrain and clothes folded neatly!

I was particularly interested in the story of Cullen Finnerty, a perfectly healthy man who went missing while canoeing.

When the police tried to locate him by “pinging” his phone, they were dumbfounded by the inexplicable stream of locations (all in the wilderness) returned as possible targets at the time of his disappearance!

No doubt, such mysteries trigger my portal detector alarms!

Glad to say I’m not the only writer pondering this idea, Jack Cary at the Paranormal Mysteries blog was asking the same kind of questions!

Portals, Missing People, and Alternate Reality - October 27, 2018 - YouTube

These stories make me look at the whole National Parks agenda with a different angle. Were these areas “set aside” (or submerged) not just to preserve natural beauty but also provide a perfect excuse to limit public access?


After compiling his years of research, David Pallides concludes that the one consistent factor in the unexplained disappearances is the presence of large granite outcrops and boulder fields.

Yosemite -- Rainbow View

Now, for my big leap of conjecture that pushes hard at that proverbial envelope:

Are some of the land formations in National Parks the stumps of ancient giant silicon trees? 

Devils Postpile National Monument U.S. National Park Servi… | Flickr

Yeah, I know.

But it’s a question that just won’t go away once you hear the theory in the strange video entitled There Are No Forests on Flat Earth.

He speculates that many mountains, mesas and “organ pipe” formations are the remains of tremendous trees made not of carbon like our present day variety (which are just baby bushes by comparison) but based on silicon with semi-precious stones as their by-products and the cavern systems as their roots.

Flat Earth Supporter Claims Mountains are the Ancient Remains of Gigantic Silicon Trees ...

Here is a video summarizing the Ancient Tree Stump theory that is not quite as annoying as the original:

But if there were enormous trees the question becomes — who could cut them down?

Well, evidence is coming to the surface about giants roaming the Americas.

Not too big a leap to think they had tree-cutting skills, especially considering one of America’s favorite folk heroes fits the bill quite nicely!

The cutting of silicon trees would also explain all the precision saw cuts found in the silica based petrified forests littering the West from Oregon to Mexico — the biggest concentration being in Arizona.


The legends of World Trees that reach to Heaven exist on every continent and such locations are intricately associated with strange inter-dimensional type phenomenon.

The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil - Imgur

Could these silicon-based trees have been as integral to ancient communication/transportation systems as computers are today?


Consider that instead of providing communication between the inhabitants of just one world, these silicon trees may have bridged multiple levels of existence related to humankind, providing direct access to higher dimensions and their inhabitants (like angels and demi-gods)?

Did we lose that direct connection when the great World Trees were felled?

Many legends explain how temples on sacred mountains are situated  along the cardinal points to create a bridge between earthly portals —  perhaps they access inter-dimensional realms?


Sri Lanka Stargate

Researchers like Praveen Mohan are finding suspicious structures in India that makes one wonder what kind of high tech the ancients had that we just don’t recognize anymore — unless we try to use our cell phone by one of these Portals!

Makes me wonder if organic portals used by “prehistoric” cultures are behind modern Star Gate X-technology I suspect the Black Ops guys are messing with?


So perhaps these destroyed tree portals become operational — maybe during certain times of year or unsettled atmospheric conditions?

Could this explain how unsuspecting hikers seem to disappear instantly — did they inadvertently step into another dimension?

Moab: Arches Hiking and Cataract Canyon Rafting | Campfires & Concierges

I mean, there is that bizarre video of the guy who shows how he opened a portal to Sedona, Arizona in his bedroom with sounds through his speakers…and then never posted again.

I kid you not!

I also consider how many movie plot lines feature tree-based inter-dimensional natural portals.


These kind of natural portals might also explain a lot about why National Parks are where they are.

Wizard’s Hat Island — Crater Lake

For example, the Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho oversees 750,000 acres of lava wasteland.


Entrance to Moon Cave at Craters of the Moon Park

Is it really important to preserve such places in pristine condition at tax payers’ expense or could they hide activation points for ancient Antiqui-Tech?

Shamanic Drumming: Drumming in the Great Kiva of Chaco Canyon

Chultun, Maya ruins against blue sky.

One thing David Paulides’ research has made clear, traditional investigations into these disappearances in our National Parks don’t reach any firm conclusions and officials seem very reluctant to share  information with independent researchers. Even mysterious cases where qualified Park Rangers go missing are brushed off with no explanations.

U of T Setting For Spooky Missing Persons 411 Lecture | The Silo

Seems the more I learn about the Hidden History of Old Maps and Old Empire Civilizations, the more I question the historical narrative about the Americas being inhabited by primitive savages that arrived on foot via the Bering Strait!

The Greatest Discovery Never Made – Ancient Civilizations Thrived With NO Ruling Elite | Ancient ...

 Just how these ancient civilizations were wiped from the face of the Earth is still a matter of debate, but my research into the Mudflood Reset culminating in the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquake is yielding important clues that the western landscape has been severely altered since the 1500’s.

House on Fire Pueblo – Mule Canyon, CO

If our ancestors did posses an advanced portal technology that has been either lost, fallen into disrepair or usurped by black operations, it might explain why so many people are mysteriously disappearing in National Parks!

Further investigations into Portals:

Evidence of Star Gates in Caves?

Star Gates in our Neighborhoods?

Star Gates in Train Stations?

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12 Responses to “Are People Disappearing into Planetary Portals?”

  1. Had a life changing experience just north of crater lake fifteen years ago. My wife and I took a road THAT wasnt on our map. We ended up in a town where everyone acted really weird and they didn’t want us to leave. We found a way to leave and drove out of that town. We drove a few miles away to a gas station and the people there had never heard of the town and said that there wasn’t a road where we drove through the cascades. Since then I’ve thought about trying to get back almost every day. This world doesn’t feel like the world I grew up in, something has seemed off the entire last 15 years.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, that is very interesting. In a similar vein, my daughter was driving through the Crater Lake area once and got the funniest feeling that her proposed route home was going to be a hassle because of weather and on an impulse took an obscure road. Turns out she made record time getting home and didn’t encounter any bad weather although the whole area was stormy. She tried to re-trace her route when she got home on a map, but couldn’t find the road!
    So putting together the two stories, I wonder if there are “phantom roads” in this area???

  3. I have always thought that there are at least two universes that overlap in some way and for whatever reason sometimes you can pass through. It’s really strange how many disappearances there have been in a fifteen square mile area. The army lost two planes a week for years before they gave up and left.
    For years I was terrified of the area but these days I feel like I need to figure out what happened to my wife and I. So I’m planning to go back next spring and find out once and for all.

  4. Many people describe glittering, water-like walls of water in the air. I thought they mght be portals until i heard a story of a woman who hunted in her private forest. she saw such flickering blurry air but it was moving and had a shape of a creature. It happened together with ufo sightings in the nearby town. Maybe they are some portal-type beings taking people away or moving them. It can be beyond anything we could ever understand.

    • Fascinating, thanks for the comment about the “shimmering air” phenomenon, I’ve run across a few cases where that is reported, along with an eerie sense of dread. Can’t help but be reminded of the book about “The Subtle Knife” that was used to cut a hole through to alternate worlds and how some of them were left open out of carelessness, allowing creatures from one reality to prey on those in another.

  5. For the very first time I visited Oregon this year. Beautiful I have to give it some kudos. But I had a weird experience at the house we where staying it was in the coastal area in Florence. I felt like someone was walking in my room and I would feel it. It woke me up but I said I’ll wait for it to get a tiny closer to open my eyes. Right before I could open them all the way I saw something that I’ve never seen before. It was a tall entity long had a white halo but also kind of tarnish green and I saw its face but had white glowing eyes like if it was light coming through. When I fully open my eyes it was gone. I have never experienced anything like this. I wonder if it had to do anything with my moldavite.

    • Wow, that sounds intense! Does have the earmarks of a moldavite encounter. Wondering what kind of vibe you got off the entity…was it hostile or friendly? Of course, the Oregon coast has plenty of weird stories regarding the supernatural, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you stumbled into a weak spot in the reality grid that was activated by your moldavite.

  6. […] led me to speculate about the possible existence of natural portals — which would explain a lot about how strangers could just ‘appear’ in the Indian […]

  7. People must be warned about getting lost in National parks .Never hike alone. Inform family, friends and police where exactly your headed ..Never leave children unattended have them connected to you by a rope.Always have water, basic medical supplies, blood pressure & diabetic medicines with you. Bring locator beacon, large trash bag, phone chargers, whistles, lighters , magnifying glass ( use sun rays through lens to start fire kerping you warm.)Wear bright and proper clothing , enough food , gun, knife .We must be aware of our surroundings at all times do not take risks .One more thing bring plenty of bright tape to mark your trail as you go this wilk assis6 you to fingmd your way back If you get list followig the tape back wear you came from. Stay Safe.

  8. i’ve been on this blog for nearly 2 hours this is amazing!

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