Mayan Water Gate Portals

The existence of doorways to other dimensions is a common theme in shamanistic cultures, and the Mayans were no exception.

The Evolver blog posted some fascinating research on the fresh water caves and their role in Mayan sacred ceremonies last year in this entry:

Mayan Stargates? The Ol: Sacred Cenotes and Portals to the Otherworld
Mayan spatial and temporal portals to other worlds were actuated through ritual activity and the use of iconography incorporating: the supernatural power attributed to naturally occurring karst topography, the reflective properties of mirrored surfaces, goggles or eye rings worn as sacred costume, architecture and art in the ball courts, and the concept of time as a cyclic closed curve. Beginning with a naturally occurring archetype for the circular passageway, the cenote (tz’onot), I’ll explore the origins and role of the portal in the ancient religion of the Maya.

More evidence and descriptions of currents tours to these caves and cenotes are found in this story on Hub Pages called

Mayan Sacred Caves and Cenotes

The sacred Cenotes were the entrance to the underworld of the Maya Xibalba. The place where we all go when we die.

Needless to say, his theory resonates with other evidence I have found a naturally occurring portals in caves.  Rumors of a vast underground complex built by the Mayans have been receiving validation as excavations uncover entrances to subterranean passageways, many of which connect together.

Apparently the current Mayan Elders consider caves as sacred spaces and hold rituals in deep underground chambers where water is worshiped as a medium of transportation to other realms.  In a recent video, Drunvalo was taken into the “womb of the Earth” with a group of people from around the world who gathered in South America to study with the shamans.

An interesting video came to my attention today involving an underwater tornado filmed recently off the coast of Aruba.

In my opinion, this all ties in very nicely with the research into the “mirror plane” conducted by Fintan Dunne on his Treeincarnation website which presents physical proof of how reality is created by two intersecting vortexes.  In this model, phenomenon like tornadoes and water spouts are moments when the two planes meet.   I highly recommend it, that changed the way I see reality.

The research continues into the immortal nature of the soul in his new series called Regeneromics which is also recommended listening for those ready to exit the matrix.

Understanding that portals are natural occurrences that were used by the ancients that may still be used today is crucial to breaking the code that has kept us in a programmed reality designed to deny knowledge of such sacred secrets for too long.

~ by weewarrior on August 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mayan Water Gate Portals”

  1. Brilliant work. You know what is amazing to me is that I have been seeing images of that reality in my mind since I was a kid. I remember being 6 years old talking to my older brother about time travel and I described to him this picture I had in my mind of a box of opposing mirrored surfaces with light originated inside and it being a means of travel to wherever we want to go… which I would today assume to be inter-dimensional and not time travel. So recently I started searching for some of the words, phrases and pictures I have imagined since I was a kid, feeling a little crazy because I was shooting in the dark on googling ideas that popped into my head and here they are already hypothesized by others like you: ancient secrets of the supernatural mechanics of the universe and beyond, so simple that stone-age and bronze-age people could harness it yet so advanced that no technology invented today can rival its saddling of the laws of physics.

    • Brilliant reply, Nick, so delighted you found my musings and that they resonate with your musings. The concept that we’ve been overlooking a basic understanding of how our physical interface actually works has cetainly lead me down some interesting rabbit holes, it takes a majestic leap of imagination to fill in the gaps. I am encouraged beyond belief to find so many folks with tales to share of their experiences and studies into this subject. In fact, I’m thinking that 2012 is the year to quit musing and start putting some of this theory into practice. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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