Strange Stargates Everywhere~

Okay, two “strange” references in one week brings me charging back to the blog where I can pose the question…”Are Stargates Real?”

Pre-Restoration Tiahuanaco – Gate of the Sun

Considering the thoughtful and sometimes down right revealing comments I have received to past postings on this subject, I have yet to be convinced that this is not a valid question…especially when they keep shoving it in my face via fantasy and horror show story lines! Feels like something is hiding just behind the curtain and the “spoilers” are there to skew any such consideration into the realm of the impossible.

First incident was in the new Dr. Strange trailer, a blatant scene of a “portal newbie” getting to pop from one place to another in a heartbeat through a loop of fire…the look of astonishment on his face says it all…

In the movie we are presented with the concept of a fluid “Inception” type reality in which even the most solid-looking edifices are subject to mental and therefore space/time manipulation.

Shortly after contemplating the mind-bending concepts explored in glimpses of Dr. Strange, I settle in to watch the new Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Why am I surprised to realize this show is also using portals to support their story line?

Given the “Stephen King-ness” of this script, this portal is not a neat transportation loop of fire but a gross organic membrane that doesn’t lead to another physical location on earth but rather to a reflective dimension of our reality…a very dark one, of course…

So here we see two different “strange” tags in stories concerning portal use for both physical and dimensional travel. Makes me wonder how many times we will have to watch this concept portrayed as pure fantasy before we question the truth behind the fiction…???

~ by weewarrior on July 28, 2016.

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