Rudolf Steiner – Cosmic Spiralling

(reposting this video from last year, it’s taken on a new life since released on my original YouTube channel)

From the readings from Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the Gospels of John and Luke showing how our spiritual development proceeds in a spiral motion through the zodiac so that each soul can experience the collective. The influence of the cosmos on our planet’s destiny is mirrored in the individual’s relationship to the cosmos.

Eternal gratitude to Dale Brunsvold for so beautifully reading the collection of books and lectures by Rudolf Steiner. This extensive library of audio and printed material is available free for download at:

Special thanks to Chris Chadwick for the digital collage art as featured on his YouTube Channel:
and Teka Lutrell for contributing his graphic art creations as seen on his website:

Music “Grand Central Station” from the KPAX soundtrack.


~ by weewarrior on June 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rudolf Steiner – Cosmic Spiralling”

  1. Beautiful.
    W, x

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