Terence McKenna’s Story Time

Terence relates an “alternative history” as revealed to him by the mushroom in a matter of seconds.

In his tale, our world has split its time line with the emergence of Christ and the related backlash. On our sister world, this event did not dominate the timeline so instead they maintained their great universities and developed sophisticated philosophies. They also developed methods that allowed the  Europeans and Mayans to maintain contact and create societies based on psychedelic technologies.

Their awareness of our alternative time line paralleled our development high energy nuclear weapons because these were felt across dimensions.

According to Terrance, they’re working to re-converge the timelines and rescue us from this backward reality.

The video is in two parts, don’t panic when he stops in mid sentence, the next one picks right up where he left off!

Seriously, nobody can tell a story like Terence!

~ by weewarrior on June 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Terence McKenna’s Story Time”

  1. Thnx again ww.
    I have actually seen this before but it’s always worth another view. Brings smiles!
    I find my take on the mind is rarely matched by those I know. Here, tho’, I find ‘like minds’ 🙂
    One hears “It’s all in the mind” as tho its something to write off as insignificant or insane – yet it IS the mind that is ALL.

    Having experienced ayahuasca, ritual marijuana, obe’s and much dream/vision/ work, and worked in spiritual psychology I KNOW by changing thoughts and using mind, our reality changes dramatically. This is the creator-god within, I feel. I was explaining to a friend how, to make a decision, we can ‘look’ down the time-line of that action to see its potential outcomes – then choose. Is this prediction, premonition, being psychic, clever or just plain sensible? But you have to have an imagination to do it, and envision it.

    If the Higher Mind can communicate with the lower mind (or v.v.) more easily in the form of a mushroom, an alien, an angel or a faerie, or a candle, it doesn’t really matter. The content of the communcation is what matters and it will be at the vibrational level of the enquiring mind, so that it can be assimilated.
    You see, T. McK. had no fear of letting his mind explore and he had the intellect to understand the science of the fantasy on a huge and high perspective.
    The differences are what causes contention, in the left-brainers. Yet the same content can be explained in religion, myth, science and fantasy – and even Freud-type technical psychology.

    When the Science of the Mind is applied to all spheres of life, via the intellect and heart, we will have a greatly enhanced life, reality, and conscious appreciation of it.
    We will get there – come ‘hell or high water’ …’over the rainbow’ …or in the quantum leap of time, whatever.
    It’s surely up to us to enjoy the ride and not just endure it or resist it.
    People who stare at the tv, their purse or their dinner plate will not be the ones who witness the turning of the worlds and the wonder of it.


    This morning in my meditation I saw this…
    A static scene of mountains with a futuristic city in the foreground – in high definition and completely black and white… and in the foreground, two ants running circles around each other.
    And then my mind went off in many tangents like a spherical technicolour kaleidascope and I could comprehend it all at once.

    W, x

  2. It has just occurred to me –
    T’s parallel worlds due to the schism could be 1. same space, different time, 2. same time, different space (dimension) or 3. same time/space different experience 4 different time/space and experience. Can we have a different time and space and the same experience?

    When we consider how people’s world-view or self-view can differ dramatically, and each person’s experience is different (withing group fields), then we have many different scenarios, all running symultaneously. Even two people who witnessed the same historical event would describe it in different ways.

    Therefore we can choose to move from one scenario to another, just by being conscious of whether we are enjoying the one we are in and deciding to try another one.

    First, we have to be conscious of where we are and then have the inagination to envisage the one where we want to be.
    Then we have to concretise our intention by focusing on it, getting the details right.
    Then we have to go into action and make the change.

    E.g. if I was a 9-5 white-collar worker, married with four children, broke and depressed, I could decide to be a nomadic, free-spirited, lone divorcee. (There are many psychological factors including guilt and fear that may stop me, but I could still do it.) In one thought, one vision of the new life and then one step into it, my life could change overnight.

    E.g 2 if I was a soldier, receiving orders to go to war, I could decide to leave the army and just not turn up on the battle field.

    We could change many things, even if we can’t change some things (gender, age) but even in the things we can’t change, we could change our attitude towards them.
    The dictates of family, society, law and religion, are bonds that keep us slaves to someone else’s paradigm.
    (hmm, I’m now thinking…

    Have a great day!
    W, x

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