Terence McKenna – Approaching the Eschaton

A New Improved version that actually has all the words spelled right and loaded up on my correct YouTube page, which I am delighted to have access to once again!

Hope you enjoy watching it at least half as much as I did creating it for you.

Approaching the Eschaton is based on selected remarks by Terence McKenna in a recently released interview conducted in 1998 in Hawaii by John Buzard. The full one hour + interview, is available on Vimeo at http://www.hazarddp.com/?page_id=2.

Recorded shortly before he was diagnosed with brain cancer from which he died in April of 2000, Terence describes his vision of how time is creating greater complexity as it moves towards the end point, or Eschaton. Using the Time Wave Zero calculations based on the I Ching which correspond with the Mayan calendar (and the human DNA structure), Terence explains how the process of concrescence is causing matter and consciousness to connect in amazing ways, as demonstrated by the rise of the internet and personal computers.

Sacred Geometry graphics series by ieoie available for viewing on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ieoie

Time-Lapse of Butterfly Lifecycle by Tess

Music clips from~

Elbow – Starling

Massive Attack – Teardrop

Meet Joe Black – Yes

~ by weewarrior on June 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Terence McKenna – Approaching the Eschaton”

  1. Thanks ww – I could listen to this man every day. There is something about his voice and the preciseness of what he is saying – which is so profound – he is definitely ET 🙂

    ieoie vids – breakfast merged into lunch – then I had to go and lie down 🙂

    great work as usual!

    I have been revising atomic/quantum physics and free energy/grid matrix regarding the pyramids and dowsing – again, lunch merges into supper and then dawn arrives and round we go 🙂

    sending best regards,

    W, x

    • My pleasure, Wendy, Terence is a treat, no doubt. However, I see his brilliance as an example of the capabilities of a fully curious human, this is the kind of insight we are all capable of if we’ll give ourselves permission. His opinion of the extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon was of the same school as Jacque Valle and Rick Straussman… they concluded these episodes were shared mental constructs — not actual events, there was always the element of the ridiculous in them that is common in mythology and faire legends. I’ll dig around for Terence’s “story from the mushroom” explaining the ET phenomenon to post for your consideration…it’s a mind bender!

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