UPDATED: Tibet’s Cave of Spirits is Singing

I discovered this tidbit when researching the antipode for a Japanese earthquake, which turned out to be in the ocean off the eastern coast of Brazil. I noticed that the Sandwich Islands had experienced a round of earthquakes recently, so I searched for those terms and here’s what I found, posted on March 6, 2011!

I listened to his video, I became aware of the background music and became even more interested when he mentioned they were recorded in a  Tibetan cave that had begun “singing.”

(The sounds start at the 3:00 mark)

I checked around and found the page for the Russians who claim to have recorded the original and have the high definition version online for download:


Just click on the link that says “earthcalling” and save it to your computer…virus free, I promise!

Unfortunately, my subsequent investigations have turned up very little so far. The small amount I have uncovered has mainly been on forums and are 90% speculation. Here is the one statement that is being repeated most often:

There is a secret cave of spirits in Tibet.

This cave is not known to the public.

The Tibetan saints are sleeping in this cave.

The old men and monks are saying that Shiva is starting to sing his mantra calling for Gods to return to the Earth.

This mantra has three levels.

The last level means the coming of the new era.

Listen to this sound recorded by Russian enthusiasts who were allowed to visit the place near the cave where it was possible to record the sound.

This sound has no artificial changes and is presented in raw format (only noises were reducted).

As I listened to it, I was overwhelmed with thoughts about the “Music of the Spheres” as was taught in the Pythagorean mystery schools…

The Music of the Spheres

The occult study of this harmony is known as the Pegataur Working.

The heavenly hiearchy, with Earth at the center, of course, was thought of as a divine symphony that actually created a harmonius soundtrack for the universe. As the Greeks had discovered some time ago, there were mathematical formulae underlying the divisions of tones into scales, and calculations about fret-spacing on the neck of stringed instruments that could be used to develop tonally accurate instruments. It isn’t a far stretch to take Pythagorean mysticism and combine it with a Western religious and scientific worldview and superimpose this earthly knowledge onto the heavens.

Interestingly enough, the concept of the earth as the center of the cosmos is one I have been encountering in my studies of Rudolf Steiner’s material.

That line of thought brought to mind the Schumman Resonance, the vibration rate of the earth, which can be translated to a musical tone:

That reminded me of the studies I had found that discovered when you ran a formula of the vibratory pattern of the Schumman Resonance through a computer model, you came up with a shape just like a stupa:


Which further reminded me of the model for the TimeWave Zero pattern presented by Terence McKenna that you can see on this gif:


So are we hearing the ‘tuning’ of the music of the spheres? This is the question that has been keeping my interest for days now, especially in light of all the paradigm shaping events of the past few decades.

Makes me wonder, can the Solar System “tune up” like a celestial symphony?


Could be. I found this 2007 BBC article that points out:

These “coronal loops” carry acoustic waves in much the same way that sound is carried through a pipe organ.

Solar explosions called micro-flares generate sound booms which are then propagated along the coronal loops.

“The effect is much like plucking a guitar string,” Professor Robert von Fay-Siebenbuergen told BBC News at the National Astronomy Meeting in Preston.

For a really interesting effect, play the sounds from the Tibetan cave with the recording of the Sounds of Saturn:

Please let me know if you have any further information or speculation on this recording, I appreciate your comments!


New evidence for the origin of the sounds posted as coming from the Tibetan Cave.
Someone identified them as sounds of Jupiter associated with this YouTube clip:

Reading the comments on that YouTube clip led me to:

Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A.
The world’s Premier Sound Healing
Researcher, Brainwave Entrainment Expert, and
High-Tech Personal Transformation Pioneer
with the use of sound.


Awakening the Various Levels of the Subconscious Mind

In 1989 I came in contact with an aerospace engineer with sound recordings from the Voyager spacecraft. These recordings were taken as Voyager passed by the outer planets of our Solar System – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These NASA recordings from outer space, which were of charged electromagnetic particles (ions) in the magnetic fields of planets vibrating within the range of human hearing, sounded remarkably like ocean sounds, dolphins, choirs of voices singing, crickets and birds. There are also other sounds too strange to identify, but which seem very familiar. Interestingly enough, the rings of Uranus produce sounds like Tibetan bowl recordings that have been slowed to reflect their subtle harmonics. Could this be a deeper, vaster level of the collective unconscious mind which knows how to “grow” a planetary solar system of which Earth is just a part – and from which my body grows?

Could These Sounds be Recognizable at a Deeper Level of the “Collective Unconscious?”

It is these three classes of sound (“Primordial Sounds,” “Brainwave Entrainment” and “multi-layered music”) that are embedded in the sound track of some of these recordings to awaken the various levels of the subconscious mind.

It is at this inner level of ourselves that our bodies are self-organized from two cells by the same inner system from which the daily functions of our body are coordinated and directed. It is from here that the knowledge of our problems and the answers and solutions to them reside.

This is what we mean by the use of “Primordial Sounds” to access a deep level of ourselves for healing, relaxation and balance.

These sounds are mixed into the soundtracks we have recorded in such a way that they can be heard but not necessarily recognized for what they are by the rational-thinking mind. Some of the nature sounds on these recordings are actually space-sound recordings or human body sounds.


~ by weewarrior on March 18, 2011.

30 Responses to “UPDATED: Tibet’s Cave of Spirits is Singing”

  1. Yes! 🙂
    My research has been running along the same theme – vibration – sound – earth responses – shifts – on all levels.
    Interestingly I listened to a radio prog recently about some people in Oz who discovered some ‘singing’ wires – old telegraph cables that tuned up in the wind – amazing sounds. Also came across Dr J J Hurtak again (Keys of Enoch) and found on his website cds of recordings in the pyramids ‘Opening the Temple’ (portal)- led me back to the theory of using sound to create anti-gravity to lift the massive stones. Then to recap – stone circles and chanting rituals, caves and standing waves, monoliths as ‘tuning forks’? Temples – traditionally used for singing and chanting, mantras etc. ‘Music of the spheres’ vibrations between planets – communication? ‘In the beginning was the Word…and the Word was God’ vibration, voice, language, written word, music. Even heart-beat – an audible rhythm. Thought – a vibration. Wind in the trees, glaciers ‘cracking’. The sounds in the Tibetan cave are so close to what we hear in Tibetan gongs, singing bowls, chants. Seismic activity is all vibration – sound. We can hear what the Earth is doing. ‘Ascension’ is raising our vibration. Dogs can hear non-human audible sounds – vibes through the earth and up through their feet, and they also have satellite dishes for ears. Elephants ‘rumbles’ contain such low sound we can’t hear it but they can, over up to 50 km. An eagle’s call, the hum of a humming bird’s wings, the buzz of a bee. Analyse the science – it is all about vibes. Electrons ‘vibrate’ around the nucleus of an atom. Atomic power is the intense vibrations built up in nuclear fusion or fission. Hadron collider? Doppler effect. Saturn ‘sound’ – vibes made audible.
    We have an air-base near us and they send tornados and hurricanes (planes) out for low altitude test flights. You can’t hear them coming until they are practically overhead – the sound wave that hits the ground is enough to knock you over and affects your heart-rate.
    I know a guy who does ‘sound baths’ with crystal and tibetan bowls, gongs and drums.
    Universal vibrations – sub sonic, audible, super sonic. And light – dark, matter, infra red, visual, ultra violet and invisible – all vibrations.
    Drums, all musical instruments.
    Telegraph, morse code. Is anyone listening to Vega? (Fave film – ‘Contact’)
    A wink is as good as a nod!
    Love ur work weewarrior. x
    PS new post on my blog – ‘Great Waves’

    • Hi Wendy!
      Finally can respond, it only lets me in this function when I have to approve a comment. Goofy system. Anyway, I think we’re thinking along the same lines, although I’ll reiterate once again that these sounds were NOT frm a secret Tibetan cave.
      Anyway, the vibration is the issue here and that deserves some serious research. Have I asked you if you are familiar with the Temple of Sakkara folks?
      I’ve worked with crystal bowls and stood becore those great Tibetan horns and felt how the power those kinds of vibrations can permeate every cell in your body and overwhelm the normal thought process. Such ‘sound baths’ were a big part of initiations, snippets of which have slipped into our ceremonies through the years, like fanfares and church bells.
      The exposure of the underlying emptiness of matter has lead more than one researcher to the conclusion that we are nothing but a vibratory field held in suspension by sheer force of will. The idea, I am beginning to think, is to find our own special note in the symphony and resonate it with all our might!

    • wow, just beautifully written. Thnx.

  2. Hiya…
    This is very beautiful, sound is very important I think, I understand, off planet entities go by their signature sound/s….hence, on the whole, do not go by names such as we have! {found this out from the book of Ra!}
    I used to listen to the HOLOSYNC sounds… very similar, probably pinched from some of these sound tracks. Sounds can be very soothing and healing. Keep up the good work.

    • As it turns out this music is a result of the kind of synthesization the HOLOSYNC and Brain Entrainment acoustic researchers have produced. I updated the information when I discovered this and there are links to the original sources at the end of the post.

      That clarified, I do find a lot of credibility in the science of sound and have used many such sources myself with very beneficial results. So, in a way I am glad to spread it around, but in another sense I don’t want it confused with an actual recording of the earth.
      Thanks for your comments!

  3. […] […]

  4. I am curious, and wondering, if this cave is the cave where Babaji resides?

    Babaji is a saint that has stayed hidden on the earth, near or in Tibet, I can’t remember which, for the past 2000 years in order to help keep the earths energy in balance, and to help the souls on Earth reach their highest potential.

    Yogananda writes a bit about Babaji in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

    • We will never know since the recording is not from a Tibetan Cave as I noted in my update. It is from a neuro-acoustic studio and was released in 2007 as the Sounds of Jupiter. Nonetheless, I hope that your premise is valid on some level.

  5. This raises a question and a dilemma – do we believe what we are told? does it matter if that changes? can information, whether the absolute truth or not, be useful to stimulate our imagination? If the sounds and the cave have nothing to do with each other, yet the story of the cave is about sounds that are heard there, and believed to be the spirits singing, by the Tibetans, what is the most important thing? That the Tibetans believe that the spirits sing, that the cave makes sounds, or that sounds can be important to us?
    I have also read that some very highly evolved spirits dwell here, unseen, to help us all, and that sometimes they walk among us as incarnate beings. I like to believe that – after all, are we not all spiritual beings walking the earth as incarnate beings?
    To go back to the cave thing – people like the Tibetans observe and listen, and if they know that a cave will issue forth sounds, and that only happens at auspicious times, then perhaps we should take note of that. Perhaps the cave can resonate with sounds at certain times, because of certain conditions, and the Tibetans, after many years of listening, know that they portend something important.
    And just to play devil’s advocate here, perhaps the Russians could not reproduce the actual sounds in the cave, but could present the Jupiter sounds as something similar? It should, perhaps, been stated as such, though.
    It is still fascinating. The caves may have tiny apertures through which wind blows, or parts of the rock may move and vibrate causing resonances or harmonics – all is possible. I tend to think that long-held legends, such as the Tibetans’ singing spirits, hold some truth.
    We have a choice – either to discount everything that is not scientifically proven, or to keep an open mind to all possibilities.

    • I studied up on the Tibetan caves myself when trying to find the source for this blog and was quite fascinated by the many sites and legends, my favorite was Mt. Kailash. Unfortunately, I could not find any ‘official’ accounts stating that Tibetans had announced that the sacred caves were currently singing. If anyone can find information not based on speculation that this is currently happening, I would greatly appreciate a reference.

  6. Oh, and re the link to Rev Mary Hardy (TheTempleofSakkara) yes, I saw it before, thnx weewarrior. Fascinating, but there is just something….hmmm…can’t put my finger on it…not sure…??
    (I have been to Saqqara)

  7. Here’s a study of Tibetan caves-

  8. Singing sands

    and an interpretation of space sounds

    and Earth sounds like this?

  9. Tibetan bowl

    and for my final act -(having so much fun!) – is the inimitable, Mr David Icke (applause)

  10. Personally, I have been hearing the low rumblings or “motor” sounds at night since I was a teenager. I could never find the source of the sound. I’d search the house looking for the culprit and could never locate it. It sounds like a diesel truck idling in the distance. I thought at first it was my neighbors airconditioning unit, but when I moved from Illinois to Michigan it continued. It sounds alot like the tibetian “Ringing Earth” although it is just a continued low tonal vibration. Wondering if any one else has heard it??

  11. “Not everyone can see (hear) this evidence. It
    takes belief, training and faith to recognize it. According to
    an important lama –
    Concerning the statement that here exist sands of gold, silver, lapis, and diamond, this is how it appears when seen by tenth-stage bodhisattvas who have perfected the twin accumulations of merit and wisdom. But it does not appear this way to ordinary persons whose karmic obscurations have not been purified.”

    pg 11 Aldenderfer’s doc

    • yes

    • Seems the arguement is changing from whether Tibetan caves are currently emitting sounds that monks can hear to one about who is spiritually aware enough to hear these sounds. That’s a whole different debate, and I do think there are many nuances to our vibrational field that we each interpret differently. Some people hear audible rumbles like Patty while others see peripherial flashes of light or feel sudden temperature changes. Regardless, the concept that the Tibetan prophecy is currently being fulfilled still remains an open question in my mind.

  12. There is no ‘argument’ to change 🙂 The quote was from a lama whose observations were about who sees/hears what, how, when and why. The article at top of this discussion seems to originate from ‘thepropheticseer’ and the Russians who twinned the recording of Jupiter with the quote about the Tibetan cave, which is difficult to source.
    There is, apparently, thousands of caves in Tibet, used for anything from domestic living to shrines or meditation caves of the ancient lamas.
    My point in posting the quote was to demonstrate that the sounds may be a personal experience,and may or may not be prophetic. The nuances of metaphysical existence are not yet an exact science, so until it is we can only trust our own experiences. Many, many people ‘hear’ vibrations in the frequency of sound.
    We live in a dense sound-polluted world, so to hear the cosmic sounds, or clair-audient sounds, we need to first find silence, which is why the Tibetans took to their caves, where meditation and silence, as well as the spirit-force (gnas), together with the accoustic effects of a cave, enabled them to hear Shiva.
    Electrically recorded sound is different – it registers and reproduces frequencies, rather than hearing the sounds.
    To hear Shiva, therefore, is something else altogether. The saints in the cave were sleeping, according to the quote.

    As an after-thought – do we need verification of a Tibetan prophecy to know what is happening around us, unless they can be more consistent and precise for early seismic warning?

    My point is – what is the point?

    W, 🙂 x

    • Hmmmm…I think my point is that I don’t want to post misleading info or try to justify the topic before it is fully understood. I’m going to post another blog with some supporting evidence for my concerns focusing on the interesting video on the Tara Mountain caves. Might be awhile, I got some other projects to finish up, but I’ll put it high on the agenda.

      • Oky doky weewarrior – good point – isn’t that what discussion is for? You posted something which begged to be looked into, not to mislead – just to understand and/or verify it – and that’s why I spend time here:)

        I look forward to the next post.

        W, x

  13. Ok, my last word on this – or rather what I found on ‘abovetopsecret’


    in comments thread (in between all the junk)
    posted 22nd March, page 3

    “Сравнение Гула из Пещеры со Звуком Юпитера НАСА
    Comparison of Gula Caves with Sound of Jupiter NASA
    Uploaded by christref on Mar 22, 2011

    Translation via Google

    “People who say that we used to create the sound of Jupiter Gula cave, right in only one – sounds really identical. In this video, I spend a comparison of the sounds, also using the original sound recorded in Tibet at the end of February. Really strange that sounds identical to Jupiter Sound of Tibet? I have 3 possible answers: the first – perhaps Jupiter has the same old warning system (and that’s what I classify this sound), as our earth, the second – we know that the cave gave out the same sound in 2007, he had lasted 9 days, maybe she edited his and 80’s, when, allegedly recorded Voyazher Jupiter, and NASA stupidly used as a sound recording of Jupiter, so that later you can sell it, because this sound is the same used by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is closely working with NASA and became, as far as I understand it, one of the reasons for creating medetsinskih centers using alternative therapies, well, a third option, more fabulous – Voyazher recorded the sound of the Earth near Jupiter, as Jupiter is the leading portals on Earth and vice versa.

    I have uploaded all three files, links are given below, so that you could analyze it yourself, if you do not trust the video.
    1) part of original WAV file: files.mail.ru…
    2) cleaned sound : files.mail.ru…
    3) sound from youtube video Jupiter: files.mail.ru… ”

    And also this, about the location, regarding Shiva…comments page 2 (plus very nice picture if you can find it)


    “Mount Kailash (also Mount Kailas; Tibetan: གངས་རིན་པོ་ཆེ, Kangrinboqê or Gang Rinpoche; Sanskrit: कैलास पर्वत, Kailāsa Parvata; simplified Chinese: 冈仁波齐峰, Gāngrénbōqí fēng) is a peak in the Gangdisê Mountains, which are part of the Himalayas in Tibet. It lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, the Sutlej River (a major tributary of the Indus River), the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River (a tributary of the Ganges River). It is considered a sacred place in four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. In Hinduism, it is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva and a place of eternal bliss. The mountain lies near Lake Manasarowar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet. There have been no recorded attempts to climb Mount Kailash; it is considered off limits to climbers in deference to Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. It is the most significant peak in the world that has not seen any known climbing attempts.”

    Also a good amateur vid/recording of low rumble preceeding a storm in USA, on pg2 – is this what you heard Patty?

    over and out
    W, x

  14. PS… watch carefully for the translation in English right at the bottom of the video window, of what she says about the resonance differences, to prove her point that the cave sounds are original and NOT NASA’s Jupiter sound.

    ok, I’m gone 🙂

  15. I’m back – like a boomerang 🙂
    This arrived in my inbox last night.


    I don’t know what you feel about channellings, but if you can bear the lengthy read, there are some interesting words on sound – particularly why and when they arrive – and the effects they have on us, which may answer why the Tibetans, who seem to understand its significance, and many others who don’t, can hear this sound right now.


  16. Anyone looking for Seismology, correlations I’m having trouble finding anything clear.

  17. Hi, I wish to know more and am interested to visit this place.

  18. […] read the rest of this fascinating story and see the other videos, visit weewarrior. Tweet (function() { var li = document.createElement('script'); li.type = […]

  19. hi author of this blog, plz email me the tibetian cave sound at chauhan.tanishq.a@gmail.com
    thanks a lot dear,after reading ur blog ,i think i have found someone like me who wants to find out more deeper

  20. You have managed to but me into a trance , now I will contact the aliens.

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