All Will Arrive

My video illustration of the role of the psyche in our collective spiritual awakening. Originally inspired by Jed McKenna’s audio book series “The Enlightement Trilogy” produced by Wise Fool Press Synchronistic inspiration fueled by the fusion of two of my favorite visionaries — Fintan Dunne, Independent Journalist and Sam Brown, the quintessential cosmic artist]for the interview with Jungarian scholar Paul Levy author of “The World Is Psyche.”

Movie clips from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Joe vs. the Volcano, V for Vendetta, The Truman Show, Waking Life, Other Worlds and The Golden Compass.
Music from the soundtrack V for Vendetta.
Audio clips from The Beautiful Truth featuring Fintan Dunne’s interview with Paul Levy on Feb 16, 2011, the audio book “Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment” by Jed McKenna and “The Myth of Enlightenment” audio series by Gangaji.

~ by weewarrior on March 5, 2011.

One Response to “All Will Arrive”

  1. Beautiful post, as always weewarrior. thnx, W, x

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