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Finally a chance to post this picture I found on Google Earth one day in — of all places — Antarctica!

Just the location on a remote Antarctic coast made me study it with an unusual interest, but then I began to see that there was no obvious reason for this catastrophe. The building shows no sign of earthquake damage or an explosion (the chimney is still standing) or fire (a little scorching on the corner, but no significant burn marks) or flood. If the roof had collapsed it certainly wouldn’t have caused all the stuff in the house to be catapulted out the top!

As you can image, this image has left me scratching my head for quite some time, but today I stumbled across this strange theory that instantly reminded me of this strange picture.  It was on the GLP forum titled New theory regarding the 1908 Tunguska Event!!! and the original post read:

This is an entirely new theory I’d never heard before regarding the 1908 Tunguska Event. Was featured on Investigation X on Geo Wild.

Along with one I’d heard about called ‘Verneshots’ – where underground volcanic matter is literally blasted from the ground like a cannon under pressure, hence the name – Mirror Matter was intriguing. Because it would be a threat no one would see coming until too late.

Essentially, the matter is theorized to come from another, quantum dimension, attracted by the Earth’s gravity. It’s drawn to the ground, then it impacts, releasing a vast amount of energy over a large area above ground.

I’m not so sure about that particular theory, but it did make me wonder if the picture was showing such an interdimensional collision? There is just no good explanation for what could cause all that devestation to a single house with no combustion at all, and surely vandals would not have thrown everything out the roof. Besides, nothing seems damaged, just violently relocated.

Any ideas?

~ by weewarrior on January 21, 2011.

6 Responses to “Mirror Matter”

  1. It reminds me of the day my vacuum cleaner bag broke and expelled its contents round the room.

    Could it possibly have been a ‘vent’ of gas from underground, like a geiser, but highly pressurised gas?

    We see so many pictures of devastated houses in war zones or natural disasters, its easy to overlook the anomalies in this one – until you see it – as you say, it just doesn’t look right.

    • I’m still wondering just how this could happen, but I agree with your vacuum cleaner analogy, that’s how it strikes me too!
      But what mechanism could cause this still has me scratching my head. I sure wish I could see a picture of the inside of this place. When I originally found the picture I looked up the photographer, and found a bunch of photos of Russia, nothing spectacular like this one. But still, there was no explanation why this photo was tagged on Google Earth in Antarctica.
      Mysteries abound, love that part of life!

  2. Talking of anomalies – did you see the mass dead birds and fish anomalies around New Year – and the theories of causes from aliens to plagues? And that HAARP have turned up the anti ready for a triggering of an earthquake in Arkansas in May 2011 (causing strong Electro-magnetic emissions that harm wild-life)??

  3. The mystery to me is what is a single family dwelling doing on Antarctica? It looks like it has been used as a dump site while covered in snow that melted later on ? very strange pic indeed sir..

  4. Was it used for an experiment?
    Did someone send their teenage son there?
    Was it an FBI search?
    Is it Art?
    Not Prime Real Estate now, I suspect.

  5. Heard Jon Levi babbling one time about during plasma events (probably where earth hits zero point and poles go crazy, but he won’t say that- FE’er) that gravity goes NIL and you’d better tie yourself down!

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