Trapping Time – The Long Now

I have hit a jackpot of information and have been on a merry trip down the rabbit hole which shows no sign of hitting bottom, but I thought I’d throw this little tidbit up for now. If you want to have a head start on my next series of posts on Illuminiti markers in Europe, may I suggest watching the movie Revelation made in 2001 one that has juicy clues to follow like this:

But what I wanted to bring to your attention at the moment was this story I stumbled across when researching the monuments erected to celebrate the 3rd Millenium (I was flabergasted at how many there were!)  So on this list was the The Long Now foundation which is a philanthropic organization which has made a clock designed to work for  10 Millennia (no, its not a typo) with minimum human intervention. It is called the Clock of the Long Now.

The 10,000 Year Clock

The 10,000 Year Clock

From their website:

With a sponsor for the first prototype and a new project manager, Danny Hillis began to design the first prototype of the 10,000 Year Clock. The first prototype was completed in 01999 on New Year’s Eve where it bonged very slowly…twice. This prototype is now at the Science Museum in London in the Making of the Modern World exhibit.

The next project undertaken was an orrery (a planet tracking display) using the same mechanical computer. This project is complete as of the summer of 2005.

The Foundation is now looking to scale up the designs with lessons learned from these first two efforts into a monument-sized version. We have purchased high desert mountain top property in eastern Nevada as the site for the public 10,000 Year Clock. We are currently designing this experience and the mechanisms that would be used in this large-scale version. There is no projected completion date, as it is an ongoing program.

Now, the idea that time is coming to an end is one of my favorite conclusions for this high-level drama we’ve had unfolding on this planet. It’s really a lynchpin in my ability to deal with the insanity of the world on a daily basis, knowing that it has a finite point that these fuckers have been biting their nails over, trying to figure out a way to tweak it to meet their agenda instead reaching the natural conclusion.

Things like this ‘Long Now’ clock really get my attention, as you can imagine, because it seems like nothing so much as an attempt to prolong the agony~

I was really disturbed to hear that they planned to build their ‘public’ model in Nevada, that state has some genuinely creepy stuff going on. I still haven’t gotten my head around their new Ruvo Center for Brain Health they are putting up there.
Frank Gehry's Newest Monstrosity

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One Response to “Trapping Time – The Long Now”

  1. Ok, just look at these 6 male-left-brained angels!!
    For all those who dwell entirely in the physical, every second of physical existence becomes an anchor that keeps them here – right?
    Once the higher mind lifts out of this time/space continuum, the consciousness becomes free –
    Are we really going to communicate with other existence in a tin can space ship?
    Are we really going to evolve repeating old formulas?
    Art pushes out the boundaries, but it still is a means to an end – to engage the creative imagination to stretch our perception.
    Nevada is a desert – and is presumed to be an inert empty space to do experiments where fall out and bad by-products and garbage won’t matter. I don’t think so!!!

    The Long Now is what it sounds like, a boring repetition of the same. Trapping Time? for what purpose?

    Outside the Box are infinite possibilities.

    Let their clever clock tick away – I don’t think I will be around watching the seconds pass – things to do people to see, places to visit…


    Megalithic Stone Circles may have been ‘Long-Now’ clocks to connect past and future, or leave a message that ‘Time Passeth in the Mind Alone’. The ‘clock’ remains long after the people have gone.

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