Space Elevators – The Private Portals

Got a very interesting train of thought going after viewing an intriguing movie on YouTube called Moon Rising. The whole documentary was thought-provoking and well-produced, but there was one segment that really caught my attention.

The filmmaker, Jose Escamilla, has taken NASA pictures of space and found evidence of consistent masking of the space around the earth — which is why we never see stars in the background of ANY of those “earth from space” shots.

When Jose finally did dig up some raw shots of ‘outer space’ he was quite startled to discover a multitude of thin bright lines extending from various celestial objects down to the surface of the earth. He connected the dots — so to speak — to the concept of space elevators, which are supposedly still ‘on the drawing board.’

If such a concept sounds ridiculous…well, that’s certainly what you’ve been conditioned to think…which is all the more reason to give it some careful consideration.

This ‘educational’ video certainly makes it clear not only that this technology exists as we speak but that it has been well thought through and modeled quite effectively.

Considering the cast of characters involved in this story — from NASA to JPL to Arthur C. Clarke — combined with the sappy presentation (notice how many times they use the word ‘crazy’) it really makes me wonder if hidden transportation nodes exist all over the planet.

Basically, I’m not so easily convinced private enterprise has been dragging its feet to get into the space race, I think we’re just being left out of the loop…

Not to mention underlying message of this promo video — what a ‘nod and a wink’ to the viability of this concept:

And it really gets curious when you find little unexplained snippets like this laying around with no commentary, just an ambiguous little model:

After all that research I gave myself a moment to consider just how you would hide evidence of a space elevator platform on earth? I mean it’s bound to be a bit obvious, you’d have to put it someplace very remote — or well disguised.

I noticed that many of the ‘prototype’ space elevators were being erected on platforms on the open ocean, often around the North Pole.

So, being the Google Earth fan that I am, I pulled it up and wandered around the remote oceans a while, especially near the north pole — that’s where I found the Square Patch in the open ocean across from Svalbard and above Greenland.

The coordinates are:

Longitude:    0°19’36.03″W

Latitude: 85° 3’50.94″N

Now I never would have found this if I wouldn’t have had the ‘history’ bar selected and had it set back a few years because at this location today there is nothing but blank ocean as you will see from my following screen shots.

But the past captures have been tampered with for a decade at least.

Either this area is the ‘garbage dump’ for all cropped Google earth images or they are desperately trying to cover up something big…

August 23 1999

August 29 1999

May 25 2000

August 26 2001

It goes on like this for years with more and more images piling up…and as we get closer to present day the mosaic builds to well over 100, and then suddenly they are all gone.

May 6 2008

June 6 2008

Present Day

Further investigations into hidden portal travel continue at Star Gates in our Neighborhoods, Evidence of Star Gates in Caves and Grand Central Station.

~ by weewarrior on December 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “Space Elevators – The Private Portals”

  1. I just watched the set of ‘Moon Rising’ vids – fascinating!

    In ‘The Book of Enki’ (Sumerian Tablets) – decoded mostly by Z Sitchin I think – it clearly describes the use of the MOON as a ‘way-stations’ for the Anunnaki and that several hundred were living there for many years, coming and going to Nibiru and Mars and to Earth, landing in modern-day Iraq where they built large Landing Platforms.
    It states that thousands of the Anunnaki retreated to the MOON to wait out the catastrophe on Earth as the dislodged ice-cap caused the massive tsunami and the ‘Great Flood’. They had to abandon their cities, bases, vehicle landing stations etc on the MOON when the passing of Nibiru caused climate and terrain devastation on all 4 planets.
    The Sumerian carvings found as historical and archaeological evidence clearly illustrates this story. (Unless the story was devised from the ‘evidence’ by an imaginative mind).

    The Book of Enki is in 73 You-Tube videos (14 Chapters)of approx 10mins each.
    No 1 here –

    It is fascinating reading but needs determination to get through all vids.

    The intuitive belief many people have of all these subjects – (hidden occult mysteries, conspiracies of the Global Elite, the truth behind the origin of all religions,alien life and interplanetary travel, Portals on Earth, the intelligence and technology leap in the evolution of mankind, crop circles, visions, channelings and much more) which start to interlink as one big overview, is denied by the establishment while the evidence found by individuals continues to back it up.

    People are now very suspicious of what they are told to do, what to believe, and what they are not told, as the new energies and consciousness is bringing clarity of thinking back to the people.

    The HAARP ‘research’ which creates direct portals through Earth’s atmosphere, and can quite conceivably be for ‘Space Elevators’, is obviously suspect as it really has no obvious benefits for All – rather it is a program that denies people a choice, can be used for many perverse things like mind-suppression, spying and weather disturbance, and serves the ambitions of a few – under the funding of USA Military,
    Holes in Heaven –

    If some extraterrestrials are guardians of Humans and are set to return, they would be endangered by a space-arms program designed by an Elite who want to remain in control of Earth.

    It’s time to determine who is on who’s side.

    David Icke believes the Anunnaki fractured into the ‘Guardians’ and the ‘controllers’ of Humans, and that the reptilian blood-line are today in control as the Illuminati.

    It is possible that the Lemurians and the Atlanteans were from different Star systems (Sirius and Plaeides?) and so there could be a very mixed interest in the destiny of this planet.

    Even Enki describes a ‘Creator of All’, and Angel Messengers, and that the Anunnaki from Nibiru were enlisted to advance our evolution with their knowledge.

    Trouble is knowledge in the hands of the enlightened is one thing, but used by those who wish to abuse it to dominate is another.

    It is suggested by Enki that he left his documentary for us to avoid the mistakes that they made (Using weapons of Terror and suffering division by sibling rivalry and greed for power).

  2. Interesting how things just pop up – stumbled on David Icke’s set of 6 Videos about his new book ‘Human Race – Get up off Your Knees’

    10 mins 40 secs into the vid he starts talking about the MOON!

    It follows on from the question ‘Who is on – or IN – the Moon and why?’

    (I am confused now which post is about NASA’s interest in the MOON, but Portals to and from the EARTH and MOON seems to be in both – feel free to move it)

  3. Those naval battles back when…
    Around Jutland… Doggerland disappearing… Friesland…
    Weird little islands with remnants.
    Orkney. Manx. ETCETERA, in the words of JM’s Hedwig.

  4. So much high strangeness in the great north!
    In my Hyperborea research I came across a book that said the Real purpose of the Franklin Mission was to battle giants who had electrical weapons.
    And yes, those little islands are interesting to watch on the old maps, they change shape and location frequently.
    And Orkney, well, it strikes a very resonate chord with me, read a lot about it and hope to visit someday. Was delighted to learn they’ve developed all kinds of alternate fuels methods, they don’t like being dependent on anybody!

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