Austin + Bat + UFO = Sync-winks galore

Austin Bat Scupture

Over the past month, since my birthday celebration at the end of August, the bat references have been building to the point they have hit a crescendo, at least I hope they have.
Austin bats at Congress Street Bridge
It started innocently enough, I stumbled on to a cheap way to entertain the folks visiting for my birthday by taking them all on a cruise at sunset to see the bats emerge from under the Congress Street bridge over the Ladybird Lake  — which is right next to downtown.

It was a fun time,  a cute and funny tour guide helped with dealing with the pretty creepy view of the bats swarming out from their daytime high-rise condos provided by the expansion gaps added to the bridge years ago to keep it from collapsing.

They turned a powerful red beam on the bats — promising that it did not bother their navigation like a regular light would do — so we could see them pouring out of the cracks and forming dark ribbons across the dusk skyline. Pretty potent stuff, no doubt.

Well, in the past few weeks, bats have come up a lot. An artist friend of mine received an offer to purchase an Austin Bat Flight logo he had made for a school project of a bat and posted on the web, which was a cool thing.

The next day, right before dawn, I noticed about a half-dozen bats dive bombing a tree in my neighborhood, coming in one after another to pick off what I presumed was some bat-delicacy. It was also a bit creepy, their movements are so erratic.

Earlier this week at a party,  we were all atually discussing how bats and bat-shaped things had been popping up all over —  there was even a bat sculpture over the toilet at the host house!

I had even found myself listening to my audio book of Bram Stoker’s Dracula — the original Bat Man. That was some spooky shit.
Moon Bat

So imagine my surprise when I am siting outside this fine September evening before turning in, watching the little patch of night sky available from my South Austin yard full of big trees. I was noticing how very clear the sky was after the week of solid clouds and rain we had just experienced and had even noticed that there was a big chemtrail glistening on the horizon, which was probably what kept me gazing out into the night, just watching it eat up the stars as it spread.

Then, with no warning, I noticed a huge shape gliding above me about 100 feet to the northwest. At first I thought it must have been the shadow of a  giant bird, but the next second it caught the moonlight and I could clearly see that it was a craft, gunmetal gray with a distinctive boomerage — or bat-like — shape. The ambiguity of the shape was because it seemed to have a misty substance around the wings, kind of like dark wisps of vapor. No lights shown from the craft at all, and it was utterly silent and moving fast.

As it glided directly over my head, I could clearly see its shape in the moonlight, and the word ‘boomerang’ sprang to mind for future reference, although the same kind of creepy feeling I got when I saw the bats was also rising.boomerang

As it glided silently directly overhead, I noted was looked like row of dark ‘portals’ on the underside of the wing, three on each side and a larger one right at the apex —  which were probably lights when they were activated. I got the impression that there was a dome on top of the wings, but couldn’t verify it.

The craft begin to move over the trees so I stood up to follow it’s progress as it glided over the neighbor’s house, probably 100 feet off the ground, always in a straight line.

I quickly stepped outside the gate to the wooden fence into the front yard to try and keep track of it, but the streetlight on the corner was too powerful and all I saw was blank sky. The dogs next door were barking, but they could well have been reacting to me moving so rapidly.

I did not, of course, have a camera anywhere at hand, so I came inside once I was sure it was gone and wrote out an account long hand, noting the time, weather and my observations. I Skyped my bat-artist friend right away, who encouraged me to sketch out what I saw, and I did so hesitantly, I’m a terrible free-hand artist. But I did get a rough idea of what I saw down on paper, and now I am getting it recorded for posterity in this blog before I lay my head on the pillow.

Wonder if I will dream of bats?

At least I won’t be alone, my Google search of images of boomarang shaped UFOs certainly made it clear others have shared this experience, like this sighting in Tennesee, but it was noisier than mine, but I liked the illustration, it matched my overall impression.

This sighting in Bellville, Tx about the same time this year was very similar, just a bigger model:

Texas UFO Boomerang - Sept. 2009

The object/cloud was very dim, no lights at all and no sound. Elevation to the object/cloud was approximately 5000 feet, boomerang shape and wing span was about 400 feet. Wing width was 50-80 feet.

There was some taper of the wings from center to tip, the center was probably about 1/3 greater than the tip width. There appeared to be several alternating bands of grey cloudy to dark sky bands that were ahead of the wings starting about halfway out on the leading edge of the wings, curving around the tips, and extending back past the trailing wing tip edges. This gave the impression that the wing tips were extended backwards for quite a distance, but I think that was an illusion due to the bands of cloud flowing around the wing tips.

The object/cloud was obscured by a tree as it continued to move and I did not see any further details. I continued to watch the sky thinking that I might see something else, and also thinking that if what I saw was indeed a searchlight illuminating a thin cloud that I would see it again. This did not happen.

Or the Friendly UFO named Gus, you know I have to take this one with a grain of salt, but his description of my sighting was pretty right on once you dug through the wishful thinking BS…

GUS is the name that the Commander gave the UFO that is our friend. I noticed it because I like the name and decided that it was an acronym for Galaxy Universal Shuttle.

GUS is like a Chameleon so he can adapt to his surroundings. GUS has a skin that is gunmetal gray I guess is the easiest way to describe what my mind is trying to share with my readers.

GUS is also shaped like a Boomerang. The GUS that I am speaking of if who and what set off all our past history about UFOs and Flying Saucers.

GUS has various abilities. DARPA would love to know GUS. So would most of the Department of Defense. GUS is part of our future and has been part of our past. Gus lives on earth with us.

I should describe GUS first. GUS is the color of a dull steel grey pot in your kitchenware. GUS can turn any color one might imagine. He is like a Chameleon.

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