Something is Calling You…

Something is calling you.
Something is calling for the quiet space inside
and from the vast universe all around.
Something is calling you to life.

Something is calling forth the stream inside you
and awakening you
to your connection with the source.
You are always connected to the source.

Something is reawakening
Your awareness of this connection.

Something is allowing you to remember
That it is the universe
(not the bank, not your job, not the grocery store)
that supplies your every need.

Something is calling you
to take a risk;
to more more freely;
to burn hotter, and brighter.

Something is calling you.
It has no name, and it is not something
you have seen or experienced before.
And yet it calls from your past
as well as from your future.

It has power.
You can smell it and taste it.
And even as you feel yourself resisting it,
you are responding to the call.

Your resisitance is part of your response.

washes up against you
like waves on a beach.

It melts away and returns
again and again,
roaring and whispering.

You hide your head in the sand at times
hoping to forget.

But the waves return
and wash against you
and you remember.

Remember Your Essence” by Paul Williams
Pages 82-84

~ by weewarrior on August 27, 2010.

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