Dancing Awake in the 5th World

01- earth birth ofI was referred to this book Dancing Awake in the 5th World to research an entirely different subject, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this chapter called “Time” that begins with this fascinating paragraph:

H.G. Wells once wrote a story about a machine built to travel
in Time. But it doesn’t require a special machine to turn our backs
on God and Heaven. Not only is time travel possible, it has been
happening all around us; but the means to do so has been kept a
dark secret. One group hides it from us for our own good because
it is the ultimate temptation leading us away from Heaven; others
keep it a secret for vast financial gain and political power. Long
ago only the Hebrew priestly order had the knowledge of Time
travel; but it was wrenched from their hands. Our entire planet
is a “stargate” to the rest of the Solar System. The Solar System
is a “stargate” to the Universe. “Stargate” technology has always
been here, but the knowledge has been suppressed. The history
of the war between religion and secret orders goes back to time
immemorial, and its crux, as with most wars, has been a battle over
territory: Space-Time. There are people — a handful of the very
rich and famous, the members of certain secret societies, private
clubs, and political leaders — who have crossed the threshold of
Real-Time into Space-Time. These people have hand signals and
items of jewelry that allow them to distinguish one another from
among those persons who have not gone into the Space-Time
realm.   page 79

He has plenty more to say on the subject, such as:

As suggested earlier, anything that has been around for as long
as the Universe (i.e. Space-Time), will be, and has already been
discovered and exploited. When people first moved from Real-
Time into Space-Time they were stunned to see a world existing
in the same orbit as the Earth. By contrast our world seemed

But his main point seems to be that there will be a moment when we will have the choice between remaining with “earth time” or moving into “space-time” which is a technological heaven. But he warns that this “heaven” is only fun while it lasts, cause when you die in that reality you do not return to divine light, but become a parasite.

stargate tatoo

The Space-Time world is very exciting and enticing. It has every conceivable technological toy. Anyone seeing the razzle dazzle of Space-time-come-Hell could be forgiven for mistaking it as Heaven. If you have fallen for those deadly words, ” look into the past and learn for the future,” you are probably very involved with a group which practices hidden secrets (such as walking through walls). In which case the ancient deception has begun to work on you.

~ by weewarrior on August 8, 2010.

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