The Incunabula Papers

Got a little further down the rabbit hole this week while nursing a cold…stumbled on this interesting site, THE INCUNABULA that boasts:

You have been searching for us without knowing it, following oblique references in crudely xeroxed marginal “samsidat” publications, crackpot mystical pamphlets, mail order courses … a paper trail and a coded series of rumors spread at street level … and the propagation of certain acts of insurrection against the Planetary Work Machine and the Consensus Reality … or perhaps through various obscure mimeographed technical papers on the edges of “chaos science” … through pirate computer networks … or even through pure synchronicity and the pursuit of dreams. In any case we know something about you, your interests, deeds and desires, works and days … and we know your address. Otherwise…you would not be reading this…”

Well, that’s quite a claim alright, and listening to this spooky stuff while under the influence of cold medications made it seem even more bizarre, if that is possible…

A book review of the The Incunabula refers to this being one of the first internet ‘myths’ that rose out of the BBS boards and categorizes it as science fiction/fantasy. But then again, isn’t that where they hide all the good stuff????

The delightful legend of the Ong’s Hat travel cult has been posted in the form of the Incunabula Papers since the earliest days of BBS and Internet communications. The mythos is an historical and cultural curiosity for that reason alone. Has the great world-mind of the telecommunication infrastructure begun to breed its own myths? But wait, there’s more! Add to this mix a benevolent race of humanoids descended from Javanese lemurs on a parallel Earth, capable of dimensional shift without machinery, who have been world tripping for thousands of years. You’ve got your chaos; sex magick; applied quantum physics; shadow conspiracy; crypto-palaeontology and enlightenment hopes all wrapped up in one neat package. What the Hell more do you want?

I was also interested to learn that the definition of the word Incunabula is he earliest stages or first traces in the development of anything. The word was developed exclusively to deal with a book, or even a single sheet of text, that was printed — not handwritten — before the year 1501 in Europe. It often revealed works that were a hybrid of the new and the old, with printed text and hand drawn illustrations. The photo below is of a book that was considered the first printed Biblical commentary

But INCUNABULA does seem an appropriate word to apply to a Stargate type mode of travel, of which we may only be seeing bits and pieces, a technology that can allow us to travel through time and space, not to mention dimensions! It does seem as though there have been precedence for this kind of ‘bleed through’ as new ideas are discovered, investigated and brought into mainstream awareness.

~ by weewarrior on August 21, 2009.

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