Sky Snakes

Sky Serpent Cloud

Sky Serpent Cloud

Interesting syncs popping up today, gotta record it for posterity here and see if it continues to develop.
Yesterday I was checking out the brilliant work of Neil Kramer on his blog, The Cleaver and was pretty amazed at the picture he took of a ‘sky serpent’. Here is what he wrote in his blog titled “Quetzalcoatl And The Galactic Jellyfish”

At 9:45pm on Wednesday (03-Jun-2009), I was pondering the manifestation of crop circles and how their remarkable glyphs might occur in other mediums/substances apart from cereal crop. I recalled there have been formations in snow, ice and water. I thought about sand. Earth. Like the Nazca lines. What about the sky? Air? As if to seek further inspiration, I looked up into the sky…A massive serpent hung in the air above me, composed of a stunning twist of deep orange vapor. It remained motionless as I watched it, until the sun finally set over the horizon and nothing more could be seen. One word echoed through my mind: Quetzalcoatl.

That was interesting, no doubt, and made me wonder just what we were seeing reflected in the sunset.

A strange cloud formation?

Some atmospheric remnant of a bizarre experimental craft?

A sky snake, as in the legend of Quetzacoatl?

The Feathered Serpent legend of Mexico

Well, it obviously stuck around in my mind, because I stumbled on this article linked to David Icke’s latest news page from the Fortean Times called “Sky Serpents“. It’s a very long article quoting lots of newspaper reports from the 1800 concerning sightings of snakes in the sky.

Sky Serpents

late 1800’s painting of Sky Serpents

One day in early 1833, a native chief approached two Western missionaries working on the Indonesian island of Sumatra to relate a bizarre experience. The chief, Tam Basar by name, swore that he and a companion had seen a snake flying through the air. Fearing that it was dangerous, they killed it when it landed near them. When the missionaries expressed incredulity, the chief insisted that he was telling the truth. He added that the snake, 4ft (1.2m) long, had no wings, which to the listeners only made the story more far-fetched.

A year later, in January 1834, one of those missionaries, NM Ward, happened to be walking through a forest near the Pedang-Bessie River, a mile or so (1.6km) from the location where the flying snake had allegedly appeared. He and a companion stopped to study a particularly tall tree. Looking up, they were stunned to see a flying snake, exactly as described by the native informant. Four feet long and wingless, it was moving rapidly through the air from the tree they were standing under to another about 240ft (73m) away.

“Thus,” Ward wrote in the Missionary Herald of March 1841, “was I convinced of the existence of flying serpents; and, on inquiry, I found some of the natives, accustomed to the forest, aware of the fact.”

Ward went on to write that Dutch natur­alists working in the area didn’t believe him, any more than he had believed Tam Basar. The sceptics, however, were wrong. There are five species of “flying” snakes in South and Southeastern Asia; flying is in quotes because the creat­ures are actually gliding or parachuting. Herpetologists do not dispute their existence, and many photographs, films, and videos exist, as do collected specimens. What Ward saw, in other words, was nothing otherworldly.

These stories also reminded me of  Comet McNaught, viewed only by the southern hemisphere, in January of 2007. Not the media sensation it should have been, this incredible celestial event portrayed many things to many different people, from the return of the Blue Star Kachina to proof of biblical prophecy.

Comet McNaught

Comet McNaught

I gotta seriously wonder if all these phenomenon might somehow be related to the porous nature of our reality and the many portals that permeate our surroundings. Are these ‘sky snakes’ actually creatures, flying machines, natural phenomenon or something else we can’t even imagine yet?

I’ll be keeping my mind open on this one.

Documented Flying Snake


~ by weewarrior on August 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sky Snakes”

  1. the ISS takes pictures of the earth daily.
    contained within many of their photos are what appear to be sky snakes.
    i have a thread with photos of them here:
    i do not believe these are fibers…

    • Interesting thread at that link, thanks for posting. I presume you have seen my more recent posts about the space elevators? I’m beginning to think it all ties in somehow.
      May have to do more research on the ‘firmament of the heavens.’
      Appreciate the inspiration!

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