What’s Up with Da Birds!

The End of Time

The End of Time

I have been observing some very odd bird behavior the past week.  It has got me thinking about the comment made by Michael Tsarion on an interview the other night regarding the new energies entering the planet. He said that the effects will first be felt by the animals. He referred to the increased beaching of whales (and dolphins) as an indication how magnetic changes will create confusion in a sensitive creature’s navigation.

I live down in Austin, Texas, and have sat outside most evenings to enjoy a smoke and watch the sunset. I’m no bird expert, but I give them quite a bit of attention and mentally note their seasonal patterns. But about a week ago, I observed an interesting phenomenon. Overhead were a stream of birds, heading due south, in incredible numbers. Now I don’t mean a flock of birds, or a migration of birds, I mean like constant waves of identical birds, flying furiously, somewhat erratically even, but heading the same direction, almost as if they were fleeing from danger.

The next evening my observations were verified by my friend who was also outside at sunset. She had been noticing this strange new behavior and we watched it happen again, together. So, now I know that it didn’t seem strange just to me. My curiosity was piqued!

The next night, nothing unusual happened…it was like a normal night, there were birds going here and there, but no mass exodus or frantic behavior. But the next evening it was back to the deviant flight patterns. Here they came again, in great waves from the same direction, but this time their heading was different, going directly over our house to the southwest. Some birds even changed course in mid glide to make the course correction. Very odd indeed.

Now tonight, I go watch yet another bizzare bunch of birds hightailing it to the southwest…then all the sudden the pattern changes and everyone is going due south again. Say what? Yep, they had changed there collective little minds just that fast and now had a new destination. Everyone that came thereafter headed south, none flew over the house! Some were circling very high, weaving in and out of each other like those little gnat vortexes you see in the evenings…they were either confused or enjoyed the ride on the energy grid shift!

After all that high strangeness, I decided to wander the web and see if there were any tell-tale indications of magnetic disruptions and such. Well, the first place I looked was at the poles, and guess what I found in Antarctica…?


The latest mid-resolution (10 kilometer) water vapor Antarctic composite image

The latest mid-resolution (10 kilometer) water vapor Antarctic composite image

Do you see what I see? It is really clear on a zoom, look around the shoreline. I see wave patterns being picked up by the instruments, apparently emminating north and east from that big blacked out spot near the center of the continent. Just what do you suppose that is???

If you want to see what is up today, click on the picture or this LINK to see the current images from different satellites.

Now don’t you agree that if there really is some kind of frequency disruption coming from the south pole, the birds would be the first to notice?

The question I want answered is are we seeing a natural phenomenon, a glitch in the satellite imagery, or a HAARP type operation?

Apparently the guys who study “Living Mathematics” have studied how cosmic energy patterns affect bird behavior. Their blogpost studies what causes them to suddenly exhibit ‘swarm’ behavior and wonders how ordered patterns form out of chaotic and complex circumstances.  

Bottom line is that the birds, whales and heavens knows what else obviously react physically to the unseen forces of magnetic currents. Perhaps the animals are trying to warn us about the shift in energy? I think I’ll be keeping my senses alert, especially considering the ramifications of how it will affect the human psyche if it starts ‘reorienting’ our internal gyroscopes.

I’ve seen lots of evidence that people are feeling dizzy, disconnected and phased out, like the normal rules of time/space are slightly distorted. If this continues, we may be in for the fun (but scary) part of the ride that leads to our transition out of this 3-D construct.

Here’s to the end of time!!!

~ by weewarrior on August 5, 2009.

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