Time’s End

Inspired by the July total eclipse of the sun, this video celebration is my reminder to myself and all my loved ones (which is all of you, by the way) that we just have to let go and stay in the flow, the cosmos is stacking the deck in our favor!

Credits and acknowledgements go out to Fintan Dunne, www.treeincarnation.com, Terence McKenna, excerpts from his Dream Awake lecture downloaded with a 80+ hours of lectures  from a torrent site. And finally an appearance from my favorite audio since it’s release in 2008, The Interview with James, conducted by Mark Hemphill, webmaster of the Wingmakers site, the Lyricus Teaching Order and the new Event Temples venues for this remarkable man’s perspective. And, of course, the light in my darkness, quotes selected from Das Energi by Paul Williams.

Das Energi

Das Energi



~ by weewarrior on July 26, 2009.

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