Here Comes Everybody!

My video illustration of the themes presented in Fintan Dunne’s newest broadcast from his  series available at the Treeincarnation site as well as his alternative news/forum site Break for News, where you can find the podcast in its’ entirety as well as a forum of thoughtful discussion on the topic.

I was so impressed to see him tackle the subject of overpopulation. I have been seriously considering the notion that all these people are here for a reason, and the idea that there is just not enough room on the planet for all of us has been hitting my buttons! I mean anyone with Google Earth can quickly determine that there are huge tracts of unused land, much of which we can easily tamed with our nature controlling tactics.

So, I’ve been having my doubts about the whole hysteria about the population crisis because it seems to be trumpting the wrong agenda, at least if you’re on the side of the human population as opposed to the elitist who seem to regard us as ‘useless eaters’. I think the culprit here is poor management, the  intentional use of economic herding of workers  into badly designed cities that compound our sins against the environment. 

Another possible explanation for all these people is, as predicted by damn near every soothsayer and mystic who ever glimpsed the future, we are all headed for a cosmic wake-up call. According to James, the creator of the Wingmakers site, many of the calamities and harsh earth changes predicted have been averted by the ‘grounding’ of the planet by the huge population.


My theory is that everyone wants to be here for the shift of the ages, it’s kinda mandatory for those who have been participating in this program, and since reincarnation is all about experiencing all the different levels of physical manifestation, this would be the lifetime that many would be having to endure all the things they had been avoiding in previous incarnations. Therefore, we’re faced with some pretty horrid conditions as a result of the scale between death and birth being tipped heavily in favor of incarnation…at the moment, only two people die for every four that are born. That’s a 2 to 1 ratio that is creating this expotential explosion.


As Fintan points out, it is the advent of all this technology that makes it possible to support all these folks. No doubt the technology could use some serious improvements, but the overall concept of having access to the resources needed to support such an infrastructure are to be applauded. Once we shake off the corrupting layer that has settled over our access to power and production, we could find that there is plenty of room for us all to have pleasant, productive lives.

Here is the entire clip from John Lennon’s interview on the Dick Cavett show in 1970 where he and Yoko Ono both debunk overpopulation propoganda as a myth…

~ by weewarrior on May 10, 2009.

One Response to “Here Comes Everybody!”

  1. Perhaps tied into this is the ‘need’ for all these people…now. As in “quorum sensing” ( perhaps humans have something to ‘turn on’ when we reach critical mass.


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