Air Force 1 and Stargates

Oh, yeah, this is just to strange to be true, so let’s go there, shall we!

The following video shows an interesting angle on the ‘flyby’ that so upset New York City on April 28. The explanation was that they were trying to get a photo op of the prez’s plane passing the Statue of Liberty. Right. All that believe that one can go ahead and line up for the bus to FEMA camp!

In my humble opinion, I think this was all about a rather interesting object I discovered across the bay from ‘ground zero’ when following the synchromystics’ train of thought that 9/11 was a ‘mega ritual’ designed to open a stargate in the heart of Manhatten. So, let’s first have a look at that photo I discovered that I posted on a previous blog…

As you can see, there is a rather suspicous looking octagon shaped device that is in a direct line across the bay from the Twin Towers. If anyone knows just what it is, I’d appreciate your feedback. But regardless of it’s ‘day job’, I have definite suspicions about it’s actual function…

Now, watch the You Tube clip and see if you can spot how AF1 lines up right between the two flags on top of the ‘device.

I made some screen shots of the flyby for you to contemplate…


It would be about the only ‘logical ‘ excuse for pulling such a lame ass stunt on the people of New York. If you give credence to the idea that such things as stargates, rituals and power generators exists, well, it’s not a big leap to realize they are powered by human emotional charges…so it would all fit perfectly for them to scare the hell out of New Yorkers to fuel the system and use this ‘photo op’ an excuse to get away with it in broad daylight. Perhaps this display of occult power was what convinced Mr. Spector to switch parties the very next day?

Oh, and while we’re at it, I was watching Brian Green’s PBS Special “The Elegant Universe” again yesterday for grins (it is SO trying to convince us such things as stargates aren’t possible) when I noticed a very interesting graphic they were using to explain how a ‘theoretical’ wormhole in the middle of Manhatten might look if we were able to warp space/time. I took these screenshots of the graphics to show you just where they thought this ‘stargate’ might be located…look familiar???




~ by weewarrior on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Air Force 1 and Stargates”

  1. It’s the Colgate Clock in downtown Jersey City

  2. A little bit more history on it:

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