Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Just when I thought I had found the bottom of the rabbit hole, I discover it was just another tunnel leading even further away from the world I thought I knew so well. I have already had to accept the idea that most of our public art and monuments were designed by, well, sorcerers who are basically trying to implement geometric control over reality. In my Stargates blog I speculated on the purpose of public installations, especially fountains, as interdimensional portals used by those who understand the game of reality against those who are trapped in the web of illusion.

I certainly found enough evidence to convince me that there was something going on under our noses that we have been fooled into thinking was the stuff of science fiction. I was also realizing that most of what we are taught as fiction has a basis in reality…and is cleverly twisted to make us believe that our imaginations are just fluffy bits of brain simply there to amuse us when the “real world” gets boring. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Now, as a result of my posting a video on YouTube called The Next Level, I was contacted by a viewer who thought I might enjoy knowing about a series of audio/video presentations from a website called It turns out their series of programs created by Fintan Dunne is also called The Next Level.

Well, no shit, this is a whole new way to view reality and it is blowing away my past perceptions of who and what we are and why we are on this planet. But to really face the truth, I realize I’m going to encounter a lot of these little mind blowing shockers. Because the one thing I have learned for sure with this journey into wonderland is that NOTHING is as it appears.

…but one maxim has stood the test of all theories and is most eloquently explained in these presentations:



So if you are willing to go down the rabbit hole with me, you will see how understanding this simple principle can set us free. I encourage you to follow this link and download all 7 episodes of The Next Level and listen with an open mind to the brilliant explanation of reality as a mirror expressed by the researcher who spent 15 years breaking through the illusionary nature of our existence. The presentation is accompanied with illustrations on the website to help you visualize the concepts being presented.

Fintan Dunne, my new hero.

Research shows that he is still quite plugged into the paradigm shift and has a regular broadcast that I found on BreakForNews.

Oh, and just to tie in the synchromystic connections here, I found the picture below on his interview with Chris Brown who explains how the World Trade Center was designed with demolition in mind…I had heard this simple truth stated just once right after the event, and could never find any other references till now. Of course it makes perfect sense, it is standard procedure for high rise construction…they build those charges right into the framework because they know it will have to come down someday.

Anyway, consider that this image reveals a stargate tuned and aligned to receive the power released in that mega-ritual…?

~ by weewarrior on October 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Stepping Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Wow good stuff. I had never seen the last image before…I think you have something there.

    Just found your site a week or so ago, have linked to you since then and I hope I send what few people venture my way – your way.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the link!
    Down we go the rabbit hole, nice to know I got company on the ride!
    Happy Shifting~
    Wee Warrior

  3. Great pic.. obviously …. nothing to add
    to the truth !
    Bless you Dear One
    Happy Shifiting and magical 14th ? !!

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